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Chapter 346 my life is over

There is no TV.

There is no computer.

Not even the phone.

Gong Ou slowly walked to the bedside and sat down. The bed was very soft. There was only one pillow on the big bed. He could almost imagine Xiaonian tossing and turning on it with a big stomach.

The pain of being under house arrest drifted through her body.

Gong Ou didn't dare to think about going down. His fingers crossed the edge of the bed. There was wood. His fingers felt some nicks.

Gong Ou immediately lowered his head and looked at the marks. They were messy and could not see what was carved.

After thinking for a few seconds, Gong Ou lies down on the bed and puts himself in the usual position of shixiaonian. He lies there and looks at the bedside. The marks on the wood are clearly shown.

It's carved a lot of words on it -

I hate you.

It's a lot of "I hate you" put together. It's all traces like this. The traces are messy, not carved with a knife, because the traces are shallow and deep.

It was scratched with a fingernail.

Every night when she is sad here, does she carve such traces here.

She hates him.

It should be, not him. She can't get it like this.

He can't protect her. He can't find her. He never even believed her

Gong Ou's long fingers are slowly rubbing on the edge of the bed, and those scratches are printed on his fingertips, just like there are countless knives lying around him.

Bone blood is peeling off the same pain.

He looked to one side, next to the infusion rack, the liquid in the infusion bag was not completely infused, the needle tip was dripping, and a large pool of transparent liquid medicine had gathered on the ground.

Take it.

People have been taken away.

Gong Ou came down from the bed, and the whole man was sitting on the ground beside the bed with his body resting on the bed.

His black eyes were staring at the marks, some of which were crooked and twisted, some of which were so hard, as if to vent all his hatred.

"I'm sorry."

Gong Ou apologizes in a low voice by landing. He lowers his head to the edge of landing. His thin lips are slightly lifted. He apologizes in a low voice, mixed with regret and pain.

I'm sorry.

He's a little late again.

Mingming checked this area before, but didn't rescue her.

"Young master."

Feng de came in from the outside and saw such a picture. In the quiet bedroom, Gong Ou sat on the ground against the bed, a handsome face with pale, dark eyes.

Seeing someone come in, Gong Ou calmed down and asked coldly, "how is it?"

"I've looked up and down the tower, but I can't find Miss Shi's man." Feng de stood there and reported, "will it be a transfer?"

"Do you need to kill your own bodyguards and doctors to move away?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

Wen Yan, Feng de asked in some shock, "who killed people? What about Miss Shi, who was kidnapped again? "

It's not enough to fall into the hands of Madame Gong. Who is it?

So many people want to deal with Miss Shi.

"You ask me?" Gong Ou grabs a pillow and smashes it on the ground. His eyes glare at him fiercely. The whole person is hysterical, "look! Find me! If it's a man or a ghost, dig it out for me! "

Whoever takes him must pay for it!

"Yes, sir." Feng de bowed his head. He didn't dare to say anything more in Gong Ou's anger. He bowed his head and quit.

As soon as Feng de went out, Gong Ou's anger on his face suddenly disappeared. There was only fear between his eyebrows and eyes. His long fingers were buried in his short hair.

Why is it gone again.

"I won't let anything happen to you, never again." Gong Ou leans to the edge of the bed, touches the scores and shudders at the thin lips. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, shixiaonian, I'm sorry. I'll find you, wait for me, wait for me. "

Gong Ou murmured, his dark eyes slowly covered with water.

Half a year.

He hasn't seen her for half a year. Why don't you let him see her? If you want to catch her, let him have a look first and then catch her.

One glance, one glance, even this has become extravagant hope.

Gong Ou's fingers curled up slowly.

She hates him.

He thinks she's crazy. He's useless. It took him half a year to find here. He should have arrived earlier. It's better to be earlier.

Why is he just one step away!

Why is he always so short of time? He can see her! Almost!

Gong Ou sat on the ground, his heart like a knife, and his face became more and more thin and haggard.

Gong Ou sat on the ground for two hours.

There is no other consciousness except numbness.

Suddenly, a rush of footsteps sounded from the outside, Luo Qi's scream came, "ah! How could this happen? Where is Gong Ou? "

Someone showed Luo Qi the way.

Luo Qi hurried to the door of the room and saw Gong Ou sitting on the ground beside the bed, decadent.

Seeing that he was ok, Luo Qi breathed a sigh of relief, clapped his heart with his hand in silk gloves, and turned the broad brim of his hat.

Suddenly thinking of something, Luo Qi said angrily, "why did you run over and kill people? I said that as long as you and Mona are engaged, I will let shixiaonian and the baby come back to you. Why do you still do this?"

Luo Qi thought that all people were killed by Gong Ou in a rage.

"People are not killed by the young master. That's how we got here." Feng de came in from outside, stood behind Luo Qi, lowered his head and said respectfully.

"What?" Luo Qi immediately stayed there, a beautiful face showing tension, "what about the baby, doesn't it mean that the baby was born, you are not quick to find it?"

When small read's belly but is pregnant with their palace family's child.

Smell speech, the expression on Gong Ou's face that has been sitting on the ground finally appears a little loose, thin lip purses very tightly, raise the eyes to look at Luo Qi, the eyes are dark, like the black abyss that cannot be seen in the end.

"Baby?" Gong Ou sneers, gets up from the ground, walks to Luo Qi step by step, stands in front of her, eyes full of fierce stare at her, "you only worry about children?"

"Of course, that's my grandson."

Luo Qili said, of course, that there was tension in her elegant face. She had waited so long for the birth of the palace's heirs.

But now, she doesn't even see the baby.

"When my brother was alive, you asked him to take all the responsibilities and force him to do all the things he didn't like. He did, and then he didn't do anything he was interested in until he died." Gong Ou stood in front of her and said coldly, "now, you're forcing me to get engaged. When I got engaged, Xiao Nian disappeared."

He said slowly, his dark pupils filled with hate.


Luo Qi is awed by the hatred in his eyes.

Does the son still hate her?

"You are my parents. I can't do anything about you." Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, and said, "but Luo Qi, I tell you, if Xiao Nian comes back with no breath, I promise that no one will inherit the palace!"

"Gong ou, do you know what you're talking about?"

Luo Qi is shocked.

What does he mean by this, that he wants to break off with them? How could he say such a thing that can only be done by ordinary people? It's too young to be crazy.

Gong Ou stared at her with hatred. He brushed past her and walked stiffly forward.

"Gong ou."

Luo Qi turned her eyes, turned back and held his hand, tried to calm down and said, "I'll arrange someone to look for Xiao Nian. You go back with me first. Mona and her parents are still in the castle."


Gong Ou shook off her hand.

Luo Qi looks at the hand that Gong Ou has thrown away, stays for a few seconds, then opens his mouth and says, "you have sworn, can't break your promise, this is the responsibility that you should take for Gong family and your brother."

It's always useful for Gong ou to carry Gong Yu out.

Gong Ou ignores her and continues to walk outside.

"If you leave Mona in the castle like this, what if your father gets angry and asks Xiaonian for trouble?" Luo Qi accentuates the tone.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's steps were fixed on the ground.

Like hearing a funny joke, Gong Ou laughed and turned to look at Luo Qi. "I'm still afraid of my father now?"

He smiled sarcastically.

All of a sudden, Gong Ou quickly converged his smile, stared at her and roared out, "I don't even know if Xiao Nian was alive or dead now! What father am I afraid of! Half a year, Luo Qi, you've trapped your son for half a year! And kidnap me with this! "

The father's ruthlessness, the family's fame and the responsibility left by his brother all use this set every time!

If Xiaonian died, what is he still doing?


Luo Qi stood there, pale.

Gong Ou gets angry again. Every time he gets angry, Luo Qi chooses not to stimulate him, so she stands there silently.

"Go back and tell my father that you'd better pray for Xiaonian's safety when she dies. I don't want the palace! If she dies in your hands, I don't want Gong Ou's life! "

When it comes to the last sentence, Gong Ou screams out at the top of his voice. His eyes stare at Luo Qi. They are full of red, like blood, after being too excited by emotion.

It's chilling.

"Are you crazy?"

Luo Qi listens to his words, cannot help but move anger, raise a hand to want to hit him.

Gong Ou stares at her, not avoiding.

Luo Qi stood there, her hands were frozen in the air for a long time, and finally she came back silently. Her beautiful eyes turned red, but she was covered with tears. "Gong ou, I hate that you suffer from paranoid personality disorder for the first time."

Mona and she said that Gong Ou is too persistent about things and people, and he thinks it's the best, and doesn't let go of death.

Previously, she was in favor of paranoia as the genius of Gong ou.

Now, she hates that the disease is destroying her son, her favorite son.


Gong Ou glanced at her sobbing face, but there was no movement. He stepped back two steps, and then turned away.

Even the steps are not as neat as usual.

Gong Ou's figure is like a defeated soldier, so lonely in the light.



The pain went crazy into her bones, and she was about to fall apart.

When Xiaonian woke up in a daze, he saw the boundless night and heard the baby crying.