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Chapter 730 have you ever loved her?

"What do you want to say?"

Gong Ou stands beside her and looks down at her.

"I admire my adoptive mother." When Xiaonian looked at the weeds inside and said, "how did the adoptive mother survive in that year? She had to give birth to a daughter. She had to become a vegetable regardless of everything. She had been buried, beaten, fell, and finally trampled by a horse's hoof. What is supporting her to do these things?"

"I don't know."

Gong Ou is not interested in other people's ideas, but he must admit that she is a tenacious woman.

When Xiaonian quietly looked inside, looking at, her line of sight suddenly some trance, like to see decades ago picture.

The beautiful young girl is also plump after birth. The crazy horse tramples on her soft body. She can't hide. She can't escape. She can only be appointed. But in her eyes, she has perseverance and a clear fortitude.

She held on.

It has to hold on.

Gong Ou stood there, watching the dusk light gradually darken, while Xiaonian stood motionless. He reached for her hand, and his voice was low and dumb. "Look at a pile of grass, and you can see the God."

"I see."

When small read suddenly said.


Asked Gong ou.

"She is a very intelligent woman. She understands the hatred of her adoptive father, the pain of her adoptive father, and the desire for survival of her adoptive father. She is reluctant to force her adoptive father." "She carried all her sorrows on her back, and she always knew what she was doing," she said softly


"She knew that only by sacrificing herself could everyone be saved, so even if she was in any pain, she could survive as long as she thought that the people she loved could live the way she liked." When Xiaonian's eyes were sour, she turned her eyes to Gong Ou's eyes and said, "she is really great."

As long as she thinks that her adoptive father can escape to live a good life, as long as she thinks that her family will not be affected, she has the greatest will to survive, and she dare not die.

That's what Angelina thought when she took all the pain.

"It's really stupid." Gong Ou said coldly, "why does a woman do so much? Sick! "

Some things should be done by men.

When small read astringently smile out a voice, look at Gong Ou deeply, "if one day, I also have to do such a stupid thing to complete what you want, I think I will do it."

As long as it's for Gong ou, she can do anything.

The light in her eyes was too firm. Gong Ou's heart was so firm that he was stunned for two seconds. Then he gave her a hard look. "You won't have such a chance! Dead heart! "

"I mean if."

"No if!"

"Why not if?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Because all I want is you!" Gong Ou said, with a deep and hard voice, and a pair of black eyes staring at her sharply. Word by word, he said, "all I want is you. Tell you, how can you do that stupid thing to complete me?"


When Xiaonian stayed there, her eyes stagnated. The next second, she jumped into Gong Ou's arms and held him tightly with her hands.

The last light fell on her.

She closed her eyes and raised her lips slightly, saying that it was impossible not to be moved.

How can I get such a man with three good fortune? Gong Ou is so kind to her.

Gong Ou is suddenly hit by her, and the wound on her body hurts severely, but he doesn't push her away, but holds her tightly in his arms.

Suddenly, a rush of footsteps came.

They turned around, and a bodyguard stood there, watching them bow their heads, "second young master, young lady, that..."

The bodyguard swallowed.

"What is it?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

"It's Angelina." The bodyguard stood there and pointed to the rear and said, "Angelina died just now."

Smell speech, when the eyes of small read more astringent, the hand glides down from Gong Ou's body, the eye socket is red.

The news came as they expected.

Angelina's organs have already shrunk. It's a miracle to wake up. She can't last for several days.

She prayed silently that the miracle would come back and that Angelina and her adoptive father would spend more time to make up for the time they had missed.

It turns out that miracles don't happen one by one.

"Where's Fengde?"

Gong Ou asked in a cold voice.

"It's the last trip with the housekeeper. I think he's in a good mood. He's talking with you about the arrangement of future affairs. He said that he didn't want to be killed and collided with the young master. Please leave the island first."

Said the bodyguard.

"I'm the daughter of my adoptive father. I'll take care of the funeral of my adoptive mother." When small read without thinking to say, immediately looked up at a palace Europe.

She suddenly thought, this or during their honeymoon, would he be afraid of collision?

Gong Ou looked at her and asked coldly, "this is the only thing? Nothing else? "

"Oh, there's another thing. Just got a call. Bergler suddenly went crazy and hit the wall and died." The bodyguard stood there and said, "it's really a retribution cycle. Angelina has just died. Within half an hour, Bergler has also died. Is Angelina going to revenge?"

Gong Ou's black eyes are deep. The man who is in charge of Bergler has some deep friendship with Feng de. it's no surprise that he died at this time.

It's just vengeance from Feng De.

"Let's go back and have a look. I'm a little worried about my adoptive father."

When small Niang pulls Gong Ou's hand to say, she does not have gong ou to think so much, Gong Ou jaw head, embrace her to leave.

Before returning to the hotel, as the bodyguards said, Feng Debi was calm as they imagined. Su Yaoyao couldn't cry when she saw Angelina being carried into the coffin, but Feng de arranged things in an orderly way and told everyone how to do it.

Everyone listened carefully.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but walk over to Fengde's side, she said softly, "give me these things, father. You still have injuries. Go back to have a rest first."

She was afraid that Feng de would not stand the sudden blow.

Feng de stood there, looking at her pale, gray hair, reached out and patted her on the shoulder, saying, "Xiaonian, you don't have to worry about me, I'm ok."

"Adoptive father..."

"You think I can't see Angelina's out of it without letting me feel her pulse?" Said van der.


When Xiaonian was silent, he knew that she deliberately didn't let him feel her pulse.

Feng de raised the corner of his mouth bitterly and looked at the coffin beside him with dim eyes. "I've seen it for a long time. I know she's leaving. She can't stay for long, and God won't treat me so leniently."

"Father in law, you have to mourn." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Don't worry, I'm not that vulnerable." Feng de looked at her and then at Su Yaoyao, who was crying beside the coffin. "After all, I'm such a ruthless and selfish person," he said


When Xiaonian stood there to comfort Fengde, but she couldn't say a word. She could only watch him worry and go busy again. He handled Angelina's affairs perfectly.

Maybe it's better for him to be a little busy. It's worse for him to be idle and daydreaming.

Can the adoptive father really survive?

When Xiaonian was very worried.

For the next few days, they were all doing Angelina's follow-up, following the island's funeral ceremony step by step, and none of them left.

Including Gong ou and Gong Yu, including Shi Xiaonian, including the islanders who knew them, including the bodyguards, all stayed for the funeral.

Feng De is obviously stronger than they think. He has always been in the best condition to avoid any mistakes in the funeral.

After Angelina fell into the earth, they lit a bonfire at the seaside according to the ceremony, and all the people sat around the bonfire and ate in a circle.

When Xiaonian had no appetite, he sat there drinking hot water with a cup in his hand. Gong ou and Gong Yu were talking about other things, and the rest of them were talking about each other.

When Xiaonian is holding a warm cup, he looks at the bonfire in front of him beating its light in the dark. The fire is blooming warmly, like a hot dancing girl full of vitality.

She turned her eyes to the dark sea, which suddenly had a lot of memories.




Squeezed into her body at one point one, when Xiaonian turned her eyes to gong'ou, he was talking with gong'ao about some company matters, and she couldn't understand many special terms.

She simply turned to find Feng De to talk with him. She turned around and didn't see feng De, even Su Yaoyao.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked up at the direction of the small hotel, where the lights were bright.

She stood up and walked towards the hotel by herself. When Xiaonian entered the front door of the hotel, she heard the voice of Su Yaoyao with some questioning tone before looking up.

"Have you ever loved her?"

When Xiaonian looked up, he saw Fengde sitting on the stairs in a black suit, his back against the wall, his head slightly lowered and his expression could not be seen clearly. He tightly grasped the pocket watch with one hand, and the chain was placed on the back of his hand.

Su Yaoyao stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at the direction of Fengde.

Feng de sat there still, but Su Yaoyao continued to ask, "I really don't understand whether you are sentimental or merciless. Is it hard to answer this question?"


Feng de did not speak.

"I am your daughter. Do I have the right to know the answer?" Su Yaoyao stood there and asked in a sad voice.

Her words fell into silence in the hotel.

When Xiaonian stood there and realized that she shouldn't appear, she took a step back and slowly retreated to the door. She didn't walk, but stood there quietly and looked up to the sky.

A crescent moon stopped in the night sky.

The light was bright, but it was very cold. It was so cold that she felt cold.

When Xiaonian stood at the door, quietly standing there, she never heard the answer from Fengde. In fact, she also wanted to know whether Fengde had ever loved Angelina.

But no matter love or not, the feelings of the adoptive father to Angelina are all guilt over all other emotions.