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Chapter 337 two months later

Two months later.

Time passed quickly. When Xiaonian spent every day in the tower in despair, his body became heavier and heavier, and his stomach grew up at a visible speed.

Because of the two babies, her stomach is very big.

In the past two months, Shi Xiaonian tried everything to ask for help, and even stood by the window at night, shining a light on the sky, launching international distress signals, hoping to be photographed by the satellite.

Later I thought she was ridiculous.

Not to mention that her light is not strong enough, but it was photographed by the satellite. Who can see it?

No one is her savior.

Two months is too long, as long as 24 hours of each day is like 24 days.

In a long time, Xiaonian gave up his life in despair.

She is reluctant to give up her baby. Her only way is to wait for her baby's birth. They are completely separated.

From the beginning, I tried my best to escape. At the end, I realized that the two babies could not be saved.

She no longer wanted to run away, no longer to ask for help, but instead to draw cartoons and draw down things in pregnancy.

Maybe it's really sad to see her. Maybe it's just to ask her to find something to do. Charles promised her that he would collect the baby's diary and show the cartoon to the baby when the baby grows up.

When Xiaonian sat on the bench in front of the tower, supported the easel, and grasped the pen to draw down the beautiful scenery in front of him.

She wants to add more beautiful scenery to her baby's diary.

Charles stood beside her quietly and said gently, "Miss Shi, I just hope that I will not add resentment to the baby in this baby's diary, so that I can take it out in the future."

Charles knew that the resentment of shixiaonian against the palace family was growing day by day.

Sometimes when it comes to the palace family, the hatred in her eyes makes him feel afraid as a person passing through the world.

"I know."

Xiaonian sat there and said lightly.

Next to her is a comic book.

When the wind blew, she rolled up the pages of the book and turned over the inside pages of comics. The pregnant mother on each page was full of smiles. She even drew funny style for vomiting during pregnancy.

This is a relaxed and happy baby diary.

Charles looked down and lowered his heart. It seemed like a happy pregnant mother waiting for her baby to grow up every day.

Every day when she stayed in the tower, Xiaonian hated the palace more and more. Fortunately, she didn't want to pass on the hatred to her children.

When Xiaonian grasps the sketch pen and draws the scenery in front of her. The strokes are soft. The rocks, sea water and sky in front of her are soft and beautiful from a female angle.

Obviously, it is a vast and magnificent landscape, but there is a kind of unspeakable sadness in her writing.

This is what many famous painters can't do.

Charles stood by and watched her painting. "Miss Shi's painting is better. Such a painting can be displayed in the hall."

The hall in his mouth is naturally a world-class exhibition hall.


When small read sits silently, does not speak, continues to hold the pen to draw down the scenery one by one.

These paintings are for two babies.

She's trapped here. There's nothing left for her baby but pictures.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in her abdomen. When she was in pain, Xiaonian turned pale, and the sketch pen in her hand fell down, "er..."

She moaned in a low voice.

"Miss Shi, are you ok?" Charles quickly held her, asked worriedly, and then shouted, "doctor, doctor, come here!"

"Here we are."

Several doctors came here in a hurry wearing a white mask to check for shixiaonian.

When small read pain can not be controlled, a round face exudes sweat, a hand to seize Charles's sleeve, the pain is unbearable, "good pain, my baby is not something? My baby... "

"It should be just the abdominal pain caused by irregular uterine contraction, nothing serious. Go in and check again. We can make a diagnosis. "

Several doctors picked up a little bit of a heavy body.


When Xiaonian didn't know if her pregnant woman was also in pain like her. She was so painful that she was cold all over her body. Every step, her stomach hurt even more.

After a long time, Xiaonian's abdominal pain was slowly relieved.

She sat at the doctor's desk, where the doctor said, "Miss Shi, it's really caused by contractions. You need to stay in bed and have a good rest."

"In bed?"


"I see." When small read a nod, the hair of forehead horn already had wet meaning, she stood up to leave.

The doctor sat there with a thin scar on the corner of his eyebrow. When he looked at Xiaonian's back, his eyes revealed a deep meaning.

When Xiaonian went upstairs and returned to the room before he felt any pain for the time being.

She asked Charles, "I'm getting heavier and heavier. Should I move downstairs?"

It's not convenient to live too high.

"Another month." Charles said he was not forced to read.

He could see that shixiaonian didn't like the strangers in and out of his room very much. On the high tower, everyone was more at ease. They were all watching, not afraid of where she would go.

As soon as she stayed down, someone inside and outside the room would stare at her all the time. She was more uncomfortable.

"All right."

When Xiaonian is under house arrest, she has no right to say anything.

She walked slowly back to the bedroom with a big stomach, then half lying on the bed, drawing a new page with the comic book.

She drew a picture of her crying in pain on a clean paper page, and then added a bubble text -

two babies are going to revolt! I dare to torture my mother like this. The first thing I do is spank you!

Looking at his paintings and words, Xiaonian tries to create a happy atmosphere in the cartoon.

Before she had finished drawing a page, her abdomen began to ache again.


When Xiaonian put down the comic book and lay on the bed in pain, there was no other way but to bear it. He grabbed the quilt with one hand and wished it could be torn apart.

Her pale face was sweating.

"Miss Shi." Charles poured in a glass of water from the outside. Seeing this, he hurried to her bed and saw that she was so worried. "How are you, Miss Shi?"

"Pain, good pain..."

When small read pain in the trembling lips, people lie in bed, turn around, hair corner is soon wet with sweat, looks very hard.

She clenched her lips and twisted her fingers into a mess.

"Miss Shi, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, and Suck... " Charles stood by her bed and taught her, "the pain will pass in a moment."


When Xiaonian took a deep breath with pain, his forehead was still full of sweat.

"Miss Shi, why don't I tell you something? It won't hurt so much to shift my attention." Charles watched her anxiously. "What do you want to hear?"

During this period of time, Xiao Nian seldom paid attention to him.

But now, when hearing his words, Xiaonian was lying on the bed, sweating and suffering in her black and white eyes. She bit her lips and said painstakingly for a long time, "I want to listen What is Gong Ou doing now. "

Every word, all her strength.


Charles was stunned and looked at shixiaonian.

I didn't expect that she would ask.

"Tell me."

Shi Xiaonian said that she needs to know what the babies' fathers are doing now.

"Miss Shi, let me tell you something else interesting." Charles said, "I'm not sure about the second young master."

He can't bear to tell.

Because what he said would only be false, which was ordered by his wife.

"Tell me, please tell me honestly." When Xiaonian turned his head on the pillow, his eyes begged to look at him painfully, eager to know what Gong Ou was doing.

She didn't expect Gong ouneng to save her, just like God.

She just wanted to know what he was doing.

Charles stood there, sighed a long time, and said in a low voice, "I've been here for a long time, not very clear, but I heard that the second young master's robot will be officially launched immediately, the market value of N.E will rise again, and the robot will win various world-class awards, becoming a benchmark of modern technology."

Charles said a lot.

"That is to say, he is very busy, isn't he?" When small read summed up all the words for him, the voice is hoarse.

"Yes, second young master has always been very busy." Said Charles, half true and half false.


When Xiaonian was lying there, he suddenly smiled, and the corner of his lips outlined a satirical arc. There was a smile on his pale face, but the tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

He lives in the wind and water.

Here she is under house arrest, suffering from pregnancy, waiting for birth, and also waiting for the moment when two children are taken away from her.

Think of these, when small read smile deeper, she desperately smile, eyes is a frustrated despair, hate strong filled with her body.

She thought of the picture of Mona and Gong Ou bathing together, the picture of them kissing in the rain, the picture of them now enjoying everything in the world.

Tears continued to trickle down and wet the pillow.

All of this, Gong Jia and Gong Ou bring her harm, she will remember.


A light pain in the past, the pain suddenly intensified, when Xiaonian was in pain and screamed.

No one can help her.

No one can help her.

She tightly grasped the quilt. The comfortable and better quilt surface was pulled out a hole by her forcefully. She cried out sadly, but the pain still follows her.

Charles couldn't bear to see that it was such a painful thing to conceive life.

For the first time, he felt that it was very cruel to force the separation of mother and son.


The sky is clear and the clouds are floating in the clear sky. The edge city of England is covered with a lot of fog in this season.

It's humid in the air.

A row of black cars are driving on the road, and the light traces of wheels are printed on the road.

On the comfortable rear seat, Gong Ou sits upright in a suit, with a leg crossed and a stack of documents in his hand.

All the rules and regulations on the document have been crossed out one by one.