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Chapter 764 a friend's break

When Xiaonian was waiting outside, he was a little nervous. Gong Yu had already opened the boxes. Some valuable gifts included antiques, calligraphy and painting.

Gong Ou is here to give gifts.

At that time, Xiaonian suddenly understood what Gong Ou was going back for. Her heart felt as if she had been scratched by someone's hand. It hurt so much that she couldn't cry out a word of pain.

For a heart disease, how many times does Gong ou have to compromise?

"Lori will not cure." Gong Yu also knew what Gong Ou wanted to do. When he came to Xiaonian, he said with a frown, "Lori is tall and stubborn. Lancaster is kind to him. He can't cure diseases."

"But Gong Ou doesn't believe in evil."

Shi Xiaonian said, looking at the gift everywhere, his face was full of worry.

"I'm afraid there will be a fight inside."

Gong Yu guessed that it's strange that one is stubborn and the other is determined not to give up until the house is lifted.

When she heard this, Xiaonian felt a pain in her stomach. She stood up and walked towards the consulting room. Gong Ou came out of the room unharmed and threw the door firmly.

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian immediately greeted him, "what did you talk to Dr. Luo?"

Gong Ou looked at her with low eyes. She had no expression on her face. Her black eyes were deep like the sea. After a long time, he reached out and pinched her chin. His voice was deep. "Luo abnormal has promised to treat you."


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in amazement, didn't Gong Yu say that Luo lie was particularly stubborn?

Lori opened the door from the inside, and when he looked up, he heard Gong Ou saying, "of course, there is a price. He wants a kind of rare diamond. The diamond is in the hand of an old man I know. He is very precious and doesn't change hands easily. I have to fly to South Africa myself."


Flying to South Africa? This time?

When small read stupefied for a while, Gong Ou continues, "so you stay here to cure, I fly to take the diamond to come back."


When Xiaonian stared at Gong ou and diamond, did he cheat her like a child? Is Lori bowing over a diamond?

"You want to send me?"

Gong Ou said as he looked down.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's dark eyes, her heart and mouth seemed to be choked by something. She wanted to break it, but she knew that it could not save anything.

She moved her lips, and finally said, "it's still early. I'd better make lunch for you, and then go."

She needs to think about how to talk to Gong ou.

Gong Ou stares at her, without any objection, reaches out and hugs Xiaonian, who is walking towards the kitchen

Lori looked at the two of them. His face was complicated. He turned to leave. Gong Yu stood in front of him with one hand across his face.

Gong Yu, wearing a mask and a pair of gray eyes, looked at him coldly, like a stranger, and said, "doctor Luo, I want to talk to you."

Dr lo.

What a strange address.

Lori looked at his cold eyes, some far fetched hook lips, cold tunnel, "OK, OK."

Two people went outside Luo's house and boarded the empty yacht directly. Lori went to the deck and sat down casually, looking at the calm lake in the sun. In the distance, there was a high turret.

The turret is too far away from them to hear the bells.

Gong Yu came out from the inside, leaned against the guardrail, and looked coldly at Lori. "Dr. Lori, we've known each other. We don't know each other very well, but we don't kill each other, do we?"

Hearing this, the gloom in Luo lie's eyes flashed away, and he sneered mockingly, "it's not as deep as communication Well said, it is. What do you want to talk about? "

"What do you want my brother to do?" Gong Yu asked, "I don't believe that you will be willing to cure for a diamond."

"You really know your brother."

Said Lori.

"He's my only brother." Gong yuxu leaned against the guardrail, looked at Luo lie and said word by word, "Xiaonian's disease must be treated. How about the conditions you give Gong ou to finish for him?"

It's really brotherly.

He is deeply in love with his girlfriend and his younger brother, but only with Lori. There is only one sentence of Dr. Lori, and one sentence of communication is not deep.

Also, it's not deep.

There was nothing between them except a drink and a chat, and he didn't even see his real face.

Thinking of this, Lori raised his face and looked at Gong Yu proudly, "I want him to go to bed with me. Are you going to replace him? "

Gong Yu's eyes sank suddenly, and he clenched his teeth and stared at him sullenly, "Lori! Don't force me against you! "

"Don't you want to replace him?"

Said Lori, laughing.

"Do you really think that the two brothers of our palace family can only be fooled here?" Gong Gu said coldly, "it's too easy for us to tear apart your bones and gouge out your meat!"

"Then come on."

Lori shrugged and didn't care. It was very cold.

Seeing him like this, Gong Yu also understood that there was nothing to say. "You just rely on your own medical skills and my brother's infatuation, and you dare to do anything wrong."


Lori said nothing with a cold face.

"I asked you if you could help Xiaonian? When my friend asks you, or even asks you. " Gong Yu said.

Luo lie sat there, eyes for a second slack, cold tunnel, "as long as Gong Ou promised me the conditions, I will naturally cure, this kind of disease is easy for me."

"That's all there is to say." Gong Yu looked at him coldly, said he stood up straight, looked at him coldly and resolutely, and said, "Lori, a friend of ours has given up!"


Lori's body was shocked.

"You don't leave half of your face in your work, and don't blame me for not giving you half of your way in the future!" Gong Yu said decidedly, turning away, raising his feet to jump off the yacht.

Luo lie sat on the deck and didn't look back to see Gong Yu. Gong Yu's footsteps were heard farther and farther away. Luo lie's original cold face was pale in the sun, like all the blood color had been peeled off.


In the kitchen, when Xiaonian took out the ingredients and began to deal with them, he cut the meat into thin pieces. Gong Ou stood beside her and stared at her with black eyes for fear that she would accidentally cut herself.

"Why is this knife so sharp? Be careful, or I'll have it!"

Gong Ou suddenly regrets letting Shi Xiaonian make lunch for him. Seeing her cut it with a knife, he is really flustered.


When Xiaonian didn't speak, he slowly cut the meat into slices and then went to deal with the dishes.

Gong Ou stares at her slender jade hands and tightens his brow. "This dish will be handled by others. There will be insects biting you!"


When Xiaonian doesn't hear it, he continues to deal with his own. Gong Ou reaches for it and grabs it. When Xiaonian turns his head in silence and doesn't pay attention to him.

"You give me the vegetables, I'll pick them!"

Gong Ou forcibly grabs the basket in front of him.

Five minutes later, all the leaves turned into dregs.

When Xiaonian silently looked at him for a while, and then went to open fire to prepare for cooking. She used to put her hand into the pot to test the temperature. Gong Ou's eyes suddenly widened, "what are you doing? You want to burn your hands? Be careful! Fire will burst out! "


When small read silence.

"Or you teach me, I will burn!"

Gong Ou doesn't trust her to do this in the kitchen. It seems that every minute is the end of the world. She can't touch anything now.


When small read still ignore him, Liu Mei micro Cu, continue to cook, Gong ou like a mother-in-law has been in her ear broken read.

This simple lunch of three dishes and one soup was barely finished in Gong Ou's broken reading.

When Xiaonian put the braised fish on the plate and walked to the table, Gong Ou quickly stood up from the table and took the plate in her hand and put it on the table, "sit down! Sit down! "

When Xiaonian sat down obediently, seeing that she sat down, Gong Ou felt that he had settled down in his heart. His long fingers picked up chopsticks and took a bite of rice and put it into his mouth.

Before chewing out the taste, Xiaonian's cold voice sounded on the dining table, "you eat it, I'm going to fight with you."


Gong Ou takes a mouthful of rice in his mouth and raises his handsome face to look at her. When Xiaonian sits there, his face looks cold.

"You eat. I'm afraid you won't be able to eat after the quarrel."

When small read cold tunnel.

"Then why don't you fight before I finish?" Gong Ou said indifferently. It seems that he can't hide it from her. His woman is very smart.

"Then you'll eat too much, and you'll get through it."

When small read said coldly, this time starts to quarrel, can ensure that he eats the quantity to be normal.


Probably no couple or husband and wife are like the two of them. They should inform each other about the quarrel first and worry about each other's diet.

Gong Ou takes a chopstick of fish and puts it into his mouth to swallow it. Then he looks at Shi Xiaonian, who has a deep voice. "Shi Xiaonian, don't quarrel with me. I don't want to hurt you."

She's a pregnant woman now. She can't be murdered.

"But I want to kill you."

Xiaonian said directly.

“……” Gong Ou's face darkened. He put his chopsticks on the table, stood up and walked to Xiaonian's face. He lowered his head and pressed her back brain, then bent down to kiss her lips.

Toss and turn.

His warm lips cling to her, and the tongue of fire depicts her lips. As soon as she shrinks sensitive, he immediately penetrates aggressively and forcefully, attacking the sweet taste in her mouth.


When Xiaonian reaches out his hand to his chest and pushes him with some resistance, but he can't escape his hot kiss. He grabs her hand and kisses her recklessly from top to bottom, with a sweet smell of braised fish.

When Xiaonian was kissed a little dizzy, she sat on the chair and became soft as a pool of water

Gong Ou then slowly let go of her, a pair of black eyes staring at her, voice has become a little dumb yesterday, "don't quarrel?"