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Chapter 909 summoning Gong ou

"What was the most important thing you wanted to do as a child? What is perhaps the most desired thing? " Gong Ou stared at her and asked.

"What do you want most? What do you want to do most? It's nothing. " When small read to turn to the bead son to think for a long time, "but before had wanted most, now already did not need to mention."

"Why not mention it? Tell me! "

Gong Ou holds her chin and forces her to face herself. Her black eyes stare at her.

When Xiaonian looked at him with bright eyes and smiled, "what I want most is not things, but people."


Gong Ou's eyes are deep, waiting for her to follow.

"I want me to be good to a person, he can be good to me, from the heart of that kind of good, and then he can always accompany me always accompany me." At that time, her original intention to take care of Mu qianchu was the same. She needed someone to be nice to her and accompany her.


Gong Ouding stared at her.

"I used to envy little flute very much. She is loved by everyone. Everyone likes her. I always seem to be in the corner. In fact, I am afraid of loneliness and neglect." Shi Xiaonian said and laughed, raised his hands and wrapped them around his neck, and leaned meekly on his shoulder. "Now, isn't there you? You just sealed it with me. You will always accompany me, right? "

Gong Ou sat there and let her hold him. His body was stiff and motionless. He lost his expression on one face. For a long time, he raised his hand around her, and his voice was very low. "Of course, I will always be with you."


When Xiaonian leaned on his shoulder and held him tightly.

"That's what you want most?"

Asked Gong ou.

"I already have it." "I don't want anything anymore," said Shi Xiaonian with a smile. "As long as we can stay together all the time, I'm happy whether we go out for our honeymoon or work with you."

Such a life is enough for her.

It doesn't need to be that complicated.

"I will give it to you!"

Gong Ou hugged her very hard, and Xiaonian felt a little pain in his arms.


They spent a whole day in school wearing school uniforms. On the way back, Xiao Nian didn't want to go any more, so they went back with Gong Ou by car.

The landscape on the side of the road receded.

The school is farther and farther away from them.

When Xiaonian was holding a box of cakes bought by the bodyguard outside the school, he dug out a spoon with a small spoon for Gong ou to eat, and Gong Ou retreated to the side with disgust.

"Can I feed you?"

When Xiaonian looks at him, does he understand the sweetness and the true meaning of dating?

He still dislikes it.

Gong Ou looks at the cake on her spoon. Her brow is twisted so that she can tie a knot. "You eat it, I will eat it."

"Why?" "When small read speechless ground to look at him," do you still fear me to poison

As he said this, Xiaonian put the cake into his mouth, but he didn't taste it. Gong Ou suddenly rushed to her, put her in his arms, and then lowered his head to kiss her lips. He forcibly opened her lips. The tip of his tongue went into the cake and slowly tasted it.

Well, it's sweet.

When Xiaonian is silly there, their lips are close to each other, and they are so hot that she understands that Gong Ou's so-called "you eat me and then eat" refers to eating the cake in her mouth.

Well, he knows more about dating. It's just too sweet.

When Xiaonian looked at junpang in front of him, his eyes filled with laughter and he was allowed to kiss.

The taste of happiness ferments in the car, and the driver drives the car silently.

Back to the old house, Gong Ou goes to deal with business. Xiaonian sits on the balcony and talks to Xia Yu, his friend, and talks about all kinds of dating with Gong ou. Xia Yu can't stand the tunnel at the end of the phone. "Oh, fortunately, it's not a holographic call. Otherwise, seeing what you look like now, a married woman will be forced to eat a few Jin of dog food."

"Would you like to eat it? I'll bring you the dog food here. "

Xiaonian said with a smile.

"Go away." Xia Yu was angry. "I really admire you. People's marriages are all plain. How can your marriage with President Gong Da always rise and fall like when you first fell in love? You were not happy before. Today, you are as sweet as a honeypot."


Speaking of the previous things, Xiaonian's smile faded slowly and said, "yes, I am so happy with Gong ou that I forget all the things and all the people."

She can't deny that she likes this feeling. There is only Gong Ou in her world. She likes it so much.

"Then you don't know what President Gong has done to Mu qianchu?"

Xia Yu asks over the phone, provoking a question that Xiao Nian always wants to ignore.

"I only know that Gong ou will not do anything to qianchu. He must be safe."

Besides, shixiaonian doesn't know anything.

In fact, one day today, she couldn't help trying out Gong ou. Gong Ou was flawless. She couldn't find any reason to distrust him, so she became more and more relaxed and had a better time.

"That mu qianchu is still in the custody of the general palace?" Xia Yu asked, "that's not the case."

Of course, shixiaonian knows.

In this way, she can only be confused. However, when she goes to talk with Gong oudo about admiring qianchu, it may not be a good thing for qianchu, and it will make her and Gong Ou less and less sweet.

"What do you think I should do?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Mr. Gong loves you so much. No matter what he does, he shouldn't hide it from you. He's so strange. I don't know if he thinks he's hiding his love in the house." Summer rain said.

When Xiaonian was thundered by the summer rain, how can I look at Gong ou and qianchu in the future

"Hahahaha." Xia Yu laughed, "I'm making you happy. In fact, you're right. President Gong Da loves you and dotes on you. He won't do anything that will make you sick as a pregnant woman, so I'm sure he won't be imprisoned for too long."

"I think so, too."

When small read light tunnel, but what she wants to know is Gong Ou looking for mu qianchu what is the specific thing, really has nothing to do with her?

"That's necessary. President Gong loves his wife first. If my husband had half of him, I would be happy to die." Summer rain brings Gong ou to the sky and the earth.

"Come on, brother Li is very good. Well, you don't know where you are."

When Xiaonian sat on the balcony and said with a smile, suddenly a glass of milk appeared in her sight. She raised her eyes with some consternation, only to see Gong Ou standing in front of her, with a heavy face.

When small read then grass and summer rain said a few hang up phone, Gong Ou stood there, black eyes stare at her, way, "I don't like your mouth to say praise other men's words."

"Jealous, too?"

Gong ou, who is so jealous, is not willing to let others take care of her, is she?

"Can't you?" Gong Ou snorts, "are you worried about Mu qianchu?"

This is more sour.

When Xiaonian looked at him, sat up straight in the chair, drank some milk and asked, "when did you let him go?"

Since he started the conversation, she went on asking.

"Can't I play him to death?"

Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel.

"You will not do anything to stimulate me, a pregnant woman." Xiaonian said with a light smile, turned the cup in his hand, and then drank up the milk.

"You're smart. I knew to mention the mooch! "

"Gong ou, it seems that since returning to his hometown, someone has been carrying the three words of admiring qianchu." When small read helplessly said.

She didn't want to mention qianchu at first. It was gong Ou who had to find him just as he had eaten explosives.

As for her accusation, Gong Ou snorted, leaning against the balcony in a low and indifferent voice, "it will be released soon."

Since mu qianchu has promised to work for him, there is no reason for him to shut up.

"Is it?"

When hearing the words, Xiao Nian was relieved.

"Why, do you want to have a look at it when you let it go, so as not to deceive me?" Gong Ou stared at her and said, "I'm so jealous.".

Xiaonian smiled and shook his head. "No, I believe you."

Gong Ou stands on the balcony and looks at her. Her face is a little heavy in the moonlight. Her black eyes look at her deeply. Since Li Qingyan's event, the two words Xiao Nian said most to him are belief.

She has always believed him.

This belief is becoming more and more important to him.

Gong Ou didn't mention it again. He stared at her and said, "drink the milk and make a phone call. I'm really in it."

"I've finished." When Xiaonian took the empty cup to him, "go, wash the cup."

Gong Ou took the cup and walked away. Suddenly, he stepped back and stared at her. His eyes almost burst with flames. "When did you summon me?"

He's her housekeeper now?

When Xiaonian felt his slightly round stomach, "I am a pregnant woman, don't you envy the kind of man who can take care of his wife during pregnancy? I'm giving you a chance to show. "

She spoke with dignity.


Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, turns around and leaves. Xiaonian laughs and says, "I want to eat an apple. Go and shave it."

"Beautiful thought!" Gong Ou's voice also came, "wait for me!"


When Xiaonian smiled and shook her head, she got up from the chair and walked in. There was a laptop on the bed inside. She went over and the page stayed on the chat records of Fengde and Gong ou.

Before it was in voice.

Gong ou should have gone to make milk powder for her, so the page is full of Fengde's hand typing content, which is all about Lancaster's recent ghost in N.E.

When I was young, I couldn't understand some professional words, but I understood the meaning of Fengde. Although everything is under the control of Gong ou, N.E is seriously damaged. I want to ask Gong ou to go back to the array early.

Why does Gong Ou leave Lancaster to attack?

What is he going to do?

Can't she let Gong Ou play with her? It's important.

"Pregnant woman, apple!"

Gong Ou came over and handed her a peeled apple. Seeing that she was looking at her laptop, she immediately reached for it and closed it, saying, "what are you doing? Do you know there is radiation?"