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Chapter 1070 Mona's been dead for a year

When Lori sat there, there was no change in his face, and Xiaonian's words did not play any role in appeasing him.

"In that case, I'll go back first."

Lori stood up, looked down at her, turned around and left. Her back was a little lonely.

When Xiaonian pressed her lips, she was annoyed. Did she say something wrong? Lori came to get a peaceful answer, but she could only say these empty words.

Don't say Lori, even Gong Ou is starting to get a little angry. It's reasonable that Gong Yu should have come back at this time, and their family trip can also be implemented.

It turned out that way.

“mum!” Gong Kui ran to Xiao Nian's face with big eyes open, holding a flower in his small hand and handing it to her. The soft voice was so cute, "wear it for you."

It's a little pink flower, very fragrant.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian bends down with a smile, Gong Kui holds the flower and inserts it into her hair. When Xiaonian is about to stand up straight, a blue rose falls into her sight again.

When Xiaonian looked at it with some consternation, he saw Gong Yao standing there with a handsome little face, no expression on his face, holding the rose in his hand, staring at her with dark eyes, his mouth closed tightly, and he wanted to say nothing.

The thorns on the rose branch have all been removed. They are bare.

What a careful child.

"Will you wear it for me, too? This way. " When Xiaonian pointed to a place on his head.

Smell speech, Gong Yao purses lips to slightly draw up a stroke of arc, take flower to insert for her, when small read to smile to look at them, "look good?"

"Nice." Gong Kui nodded hard, tiptoed to hold her face and kissed hard, "the most beautiful mother, I love you so much."

"Honey, go and play. We'll have class later."

When small read rubs her head to say.

Two children were arranged to have a class. After giving the sleeping pumpkin to the maid, Xiaonian left the yard and put his hands in the pocket of the nude coat.

All the way, the maids in front of them all chuckled and nodded to her, then they quickly turned around and left.

Of course, Xiao Nian knew what they were laughing at. Two flowers, one pink and one blue, were placed on their heads side by side. They were not good-looking.

Passing by a mirror, Xiao Nian took a picture of him, some of whom could not cry or laugh.

Sure enough, she is really like a village girl.

When Xiaonian touched the two flowers on his head, he still didn't want to take them down, so he went inside and let the servants laugh.

"Gong ou, I'm in."

When Xiaonian pushed open the door of the study and went inside, he stepped on a mass of paper as soon as he entered.

The huge study is full of crumpled paper balls. It's called an average. Gong Ou is sitting in front of the desk in the middle of the paper ball, playing the holographic keyboard anxiously, pulling a Book of information from time to time, then tearing down a crumpled paper ball and throwing it out.

When Xiaonian was hit.

When Gong Ou saw her, he couldn't stop, and his brow tightened tightly. "Why don't you let it go? Does it hurt?"

"I'm not hurt by a paper ball." Xiaonian said with a smile, and walked to his desk across paper balls.

Gong Ou sits there, black eyes look at her two eyes, ten fingers folded on her chin, staring at her and looking at her.

When Xiaonian stood there, he felt that he was being scanned by X-ray.

"What's the matter?"

She asked uneasily.

"You have changed." Gong Ou Dao.

When Xiaonian felt the flowers on his head in some embarrassment, well, after being laughed by the whole family, Gong Ou would laugh again.

Come on, she can afford it!

Seeing her touch the flower, Gong Ou suddenly looks back and says, "it's the flower you wear?"

"Isn't it beautiful?" Asked shixiaonian in embarrassment.



"You look great with flowers like this! Wear it to me everyday! Wear it every day! " Gong Ou stared at her deeply, her black eyes almost glowing.


When Xiaonian stood there speechless, she finally knew whose aesthetic heritage the twins inherited.

"Come and let me have a closer look."

Gong Ou hooks her hand, but Xiaonian doesn't walk past. She just looks down at the paper balls on the ground and asks with concern, "how can I tear the paper like this? Are you upset? "

"No!" Gong Ou denied.


When Xiaonian ignored him, he bent down to pick up a paper ball and opened it, only to see the movement of Gong Yu written on it, and the result was nothing.

It turned out that he was worried about Gong Yu.

When she looked at the holograms in the air, she saw a lot of them. At that time, Xiaonian also vaguely understood that they seemed to be blacking other people's computers, "whose computers are you blacking?"

"The Lancaster family."

“……” When Xiaonian frowned, "we just fixed it with the other side. If you do this, you will pay a price if you are found out."

Gong Ou is silent, just staring at her without speaking.

"Are you looking for my brother?" When Xiaonian understood his idea, he walked around the desk to his side and put his hand on Gong Ou's shoulder. "Then you can't go so fast. If it's not worse, it will hurt my brother."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face sank, reached out and pressed several times on the holographic keyboard to recover all the intrusion programs one by one.

He understood what she said, but Gong Yu was still in trouble.

Gong Ou reaches out his hand to her. When Xiaonian sits down on his leg and stares at his untidy face, he says, "don't be so bothered. I'm doing things in a proper way. I'll be fine."

Gong Ou looks up at her and sees the two flowers on her head. Her face is slightly slow. "So you specially wear two flowers to make me happy?"

"Your son and daughter are making you happy." Xiaonian said with a smile.

"They gave it to you?"


"Quite conscientious." Gong Ou holds her body and stares at her face. For a long time, he says in a low voice, "do you really think he will be ok?"

When Xiaonian thought of Lori's appearance just now, he comforted Gong ou and said, "the two families have been repaired. George should be busy with repairing the old relationship with Enid now. In addition, he has a wife who was originally married. There are many internal disputes. I think he will be in trouble for a while. I won't find him. He doesn't have the energy or the time."


"Besides, brother is so smart, he should have something to do." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What else can he do? The family is waiting for him to come back. He doesn't even send a letter back!" Gong Ou is cold, but there is no more grumpiness.

When Xiaonian was in his arms, he could not get angry one day.

Yes, the whole family is waiting for Gong Yu to come back, but they can't wait for anyone.

When Xiaonian looked at him and sighed silently, "if we have someone to arrange in the Lancaster family, or if we have a chance to go there, we can find brother."

As soon as the voice came down, there was a knock on the door.

When small read wants to stand up, be hugged tightly by palace Europe, she frowns, "somebody comes in."

"What are you afraid of? We are not cheating." Gong Ou hugged her and then raised his voice, "come in!"

When the door of the study was opened, a silver haired Feng de came in with something and stood at his desk. "Young master, Dr. lorello has just left."

"Gone?" When small read stupefied.

"Yes, he handed me a temporary resignation and left. He said that if he could come back alive, he would surely serve the palace to save his life." Feng de presented a speech and put it on the desk. "I don't think he was in a hurry, so I didn't stop him. Anyway, everyone is here now, so I don't need him very much."

Let Lori do what he wants. Not everyone has such a chance.

When Xiaonian frowned, how could it be like this? It seems that Lori was worried too much and ran like this. He was going to find Gong Yu.

About this matter, Gong Ou didn't even raise his eyebrows. He didn't care. Black eyes glanced at the golden color in Feng De's hand and asked coldly, "do you have another thing?"

"Yes." Feng de handed out the golden invitation in his hand, "just wanted to report to Dr. Luo, and received the invitation from Lancaster family on the way."


When Xiaonian was stunned, did George invite them? Does this kind of mask repair also have later contact? Will it be too fake.

"Give it to me." Gong Ou reaches for the invitation, opens it and glances at it, sneers at it, turns her eyes and says, "you're right."

"What?" When I was young, I couldn't understand.

"The anniversary of Mona, George invited us." Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian stayed there.

Anniversary. Has Mona been dead for a year? She looked at Gong ou and saw that Gong Ou had been sneering at her lips. She couldn't help asking, "you're not going?"

"Why not?" Gong Ou asked, "you said, if you have the chance to enter the Lancaster family, you can find someone."

"But this is Mona's anniversary. It's a Hongmen feast, isn't it?" Xiaonian said anxiously, turning her eyes to Feng De, who was standing there, and asked him to help her talk.

Feng de understood her meaning, and said, "yes, young master, George's kind of villain can't forget how Mona died. It's impossible to invite the palace family to the anniversary ceremony."

"Of course it won't be a good repair." Gong Ou pushes aside Xiaonian, then stands up and presses his hands firmly on the desk. His face is frantic, "but what about that? What can he do? "

How can a defeated general be brave.

"I don't know what George thinks, but it must not be a good thing!" When small read some excited tunnel.

"Are you scared?" Gong Ou looks down at her, "are you afraid of me?"

"I'm worried about you."

He was eager to find someone. George obviously put down the banquet. Did he bump into it?

"There is nothing to worry about." Gong Ou cradles his lips and reaches for the golden invitation. "Since it's a fair invitation, it's a little brighter. Feng De, let the news go, and say that after the Centennial plan, the two families will be repaired and established exchanges, and the news of the anniversary ceremony will be as big as it can be! "