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Chapter 80. He's a real pervert

Shi Xiaonian despises himself in his heart and can't find a way to escape. He can only watch the car go all the way to the mountain.

The mountain next to the road is immersed in the night. The lights are as beautiful as stars.

As the car drove up the hill, the night sky grew darker.

The winding mountain road seems to have no end, and the lights reflect on the stone wall and are plated with light and shadow.

I don't know how long it took. The car stopped slowly and the door was unlocked.

Shi Xiaonian pushes the door down from the car. In front of him is a hotel on the top of the mountain. It's magnificent and brightly lit. A line of hotel staff in professional clothes stand at the door and see her bending down in succession. "Welcome, Miss Shi."


Is it just a hotel on the wild mountain?

"Gong Ou is waiting for me inside?" When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, if she was only in the hotel, she would be bitten like tianzhigang with her eyes open and eyes closed.

She just wants to be out of the real world now.

"Young master is at the top of the mountain." Feng de took out a black customized gift box from the car, "when the lady first changed her clothes in the hotel."

"Change clothes?"

When small read Zheng ran.

What are you doing? You need to change clothes. It's mysterious.

"Yes, the driver will take you to see the young master after you change clothes." Feng de hands her the gift box.


What is Gong Ou doing?

When Xiaonian took the gift box and was urged to go to the hotel, a staff member politely took her to the dressing room and asked warmly, "Miss, can I help you?"

"No, thank you."

She will change clothes.

When Xiaonian went into the magnificent dressing room, he locked the door and opened the gift box by the door keeper. Inside was a set of folded clothes with soft and comfortable fabric, which was very good at first sight.

Why change clothes?

When Xiaonian had unfolded her clothes without knowing where she was, she was hit by a deep mine.

What kind of normal people's clothes are these? It's clear that the middle school uniform skirt in Europe, with top and skirt, has a youthful taste. However, compared with those seen on TV, the skirt here looks obviously very short, and the top is also very short

When I got in touch with Gong Ou about what kind of field war he took her to play, Xiao Nian was embarrassed.

This man has to play not only in the wild, but also in uniform?

What a pervert he is!

Shi Xiaonian scolds Gong Ou again and again in his heart, and directly throws the uniform skirt in his hand into the gift box. She will never wear this kind of skirt, and death will not satisfy Gong Ou's crazy bad taste.

"Knock --"

the knock sounded, and a staff member stood outside and asked politely, "Miss, are you ready? Can I help you?"


When small read Yang way, in the dressing room to sit uneasy.

What to do? She doesn't change her clothes. They will urge her to come in at last, and then they have to change.

Then there's only one way left - to run.

She can't escape from Gong Ou's palm. It's OK to escape for a while.

When Xiaonian looked around, his eyes turned to the window of the hotel. Immediately, he ran to open the curtain and the window.

She stood at the window and looked down. The dressing room was on the second floor. She said it was high or low.

It's spelled.

When Xiaonian bites his teeth, he climbs up with the window, grabs the protruding object similar to the water pipe on the wall with one hand, slowly lowers his legs, and gradually drops down.

The descent process was not smooth, the palm encountered several obstacles, pulled three holes, and blood constantly came out.

When small read regardless of pain, continue to a little bit down, toes tightly against the wall, do not let yourself slide down.


When Xiaonian jumped to the ground smoothly, she opened her hand, only to see a wound almost four centimeters long, sharp in the night wind.

Just run away.

Injury is a small thing.

When Xiaonian comforted herself, she turned around and was about to leave when she saw two big bodyguards standing in front of her, forming a wall and looking at her silently, with the words "you can't run away" clearly written in her eyes.



When Xiaonian looked at them speechlessly, he actually caught her here. I don't think she would roar earlier when she came down.

The bodyguards bowed their heads respectfully. "Miss Shi, Mr. Gong said, Miss Shi likes to climb the window. Let me pay attention. Please go back."


When Xiaonian stood in place and looked down at his hand gloomily.

Well, Bai is hurt.

This Gong ou, how can I guess that she will climb the window every time? Last time I was on the island of clouds, did he really install a monitor on her?

Failed to escape successfully, Xiaonian was forcibly taken back to the dressing room by the bodyguards.

Feng de stood at the door and looked at her helplessly. "How are you, Miss Shi? What happened today? It's just an appointment to the young master. "

I don't usually see her so uncooperative.


Keep an appointment, if only a simple one.

It's clear that Gong Ou wants to have some fun with her. She can't get through her heart.

She can't help saying more, when Xiaonian was forced to "please" into the dressing room.

This time, two female staff came in to help her change clothes and dress her with European style female students.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the landing mirror, looking at himself in the mirror, the short sleeve jacket was very short, leaving a white waist line, and the red tie barely covered the navel, plus an ultra short student skirt with hips, Xiaonian felt that he was too ashamed to see others.


when Xiaonian just wanted to change it, two staff members pressed her on the chair, began to comb her hair, and put a crystal hair band or pink crystal on her.

This is the direction of 14-year-old and 5-year-old girls' dressing.

"Well, miss, you can go out."

The staff are serious.

"Are you sure I can go out in this way?"

When Xiaonian looked at them in despair, reached out to cover her eyes. She could not look at herself directly. She was 24 years old, OK? It's too shameful and embarrassing to wear this dress

She should stay at home and seal herself up like this.

The staff just laughed.

Outside came the urging voice of Feng De, indicating that Gong Ou had been waiting for red for a long time.

When Xiaonian sat in the dressing room, he wanted to die.

But in the end, she can only pick up a long coat and put it on her body, cover herself tightly, only show two legs of light Luo, and then go out.

Feng de stood at the door of the dressing room. As soon as the door opened, he saw Xiao Nian's face, which was like death. He couldn't help laughing. "Go, Miss Shi."


Xiaonian nodded, wrapped his tight coat, walked out step by step, towards the road of death.

Once again, Xiaonian goes to a higher mountain top.

It was quiet at night, only the sound of wheels driving on the mountain road was heard.

When the car stopped on the road, Xiaonian took a deep breath, then pushed the door open and got off the car. She rubbed her hands nervously. Now she has bandages all over her palms.

Her eyes could not help but stagnate as she looked forward.

At the end of the mountain, a towering tree stands quietly in the night, under which a tall and slender figure stands.

It's Gong ou.

In front of him was a white dining table, lit by candlelight and filled with romance.

Gong Ou didn't see her. People walked to one side and stood on the side of the guardrail on the edge of the mountain top. There was a cliff below.

He stood there, his shoes stepped forward, his slender figure leaning forward, which made him feel that he would fall down at any time.

A light fell on him, illuminating his figure somewhat unreal.

Late night, peak, cliff, tree, Gong ou.

The whole picture looks eerie and breathtaking.

When Xiaonian stood far away, he was shocked by the sight in front of him.

Suddenly, Gong Ou steps on the edge of the cliff again. The whole person seems to want to push away the guardrail and walk forward. When Xiao Nian is shocked, he just wants to shout. Gong Ou suddenly stops and looks at her.

A moment when four eyes are opposite.

When Xiaonian saw a trace of loneliness on his face, she never saw that expression on Gong Ou's face. She doubted whether she had read it wrong.

After all, Gong Ou is above all others. He thinks he is right. How can he be lonely.

There was no one around the top of the mountain.

When small read behind the car also quietly left.

"Come here!"

Gong Ou went back to the tree, a handsome face without any expression, and called out to her.

This brings shixiaonian back to reality. She almost forgot why she was called to the top of the mountain today.

Sooner or later the one who should come will come.

Early death, early transcendence.

When Xiaonian bites his lips hard, he goes forward with his tight clothes.

When she got closer, she found that Gong Ou was wearing a black shirt with dark lines, which was thin and sexy outside her personality. She pulled her sleeve to her elbow, opened three buttons at the neckline, revealing the delicate and prominent collarbone. A thin face was more mature and charming in the night.

He's all mixed up with the night tonight.

"Take off your coat!" Gong Ou stood in front of the table under the tree and watched her step by step. Her eyes fell on her tightly wrapped coat and she was discontented.

Do you want to be so direct? Just come up and let her off.

"It's too cold."

I tried to make excuses when I was young.

"No wind, not cold now." Gong Ou looks at her in a quiet way with a strong voice, "take off!"


"If you don't, I'll help you." Gong Ou interrupts her.


When Xiaonian bit his lips and stared at him angrily.

"Hurry up, I have no patience to talk nonsense with you today, let you take off!" Gong Ou frowned displeased and said he was coming to her.

"I'll do it myself, I'll do it myself."

When Xiaonian was angry and embarrassed, he repeatedly stopped him.

Gong Ou stops and stares at her.

When Xiaonian looked around carefully to make sure there was no one else on the top of the mountain, he slowly untied his coat, revealed the miniskirt student uniform inside, and a tie was dangling in front of his chest.

Gong Ou glanced and frowned, "what's the matter?"


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless.

Didn't he choose it? Apart from him, who would have perverted this kind of clothes for her to wear.

She stood there and pulled the skirt down uneasily, but as soon as the skirt pulled down, the more white waistline showed, the more embarrassing it was.