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Chapter 777 Dr Lo likes you

"Gong Ou is still your husband, but you are willing to believe me, he is not willing."

Said Lori coldly.

When hearing this, Xiaonian felt a little sad for no reason. He simply dealt with the wound for Lori, "but it was one o'clock in the morning. Why are you dressed like this?"

No one will sleep like this.

"I don't want to dress like this, but..." Lori stopped talking about it.

"But what?"

When Xiaonian was puzzled, Gong Yu was more puzzled when he saw Luo lie's neat dress, so he decided that Luo lie was the one who betrayed them.

Lori sat there silent for a long time, then said, "but I didn't sleep."

When Xiaonian listened, the whole person was shocked, looked at him in amazement, suddenly understood, "it's because you quarreled in the daytime, so..."

So Lori didn't sleep all night, not dressed like that to run away.

"Oh." Lori sneered and laughed at himself. "It's a friend. In fact, I'm not as good as a stranger in his eyes."

Once something happened, Gong Yu blamed him. Once something happened, Gong Yu suspected him.

Everything is his fault, everything is his sin.

"Doctor Luo, brother..."

When Xiaonian wanted to say something, Lori interrupted her, "needless to say, it doesn't matter. I have carried this pot, but it's no use threatening me now."

Yeah, the killer's still out there.

When small read frown, "in the end who is the letter to the Lancaster family newspaper?"

"My servants and bodyguards disappeared overnight. It's natural that some of them have informed, maybe all of them." Lori sneered. "You know, there's a lot of money for your letter."

I see.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he looked at the rope on Lori's hand and said, "let me help you untie it."

"Don't move!"

Lori's eyes suddenly turned cold.

"What's the matter?" Xiaonian's hand shrinks back.

"He bound me, and no one was needed to untie me." Said Lori coldly, with a touch of stubbornness in her eyes.

It's really full of anger.

Luo lie is misunderstood by Gong Yu again and again. It will be hard for anyone to change.

"Doctor Luo, I'd like to have a clear explanation for the misunderstanding." When Xiaonian can only say that.

"Mrs. Gong, this is between me and him. You don't have to mediate." Lori said coldly, in a stubborn voice like a child. For a while, his eyes relaxed a little. "Mrs. Gong, you asked Mr. Gong to make preparations. My servants betrayed me. Lancaster will not forgive me, let alone be threatened. So, they are sure to be ready to attack and not care about my life or death. "

"OK, I'll go now."

When Xiaonian was shocked, he stood up and was about to leave. He heard the "bang bang" gunshot coming from outside. At the moment of the gunshot, Gong Ou ran back quickly and pulled her back.

"They started. You go first to avoid it. I'll push him out!"

Gong Yu said, take Lori from the sofa, untie the rope on his knee, and pull him away.

When he saw it, Xiaonian hurriedly said, "brother, don't do this. You misunderstood Dr. Luo. He didn't give the news."

"What did he tell you? Do you believe him?"

Gong Yu said, pushing Lori out.

"Brother, you will only kill him if you push him out like this." There was a gunshot outside. Xiao Nian stopped Gong Yu from leaving without thinking.

"Gong ou, take care of your woman!" Gong Yu looked at Shi Xiaonian and said, "Xiaonian, I know you are soft hearted, but now is not the time for you to be soft hearted!"


When Xiaonian frowned, what else had to be said had been interrupted by Lori. He stood there, his hands tied behind him, and smiled contemptuously.

"What are you laughing at?"

Gong Ou stands aside, black eyes staring at Luo lie, eyes with a trace of inquiry.

"I admire you for your wisdom. Let's go." Luo lie said in a cool voice, and he didn't need Gong Yu to push himself to the gate. When he passed by shixiaonian, he lowered his voice, "there is a basement under my desk. If you believe me, take them there to hide."

An hour or two will soon pass.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

Gong Yu follows Luo lie and follows him to the closed gate. Gong Yu's hand rests on the gate. Now just open the gate and push Luo lie out.

They'll be able to deal with the killers.

Luo lie stood there, without any resistance. He looked down at Gong Yu's hand and slowly leaned toward the door handle. The angle of his lips raised an arc, which became deeper and deeper.

When Xiaonian stood there, she could not help crying out, "brother, if you open the door now, you will only kill doctor Luo by the killer outside!"

As soon as the words fell, Gong Yu's movements froze for a second and said coldly, "I said, don't believe him."

Lori has always been eccentric. It's not strange to do anything out of the ordinary.

As he said, Gong Yu's hand held the door handle. When Gong Ou tried to pull it, Xiao Nian left. Xiao Nian became anxious. "Even if he lied to me, what if you were killed when you opened the door?"

Killers are inhuman.

Hearing this, Gong Yu couldn't help looking at Luo lie. The smile on Luo lie's face is as satirical as it is satirical, and as dazzling as it is. He turned his eyes and looked at Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian.

This is his brother, his sister-in-law, his unborn nephew or niece. It's the future of the palace family. They can't be busy.

Lori is now the only trump card they can put off.

No need.

Gong Yu thought, with a chill in his eyes, reaching out to open the door, and Xiaonian's anxious voice sounded behind him, "Dr. Luo likes you! How could he harm you! "

Lori's body froze.

Gong Yu's body is also frozen.

The atmosphere became very strange for a moment. The atmosphere in the hall was quiet as death. There were intermittent gunshots outside. The night seemed particularly long.

"What do you say?"

Gong Yu turned around and looked at shixiaonian in disbelief.

When I was in a hurry, Xiao Nian blurted out. Now I see Luo lie's face is pale, and I am angry with him. She said, "I mean, doctor Luo regards you as such a good friend, how could it harm you We. "


Gong Ou stood beside shixiaonian with a cold face, not interested in such things at all.

Gong Yu stood stiffly at the door and looked at Luo lie with unbelievable eyes. Luo lie's face was as white as snow, without any blood color, and his eyes were full of pride.

His hand slipped off the doorknob and the man took three steps backwards.

Luo lie stood there, and Yu Guangzhong watched the palace retreat three steps in a row. His eyes were gray and lifeless.

It's settled.

But Xiaonian doesn't know whether she should be happy or hate her mouth. She can't help leaning on Gong ou and blames herself.


Gong Yu didn't push Lori out any more.

They dodged a robbery in Luo lie's basement. Listening to the killer's back and forth search outside, there was a lot of noise, but no one noticed that there was another basement in Luo house.

The people of the palace came quickly. They arrived in an hour. They caught the killer and controlled the whole Luo house.

When Xiaonian, Gong ou and other four people stay in the basement, the light in the basement is not bright, weakly shining on everyone.

When Xiaonian was held in his arms by Gong ou, Luo lie and Gong Yu were standing in the opposite corner of the wall. They had nothing to say, and their faces were complicated.

"It's not your problem!"

Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian and sees through what she is blaming herself.

When Xiaonian snuggled into his arms and said nothing, the atmosphere in the basement solidified to an extreme, and Lori's face was very ugly, like a patient.

Gong Yu, on the other hand, stood in silence with his eyes lowered, his face almost expressionless.


There was a tap from above the head.

"Young master, Xiaonian, it's us. We can come out."

It's the voice of Feng De.

The reinforcements have arrived, and the danger of the night has turned over, but

When Xiao Nian couldn't help but look at Luo lie and Gong Yu. How to turn between them.

"Let's go."

When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he stands up, steps on the stone ladder, opens the dark grid, and Feng de stands there with a bunch of bodyguards.

Feng de was dressed as a housekeeper, with short white hair and a pretty good look. He had an antique pocket watch on his chest. When he reached for it, he read it.

Seeing that they were all right, Feng de breathed a sigh of relief. "You're all right."

"It worries you, adoptive father."

When Xiaonian came forward and embraced yongfengde, he was relieved.

"Go and have a rest." Feng de said, turning his eyes, stunned, "this is..."

When Xiaonian heard the sound, he saw Gong Yu and Luo lie come up from the basement. Luo lie's hands were tied behind him. No one untied them.

"Untie the rope for Dr lo."

When small read hurriedly said, now has the truth, there is no doubt, if Lori betrayed them, the killers will definitely find the basement to kill them.


Feng de immediately went to Luo lie. Luo lie's pale face was cold. He directly backed aside and said coldly, "no need."

He won't let anyone understand this knot.

Feng de Leng is there. He doesn't know where he is. The atmosphere is a little weird.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but look at Gong Yu. Gong Yu stood with a calm face. The emotion in his eyes could not be understood. For a long time, Gong Yu walked towards Luo lie, stood in front of him, and said, "my mistake, I'll come. Don't you just wait?"

When small read clearly see Luo lie's lashes vibrate badly.

Gong Yu goes to Luo lie's back and lowers his head to untie the rope for him. Luo lie has a deep rope mark on his wrist.

During the whole process, Lori almost stopped breathing, leaving only her eyelashes quivering.

When Xiaonian saw it, he was very upset.


The rope fell to the ground.

Lori stood there motionless, his lips moving, and hesitated for a long time. He slowly turned his head and looked at Gong Yu, who had turned away before he could speak.