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Chapter 1007 die behind me

But in the end, she watched him leave with her eyes open.

It turned out that he saw the mark she left.

When Xiaonian opened the coin in her hand, she saw that there was a touch of red on it, which seemed a little shocking. She raised her eyes and looked at Gong Ou's expressionless face, "this is not my blood."

"I'm afraid the blood will fade. I'll write it with a pen." Gong Ou answers.

When Xiaonian's heart was severely shocked, the red color made her hold the coin a little cold. "Why keep this coin?"

Why draw the shape of blood?

What kind of mood will he feel when he paints?

"There must be something left, or nothing." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, watching the soft light of sunrise slowly spread on the lake, sparkling.

"But it's hard to keep it." When Xiaonian holds the coin in his hand.

In fact, she always understood that he was suffering from the decision of the hill tribe to use her as bait, but she didn't expect that he would keep a small coin, as if he wanted to forcibly engrave some marks on his body.

Gong Ou takes two steps forward. His trousers are next to the guardrail. When Xiaonian looks at his back, the light falls on the top of his hair.

For a long time.

Shixiaonian heard Gong Ou say, "shixiaonian, I can answer your question just now."

"Just the question?"

When small read stupefied for a while, can't catch up with his thought, thought for a while just remembered oneself just asked why to take her together.

Is that the problem?

"I'm afraid of losing you. It used to be like this, and it's like this now. Maybe I can only do this in my whole life!" Gong Ou didn't look back, but stood there, his voice magnetic but dumb, with the moisture of morning dew. "I've never done anything absolutely, but since I picked up this coin, I don't know what I'm doing right."


When Xiaonian stood behind him and looked at him stupidly, the immortal Gong Ou said he didn't know what to do.

"I take you as bait, I'm afraid you hate me; I protect you, and I'm afraid that you and Mu will return to their old love; now bring you here, and I'm even more afraid that you will die in front of me!"

Gong Ou stood there, his hand hanging from his side clenched tightly into a fist.


When small read eyebrow tiny Cu, nose inexplicably some acid.

It turned out that he was afraid of so many things. It turned out that when he made a decision, he was not completely tyrannical and autocratic, and he would also hesitate.

The sun came up from the sky little by little, and the sky became brighter and brighter.

"Before, I could at least keep your life as the first principle, but this time, I don't know." Gong Ou said in a low voice, always with his back to her.

"Then why did you bring me?"

Asked shixiaonian.


Gong Ou is silent.

"Gong ou, answer me. Will you watch me answer my question?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

After all, the leaves can't bear the weight of dewdrops. The dewdrops slowly fall down from the tip of the leaves and fall into the soil.

Gong Ou is standing there, facing a bright light. I don't know how long it will take. He turns around and looks at her. His eyes are scarlet. He looks at her deeply. He says word by word, "I'm afraid that if you put it on, you'll also think and die. Here, at least we can die together."


When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, it turned out that this was the reason why he was desperate to bring her into the dangerous place.

It was her last abortion that scared him. He would rather die together.

When Xiaonian turned her face and closed her sour eyes, she tried to pull out a smile and looked at Gong ou, "why do you think things are so bad? I also want to go back safely and grow up with my children. "

She just didn't want to die, just wanted to stay with them to climb to today.

She never wanted to die.

Is she more optimistic than him at this point?

"I don't want to lie to you, when we enter here, we will step into hell."

Gong Ou looked at her and said.

How dangerous zone 13 is, he's smelling the extremes.

When Xiaonian stood there or smiled, "the honeymoon trip in hell is not bad, is it?"

"You think it's a honeymoon?"

Gong Ou's eyes flickered, but she didn't expect to think so. When Xiaonian nodded her head hard, her smile became more and more beautiful in the morning light. "Yes, it's not a very special experience for us to be thrilled when others spend their honeymoon."


Gong Ou doesn't speak. He looks at it like this. His eyes are burning.


When Xiaonian sipped his lips, walked forward, stood in front of him, staring at him with clear black and white eyes, "Gong ou, promise me, don't think so much, OK? The darkness will pass. Isn't the sun coming out? "

The despair she had had was dispelled by him. Now she can walk side by side, but she is not so afraid as he.

"I'm not sure I can watch the sunrise with you several times."

"Gong ou..."

"I want you to promise me one thing today." Gong Ou said with a solemn look.

It seems that there is another purpose to take her to see the sunrise. When Xiaonian raised four fingers, "I swear, I will protect myself from harm."

This is what he wants, right?

Gong Ou looks at her in silence. Her eyes are red. Xiaonian's eyelashes quiver. She realizes that this is not what he wants to say. She looks at him incomprehensibly.

"If one day, death is in front of us. You let me die first. If you can live, you will live. If you can't live, you will die behind me." Gong Ou said word by word, his voice was low and dumb, and he was shaken by the morning light.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at him in astonishment, he asked for a long time, "why?"

Gong Ou turned around, turned his back to her again, and said, "I thought I should come back. At least I can collect the body for you and let you leave safely, but I found that I couldn't do it."

Can't do

He Gong Ou said he couldn't do it.

This is a very small number of Gong Ou's fragile side in front of her. When Xiaonian suddenly didn't know what to say, his eyes were moist.

In fact, he didn't say that. He always did it. He didn't stand in front of her.

It's just that she didn't expect that he would say it was all because he was weak and he couldn't face it.


"Shi Xiaonian, listen, I can't collect corpses for you. If you die in front of me, I will..."

Before Gong Ou finished speaking, Xiao Nian held him from behind and hugged his body with her arms. She hooked her lips bitterly. "I promise you, if there is such a day, I will let you protect me to the last breath, and I will never do anything for you bravely."

After her words, Gong Ou's body was shocked.

Suddenly, Gong Ou turned around and held her firmly in his arms, hoping to break her body. He lowered his head, attached his thin lips to her ears, and said almost gnashing his teeth, "remember what you said today, you can't forget a word!"


When small read with all his strength promised to come down, look up to the sunrise in the sky.

She will not forget the sunrise of this day and his words. If death comes, she will let him die first. She will collect the body for him, and she will bear the pain of the beloved dying in front of her.

"Shi Xiaonian has been protected by Gong ou for too long. He can't do anything. What can he do It's his only cowardice. " When small read to watch the sunrise slowly said.

Gong Ou's body is shocked again. He holds her tightly with both arms. He refuses to let go.

It's getting brighter and brighter.


With such a heavy start, I understood that the next day would not be easy.

They live in the small courtyard villa carefully arranged by Gong Yu. The owner is a single woman who has lived in the local area for a long time. The courtyard wall is very high, and the situation inside can't be seen from the outside. The owner is also an isolated resident who doesn't make friends with others. Such a house is most suitable for them to live in.

The house is very clean. Although the furniture is very old, it is spotless. It's very comfortable to see that the owner is a very hardworking person.

Gong Ou sat in front of the sofa and began to assemble computers and machines.

"I want to eat apples!"

Gong Ou calls her.

"I'll water the potted flower first." When Xiaonian came to him and sat down with the moonlight flower in his hand, he carefully wiped some water with his fingers.

Gong Ou stares at her discontentedly, "is this broken flower important to me?"

"It's very important. The time to go back depends on it." When small read seriously said, seriously cultivate or a pot of soil "flowers.".


Gong Ou sneers scornfully.

After coming back from the lake, the two men tacitly stopped talking about that sad promise, as if nothing had happened.

"I think it makes sense." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at some machines in front of her and thinking about it, she picked up the basin and left.

As soon as Gong Ou was about to hold her, he jumped into the air and said, "where are you going?"

Can't stay with him more?

"You machines have radiation. I'd better keep the flowers away." When Xiaonian left with the basin in his arms, Gong Yu hurried in.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but stop and look at Gong Yu, he walked to Gong Ou's side and didn't even care to get on the sidewalk. "Lancaster's people have settled in zone 13 in large numbers. It seems that we were still found moving when we came in all night."


When small read can't help biting lips, no wonder even has always been arrogant Gong ou are so pessimistic, so quickly found, how to find people?

Gong Ou sat there fiddling with his machine, without any accident on his face.

"You guessed it?" Gong Gu frowned.

"You don't think a high wall outside can hide us, do you?" Gong Ou sneers, "that old boss is to lead us all over."

"Lead in?" When Xiaonian stopped, "so that bit is not in zone 13?"

Is it just a scam?

"Only when the bait is used can someone be fooled."

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian for a moment, but his eyes are uncomfortable, just like he used to bait her.