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Chapter 760 you like him


Yes, you are the best.

When Xiaonian continues to help pack, while Gong Ou is learning to fold clothes, Xiaonian wants to go out and asks people to walk towards Lori's study.

She reached for the door.

The door didn't close. It was pushed open. The white veil brushed her face.

When Xiaonian reached out and pushed it away, he saw Lori sitting at his desk, drugging himself. His clothes were half off, and he was struggling to smear them. His heart was red, his face was red, and his brow was frowned tightly.

When I saw him, he said coldly and painfully, "don't say goodbye to me. I don't welcome people from the palace."

When Xiaonian walked over, he pushed a box of medicine that Lori couldn't reach out to him, and said softly, "is it? Not even my brother? "

Words fall, only listen to the "bang" sound, Luo lie holding the tweezers fell on the desktop, his face was as white as death, a pair of eyes stared at her in shock.

When he saw this expression, Xiaonian understood that he had guessed it right. He couldn't help saying, "it's really like this."

"How do you know?"

Lori's breathing suddenly became a little heavy, looking at her defensively.

When Xiaonian turned to her side and pointed to the black box on the bookshelf. There was also a pattern printed on it. She said, "I know that pattern."

"It's just a brand design of a watch. What's strange?" Lori said, grimacing. "You see what's inside."

"No, I didn't, but I remember that brother just likes to wear this brand of watches." Shi Xiaonian said, "it's estimated that he still wears this brand on his hand."

"That's it?"

Lori gave a cold snort.

"I guess so. When I think about it, some details are not so far fetched." When Xiaonian stood in front of his desk and whispered, "when I met you on the first day, I didn't think you were the person who was going to travel immediately. The family was in good order, without luggage, even the ingredients at noon and night were all fresh, and the servants didn't buy them temporarily. Even the boat didn't stop in front of luozhai. Obviously, you didn't intend to leave."


Lori was completely said, a little embarrassed, turned away.

"You said to brother that you are going to travel and will leave soon. In fact, you are waiting for him to come, right? So you didn't even turn down the evening dance, and you took us to it. " Said Shi Xiaonian.


The color of embarrassment on Lori's face was heavier.

When Xiaonian stood in front of him and continued, "in fact, you really want to treat me. It's not because of me, it's because of brother, so you also carefully observe my life style at ordinary times. Every night, you are studying my condition. You need to drink tea to refresh your mind. You also need to open the window to blow the cold wind to make yourself more energetic, right?"

Lori lowered his eyes and looked up for a long time. "Go on," he said

"You were nervous when I came in that day. You didn't hate me for breaking in by mistake, but you worried that I saw the things in that box." Said Shi Xiaonian.


"Today, you found that we all lied to you, and you didn't get angry too much. But when my brother called you doctor Luo, your mood became extremely excited, even if you tried to cover it up."

But she could see.


Lori's face grew gray.

"Doctor Luo, my brother came to this place many years ago." Shi Xiaonian said, "the man who refused your confession was real. You didn't make it up, and that man was my brother and Gong Ou's brother."

Is Gong Yu right.

Lori sat there and looked at her in surprise, with a bitter smile on the corner of her lips, reached out and pulled up her clothes, saying, "are women born with more delicate feelings than men? Mrs. Gong, you are really smart. "

It was something he never took out from the bottom of his heart, which was actually broken at a glance by the light woman between his eyes and eyebrows.

No wonder women are born detectives.

"My brother doesn't know, does he?" Shixiaonian asked, "I don't think he knows your feelings at all."

Didn't he say he had confessed?

How do you think Gong Yu is not embarrassed in the face of him at all.

Smell words, Luo lie's eyes suddenly cold, stand up from the table, some angry stare at her, "what do you want? Do you use this to threaten me to treat you? Impossible! Mrs. Gong, I am deeply indebted to Lancaster. If you kill me today, I will not cure you. "

"If I'm going to threaten you, it's Gong Ou standing here."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Listen to this, Luo lie's eyes a sluggish, some stiff stand there, fixed fixed to her.

"It doesn't make any sense, but I just want to prove it when I guess it." "Shi Xiaonian said, lips puckered and said," doctor Luo doesn't want to pursue it

"There's nothing to say about people who have been rejected." Lori said coldly, "I don't want to say more. Go!"

When small read nodded, the person step by step back, "doctor Luo is arrogant and arrogant, be refused once probably can't face it.". But it's not like this. It's not just a matter of keeping one's own side of the world and a small box that has a future. "

"Don't you feel sick?"

Lori asked, a little surprised when Xiaonian said.

"I don't think so."

When small read light tunnel, Luo lie looked at her stupidly.

She had already said what to say, and there was nothing to say. When Xiaonian turned around and walked towards the door, there was a hesitating voice from Lori behind her. "Hello."

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw Lori standing there, looking at her awkwardly and hesitating.


When Xiaonian saw Lori like this for the first time, the color on his face became darker and darker. Lori hesitated for a while and said, "do you want to listen?"


Listen to what?

When Xiaonian was stunned, Lori walked to the bookshelf without waiting for her answer, took the black box off the bookshelf, opened the lid and handed it to shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian looked at the past, there were some messy things in it, including folded scarves, several watches, half bottle of wine bottles left, and some photos that were taken secretly. There was only one owner of the photo - Gong Yu.

The background of the photo is also very recognizable, that is, the corner building with the bell ring. In the photo, Gong Yu is almost lying on the table, wearing sunglasses, half mask, blushing, like drunk.

"Gong Yu and I have known each other for many years. At first, we didn't know each other very well. Later, when he came here, he was in a bad mood and in a low mood. He always asked me to drink with him. At that time, I accompanied him every day, just on the corner building." Said Lori.


When Xiaonian is quietly in front of a listener.

"I don't know when I fell in love with him. He was wearing sunglasses or masks in front of me, or both. I never saw his real face." Lori's voice was a little weak, and he gave a low laugh of self mockery, "so I like it."

It was at that time that Gong Yu came here after Xi Yu died. Gong Yu was sad and drunk every day. Luo lie accompanied him and fell in love with him.

"He was drunk when you advertised."

Combining these contents, Xiao Nian guessed it out of order.

"Yes." Lori said, with a wry smile on his lips, "I confessed when he was drunk, and then I knew that he had been pretending to be someone else."

"Why not tell when he is awake?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Now that I've suffered to the point where I can't help confessing, why not when others are awake?

"He's a man, I'm a man too. I'm always proud of Lori. I know I'll be rejected, and I don't want to be rejected. Naturally, when he's drunk." Lori said, "in this way, I get the answer I want, and he will forget it when he wakes up. Not very good? "

I'm afraid I can't even make friends after I refuse.

When Xiaonian understood what Lori thought, this inner suffering must not be easy. He could not ask for it, nor could he get close to it, nor could he get back.

Lori closed the box, held it in his arms, and his mouth was stained with blood. "I think he and his girlfriend must have a good life now, so why should I break up others?" he said

It turned out that his three views were correct, and she thought that he really took destroying other people's relations as a matter of fact.

And girlfriends.

It seems that Gong Yu, who was drunk, didn't talk with Luo lie too much.

"Didn't you ask him?" Asked shixiaonian.

"What, are you and your girlfriend very affectionate? How embarrassing. " Lori mocks the tunnel.

"I really don't know whether to say you are proud or inferior."

He could not face to ask, or did not dare to hear the affirmative answer, rather a person trapped suffering.

"Just think I'm proud. I don't like to hear the answer I don't want." Lori said, "I have another thing to tell you. I really take gong'ou as gong'ou's double, because I've never seen gong'ou completely. When I see gong'ou, I still think, since it's a brotherhood, is it very similar?"

"So it is."

No wonder Lori's expression was in a trance at that time. He had never seen Gong Yu's face without concealing anything.

She thought it was gong Ou's gentle and tame fake that looked like Lori's predecessor.

They all guessed wrong.

"These six days, I look for Gong Yu's shadow on Gong ou and find that they are not like each other." As if thinking of something, Lori smiled and pulled his face to the wound. His face became paler and paler. "Of course, the real Gong ou and Gong Yu are not the same."

The two brothers are quite different in character.

Xiaonian smiled and nodded, "yes, they don't look like that."

Lori put the box back on the bookshelf, crossed the pattern with his fingers, and smiled sarcastically. "Gong Yu, his name is Gong Yu. He is the eldest son of Gong family. It's fate."