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Chapter 146 what Gong Ou conceals


When small read silence, hard scalp continue to look at him.

In the eyes of the two, when Xiaonian was looking out of the window behind him, a clock tower square backed up behind their car.

On the bell tower, the LED TV big screen is broadcasting news. The female anchor in the news said to the camera --

the group experienced another crisis and was exposed that there are a lot of chemical ingredients in the cosmetics. The stock of Murdoch has been down for a week. Murdoch's prince, Murdoch, was ill when he was interviewed. Obviously, the new president of Murdoch is tired of coping with the current situation.

The bell tower square was left behind by cars.

When Xiaonian was still sitting in the car, Gong Ou forced him to look at him.

His black pupils seem to engulf everything. When Xiaonian is more and more unable to hold on, she holds her skirt tightly and looks at him with strong support.

She even held her breath.

Gong Ou looks at her performance, the radian of the lip angle is bigger, and the black eyes hide a smile.

"Three minutes is enough?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Not enough."

For the first time she gazed at him for such a long time, how could he reach it.

"Look at the time." She can't look away, he can.

"Good." Gong Ou raised his hand, glanced casually at his watch and said lightly, "Oh, not enough."


When Xiaonian hates not letting him settle down first, she looks into his eyes and her heart beats faster and faster inexplicably.

Forget how long, like a century, Gong Ou finally said mercifully that it was time.

When Xiaonian's body suddenly softened, the whole person seemed to experience a war, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his face.

She turned to look out of the window.

Gong Ou's deep magnetic voice rings in her ear, "when I read, love is love. It's no use stretching you any more. You just love me!"

He is confident to conceited.

When the eyelashes of small read lightly quiver, light tunnel, "I don't know what you are saying."

"I said, you love me."


"When Xiaonian, you are in love with me!" Gong Ou's domineering voice seemed to brainwash her.

When small read bite lip, ignore her, turn head to look out of the window, doubt tunnel, "this is to go out of s city?"

"Well, it won't be long now."

Gong said, looking down at the time on the watch.

He was going to take her by private helicopter, but he decided to take her on holiday for a while, regardless of the length of the road.

"Where are we going?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Don't tell you!" Gong Ou holds her in her arms and touches her hand.

The car has been driving for a long time, more and more slanting, far away, when Xiaonian saw a row of electric windmills on the side of the sky, spectacular and beautiful.

"Are we going to the seaside?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou didn't answer.

But the answer is already obvious and easy to wind. The sky is getting close to dusk. The whole sky is dyed into a yellow color. The red clouds come out gradually, and the sky is suddenly beautiful again.

When Xiaonian can't help but drill out of Gong Ou's arms, press down the window, lie down to the window and look out.

The wind, head on.

The smell of the sea in the air is comfortable.

Drive to the seaside and stop in front of a row of wooden houses.

A group of workers in sea front flowered shirts bowed respectfully to them.

As soon as Xiao Nian got off the car, Gong Ou held his hand tightly, clasped his fingers tightly, and couldn't loosen them.

Two girls in colorful garlands came with smiles and danced with enthusiasm, "welcome Mr. Gong and Miss Shi to the resort."

Say, the girl puts on the garland for them.

Is this the resort?

When small read stupefied next, accept.

On the other side, another girl almost put on Gong Ou's garland for him. Her full chest almost jumped out of bikini.

Gong Ou looks cold, kicks her directly and smashes the wreath on the ground.

The girl was kicked down on the beach, bikini was askew, and the spring light burst out.

"I'm just here to dive. What are you doing?"

Gong Ou looks at those people coldly, with a strong sense of displeasure.

Feng de immediately came up and said, "I'm not ready, young master, Miss Shi. I'll sit inside."

"Let's dive?" When small read stunned, "I will not."

Diving is dangerous.

She's not so much fun, either.

"I'll learn it. I'm here. What are you afraid of?" Gong Ou's black eyes stared deeply and said, "I'll take you to see the most beautiful sea creature!"

He wants to give her the most beautiful underwater visual enjoyment.


"No, but." Gong Ou stares at her with a domineering voice. "When I read it, everything has its first time. I promise you will never forget it!"


When Xiaonian had no choice, she was led to the wooden house by Gong Oula.

Seaside resort has its unique style.

The furnishings in the wooden house are full of seaside atmosphere. The wind bells made of shells are tinkling. The skateboard is standing beside the wall. There are decorations like starfish hanging on the wall.

Everything is beautiful.

As soon as I entered, a staff member in a yellow flowered shirt came out and asked respectfully, "Mr. Gong, Miss Shi, we have prepared a seafood dinner for you. Is it served now?"

Their whole seaside resort is only for Mr. Gong.

"No." Gong Ou looks down and says, "you go to the kitchen with them and cook for me."


With a good hand, she is a cook again.

When Xiaonian went to the kitchen with the staff, the ingredients of the seaside were basically all seafood, which was troublesome to deal with.

Two staff members started to fight against Shi Xiaonian.

When I saw Xiaonian, I got a pile of ingredients. One of the staff couldn't help saying, "Miss Shi is going to prepare dinner for everyone?"

She doesn't look like Mr. Gong's woman.

How can I still cook? So much more?

"No, the housekeepers and bodyguards still eat the food you prepared." When Xiaonian continues to deal with the seafood in his hand, he opens his mouth lightly.

The staff looked suspiciously at the ingredients of manliulitai, "that's so much..."

"Gong ou and mine."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

“……” The staff immediately showed the face of the devil, "do two people want to eat so much?"


It's not two people. It's Gong Ou who has to eat so much. He's a big stomach king.

She hasn't cooked for nearly a month. Gong Ou is half hungry these days. No matter what appetizers are brought to him, he doesn't care. He would rather be hungry than eat them.

Therefore, she did not cook this meal tonight. Gong ou will not.

The two staff members looked at each other and read a message from each other's eyes at the same time: NIMA, the rich must be making a table of vegetables, and then only one stutter per plate, just like the emperor's concubines in ancient costume plays.


When Xiaonian cried out in pain, she was pinched to her finger by a live shrimp, and a red blood bead came out of her fingertip immediately.

"Is Miss Shi OK? Or we'll do it. " The staff immediately asked nervously.

She's a VIP at the resort. No one dares to slack off.

"It's OK. Just give me a band aid."

When small read carelessly said, turned around in a few hands.

"Yes, Miss Shi."

When the band aid was pasted, Xiaonian continued to struggle in the kitchen. The shell wind bell at the window was blown by the sea wind and made a pleasant sound.

The weather outside is getting deeper and deeper.

Night comes.

In the evening, there is a different view on the seaside. The sound of the waves makes me feel comfortable.

When Xiaonian and the staff put a dish on the wooden house restaurant, people stood at the window and looked out at the far sea.

Dive into the sea.

It would be nice to see the glowing sea creatures on the island of clouds.

When small read thought, waited in the dining room, time one minute one second passes, Gong Ou has not come.

The food began to get cold.

When Xiaonian frowned, Gong Ou's stomach had a tendency of stomach disease. Before she came to dinner, she would not be allowed to go to the hot place, so it was cold.

Sooner or later he died of a stomachache.

I really don't care about my health.

When Xiaonian waited for a while, she couldn't wait. She went out.

Under a row of incandescent lights, she saw some bodyguards and Feng dedu in front of the wooden house standing there. She walked along the small corridor in front of the wooden house.

The eaves of pure wood look very textured.

When Xiaonian came to the wooden house, Fengde bowed his head to her, "Miss Shi."

"Is Gong Ou inside?"

When Xiaonian said that he would go to the closed wooden door.

Feng de reached out to stop her and said politely, "Miss Shi, young master is working. Please wait a moment."


When small read startled, look to the hand that Feng de blocks in front of oneself.

Gong Ou said today that she was ready to take her to the meeting. How could she do business? But Fengde stopped her?

His work, she read also useless, a pile of program code what also do not understand, can not leak.

"Yes. Miss Shi. "

Feng de nodded.

His words fell and the wooden door was pushed open.

Gong Ou's tall figure appeared at the door, with a cold face. At the moment when she saw her, her face was slightly gentle, and the corner of her lips raised a radian, "why, miss me?"

"Call you to dinner. Are you busy? If you are busy, I'll go and heat up the dishes. "

When Xiaonian looked inside, he saw that the cabin was dark and the lights were not turned on. There were only three laptops on a long table, and the laptop screen gave out a faint blue light.

"No, let's go. Eat."

Gong Ou came over and scooped her into her arms and hugged her tightly.

"What were you just doing?" Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou hooked his lips, "dealing with some procedural problems of robots."

"Then keep it secret, and don't let me see it?" Xiaonian looks up at his face.

Is she suspicious?

Gong ou never avoids her marriage, but today she is stopped by Feng De.

"Of course, I can't show it to you. I'll send it to you when the finished product comes out."

Gong Ou said, holding her forward.


When small read hang eyes, eyes still have doubts, is it so?

But she already knows about robots. What else can be kept secret.