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Chapter 382 is that what you want?

Gong Ou holds his wrist firmly.

When Xiaonian looked down at him.

Gong Ou sat there, a handsome face very gloomy, deep eyebrows under a pair of dark eyes, a little cold, slender fingers hold her wrist, more and more tightly.

"It hurts."

When Xiaonian was hurt by his grip and frowned tightly, he reached for his hand.

His hand was so hard that she couldn't move one of her fingers. When Xiaonian felt that his hand was almost broken by him, "Gong ou..."

"When I read it!" Gong Ou stands up abruptly, clutches her wrist to death, and shouts loudly, "you can say anything but separation, go and don't love me?"


When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze.

"To what extent do you want me to come back? You can't be so intimidating! "

Gong Ou roars, suddenly grabs her back to her side, pushes her hard into the sofa, leans over her soft body, bows to kiss her lips, and tastes the taste on her lips crazily.

He went crazy.

When Xiaonian tried to struggle to sit up, he pushed him back.

Several times of struggle, when Xiaonian was exhausted, Gong Ou bit her lips and rubbed them together. The hot breath sprayed on her face, which made her palpitation.

He was too eager to take possession of her.

His long fingers began to move around her.

When Xiaonian has bruises on her body, she is suffering from extra pain under his pressure. At such a close distance, she can clearly see the injury on his forehead.

She suddenly thought, they are really like two hedgehogs, hugging each other is to stab each other all over.

Blood is dripping.

When Xiaonian stares at his forehead, he slowly stops struggling and resists. Gong Ou's face is buried in her neck, like a man thirsty for a long time in the desert looking for water, his thin lips are rubbing and kissing on her delicate skin, breathing heavily.

"Is that what you want?"

When small read to let him kiss, asked in a low voice, there is no emotion in the eyes, only disappointed.

Her voice was not angry or sad, but numb.

That tone made Gong Ou stiff.

When Xiaonian slowly pushed him away, sat on the sofa, looked at the ground with his eyes sluggish, and said word by word, "if you just want this moment, I can give it to you."

As he spoke, Xiaonian slowly untied the hot towel on his arm, put it aside, and then stood up, facing Gong ou, and began to untie his waist belt.

Gong Ou stares at her with eyes straight, breathing more and more heavily, and her voice becomes dumb. "Who says I only want this?"

"Isn't it? You've been emphasizing this since we met again. He didn't tie me to bed directly when he said how good you are to me and how tolerant you are to me. " "I'll give it to you today. Please give me more tolerance and forbearance. Then, we won't go back to each other."

Completely separate.

Separate in pain and pleasure.

When Xiaonian said, he pulled the diagonal zipper on his side and pulled it down two centimeters to show his fair skin. It was as white as blood.

Gong Ou sits on the sofa and stares at her. Her Adam's apple rolls up and down, and her thin lips move. She hates swallowing her.

That touch of white is too deadly to his temptation.

At this moment, Gong Ou has only her in her mind, a clean one.

When Xiaonian continues to pull down the zipper numbly, but he doesn't know it's stuck. The zipper can't be pulled down.


The ambience of ambiguity and sadness suddenly changed.

This card, when Gordon woke up, his eyes were no longer full of love. He grabbed her wrist and stared at her hatefully, "give it to me once, and I want to leave you alone? You are too clever! "

"Then how many times do you want it? Twice? The three time? Or ten times? " When Xiaonian looked down at his angry face, his voice was a numb indifference, "how many times are good, please do it today, don't torture me for a long time."


She really looks up to him.

"You call it torture?" Asked Gong Ou in a low voice, with a very ugly face.

"Isn't it?"

When Xiaonian asked, she looked down at him and couldn't pull down the zipper. She simply walked forward and sat down on Gong Ou's leg.

Gong Ou's breath suddenly stopped, and his back was as straight as that of a primary school student. He almost pulled her into his arms and kissed her, ravaging her mouth.

When Xiaonian saw him motionless, in this respect, she almost did not take the initiative.

She put out her hand around Gong Ou's neck, and her face slowly approached Gong ou. Her eyes were looking down at his thin lips, and her eyelashes were shaking all the time, revealing her tension at the moment.


Gong Ou sits rigidly on the sofa, with her eyes fixed on her soft lips, staring at her a little closer to herself. Her heart beats like thunder, and her breathing stops completely.

When Xiaonian was about to kiss Gong ou, Gong Ou suddenly stood up and pushed her away.

"When reading! One day I want to change forever, you want to be beautiful! "

Gong Ou stares at her and screams hysterically.

When Xiaonian was pushed a step heavily, people stepped back a few steps to the side, almost fell, she stood in the direction of facing the whole wall, the cartoon on the wall fell into her eyes.

She was staring blankly.

She painted the whole wall in words and paintings.

There, carrying all her feelings, there is her guilt, her joy, her sorrow, her despair.

The beauty of thinking.

Isn't she forced out step by step today? What can she be beautiful about.

He said she was forcing him, but was it really her? Is it really her fault?

Then what is the best way for her to do? Go back to him, spend more difficult time together, and watch him fall into the abyss first to protect her? Now it's no longer the same as before. They have their own negative tiredness. Why do they have to force it.

Tears, brush down all of a sudden.

When Xiaonian cried, she couldn't control it. Tears were like broken lines, falling down constantly. Her eyes were red, and tears wet her face.


Gong Ou stood there, angry and shocked. He looked at her and watched her cry silently.

She cried, but did not make a sound, just reached out to wipe away the tears, and then continued to cry, as if it could not be restrained at all, a small face crying pear blossom with rain, crying Gong Ou's chest suddenly hurt.

At that moment, Gong Ou seemed to suddenly understand something.

She doesn't hurt, she doesn't cry.

She's really in pain.

He had never seen her cry like this.

This second, when small read is to him to pick stars, he thought, he will be irresistible to smash the sky to her.

But she doesn't want stars, just leave.

"Is the contract important?" Gong Ou stood aside, his voice said stiffly, and the hand hanging from his side shook and let go.

When small read some accident to look at him, reached out to wipe tears, voice choked, "important. I can't lose faith. "

Is he willing to let her go?

He finally figured it out, didn't he.

"Then you can lose faith with me?" Gong Ou immediately answers discontentedly.

"What have I broken your faith?"

When small read always wipe tears with the hand, tears still fall continuously, voice is not without grievance.

Between them, it was always her passive acceptance of everything he wanted, and she once forced him not to break up, but failed.

She didn't even have the chance to promise him this relationship, did she?


Gong Ou opens his thin lips, but he can't speak for a while.

Yes, she broke faith in him. She didn't promise him anything. How could she break faith.

But she is his.

She should live under his wings. If she doesn't want to live beside him, she is dishonest.

When Xiaonian turned around, he couldn't face the whole wall, and his tears were still falling.

In fact, she didn't want to cry in front of him. She preferred to remain indifferent all the time.

Gong Ou looks at her like this, frowns tightly, and her voice is more rigid. "Since the contract is important, you still don't go?"

Smell speech, when small read a pair of eyes to look at him with tears in astonishment, reach out to wipe out the tears on chin.

"I'll be sorry if you don't leave!"

Gong Ou roars out, black eyes glare at her.

Really let her go.

Then we won't have to meet again.

When Xiaonian's long wet eyelashes trembled, her heart seemed to be trampled on, choking with pain. She gave him a deep look, and then said to him, "then I'll go. Goodbye, Miyo. "

She turned and left.

Gong Ou's hand is tighter and tighter.

After walking for two steps, Xiaonian suddenly thought of something. He stopped and didn't look back. He just asked, "your mother said that she would come to rob Xiaokui, but she hasn't made any moves. Have you suppressed it?"

She didn't understand the palace's inexplicable practice before, but now she does.

I'm afraid it's not a small cost for him to deal with it.


Gong Ou purses her lips, and her eyes stare at Xiao Nian's figure. Her throat is still tight.

He told Luo Qi not to overdo it, or he would take his son with him.

Luo Qi didn't dare to let his paranoid take his grandson, so she made a small compromise.

It turns out that's true.

She had misunderstood him before.

"Thank you."

When small read low voice said, a pair of eyes red, "also thank you finally think through, hope from now on, you are all good."

"You don't have to say thank you to me." Gong Ou's cold voice rang behind her. "I think you misunderstood me. I want you to go. I want you to sign a contract. I don't want you to be free."

She thought he would give up so easily?

When Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, he stood there stupidly.

Gong Ou stood behind her and looked straight at her back. The thin back attracted him so much. He turned his eyes and held his hand firmly. "Are you still going? Don't even want to sign the contract? Then don't go! "


Of course she can't stay.

When small read no longer say anything, step by step from this once again familiar house to go out, each step is difficult, each step is in life stripping her once memory.