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Chapter 1027. I dare not lose it

His lips began to heat up a little bit, and at last they were hot to the point of burning.

When Xiaonian sat there, the nerves all over her body were sensitive when she was kissed. There was a gunshot in the distance, but they kissed here, and the blood in her body began to boil.

Her body was covered with splashed blood, her hands were still locked, and people began to kiss with some twist.

I don't know how long it took Gong ou to leave her lip, hold her back brain with his big palm, stare at her with his black eyes and bite his teeth. "I won't lose you again!"

"I dare not lose it."

When Xiaonian looked at him and stared at his eyes, she had the illusion of rebirth. She was panting, and people were leaning towards him, and her forehead was against his forehead.

Listen to each other's breathing sound blend together, this moment, her heart finally settled.

"Come on, get out of the car. I'll check."

Gong Ou takes her out of the car and sees her locked hands and eyebrows wring to death.

He struggled to untie the lock lock, while Xiaonian stood there quietly comforting him, saying no hurry, saying no pain, "are you in a hurry these days? In fact, I'm not in any danger these days, except tonight. "


Gong Ou said in a deep voice as he buried his head and untied the lock.


This answer is beyond Xiao Nian's expectation. She blinked twice, didn't she? I'm afraid that's why she said it.

"Damn it, it's so tight!" Gong Ou curses in a low voice, and tries to solve it with his hands. He is afraid of hurting her wrists, which will not make her on the right way.

"It's OK. Take your time. Don't worry." When Xiaonian looked at him, he saw that his hair was full of sweat. "You are not tired, or sit for a while."

In the night, the coolness was heavy, the moon was light, and the sound of fighting fire came from afar.

"No." Gong Ou said without raising his head.

His whole mind fell on the lock, when Xiaonian looked down, his eyes widened suddenly, "what's the matter with your fingers? Where are so many injuries? "

How do you cut all your fingertips together? Who dares to hurt him?

"Little things, go back and explain to you." Gong Ou said.


When Xiaonian's Willow eyebrows were frowning, he looked at the wounds on his fingers, and his hands began to ache faintly. How did he spend the time when she was away.


It's a little strange that Gong Ou doesn't ask her how she got along. Xiaonian can't help but ask, "how do you know I'm going to pass here, and deliberately set up an ambush."

Wait for this section of the road early.

She never sent him a distress signal. How did he find it.

Gong Ou is still burying his head to unlock the lock for her. He doesn't open his mouth. A little excited voice says, "when I read it!"

Very standard pronunciation.

Voice is the unique texture of youth.

When Xiaonian was shocked by one of the people, he raised his head and looked forward unbelievably. He saw that bith, covered with blood, followed Fengde towards her. He smiled at her with a scarred face. His teeth were white. His eyes were like the sea under the night. He was very blue and surging.


He is not dead.

"Untie it!"

Gong Ou finally unties the lock and reaches out to hug shixiaonian into his arms. Shixiaonian's body wipes his fingertips and rushes to bit with joy.


Gong Ou's face suddenly turns iron blue, and his black eyes stare at Shi Xiaonian.

"Bit!" When Xiaonian rushed to bit, the pain from her belly was happily ignored.

Bit stood there smiling brilliantly, and the blood on his face was dazzling. When he reached out and hugged Xiaonian, the two people hugged each other tightly.


Gong Ou stood in place and clenched his fists.

When Xiaonian let go of bit, he put his hands on his face and wiped the blood on it. He was excited and flustered. "Are you ok? Is there anything uncomfortable? Did you get shot and bandaged? "

Before bit could say anything, the warm hand on his face was forcibly pulled away by one hand.

When Xiaonian turns his head in amazement, he sees Gong Ou's gloomy face, "when Xiaonian did you think I was dead?"

He saved her. She hugged and touched another man?

When Xiaonian didn't understand his meaning, she could detect his jealousy at the first time, and then she said, "I'm bith's brother, he must have come to inform you, didn't he?"

She said that it happened that Gong oeneng laid an ambush in this section.

"No matter how young you are, you are a man! Leave me a few feet! No, 50 meters away! "

Gong Ou pulls her behind him.

When small read helplessly looked at him, and looked to bit, bit looked at the movement of Gong Ou's crowding out a little depressed, his eyes obviously dimmed down.

"Bit, how did you escape? Is there any injury? " When small read to look at bit's whole body blood spot to ask a way.

Smell speech, bit shook his head and looked at Gong Ou blocking most of his body. Xiaonian said, "I'm not hurt or shot. I'm out. Just find the people of Gong family and find Gong Ou as you said Mr. Gong. "

"How do you..."

A body of blood.

When small read doubt, she clearly heard that shot.

Bit followed her line of sight and looked at himself. His eyes became dim again. "It's light snow."

"What?" When Xiaonian was shocked.

"Xiaoxue took a shot for me. She died, so I could escape." Bit choked a little when he said this. His face was very white. For a while, he looked up at her with a thin layer of water in his eyes. "You said that they didn't have to stay for money. They all had their own difficulties. I... Now we know the reason for the snow. "

When it comes to the last sentence, bit can't control his emotions. His face is leaning to one side, and the water in his eyes is more shining. His hand hanging on his side tightly clenches his fist.

When small read Zheng ground stands there, savoring bit's words.

He now knows the reason for the snow.

In a simple sentence, there are too many packages. When Xiao Nian thought of the young maid who was beaten and kicked by bit for the first time, she was young and similar to bit.

When Xiaonian suddenly understood.

Why Xiaoxue's parents are gone, and she stubbornly stays in the Lancaster family and endures all kinds of insults for a job. Xiaoxue and bit grew up together, with different identities. However, for Xiaoxue, she didn't stay in the family, but Stay with the person you like.

This feeling was revealed by death.

Even the wind suddenly became heavy.

"Have you said enough about what's small and not light? Go back! " Gong Ou stood there, holding her hand tightly, with Xiaonian's cold mouth, brushing her own sense of existence.

The two men were talking in front of him about people and things he didn't know at all. Where did they put him?

It's only a few days. He can't talk to her anymore?

When Xiaonian breaks Gong Ou's hand, Gong Ou stares at her, hoping to make a hole in her body. Even so, Xiaonian goes to bit.

"I'll get Xiaoxue's body back for burial." Said Shi Xiaonian.

It must be hard for bit at the moment.

When he heard this, bit couldn't control his mood more. He leaned on Xiaonian's shoulder, with the smell of blood floating on his body, and his voice sobbed like a child. "I think I'm a jerk, I've never given her a good face..."

He has always been hostile to servants. He never thought that one day the snow that he had beaten would turn to save him.

"When Xiaoxue is buried, you should always talk with her. We Chinese people will say that there is a spirit in the sky. If there is one, she will be very happy." When Xiaonian soothes him in a soft voice, she really doesn't know how to comfort him, so she can only say.

"Well, I'll listen to you."

Bit leaned on her shoulder and said, with a little cry in his voice.

Two people say words, a gust of wind hit the ears of Xiao Nian, and when she responds, bit has been hit by a fist and has stepped back for several strides.

He covered his face and was innocent.

When Xiaonian looked to one side, Gong Ou stood there with a calm face, his eyes were sinister and his voice was cold as frost. "Is that enough? Would you like another hug? "

"What are you doing with him? He's been scared enough tonight." When Xiaonian said helplessly, he went to Gong ou and put his arm around him and said, "when I go back, I'll tell you all about what happened these days. I really take him as my younger brother. Don't you also say that he is just a child?"

Damn child.

Gong Ou stared at her jealously. "Do you love him?"

She's defending this bit. Is she blaming him? Blame him as soon as she comes back?

"Gong ou, shall we talk about it after we go back?" When Xiaonian was tired, her stomach was hurting all the time. She just wanted to go back quickly and talk with him.

"No!" Gong Ou doesn't give up, turns his eyes and stares at bit coldly. "Does he often rely on himself to hold you as a teenager?"

"You would say he's only a teenager." How could she have anything with a child.

"What about teenagers? It's time to grow!" Gong Ou Dao.

This He said both positive and negative words. What else can she say? What should be long is long.

When Xiaonian frowned with a headache, this little action even angered Gong ou. He glared at her aggressively, "do you dare to frown, do you think I'm unreasonable? When Xiaonian, I don't want to save you. Do you think I'm bored? "

Is she totally in favor of a little boy now?


When did she think he was bored? When did she say he was making trouble.

When Xiaonian was speechless, she didn't know what to say. She hugged his arm harder and harder, thinking of saying something good to appease a jealous maniac who was prone to be irascible.

Gong Ou shakes off her hand, black eyes glare at bit, fingers clenched, legs raised, and walks towards bit.

No one can move his woman, no hug!

Bit was frightened a lot in the evening, and ran away. He also knew that he was no longer under the protection of the family. Seeing Gong Ou rush towards him, he subconsciously backed away, with fear in his eyes.