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Chapter 940 Gong Ou gives Lori to her

"Master holy and Miss Xiao Kui have special personnel to take care of them. Don't worry about my wife. Go back to the room and lie down." Said the bodyguard, looking down.

When small read how to lie on the face still some tired state, smell speech, she some strange ground looks to bodyguard, "why don't let me see the child?"? Is something wrong with them? "

When small read suddenly nervous, right hand climbed up his left arm, fingertip white.

Seeing her think so, the bodyguards hurriedly said, "no such thing, we are just worried about my wife's body. If my wife insists on going, add some clothes."

When I heard this, I felt more comfortable.

The bodyguard brought a dark brown cloak for her. Xiaonian covered herself with the cloak and walked out. She passed a mirror and turned slowly. Her long hair was slightly disordered on the shoulder. Her face was pale and haggard. The flesh on her cheeks was much less. Her figure was much thinner than before. Only her stomach was obviously bulging.

When Xiaonian reaches out to touch his face, his eyes are full of emptiness.

How can I suddenly miss the time when I'm getting fatter and fatter?

She went out alone, even with bodyguards. It was obvious that she imitated the imperial castle, but she could not create such a magnificent atmosphere, only a small part of it was copied.

All of it is like comfort to her, very poor comfort.

When Xiaonian went downstairs, he slowly went downstairs and heard a familiar voice saying, "Xiaokui is great, you win again."

She pressed her gauze hand against the armrest and looked down.

In the partial hall, Gong Kui stood in front of the sofa, dressed lovingly, with his back to her. Sitting in front of Gong Kui was a young man with correct features, but not good looks. He was wearing a short white suit, clean and tidy clothes, not a bit messy. On his nose was a pair of gold rimmed glasses. His eyes vaguely reflected a sense of aloofness, making him ordinary A face adds a lot of flavor.

At the moment, he was talking with Gong Kui, and there was a rare smile on his face.

That's not Lori.

Famous doctor Luo lie.

"Dr lo." When small read some stunned to shout out a voice, hear her voice, Gong Kui and Luo lie at the same time turn head, Gong Kui's small face color than before a lot of good-looking, just did not have before that kind of bright smile.

"Mrs. Gong." Lori stood up and bowed to her, with good manners. "Long time no see."

"Why are you here?"

When Xiaonian walked downstairs in amazement, Gong Kui ran to her immediately, stretched out his small hand and held her hand tightly, which made her ache.

But Xiaonian didn't give up.

Hearing this, Lori stood there with a faint smile. "Mr. Gong said that my life was saved by the palace family. No matter how free I am outside, as long as he gave me an order, I must come back."

When small read Zheng here, "Mr. Gong" three words like a needle into her heart, continuous, sour, but also a pinch of pain.

"Gong Ou asked you to take care of me."

I understand.

Gong Ou thought about everything for her. He was afraid that she would get hurt and that she would have mental disorders. So he pulled Lori back, who had been far away.

Thinking of Lori's words, she suddenly thought that when Gong Ou accepted Lori, she had predicted that there was today, right?

Then this city It's too deep.

"Yes, let's talk." Luo lie looks down at Xiang gongkui. "Xiaokui, can you go to play with your brother for a while?"


Gong Kui nodded his head wisely and waved away at them.

Lori made a pose for Xiaonian to walk this way, but Xiaonian didn't move. She just watched her daughter leave and understood something in her heart. "Xiaokui is calmer than before, thank you, Dr Luo."

She thought that without Lori's help, Gong Kui couldn't get better so fast. Before, Gong Kui was so scared that she could not scream anything.

"In fact, I only know a little about children's psychology." Luo lie said so modestly, but his eyes were still full of aloofness, "but I found out the cause of Xiaokui!"

Lori always has such a mania.

"Cause? Is Xiaokui ill? "

When Xiaonian was a little shocked, didn't he just be scared? Didn't he just need the psychological doctor to appease him?

Lori shook his head. "Xiaokui was born in the palace. She has a comfortable life since she was a child. She has hardly seen anything bloody. What's more, it's a big scene like gunfight. It's normal for her to be stimulated to leave her sequelae."

"What sequela?"

Xiaonian's face turned white.

"Let's talk while walking. It's not windy today. The sun is good for your recovery." Said Lori.


When Xiaonian gathered up her cloak and went out, Lori walked on her side and said, "in fact, Xiaokui's disease is not a big problem, but there will be an obstacle with her in the future."

"What obstacles?"

"She can't hear gunshots, or anything like that, and she's very sensitive and she's going to collapse." "If you stay in China for a long time, this problem will be solved very well," said Lori

No gunshots can be heard.

Gong Kui had a mental disorder. When Xiao Nian thought of the picture of Gong Kui shouting and shouting, he could not help holding his tight Cape.

Lori walked aside and watched her with keen eyes. Xiaonian's eyes were full of guilt when he saw her.

"Mrs. Gong, you must get rid of your guilt. I don't want to cure a child just now and come to cure you. I'm very tired, although I owe you a great debt." Said Lori straight up and down.

Too much negative emotion is not a good thing for current children.

When small read see to him, astringent mood, ask a way, "the psychological obstacle of small Kui can cure?"

"It's hard to say that many people who have experienced disasters will be frightened even when they see the pictures in the movies and TV plays." "If you want to overcome the obstacles, you have to rely on Xiaokui. Of course, Xiaokui is still small. Maybe with the growth of time, when she grows up, the obstacles will be overcome naturally," Lori said

"Is it?"

Is that the only way?

At a young age, she has a psychological shadow, which is something that shixiaonian can't accept, but she can't do anything.

The sun outside is very good. The lawn is endless. There are many trees around. I can't see the sky outside. I can't tell where it is.

As if she knew what she was thinking, Lori stood by and said, "I don't know where it is either. I'm afraid that no one here knows where it is except those Mr. mu."


"It is said that there is a huge forest maze around here. There is no normal road. It takes at least seven days and seven nights for people to get out of it." Lori pushed his glasses. "I really have to admire Mr. Gong's wisdom. The Hill tribe in Lancaster can't be compared with here."

Even if someone can't stand to escape here without permission, they can't tell where it is.

Gong Ou's efforts to protect Xiaonian are also great.

"He is a man who thinks far away." When Xiaonian was holding his tight Cape, his face looked pale in the sun. "At the same time, he was very tired."

There are sun umbrellas and white tables and chairs on the front lawn.

Lori moves forward to open a chair for her. When Xiaonian sits down, her eyes are empty and looking forward. Her lips move slightly. "Actually, we are not suitable."

Whether it is suitable or not has not been known for a long time from her and gongou, and she is thinking about it.

Over the years, all things and experiences seem to prove that they are not suitable for each other.

Today, people with Mona's character stand beside Gong ou, and even Li Qingyan, who is smart and tolerant of humiliation, will be more suitable than her.

She needs a normal life.

What Gong Ou needs is a woman who can keep up with him. Otherwise, it will only drag him down and make him exhausted his efforts to find a way to protect the women around him, so as to forget himself.

Lori sat down beside her and drew her hands in front of her and said, "Mrs. Gong, once people encounter difficulties, they will deny themselves. It's normal that she will forget her shining point, and she will forget that she brought it to others..."

"Dr. law, I don't want to listen to this theory of psychotherapy now."

When small read lightly said.

She is only tired now. She can't see the hope and the future. She can only see that the huge copied place is all the efforts of Gong ou.

And she's been a protected drag all along.

"I have been ordered. If you don't let me go on, Mr. Gong won't let me go." Lori laid out his hands.

When Xiaonian silently lowered his eyes, there was no light in her eyes. Seeing her like this, Lori had to say, "OK, let's not talk about these official treatment terms, let's talk about children."


When Xiaonian looks at him nervously.

Lori suddenly understood that the only reason why shixiaonian fell down was because of his children. Gong Ou even calculated that. It's really powerful.

"Because you almost lost your child because of the treatment you received when you were abducted. If it happened in the first two months of pregnancy, the child would have been gone. Fortunately, he is strong enough now." Lori looked at her. "You should understand that pregnant women can't have too many negative emotions. It's not good for their children."

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at him, his bloodless lips slightly opened. "When I was pregnant with twins, I was imprisoned in the tower by Gong Ou's mother for half a year; now I am protected here by Gong ou. I think the damage to my children should not be worse than that time."


Lori was dumb, and could not refute for a while.

Yes, it can't be worse now than then, but the twins are still fine. There's no problem. How can he argue.

"Don't worry, Dr. law. I won't fall." When Xiaonian looked at him and said.

"Mrs. Gong..."

"I'm a useless man, but I also know that once I fall down and the news reaches Gong ou, he will not be able to stand it." When small read lightly said, finger tight Cape corner.