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Chapter 898 the further away, the better

When Xiaonian walked over, he gently pressed on the keyboard and the screen lit up.

Then, when Xiaonian saw an email that had been sent, it was sent with her email account.

She frowned, and her fingers slid on the keyboard to call up the content of the email that she had sent. The email was a stranger to her, but she could not understand the attachment as soon as it was opened.

It's two videos of Gong oushao's gift.

Who did he send the video to?

When small read thought a few seconds to have a trance to come, is thousand early? Yes, it can only be him.

Why to stimulate moqianchu again?

Shi Xiaonian sat down at the bedside, raised his hand and froze for a few seconds. Then he lit the mailbox to continue sending and input the next few words.

Leave, as far away as possible.

She doesn't know if there is anyone reading these contents for mu qianchu. If she saw them, she would go, right?

I hope Gong Ou's jealousy is only aroused by the situation for a while, and it will pass soon.

When small read hesitated for a while, still click to send, then turn off the computer, stay in the old house silently waiting for Gong ou to come back.

One hour after another, shixiaonian didn't wait for Gong ou to come back, but he waited for Feng De to call.

She picked up the phone, "adoptive father."

"Xiaonian, why don't you answer the phone? I have something urgent here. " Feng de asked anxiously.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked into the distance, he didn't see the figure of Gong Ou coming back, so he said, "he's doing something, maybe he hasn't heard the phone ring. Let me go to him to tell him something urgent."


Feng De is a little hesitant.

"My adoptive father, do you want to keep secrets from me now?" Shi Xiaonian said, and Feng de said on the phone, "I don't mean that. Neither I nor the young master want you to worry too much."

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"It's Lancaster. They started to attack N.E on a large scale after receiving Li Qingyan's semi fake and semi real documents last time. The young master is now in control of the situation, but he has been slow to take concrete actions. I'm worried." Feng de said with some concern that everything should be done first.

But this time, the young master, who has always been quick and agile, is hesitating.

"Didn't you tell him that earlier?" When Xiaonian asked, in fact, she also felt strange. Gong Ou sent Li Qingyan out. He had already begun to play chess on the board, but he left the board to accompany her to her hometown.

"Yes, but the young master said..."

"Say what?"

"He said he wanted to go with you." Said Fengde, with a slight sigh.

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian's hand involuntarily presses the door next to her, his eyes darken, and then he accompanies her, because he has left a very important chess game.

What a fool.

"Adoptive father." Shi Xiaonian said, "I don't understand the intrigues of the shopping malls and the infighting between the families, but I want to know how big the battle with palace Europe in Lancaster is going to win."

"Xiaonian, you should believe in the young master..."

"Father, I only listen to your judgment." When Xiaonian interrupts him, she doesn't know too much. She judges this matter from Gong Ou's feeling again and again.

Feng de was silent there for a long time. When Xiao Nian heard a sigh from Feng De, he said, "Xiao Nian, to be honest, I don't know. It's an old family of hundreds of years. It still has such a world today. Mr. Lancaster is not a man who eats shade. But the young master has always been flexible and intelligent. In the last few fights, the young master almost won. ”


"So, Xiaonian, this last battle is hard to say." Feng de stops here, swallows a sentence "but it can be predicted that this must be a bloody battle" into her stomach, not to stimulate her.

"I see, my adoptive father. I will advise Gong ou to go back earlier."

Shi Xiaonian said, and then hung up the phone, she leaned on the door alone, her eyes empty to the distance.

She always felt that the fierce battle would come very late, she and Gong ou still had a lot of time, but now she found that Lancaster did not want to give them time.

When Xiaonian reaches for his raised stomach, he can't wait until Gong Ou accompanies her to watch the birth of the child.

She doesn't want to let Gong Ou regret any more.


At dusk, golden light falls on this community.

When Gong Ou found shixiaonian, she was in the fitness equipment area of the community. She sat alone on the equipment for massaging her back and exercising her arms, but she didn't exercise. She took the cold equipment as a chair.

The broken light hit her face and dyed her long hair, which looked very soft.

"Why are you here alone?"

Gong Ou walks to her with long legs.

When she heard her voice, Xiaonian didn't look back, just sat there quietly, "I'm thinking about things."

Think about a lot of things.

"What is it?"

Gong Ou comes to her and stands.

She smelt a trace of anxiety on the corners of his flying clothes. It seems that he has got a lot today, and many gifts have been burnt.

"Think at sixes and sevens." When Xiaonian looked up at him with a smile, "how many presents have you found?"


Gong Ou replied that she was leaning on the equipment behind her.

"It's so fast. Have you had a fever?" When small read lightly asked, no blame, only connivance.


Gong Ou looks at her sharply.

When Xiaonian didn't answer his words, he said, "my adoptive father called. He said Lancaster has started to act and wants you to go back to the battle."

"What did the old man Fengde tell you about this?"

Gong Ou frowned unhappily, with a faint anger in her voice, and turned to sit down on the equipment chair on the back of her.

In the setting sun, the two people sat back to back across the cold pillars of fitness equipment.

"Go back."

Shi Xiaonian said, the voice is soft like a gust of wind, without any harmful force.

"If I don't go back, I'm four gifts away." Gong Ou said coldly in a paranoid voice.

"What if I've found everything? That was a long time ago. "

When small read helplessly said, she does not understand why this time palace Europe will be angry jealous into such.

Gong Ou sits with his back to her, and Xiaonian hears his indifferent, sinister voice behind her, "I just don't like him, can I?"

Is that it?

You have to stare at mu qianchu, don't you?

When small read can't help but way, "at the beginning of a thousand far away, we agreed, don't look, don't listen to the news."

At that time, they decided that all the gratitude and resentment would go with the wind, didn't they?

She thought they had reached a consensus long ago.

"At the beginning, now!"

Gong Ou said coldly that if I want to change my mind, I will change it. No one can help being arrogant.

An attitude of no hesitation.

Hearing this, Xiaonian can't help but close her eyes. When she opens her eyes again, her eyes are bleak and lonely. She looks at the sunset falling in the distance. Finally, she says, "what's the ninth clue?"


Gong Ou asked, in a tone of alert.

"In your temper, if everything goes well, you'll find out all twelve gifts at one go. You should have come across a clue." Shi Xiaonian said with a hint of compromise, "I'll help you."

"Help me?"

Gong Ou sits on his side, and looks at her with black eyes. Her side face is small and plated with sunset gold.

When small read also learn his appearance side body, look at him gently, "yes, early find the remaining four gifts, you can go back early."

Lancaster has moved on. He can't do anything more to ruin the good cards he's got before.

"You're going to help me find it and watch me burn it?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked.

In the eyes of Shi Xiaonian, there was a gloom, but soon she nodded firmly

"I thought you were sick!"

Gong Ou scolds her directly, which is not at all what he knew at that time.

When Xiaonian sat there, looked at his handsome face and said, "don't you like what you do, and what do I do with you?"

"But you usually scold me at this time!"

Gong Ou stared at her and said in a quiet voice.

When Xiaonian laughed and said, "you owe me so much scolding? Well, tell me the clue. There may be some riddles. You don't know what they mean, but I do. "

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face was suddenly gloomy, and his voice was full of jealousy. "Are you showing off to me that you once had secrets I didn't know?"

Is it vinegar again?

When Xiaonian looked at him helplessly, and said from the soft lips, word by word, "Gong ou, people between me and qianchu don't know that. You are a person who knows all the way. After so many things happen, do you think I will show off the secret with him?"

Her biological parents are dead, and the family she managed to get is gone.

She doesn't mention or expose the scars, but that doesn't mean she won't hurt.


Gong Ou is silent. The violence in his eyes gradually disappears. His thin lips move. After a long time, he says, "I'm not accusing you of forgetting those things."

He was never willing to blame her for anything.

"I know."

When Xiaonian looks at him, he just can't control his jealousy, right?

It doesn't matter. She doesn't care.


Gong Ou once again fell into silence. Black eyes fixed on the ground in front of him, leaning forward slightly, and his hands on his knees kept clenching.

"Let's finish looking earlier and go back earlier."

When Xiaonian once again said this sentence, the taste of connivance is obviously more than the color of the sunset.

Gong Ou turned her eyes and looked at her. Her thin lips tightened and she asked, "what is cellophane?"

"Cellophane is sugar paper. It's a piece of sugar paper that has been peeled off. When I was a child, I liked collecting sugar paper. It's colorful to see the sun with sugar paper. Is this the eighth gift clue? "

When small read to ask, see palace Europe jaw head then stand up way, "you follow, I know where gift is."