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Chapter 368 sleep so hard

Gong Ou sat on the chair, still tightly holding Xiaonian's hand. He snorted coldly, "let you cure me, and let you mind my work!"

"Mr. Gong, patients should cooperate with doctors to recover quickly."

Xie Yuanchang said helplessly.

"If I don't cooperate, how dare you not cure it?" Gong Ou looks coldly. His face is cold and fierce.

President Xie was shocked. He immediately stood up and said respectfully, "Mr. Gong, I don't mean that. Don't be angry."

"I'll accompany you back to the ward." When small read stands aside to say, don't want to see him bully.


Gong Ou looks at her with a smile in her eyes. She nods and agrees at once. She has no hesitation. She is very cooperative.


President Xie is hurt by it. Isn't it very cooperative.

Gong Ou puts his arm on Xiaonian's shoulder again. His head doesn't hurt so much, but he still presses all the weight on her and walks askew.

Xiao Nian laboriously returned him to the ward.

There are several bodyguards standing outside the ward. Seeing this, they all want to help Gong ou. Gong Ou kicks them away.

When small read silently looked at, did not speak, supports Gong ou to enter.

"Lift the quilt for me!"

Gong Ou orders domineering. Here, they have been reconciled, and they can go back to the past.

Wait, gentle.

Miyou cleared his throat and changed his tone, "help me lift the quilt."


When Xiaonian looks at him strangely, she doesn't understand why he said a word twice. She reaches out to open the quilt, and then puts Gong Ou's hand down to let him lie down.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her deeply, pushed her directly, and pressed her both on the bed.

It seems that the quilt has been exposed to the sun. It also has the taste of sunshine.

When Xiaonian was lying there, he could not move because of Gong Ou's pressure. He frowned and said, "what are you doing? Gong ou. "

"Didn't you say sleep with me?"

Gong Ou deceives her, and her eyes stare at her directly.

"I don't mean that!" When Xiaonian struggled, she just watched him come with a headache.

"But that's what I hear!"

Gong Ou stares at her, hooks his lips and lowers his head to kiss her lips.

When Xiaonian unconsciously turned his face, Gong Ou's kiss fell on her face, and he frowned discontentedly, "when Xiaonian, you don't mean what you say!"

Does she know how long he hasn't kissed her!

Still hiding!

"Gong ou, can you stop this mess?"

When Xiaonian was lying there, he didn't know what to say. He couldn't push him away.

"You don't talk!" Gong stressed this point.

Who can speak more than he does.

She never gave her time to break up when she broke up. He lied to her big truth. When she had only hated him, he explained when he explained, clarified when he clarified, regretted when he didn't give her any time to digest, and forced reconciliation.

No such person is so autocratic and paranoid that she can only listen to him and he will not listen to her.

"Gong ou, would you like to have a rest and sit next to me?"

I can only say that.

"You lie next to me. I will not move you! " Gong and ou have also compromised a step to implement their own gentle policy.

"I sit by." When Xiaonian insisted.

Gong Ou bullies her, stares at her stubborn face, rubs against her soft body, and Xiaonian's eyes flash with disgust.

Gong Ou's thin lips puckered and finally compromised, "sit and sit, you love to sit and sit."


Be gentle!

Hearing this, shixiaonian hurriedly left him.

"You escape, you?" Gong Ou glared at her, displeased that she was so impatient, as if he was some wild animal.

"Go to sleep."

When Xiaonian reached out and straightened her hair, she sat down in a nursing chair beside her.

Gong Ou lies down on the bed, reaches out the quilt and grabs her. "Then I sleep."

"Well." When small read light answer.

"I really sleep!" Gong Ou accentuates the tone.

"I know." There's nothing to repeat.

"You are not allowed to leave!"

Gong Ou says the point.


When Xiaonian looked at the gauze on his head and thought about it, she nodded her head lightly and didn't break his hand.

Gong Ou closed his eyes contentedly and held her tightly with one hand.

When Xiaonian sat by his bedside for half an hour until Gong Ou fell asleep. Gong Ou didn't sleep easily. At first, he opened his eyes to see her from time to time, and wrote that he was uneasy, as if she would suddenly disappear out of thin air.

Half an hour later, Gong Ou finally fell asleep, breathing more evenly.

No one sleeps so restlessly.

He hasn't had a good time, has he?

When Xiaonian looked at his handsome face, just looked at it, her heart and mouth hurt.

She was wondering how they could have become what they are today.

When Xiaonian pokes his fingers, he grabs them with some force, and she pulls them carefully.

Finally, he took his hand off. When Xiaonian stood up, he carefully put his hand back under the quilt. Then he turned around and left without making a sound.

She wants to go back and think about it.

When Xiaonian opened the door, it opened a gap. She heard Feng De's strong and gentle voice outside, "don't let Miss Mona know first."

"But miss Mona has been looking for the young master, so don't you let me know?" Asked a bodyguard.

"Of course." Feng de sighed, "Miss Mona is half of the family and half of our master. You can't leave without notice. Let's wait for Miss Shi to leave and then let him know, so that she won't be difficult to do, and you can all keep your breath tight."

Half a family, half a master.

Gong ou, you think everything has not changed. That's your paranoia. In fact, everything has changed.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and went out, he closed the door and looked at Fengde gratefully. "Fengchamberlain."

Feng De is a kind old man who always protects her as much as possible, even though she has separated from Gong Ou now.

"Miss Shi."

Feng de bowed to her.

"Gong Ou is asleep. I'll go back first." Said Xiao Nian, carrying the bag in both hands.

"OK, Miss Shi, I'll send someone to take you back."

Feng de didn't keep her, because miss Mona, Gong Ou's fiancee, will come over for a while. When she stays, Xiao Nian will only set aside the situation between the two people.

"There should be more taxis in front of the hospital. I can take a taxi back."

Shi Xiaonian said goodbye to Feng de and then turned to leave.

At the moment of turning around, she heard a sigh from Feng De, which was helpless.


Shi Xiaonian finally knows the whole truth today. His head is heavy and disordered.

When she got home, she used the key to open the door. The door had been opened. The only maid in the house stood there and nodded to her, "big lady, you are back."

"Well." When small read nods, "small Kui?"

She habitually pays attention to her daughter first.

"It's the teacher who is taking it." The maid said, referring to the baby care expert specially invited.

"And my mother."

When Xiaonian came in, he asked as he put on comfortable household slippers.

"Madame is crying. It's in the small room." The maid pointed to a certain direction. "I don't know what I'm looking at. I'm crying. I dare not disturb."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian looked at the maid with some consternation, then gave her the bag and went to the small room.

The door is open.

When he came out of the door, Xiao Nian heard Xu Bingxin's sobbing voice. The voice was very small, but full of sadness, which made people hard to listen to.

Shi Xiaonian is tired when she comes back from the outside. She pauses outside for a few seconds and pushes the door.

Xu Bingxin is sitting on a chair with her back to her, facing the window, and the whole person is bathed in the sun.


When small read a light call, slowly walk past.

I saw Xu Bingxin sitting on the chair with a picture frame in his hand. The picture inside was the military photo of Xi Yu. It was one of the few photos of his brother's men's clothes. He was very handsome, energetic and handsome in his military uniform.

"You are thinking about Xi Yu again."

Said Xiao Nian softly.

Seeing her coming in, Xu Bingxin quickly reached out his hand to wipe his tears and sobbed, "a good child says it's gone, don't you want to? I'm sorry to show you that again. "

When Xiaonian picked up the folded handkerchief on one side of the cabinet, reached out to Xu Bingxin, squatted down in front of her, picked up the picture frame, and asked, "is Xi Yu very tall?"

"High, one meter eight." Said Xu Bingxin.

"I don't even have one meter seven." Shi Xiaonian is deliberately joking.

"How can a boy and a girl compare their height?" Xu Bingxin was amused by her, wiping her tears and crying.

When Xiaonian looked at the young boy who looked similar to her in the picture, he asked, "what kind of person is Xi Yu?"

When it comes to this topic, Xu Bingxin starts to talk about it, and Chinese regeneration is also hard to say, "Xi Yu is a very clever and clever child. He likes painting since he was a child, and he is filial to us. He is also progressive. He began to work for your father when he was 17 or 8 years old, which never made your father lose hope."

"He's so powerful, I can't do it."

Xiaonian squats beside Xu Bingxin and says with a smile.

"It's a pity that no one is perfect. He has that transvestite habit and made a lot of trouble at home." Xu Bingxin sighed and said, "since she was more than ten years old, Xi Yu likes to go out and change into women's clothes when she leaves the door. She is crazy enough to go out, and then she comes back dressed normally. We have said and scolded, but he can't change it. "


When Xiaonian listened quietly, mother needed listeners.

Xu Bingxin sat on the chair and looked at her with low eyes. "When Xi Yu was in her teens, she always said that she should be a girl. Now think about it, maybe she sensed your existence. You are so far apart, do not know each other's existence, his mentality will slowly change. If we can find you earlier, maybe he will be able to go on as usual. "

If shixiaonian could go home early, maybe nothing would happen.