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Chapter 138 you'sre all mine

This is a huge bedroom, which is twice as large as the living room in tianzhigang by visual inspection. It is European style and well handled in space, but it is not empty and luxurious.

When Xiaonian went in, he saw a row of wine cabinets, where there were all kinds of vintage red wine.

Inside, a classical grand piano.

Gong Ou seems to like floor to ceiling windows. There are floor to ceiling windows in N.E headquarters and bedrooms.

Shixiaonian goes to the piano.

Piano, Gong Ou doesn't seem to like playing piano.

Playing the piano requires meditation. How can Gong Ou's grumpy person be quiet

Her eyes fell on the corner of the piano cover. There were two words on it, Gong Yu.

You know what?

It's like a person's name.

The family name is gong. Are they from the palace family?

When Xiaonian didn't have much effort to guess, she turned around, went to the floor window, took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to Mu qianchu --

qianchu, how about you?

She was worried about admiring her body.

As long as mu qianchu is OK, she can let go and take the road she chose.

The information over there will come back soon. I'm Shidi. Please don't think about the dishes in the pot. Green tea bitch, don't disturb me and qianchu again.

Time whistle?

How can the flute be beside mu qianchu.

When small read puckered pueyebrow doubtfully, thought, put SMS deletion aside.

Hope mu qianchu is OK.

He said that he took her out of the game of Shidi, but almost was dragged into another hell named Gong Ou by her.

What didi said was also what she was thinking.

She really can't involve him any more for the sake of her love.

Gong ou already knows that from now on, she can no longer contact mu qianchu.


There was a slight sound of the door being pushed open.

When Xiaonian turned his head, Gong Ou came in from the outside, wearing a white bathrobe, half open neckline, showing a solid family name chest, short hair is still wet, one hand hanging on the side of the body, wrapped with layers of gauze.


When small read heart under tight, can't help but stand straight body.

Gong Ou walked towards her step by step, a pair of dark pupils with a cool light. When Xiaonian conditionally stepped back and leaned against the floor window.

"What are you hiding from? I'm afraid I'll eat you?"

Gong Ou looks at her gloomily.


When Xiaonian shakes his head, his brain moves quickly.

He didn't beat her just now, and his eyes are not as red as before. As long as she doesn't provoke him, he shouldn't have an attack.

"Where did they touch you?"

Gong Ou asked in a deep voice.

"They? Who? He asked in confusion.

Gong Ou stepped up to her, put her hand wrapped in gauze on the floor window above her head, and stared at her deeply with low eyes, "maid.". Did you touch your privacy? "

Otherwise, when he just came back, he would not let the maids touch her if he was angry and afraid of hurting her in a rage.

She belongs to him alone. No matter men or women can touch her.

Now that he has regretted it, he should not have let the maid take a bath for her.

Smell speech, when small read some embarrassment, "no, I just soak in hot springs for a long time, they are only responsible for drying and dressing me."

What is he thinking, even women's vinegar?

Would he be so terrible.

"Is it?" Gong Ou's eyes reflected her face, her voice was deep and magnetic, and she couldn't hear any tone of voice, "did mu qianchu ever touch your private place?"


"Lying." Gong Ou said in a cold voice, "when you fell on him, he met you!"


When small read silent, he still want to pursue?

"Remember, shixiaonian." Gong Ou raised a hand and her long fingers lifted a strand of her hair. "This is mine."

His fingertips moved to her eyes. "This is mine."

The warmth of his fingertips rested on her lips. "This is mine, too."

Gong Ou's fingers slowly down the curve of her face, sliding over the curve of her neck, like lighting a small cluster of flames, ambiguous to the extreme.


When Xiaonian held his breath, there was no resistance.

Gong Ou's hand suddenly attacked her chest through her clothes, and she spoke domineering, "it's all mine. Say, you are all mine! "

When I opened my mouth, I couldn't say it.

Gong Ou gathers his fingers.

When small read to eat painful ground frown, she way, "if I said, can you let this matter pass like this?"

"You want me to let go?"

Does Gong ou not understand her meaning.

At this time, he also thought of admiring qianchu, and his hands flashed a fierce look.

"Don't involve innocent people." When small read a way.

"What if I say no?"

"If I said, from now on, I don't always want to leave?" When I was young, I asked myself.

In exchange, he should need it.


Gong Ou's face was cold and hard, and his black eyes stared at her. He wanted to see a trace of truth and falsehood from her, and his thin lips were tight.

Suddenly, he lowered his face to approach her.

When small read back against the French window, hanging in the side of the hand grip.

She knew that when she chose to come back with him, she could no longer resist him.

Gong Ou immediately held her lips, chest close to her, and put her between herself and the floor window. The thin lips kissed her lips wantonly, and stroked her delicate body across the clothes with one hand.

The phone suddenly vibrated.

Gong Ou stops, turns his head, and sees Xiaonian's mobile phone on the piano cover.

He went over, picked up his cell phone and saw a new message coming in. It was from mojichu.

Gong Ou's eyes are sharp. "Lock screen password."


Shi Xiaonian said and went over.

Gong Ou enters the password and opens the SMS -

sorry, Xiaonian, I don't know how the flute suddenly appears. Just now I was undergoing treatment, she took away her mobile phone. I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me. How are you? Gong Ou didn't do anything to you?

Gong Ou's eyes showed a strong jealousy and stared at her. "Are you still texting with mu qianchu in my bedroom?"

There is only one text message.

Obviously, she was texting mu qianchu before he came in.

"Give it to me."

When Xiaonian reaches out to him.

"And you want to text him in front of me?" Gong Ou is biting his teeth.

When Xiaonian watched his face getting worse, he didn't speak, reached for his cell phone, deleted the message in front of him, and then dragged mu qianchu's name into the blacklist.

A line of text appears on the mobile phone screen --

do you want to move mu qianchu to the blacklist? Yes. No.

When small read stare at "Mu qianchu" three words, eyes stagnated for a second, did not hesitate to press "yes".

Chiu, don't blame her.

She still wanted to be his help, not his drag.

"Is that ok?"

When small read returns the mobile phone to him, light ground asks a way.

She would text mu qianchu just to make sure he was OK.

As long as mu qianchu is OK, she believes that her choice is right.


Gong ouyou stares at her coldly and explores how much of her action is for him, even if it is only 20.

Suddenly, he reached out and drew a rectangle on her chest, like a pop-up window on a mobile phone screen.

Gong Ou stared at her and said in a deep voice, "if there is an option to move mu qianchu to the blacklist, I will definitely press yes without hesitation!"


When I was small, I was silent.

It's much easier if people's feelings can be decided at will through the "yes" or "no" options.

"Tell me, how many of these yes are for the sake of looking forward to the future?"

Gong Ou stared at her deeply and asked word for word.

He's very wise, he's terribly wise.


It's all about looking forward to the future.

When Xiaonian looks at him, she dare not have extra expression on her face. At this time, she can only lie.

She opens her mouth to say that Gong Ou pulls her into her arms, lowers her head and kisses her mouth, holds her hand tightly with one hand, and ravages her lips repeatedly.

He pried her lips open, and the hot tongue drove in, attacking the warmth of her mouth.

Her lips have always been sweet, but tonight he only tasted bitterness.

It doesn't matter.

No matter how hard it is, he also wants that she is his and his own.

Thinking of this, Gong Ou's black eyes become more and more deep, and the kiss is more aggressive, lingering and intense. Only when the kiss makes her not breathe properly, can she relax a little, let her breathe, and then kiss again.

"Well Uh...

When small read light chant.

Two people face to face close to each other, the injured hand hanging on the same side, his left hand holding her right hand, ten fingers clasped, tightly entangled.

Gong Ou kisses her and pushes her back.

When small read step by step back, straight back to the end of the bed, unlike the bedroom in tianzhigang, where the bed is retro European style, there is twice the size of the bed in tianzhigang.

When Xiaonian is pushed down by him.

Gong Ou followed her and leaned down to kiss her lips.

She was breathing hard.

Gong Ou slightly loosens her, and there is a touch of love yu color in her black eyes. She gazes at her lips, which are slightly swollen by kissing, and her voice is dumb. "When Xiaonian said, you are my own."

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, his body was slightly stiff, he slowly opened his mouth and obediently said, "I'm on your own."

Her voice was numb.

"You will never leave me in your life. The man you want is Gong ou, not mu qianchu!" Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes and ordered domineering.

He wants her to say it, he wants her to promise it.


This life.

Why must she be so forced.

"Say it!" There is a dangerous light in Gong Ou's eyes, "shixiaonian, you should know that if I don't tear you today, you won't be safe forever."

She knows.

From the moment she chose to walk with him in the amusement park, she knew what kind of road she chose not to return.

She chose to be a disgraceful lover, watching him marry and have children, but she didn't even have a family.

"The man I want is..." Speaking of this, when small read dundun, looking at the near in front of Jun Pang, some difficult to speak.

"Go on!"

Gong Ou's pupils are tight. She holds her hand in one hand and places her fingers on her thin lips.

"The man I want is Gong ou, HMM -- "