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Chapter 253 hand in your daughter

But even if there is only a figure, Xiao Nian can see that it is her adoptive parents.

She finally knew who was the figure that had just shaken from her afterglow. It was her adoptive father's.

Shizhong and minqiujun are escorted by others.

"Old Feng, here comes the cake made by their husband and wife." Said the bodyguard.

This time, without waiting for Gong ou to get angry, Feng Lao directly smashed the plate with the cake in front of the two people and said in a very neutral way, "what are you doing? Make me lose face in front of Mr. Gong! Get out of here, get out of here! "

Shizhong and minqiujun always bury their heads. Neither of them raises their heads. Hearing this, they lower their heads to leave.

"It's easy to fire them. How can my girlfriend eat such a bad food?" Gong Ou lightly throws out a sentence and looks at Feng Lao with disdain.

"What Mr. Gong said was that Miss Shi suffered." Feng Laogong said, turning around, his face changed again, pointing to the cake on the ground and shouting, "you two, kneel down and pick up the cake for me!"


Shi Zhong and min Qiujun look up in shock to Feng Lao. They can't believe it.


When Xiaonian looked at them in amazement, he found that Shizhong was still dressed in disguise, and his eyes were muddy with his beard; but minqiu Jun was even scarred and swollen, as if he had been beaten every day crying.

For a long time, my adoptive parents turned out to be like this and even became servants.

She looks at Gong ou. That's why he brought her here today.

Humiliating her foster parents?

"What? You're going to plead for them? " Gong Ou glanced at Xiao Nian and put her hand in his arms. "This is Feng's place. He wants to scold two servants. I'm not qualified to interfere."


When small read silent, lips together.

The guests here are all from the upper class. No one is a fool. Feng is not a fool. Naturally, Gong Ou's words mean that he should punish two cooks severely.

"Kneel down! Eat it! "

Feng Laochong and min Qiujun shouted loudly.

Shizhong stood there, looking at his adopted daughter, who had once despised her, but now she was standing there in splendor. A group of people bowed their heads and bowed to her. He was ashamed and angry, and his face was embarrassed. He said, "it's not disgraceful to kill a scholar. We won't stay here!"

As he said this, Shizhong was about to leave. He was held down by Feng's bodyguards and directly pushed to the ground. He bent and kicked him on the knee, which made him kneel down in humiliation.

"Let you eat it and lick the floor! It's a shame! " Feng Lao said in a very mean tone.

There was a mess on the ground and little cakes were scattered.

When minqiu Jun saw him, Zhong was pushed to kneel down and hurriedly begged, "Mr. Feng, please, let us live, it's our bad, it's not delicious, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I bow to you..."

Min Qiujun said, but his eyes read when he looked.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at the scar on her face, he couldn't bear it. He whispered in Gong Ou's side, "come on, I said," bridge to bridge, road to road, and I don't want to straighten them. "

After all, she was raised.

She just wanted to be alone.

"Are you still soft on them? They never thought of you as their daughter. " Gong Ou looks down at her deeply, with a haze in her eyes. "Believe it or not, I'll say a word, they will eat when they lie down."

Said, Gong Ou step by step to two people in front.

Shi Zhong is also a person who is accustomed to the wind and rain in the society, but when he stands in front of Gong ou, he obviously lowers his head and kneels on the ground and shrinks his head.

"Mr. Gong, please, let us go..."

Min Qiujun looks at Gong Ou imploringly.

Gong Ou looks at them coldly, then smiles, "let you go, OK. Hand over your daughter. "

"Mr. Gong..."

Hearing this, min Qiujun knew the purpose of Gong Ou's coming. He suddenly fell on his knees with a soft leg.

"I don't have much patience. I'll give you ten seconds to think about it."

Gong Ou stood there, high above, and glanced down at the watch on his wrist.

I don't know who is starting to count down quietly, and then there are a group of good people who count down together: 8, 7, 6, 5

When Xiaonian stood there quietly, staring at his adoptive parents kneeling on the ground.

Minqiu Jun looks sad and looks at Shizhong. Then they kneel down on the ground and begin to pick up the cakes on the ground and put them into their mouths, eat them piece by piece and swallow them.

Although the floor is clean and not dirty, the action itself is humiliating.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock and took a step forward to stop them.

Gong Ou's eyes flashed a cold, horizontal arm stopped her, and whispered in her ear, "they eat for a flute. Do you think if I change you today, they will eat for you?"


When small read stunned.

The answer, of course, is No.

No matter what Shidi does wrong, his parents will protect him.

"To the time flute, they can be called parents. To you, they have not fulfilled their parents' responsibilities." Gong Ou said coldly, "so I won't let you sympathize with them any more!"

Gong Ou's words are hurtful but straightforward, to the point.

Yes, what they did to Shidi can be called their parents.

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at his adoptive parents sadly, they knelt on the ground and kept picking up the cake to eat, suffering all the humiliation.

"It's like two dogs."

Some laughed, then all the guests laughed, and some took pictures of them.

Minqiu Jun is crying and eating. Shizhong shoves the cake into his mouth. His mouth is bulging. The fake beard will fall off. On one face, there is no arrogance in Mu's group. It's like a prisoner.

I've seen the play.

Gong Ou looked at Feng Lao and gave him a wink.

Mr. Feng immediately informed his wife, "clean up, leave this place to Mr. Gong, and take the guests upstairs to enjoy themselves."


All the guests were invited out one after another.

In the resplendent dining room, the lights are bright. After all the guests leave, they are the only group left.

Min Qiujun's face was full of tears and his eyes were even redder.

"Eat the cake crumbs, too! Hurry up! "

Some bodyguards kicked Shizhong. Shizhong's face was angry, but he couldn't do anything. He kept his last dignity and didn't eat cake crumbs.

The bodyguard kicked him several times.

"I eat I eat I eat..." Min Qiujun saw them say in such a hurry, crying out of breath, lying on the ground to pick up a cake egg to the mouth.

It's a mess.

Every move is mean.

When Xiaonian can't bear to look down, she turns her head and doesn't look at them. Her nose is sour.

She wanted to sympathize with her adoptive mother very much, but she didn't want to talk any more when she thought about the scene of her adoptive mother giving her medicine and talking nonsense at the conference.

They are now playing the flute again.

When Zhong saw minqiujun eating badly, he simply stopped eating and watched his wife eat alone.

Minqiujun eats all the cakes on the ground and looks at Gong Ou in tears. "Mr. Gong, can we go now?"

"Yes, please, my girlfriend." When Gong Ou looks at it, he says, "she allows you to go, so you can go."


Shizhong kneels on the ground and stays down. How can he ask for this little bitch.

"Stop talking." Minqiujun chuckles at Shizhong, kneels on the ground and looks at shixiaonian. "Xiaonian, we ate the cake too. Let's go, please, please..."

When Xiaonian's eyes were moist, he blinked, then turned to look at her, only to see that minqiujun's face was full of scars.

When the flute said, the adoptive mother is being raped by the adoptive father.

She looks at Shizhong. Shizhong's face is in a mess. She is knelt on the ground by the bodyguard. She turns her head and doesn't go to see her. There is a sense of pride on her face.

When the eyes of small read cold cold, "foster father, you don't ask me?"

Smell speech, Shi Zhong stares at her, unbelievable, "you are dizzy, little bitch? Dare I kneel you? "


When Gong Ou heard this, he raised his foot and kicked Shizhong. Shizhong got a foot in his chest, spit out a mouthful of cake, and shouted coldly, "who are you calling cheap? You want to die! "

"I......" Shizhong was beaten to speechless.

The bodyguard stood aside and shouted, "please? I didn't hear what the lady said. "

Miss Shi's order

When did he ask for his adopted daughter.

When loyal stubborn do not speak.

When small read no longer pay attention to Shi Zhong, just look at Min Qiujun and ask, "how can you run to Feng's kitchen to work?"

She was very confused. She calculated that Shidi's money would make up for Shizhong's hole. Even if it was a little bit worse, Shidi would sell those famous brand bags and clothes, and the house would be sold again. The rest of them would find some easy work, and their life should be able to live.

Shizhong is a high-level person. Minqiujun is a wife at home. The two people are always inferior to each other. They have more than enough to work in the kitchen of other people's home.

What about the money? Where have you been?

"We..." Min Qiujun has suffering words, can't say.

When Xiaonian saw her like this, he no longer asked, just said, "where is Shidi?"

"Xiaonian, how can you even force your sister?" Minqiu Jun looked at her stupidly, and people were still kneeling on the ground.

"Do you know what Shidi did? I let her go again and again, but she wants to humiliate me again and again! " He said excitedly.

"Don't ask them. Let's go!"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded behind her.

When small read confusedly to turn to look at him, Gong Ou one pulls her hand to go out, leave Shi Zhong and min Qiu Jun in situ one face is stunned.

Leaving Feng's house, there is already a car waiting outside.

"Where shall we go now?" When small read to ask in amazement, the person is crowded into the car by Gong ou.

"Time whistle."

Gong Ou sits in the cold tunnel.

"You found her?" Shi Xiaonian was shocked. Since the king's palace incident, the whole family disappeared without trace. They could not be found in any channels.

Now I found it.