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Chapter 850 bombing

"Um." Gong Yao nodded, looked at the two of them, and said, "I'll go out first."

"Good." When Xiaonian smiled and nodded, he thought of one thing and said, "by the way, Xiaoqi is going to leave here and go home with us. There must be a lot of maladjustments along the way. Please help her take good care of her."

"I don't know where she went." Gong Yao stood there and said that he was staring at Xiaonian all the way. He was afraid that she would be uncomfortable. He didn't look at LAN Xiaoqi.

Smell speech, when small Ji looks at him in surprise, "you are not always with small Qi?"

She remembered that before she went on the cruise, LAN Xiaoqi still held Gong Yao's hand. She saw that the two children would go with them if they could play. Later, she only looked at Gong Ou's injuries, but did not see the two children at all.


Gong Yao shakes his head.

When Xiaonian suddenly got nervous, he stood up and wanted to find someone, his hand was pulled by Gong ou. Gong Ou lay there and stared at her discontentedly, "what are you looking for? So many people are afraid that a child will be lost in you?"

"I'd better look for it. I'm not sure."

When small read to loosen his hand to say, raise leg to leave hurriedly.


Gong Ou lies there and looks at Xiaonian's back. He can't move because he wants to sit up and the wound hurts. Damn it, there are more than one child. What's his position in the future?

When small read, really have you!

Cruise ships have sailed out of the wharf of langhuayu. On the boundless blue ocean, seabirds fly wantonly. Overlooking this peaceful langhuayu, it looks like a huge flower field with various colors.

The LAN family, who is located not far from the Huahai tunnel, has almost walked and the building is almost empty. The palace family is still checking bombs everywhere on the island. After hearing this, the local residents have fled the island in their own ways.

Langhuayu is like a dead city.

Lanting lies on the bed of the room and drives out the bodyguard sent by the palace family to serve him in the last section. His face is as white as paper, he struggles to sit up from the bed and tries his best to pull out some drops.

Then he sat up from the bed and stood up with a last gasp and walked to the door.

It took him a long time to stand up and he was about to fall. Lanting grabbed the remote control on the bedside table and his eyes burst with the last light.

He can't fall, not yet.

Lanting took the remote control and walked to the door step by step. He picked up the album on the chest of drawers.

Obviously it's a very light album, but it's too heavy for him at the moment.

Lanting just walked step by step and rested for a while. Finally, he came downstairs and leaned against the wall beside the door, breathing weakly. The smell of blood spread in his mouth. Instead, he was refreshed.

After the rest of Lanting, he raised his hand and pushed the door open. Inside were several bound men.

These are the people who insulted his wife and murdered her.

Seeing Lanting coming in, several men struggled excitedly. They were ordered by Lancaster, but they were not prepared to live. They wanted to detonate the bomb with their bodies. As long as La gongou was buried with them, their families could get thick T-shirts.

But now, Gong Ou is gone.

There is no point in their death.

Thinking of this, someone cried out, "Mr. LAN, I'm just confused for a while. Please, let me go. I promise to be a good man in the future..."

Lanting walked in step by step against the wall. He was so empty that he threw the album in his hand in front of them. Then he sat down and spit blood out of his mouth.

"Mr. LAN, please, let us go, please."

"We are confused. It's good for you to beat us. Mr. LAN, let me go. I'll make you a cow and a horse."

Lanting sat in front of them, holding the bomb remote control in one hand, wiping the blood on his mouth in the other hand, and then opened a page of album. The young girl in the photo stood in the flowers, smiling like a flower.

In their shrill voice of begging for mercy, Lanting began slowly, "my wife likes flowers very much. The first time I saw her, she was standing in the sea of flowers. The flower beauty was so charming that I came forward to chat with her. She blushed."


Several men looked at him and didn't understand what he said and did when he arrived.

"Then we fell in love. I said I would stay with her till the end of time. My wife said she would plant flowers in the future. She would stay with me to see the flowers bloom." Lanting said difficultly, "she said that she was happiest when she saw the flowers blooming."

There was blood in his mouth, some words could not be said clearly.


Several men who were tied up so tightly that they couldn't struggle looked at each other, forgetting to beg for mercy for a while.

Lanting continued to turn the album and turn to the photos of her daughter's birth. "When Xiaoqi was born, it was the happiest moment in my life. My most beloved woman gave birth to the most lovely baby for me. I am the most blessed man in the world."

On the page of the album, Lanting kisses his wife's face, and his wife holds her baby. The whole family is very happy.


"Xiaoqi was really cute at that time. The first thing she said was to call her father and like to be carried on my shoulder." Lanting said, blood from the corners of his mouth, dripping on the photos, he did not tube, still turned the photos, "I think, men want to support their families, to give two people I love the best life; I think, to take them to travel around the world; I think, to my wife to cultivate a largest flower field; I also think, such a happy day Can, can be white overnight, night to old

Hearing this, some people bowed their heads in shame.

"You see, my wife is such a beautiful woman and my daughter is so lovely." Lanting continued to turn the album in front of them, and showed them the beauty of one page.

And the beauty that he once thought would exist forever was torn apart by several men in front of him.


Several men buried their heads down.

"My wife should have had a good life, my daughter should have grown up healthily, but all this has been destroyed." Lanting said here, the mood suddenly excited, spit out blood and fell on the album.

In the photo, the smiles of three people were covered with blood.

What else did he want to say? There was blood in his mouth, but he couldn't say any more.

"It's Lancaster."

A low voice sounded, maybe a conscience was found before he died. A man said, "some of them may not know that I am the leader. I know that Lancaster is ordering us to do everything. Of course, we are also guilty."

This is the servant who has been dormant beside Lanting for many years.

"I know." Lanting said with blood in his hand, looking at the album on the ground in despair, and turning over the album diligently, "but I can't revenge, just like my wife She will never survive, and no one will be able to lose her head overnight. "

No one can live a happy night with his favorite.

After a long silence, someone finally couldn't stand it and said, "Lanting, I'm sorry for you. Now apologizing is also affectable. If you want to kill, kill it. Have fun!"

Lanting didn't pay attention to them, still turned over the album, took the happiness that once had repeatedly, repeatedly said, sometimes smiled, sometimes frowned.

Almost every picture has his blood on it.

One by one, heads bowed.

"It's time to finish." No matter how slow he was, Lanting still turned an album to the head. Looking at the closed album, he said vaguely, "why is it so thin? There are no pages to turn."

How can an album be so thin.

Lanting picked up the remote control in his hand, leaned against the wall on the side, and forced out a smile, "Qingqing, this revenge, I can only repay half, I'm sorry."

These are the killers.

He's also the killer.

He can only report so much.

"Here I am. Don't go too far. Wait for me."

Lanting clenched the remote control, and his thumb was about to be pressed. Several people who were bound closed their eyes in despair, waiting for the moment of explosion.


A tender voice came.

Lanting turned around in astonishment, and saw lanxiaoqi, who was supposed to have left with the palace, standing at the door. He was looking at him. He looked at her in panic. "Why are you here, Xiaoqi? Why don't you leave? "

LAN Xiaoqi stood there, looking at the blood on his mouth, raised her feet and walked over, stretching out her little hand to erase it.

"Follow the palace." Lanting gave her a push. "Dad will give it to you."

He tried to stand up, but he couldn't stand up. He knew that if he didn't press the button again, he would have no time to press it.

"Dad, are you going to see mom?"

LAN Xiaoqi looked at him and asked, very seriously, with a sweet voice.


"I heard that. Don't lie to me." LAN Xiaoqi standing there suddenly smiled, blinked a pair of childish eyes, "I gave the doll to holy, I know you are going to find mom, I also want to see mom."

Lanting looked at her in astonishment, reached for her hand and pushed her hard. "Nonsense, you go, I'll beat you if you don't go!"

This is the last strength of Lanting. Lanxiaoqi is pushed to fall to the ground. She turns her eyes and looks at him. Lanting's eyes flash a touch of heartache. "Go!"

"Don't leave me, Dad."

Lan Xiaoqi stands up from the ground and looks at him quietly.

"I'm not a good dad. I'll beat you when you stay. Let's go." Lanting wants LAN Xiaoqi to leave. The farther he gets, the better. He really can't last much time.

LAN Xiaoqi looked at him, then shook her head vigorously, squatted down beside him, "no, dad doesn't go, I don't go, dad hit me and I don't go."


Lanting leaned against the wall, letting the blood flow out of his mouth, and said, "little Qi, when Dad asks you, go, go..."

His voice was so vague that he couldn't hear it clearly.

LAN Xiaoqi shook her head and stared at him. "Dad, I want to see my mother, really."