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Chapter 83 two people at the top of the mountain in the morning

Of course, if his temper can be better, his brother must be more proud.

Shi Xiaonian added this sentence silently in his heart.

Smell speech, Gong Ou turns to look at her, when small read is looking at his smile, the bright meteor into an arc, reflected in her eyes, the beauty is moving.

"When I read it." He called her by her name in a low voice.


"I'm not allowed to break my appointment in the future." Gong Ou stared at her and said solemnly that there was no joke on a handsome face.

When small read stunned.

Gong Ou holds her hand and looks down at the wound on her hand. Every word is tyrannical and despotic. "Later, when I ask you out, you must come on time. You are not allowed to escape. You are not allowed to appear!"

“……” When small read slightly open lips.

Does he want to make a promise with her?

A promise never broken.

"Do you hear me?" Gong Ouding looks into her eyes, adds strength to her hands, holds her thin wrist firmly, and repeats, "do you hear me?"

When Xiaonian was gripped and hurt, the pain swam in her bones. She frowned and nodded in Gong Ou's cold and fierce eyes, "I know."

She doesn't agree. Gong Ou won't let her go.

"That's what I'm going to do."

Gong Ou's tight corners of the mouth slowly open, release her hand, gently rub her wrists, especially gentle.


When Xiaonian looked at his hand with low eyes, the white mark on his wrist was slowly flowing through his fingertips, which made her feel unclear about Gong ou.

He is bad enough for her, but sometimes he seems to care about her.

She hurt her hand a little bit, so he was nervous. She was nervous about her promise, which she had never experienced before.

Her hand suddenly cools, and Gong Ou blows the wound for her again.

As if, the wound on her hand will magically disappear

"Xiaonian." Gong Ou looks at her, and her black eyes are as deep as night. "You promised me today. If you dare to break my appointment later, I will definitely ask you not to die!"

There was a sharp flash in his eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he could not help but take a breath of cool air.

Every time, she was not afraid to die when he kicked the table and the chair in anger, but when he stared at her with the eyes of the evil, she had an unspeakable fear.

The next second, Gong Ou holds her in her arms, with strong arms tightly around her body.

There are fewer and fewer meteors in the sky. Only one meteor drops occasionally, dragging out a long golden tail.

When Xiaonian leaned in his arms and watched the meteor fall in the sky, her thoughts were complicated. She actually saw a meteor shower with Gong ou.

Just very pure I watched a meteor shower.

Meteor no trace, Gong Ou did not mention to go back, has been authoritatively locked her in his arms, tightly embrace her, do not know what to think.

Maybe still thinking about his brother.

When Xiaonian stayed in his arms, he began to feel sleepy.

In the latter half of the night, the sky was cooler.

When Xiaonian was wearing an ultra short student uniform, he could not resist the cold and warm. He leaned into his arms more vaguely, looking for warmth. Gong Ou stared at the woman in his arms with low eyes, dark eyes.

For a moment, Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her hair with thin lips.

"Promise me not to break my promise, never to break my promise." Gong Ou said in a low voice.

He was the only one who could hear him in the silent night.

When Xiaonian leaned on him, the long eyelashes were shaking, the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid were gradually sticking together, snuggling up to the warmth of his chest, and sleeping slowly.

The night turns white.

There was a gleam of light in the sky and it landed on the top of the peaceful mountain.

Under the big tree, when Xiaonian was sleeping in a comfortable position, a wet touch came from her fingertips, which made her eyebrow frown. She took her hands back. Soon, the soft warmth came from her fingertips, like a kitten licking her fingers.


She doesn't have a cat.


When Xiaonian faintly opened his eyes, what he saw was a handsome face. In the morning, his facial features were deliberately carved like a wonderful craftsmanship. Under his deep eyebrows, his long eyelashes were plated with a light velvet light by the morning light, which softened the coldness and profundity of his eyes. His nose was handsome, and her sexy thin lips were holding her fingers.

Yeah? Contain?

When small read suddenly wake up, immediately sit up.

"Early." Gong Ou's black eyes look at her, and her lips are slightly hooked. They are smiling rather than smiling. They are a little lazy.

When Xiaonian found that Gong Ou was sitting by a big tree, with one long leg lying horizontally on the ground, one leg bent up, pants and shirt on his chest with some wrinkles, which was obviously made by someone.

She last night It's like sleeping in his arms all the time.

When Xiaonian blinked, he didn't fully wake up. Gong Ou leaned over to her, bowed his head and kissed her on the face. "Still awake?"

His lips were particularly hot on this cool morning.

"Wake up, wake up."

When small read really does not adapt to this early morning intimacy, fingers touch their lips, this is all the taste of Gong ou.

When a cool wind blows, Xiaonian suddenly shivers.

She was also wearing a very short student uniform.

When Xiaonian hurriedly looked around, looking for her coat, she was pulled back by Gong Ou as soon as she passed by. Gong Ou controlled her in his arms, "what do you do?"

"Look for a coat. It's cold."

She told the truth.

"So it won't be cold."

Gong Ou tightens her circle and puts a long bent leg against her back. As her support, she falls into his arms like a little pet, which makes his big man's heart meet unprecedentedly.

When small read hides in his bosom very uneasy, struggles to remember, "already daybreak, we go back."

I watched the meteor shower.

He also offered sacrifices to his brother, so he could go.

"In a hurry." Gong Ou pulls her back to her arms, looks down at her clear and light face, long fingers cross her hair, moves the pink crystal hair band on her head, and can't help laughing, "I didn't look at you very well last night, so you still came here specially. How can you treat me as a pedophile?"

Even dressed so young as Lori.

"I didn't make it."

When Xiaonian hurriedly grabbed the hair band.

It was the two staff members who made up their own minds to match her student uniform with a young hairstyle.

"Why take it off. It's nice to wear. " Gong Ou takes the hair band back from her hand and puts it back on her head. The radian of her lips is deep.

"What's good about it."

When Xiaonian was so embarrassed that he couldn't get rid of it in his arms. He blushed a little.

Next second, when Xiaonian's chin was flirtatiously lifted by him, she raised her eyes, straight into his eyes like the deep sea, Gong Ou stared at her deeply, his thin lips slightly raised, "look at you like this I don't mind becoming a pedophile. "

He didn't like Lori, but she dressed up as Lori, and he liked it!

When Xiaonian was speechless and struggling more, Gong Ou lowered her head, held her soft lips and kissed her forcefully. She was so crazy.


When Xiaonian resisted and chanted, his body fell back subconsciously, but he fell on his upright leg, with his back against his hard knee and nowhere to hide.

Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her lips deeply. He can't help tossing and turning. His long fingers pass her thin and white waistline, touch her student tie and tightly hold it in his hands.

After a little addiction, Gong Ou let go of her.

"We really need to go back," said Xiao Nian

"Now go back, not to let you wear this to meet?" Gong Ou holds her tie vaguely.

"This is not what I want to wear."

When small read with eating yellow lotus, there is bitter can not say.

"Is it?" Gong Ou raised his eyebrows, and then the rascal said, "I don't care. Now that you're here in this suit, I can't afford to do anything for myself. "


"what am I?"

"You can't, we can't." He was very sad last night. How could he think about that again.

Gong Ou sniffs at the words and opens his mouth to nibble on her soft face. His voice is dumb and sexy. "Why can't I do this?"

He always wants to do what he wants.

When can't it be like this, can't it be like that, just kidding.

"Aren't we here to remember your brother? That's not good. "

When small read desperately to find an excuse.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes darkened. For a moment, he sneered, "what's wrong? The shooting stars are all over. That was last night."

It's all over.

"Besides, when you're by my side, you'll just wash that memory for me." Gong Ou said and lowered his head to kiss her lips.

"Well Um... "

When small read also wants to resist, the human has been placed on the ground by the palace Europe strong.

There was a suit of his on the floor, but her arms stretched out and she was still scratched by the weeds.

Gong Ou looks down at her deeply. A handsome face approaches her slowly. The warm breath spreads on her face. He approaches her and says in her ear with the most enchanting voice, "now, you can wash my memory."

The next time he stands at the top of the mountain, all he remembers is not just car wreck.

What else does Xiaonian want to say? His lips are sealed by Gong ou.

All the voices disappeared in this silent morning.

Under the big tree on the top of the mountain, there are only two people who are most original.


I thought that I was just going to sacrifice Gong Ou's brother. As a result, Xiao Nian found that he was still eaten, dried and wiped clean. After playing in the wild, he was not ashamed.

On the way back, Gong Ou was satisfied.

When Xiaonian was eaten, her face was full of melancholy, and the kissing mark between her neck could not be covered. Along the way, she did not give Feng de a good face, which made him very dull, unable to understand what he had done wrong.

On returning to tianzhigang, Xiaonian got out of the car and closed the door heavily, and left without looking back.

Feng de opened the door for Gong ou and couldn't help asking, "young master, what did I do wrong?"

"You did a good job."

It can't be better.

He was very satisfied with that uniform.

The pleasure in your eyes cannot be hidden.

When I was in the wild, I thought It tastes really different.

"But Miss Shi seems to be very dissatisfied with me." Even the wrinkles on his face were full of doubts.