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Chapter 719. She's the one he's looking for

In the end, Feng de turned his head back, and ekla's words had a fatal effect on him.

He stood there, turned his head and looked at the altar. There was a huge crystal above the altar. The sunlight was reflected on it. The crystal was so beautiful that it should not appear in the world.

In the crystal sat a woman, a beautiful woman.

She was beautifully dressed, half veiled, her eyes closed, her face thin and pale, with no breath of survival.

It's her.

It's her.

She's the new girl, she's the new girl.


The knife in Feng De's hand fell to the ground, and the whole man was like a corpse. He couldn't see anything else, just looked at the man in the crystal, "no!"

It's like slowing down the camera. Feng de rushes towards the altar with a roar.


Gong Ou roared angrily. He could not stop Feng De's steps.

When Xiaonian was shocked to see the figure of Fengde, he had no time to think about it more. He subconsciously approached Gong ou, and only heard that when ichla was facing, Xiaonian rushed to him and shouted, "stop that woman for me!"

According to carat, how important this woman is to Gong ou.

Words fall, countless sharp weapons stab at Xiao Nian.

"Don't mess about!"

When Xiaonian immediately hid from her, and Gong Ou was in a panic before her hand touched her. Bogler, who had let go of his hand, stepped forward and kicked her. The tall body stood in front of shixiaonian, frowning tightly.

Gong Ou's action is the most wrong decision without thinking.

Without Bergler, they were not even qualified to negotiate.

Soon, the guards fixed their weapons on them and surrounded them. They stared at them one by one. Bergler took back his breath and covered his neck. He shouted angrily, "all tied up! All tied up! "

Everything happened so fast that they didn't have the right to act rashly. They were at the mercy of others.

Gong Ou's black eyes glared at Fengde coldly. Fengde didn't care what happened here at all. He rushed towards the altar recklessly, like a wild animal. When his hand touched the altar, a guard stabbed him on the shoulder with a spear.

"Adoptive father!"

When small read to cry anxiously.

Feng de stood there, his body stiff and pale, and climbed up the altar with a sudden bite of his teeth, regardless of the blood on his shoulder.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde anxiously, a dozen guards hugged him. The wounded Fengde was pulled from the altar column. At the moment of falling, his hand was still extended to the direction of crystal.

Under the sun, the light reflected from the crystal is very dazzling.

Feng De is heavily dragged to the ground. At that moment, Xiao Nian deeply feels his despair.

Finally, the ceremony of heavenly providence was interrupted. Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian were bound and thrown into a cold prison.

Gong Ou sits on the ground against the wall. The ground is extremely cold, and there is a layer of dust. Gong Ou's face is hard to see. Black eyes glare at Feng De, who is lying on the ground, and hate to rush to kill him.

Feng de was still there, unable to see what he was thinking.

Su Yaoyao sits alone in the corner, sobbing a little.

In the quiet prison, Xiao Nian looks at Gong ou and whispers his name, "Gong ou."

Hearing her voice, Gong Ou's face slowed down slightly and turned her eyes to stare at her deeply. "Are you ok? Does the rope hurt you? "

"No." When Xiaonian shook his head and looked at his handsome face, he felt guilty and said, "I'm sorry, I can't help you at all. The critical moment will only become your weakness. If I can do Kung Fu, you don't have to worry about me."

Before she was flustered by others, she unconsciously trained herself to protect her in front of her.

She is his soft spot.

He is her armor.

"It's none of your business!" Gong Ou said in a deep voice that he would not blame her for such a thing. "What do you want to learn kung fu for? Your hands are not used to learn kung fu!"

Her hands can draw and cook, but she doesn't have to learn kung fu.


When Xiaonian sat there in silence, his hands tightly tied, and now it's too late to say anything. He didn't know what kind of situation was waiting for them.

She always asked Gong Ou when she was at a loss. What should I do now? But seeing the frown of Gong Ou at the moment, she suddenly couldn't ask.

This time on the island, what he said was so casual, so relaxed, what he said was just for his honeymoon, but in fact, he was the most stressed.

When Xiaonian moved to him and leaned against him.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. She looks at Feng de on one side. Feng de falls there. The blood on his shoulder is flowing all the time. When he says, "father, are you ok?"


Feng de didn't have a voice.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou said coldly, "don't worry about him! A waste with less success and more failure! "

He had guessed something for a long time. He was worried that Feng de could not help himself. He rushed out to clamp down Bergler and control the situation. However, Feng de didn't even listen to his orders at last.

It's all Feng De's fault!

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian gently called him to stop him from speaking in such a tone, she could not see feng De's expression, "I'm a little worried about my adoptive father, he's hurt, and he's so excited."

"Let him die!"

Gong Ou is cold and full of anger.


He is not afraid of death. What about Xiaonian? For a vegetable in the crystal, shixiaonian is so dangerous. Damn it!

When Xiaonian leaned against Gong ou and looked at Feng De's figure, her black and white eyes were full of worries. After a while, she asked, "the adoptive father, the heavenly daughter is Angelina, the tree that will grow on the sea, right?"

That's a good guess.

Hearing this, Feng De's fallen figure on the ground trembled, which showed that he was listening to her. He was still well, not dead, not in a coma.

"Why did she become a fairy?"

When small read like to ask for oneself.

Tiannv, a vegetable, uses all kinds of bad means to force a healthy person to become a vegetable. The process in the process is cruel to imagine.

It's not that I'm still alive. I'm still alive in this way.


There was an endless cry.

When Xiao Nian turned around, she saw Su Yaoyao sitting in the corner crying bitterly. Maybe she was afraid. How could a young girl not be afraid of this.

Gong Ou glanced coldly at the door, and his voice suddenly cooled. "For a vegetable, you don't care about Xiao Nian's life. Feng De, I was blind before. You will appoint you as the housekeeper!"

"Gong ou..."

When small read frown, this time do not add to the frost.

The adoptive father has just learned that the person he is looking for is still alive. He has not yet had time to be happy and knows that the other person is living in a vegetative state. This vibration can be heard.

"Can you stop me?" Gong Ou glared at her fiercely. "Why can't I say that? Now it's the old man who has delayed all our lives, just for a vegetable! "


Feng de fell to the ground motionless. He knew he was ashamed and didn't refute a word.

"What heavenly daughter, just because of her! We're all going to die here! " Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and said, "how could she be so fatally persecuted and become a vegetable successfully? She should die early and be born early!"

At this, Feng De's body shuddered and excited.


When Xiaonian had no words to Gong ou, was he so angry that he lost his mind? It's about Angelina again.

"This kind of woman has no brain, but she is willing to be cheated by you. She didn't bring her brain out when she was born. It's damn long ago!" Gong Ou's tongue is venomous and insults the heavenly daughter locked in the crystal.

He uses English.

When Xiaonian hit him with his body, Gong Ou didn't stop. He kept scolding. Su Yaoyao cried more bitterly and Feng de shook more.

"Enough, young master!"

Feng de suddenly made a sound, which suppressed endless pain. He was tied up and sat up hard from the ground. He looked at Gong ou with red eyes. "I know it's all my fault this time, young master. I'll protect you even if I die, but it's nothing to do with Angelina. It's nothing to do with her. Please show mercy to him."

He has heard Gong Ou's poisonous tongue for countless times. Only this time, he can't stand it.

What's wrong is him. It's just his fault.

"You all deserve to die!"

Palace Europe cold tunnel, black eyes swept the position of the door.

"Don't talk, Gong ou."

When small read frown, now this situation who's in a bad mood, strange to strange also useless.

"It's me, damn it!" For the first time, Feng de was so excited in front of Gong ou. The wrinkles on his ashen face were all twisted. His self reproach almost engulfed him. "Young master, please don't talk about it! It's always me. Whether it was decades ago or decades later, it's me! It's just me! "

"Have you had enough noise?"

An angry voice came.

When Xiaonian raised his eyes, he saw ekla coming in from the outside, staring at them fiercely. Then he went to Fengde, crouched down to grasp his collar, stared at him and said, "what's the use of self accusation now? My sister has become a fairy! "

"I'm sorry, ekla."

Facing ekla, Feng de has only one sentence.

"Do you know how much my sister suffered in those years, because you ran away, the old master wanted to bury her and dispose of our house, but she told the old master that she would voluntarily spend a year to become a heavenly daughter. Others are forced to suffer, but she takes the initiative to suffer! " In that year, our family was ridiculed by the people on the island. We stayed behind. We thought about nothing else every day, but how to make my sister a heavenly daughter


Feng de was grabbed by his collar and refused to listen. "Stop it, stop it!"