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Chapter 491 let's hang the Lantern

"I'm afraid so." The eyebrow scar doctor said, "Mu Shao, you need to have a good rest."

"I can't lose my sight now. Give me the medicine. Give me the medicine now."

Mu qianchu, covering his eyes, said in a tone of excitement.

He can't be blind now.

"It's no good for you to prescribe the medicine again. Now you have to do the rest." The eyebrow scar doctor said, "Mu Shao, your eyes are not comfortable now. I will help you to go back and lie down for a while."

"What do you know!"

Mu qianchu opened his hand and stared at him with eyes, "I can't be blind now! I need to read more and wait for her to accept me! "

He can't be blind.

At least not blind at this time.

"Then you should tell the eldest lady why you robbed the table house, why you should take Gong Ou down, because there is not much time for you to see, because you want to fight for the last chance to be with her!" The eyebrow scar doctor frowns and says, "Mu Shao, you should tell the eldest lady that she may understand."

"I hate to stand in front of her with a weak attitude in my life!"

Mu qianchu stands up and hisses.

She said that Gong Ou asked her for marriage with his own life. Does she think he doesn't understand it and doesn't know how to win her little attention with his weakness? He just didn't want to.


Seeing mu qianchu's anger, the eyebrow scar doctor couldn't help lowering his head.

"I have been fostered in my family since I was a teenager. She has taken care of me in those years. I look like a weak man in front of her like enough! I don't want her sympathy, I want her heart! " Mu qianchu roared out.

After roaring, his eyes became more turbid and blurred, and his shadow became more serious.

The phantom made him feel dizzy. He shook his head hard.

"Mushou, are you ok?"

The eyebrow scar doctor looks at him in amazement, reaches out to hold him.

Muqianchu reached out and held his head, clenched his teeth. "Give me the medicine. Go and get it. Give me a little more time. As long as we are together every day, I believe she will accept me. "

A little more time.

A little more time is enough.

"Yes, Mu Shao. I'll prescribe the medicine."

The eyebrow scar doctor reluctantly compromises.

Time passed day by day, and mu qianchu did not violence her again, as if nothing had happened that day.

He will still fix her in bed and forcibly supply her with nutritious water to prolong her life.

But Shi Xiaonian knew that she could not support her for many days.

She had no faith in living.

She leaned on the bed, flipped a Book casually, mu qianchu sat beside her doing things, doing a document and taking care of the whole family.

Now and then he looked up at her and told her what happened outside today.

A volcano erupted somewhere in the world.

There was another parade in the street.

There are several TV plays on TV that she should be interested in.

When small read all when did not hear, she looked down at his hand, ring finger bare, nothing.

"Xiaonian, you know, this period of time is the surest time for me to live after recovering my memory." Mu qianchu sat gracefully in a chair beside him and suddenly said, turning over the document on his hand.


"You're sitting in front of me. I don't have to be afraid that you'll leave at any time. It's a real feeling."

Mu qianchu put the documents aside and looked at her deeply.


When Xiaonian has been looking at his ring finger, as if there are diamonds shining there.

She's getting thinner and thinner. She's so skinny that she's out of shape. Her eyes are sunken. Sometimes when the flute sees her, she shows a touch of sympathy.

She is thin, and mu qianchu tries hard to add clothes to her to make her look more than bones.

"Don't you say you're going to see your twins? Are you so willing to die on this island? "

Mu qianchu looks at her like this, and her eyes are dim.

He wants to arouse Xiaonian's desire for survival. He wants her to get used to his existence gradually.

He didn't want her to accompany him for only a short period of time, ending up with her death, but it was the most difficult for those who were determined to die.


When small read silence, no words.

Muqianchu looked at her. "Xiaonian, as long as you are willing to stay with me, and when I make the Xi family stronger, I will help you get the twins back. We are a family, and I will take care of them as my own children."

No need.

She said quietly.

She would rather twins stay in the palace than two children follow their murderous enemies. That's sad.

When Xiaonian looked at his ring finger with low eyes, the voice of Mu qianchu sounded in his ear, "did you hear me?"


When Xiaonian sat quietly.

"Xiaonian, why do you want to die with all your heart? Death is terrible. It should not be for twins. Do you not want to know the whereabouts of Gong Ou's body from me?" Asked mu qianchu.

Smell speech, when small read sits on the bed, long eyelashes lightly quiver, have move, but very quickly, her vision then goes down gloomily, also do not produce any sound.

What if I know.

Seeking perfection for the whereabouts of a body, she was afraid that Gong Ou would scold her.

"Qianchu, sister." When the flute came in from outside with a smile on his face, "today is the Lantern Festival. Shall we hang the lantern?"

"Hanging lanterns? OK. "

Mu qianchu shows a smile and stands up to pick up Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian didn't resist, she was tired, she was tired, and she didn't want to move. She regarded herself as a decayed corpse.


When the flute looked at them, there was a flash of sadness in his eyes.

Mu qianchu holds Shi Xiaonian in a wheelchair and pushes her out of the door.

Everything on the island is luxuriant and the scenery is unique. Most of the people are Italians. Almost none of them have seen lanterns. Each of them is full of novelty. They hang the lanterns down, and the bright red color dilutes the shadow of the death of Mr. and Mrs. Xi.

But it wasn't long before they died.

I remember that scene very clearly.

She was in a wheelchair and didn't go to see the lanterns.

"Hang the crab like Lantern lower, not so high."

Mu qianchu stands beside the wheelchair and holds Xiaonian's hand tightly.


When small read did not go to see, half closed eyes like sleeping, eyelashes very long and hanging.

"Don't close your eyes." Mu qianchu shook her and held her hand tightly. "Look, are these lights beautiful? It will be more beautiful when you turn on the light in the evening. "


When small read still hang eyelids, sit quietly on wheelchair.

The sun is warm and comfortable.

I really want to sleep like this.

All of a sudden, a rush of footsteps came from the path, and a member of Xi's family rushed all the way, his face was startled, "Mu Shao, something's wrong, there are several helicopters circling nearby. At first we thought they were just passing by, but now they are getting closer and closer to the island here."

As soon as the voice of his subordinates came down, the noise from the helicopter came from afar.

Everyone looks up to the sky.

When he was still speechless, Xiaonian also looked up to the sky. He saw a few helicopters flying to the island, not like passing by, but circling back and forth, and constantly lowering the altitude.

Mu qianchu's eyes turned cold. "Warn them that this is a private island. You can't log in without permission."

"We've warned several times, so we don't think it's right."

Said the subordinate at once.

Mu qianchu's face sank. "Inform everyone to be ready. It's not good to come."

"Yes, not much."

Mu qianchu raised his feet to go. He looked at Shi Xiaonian with low eyes and rubbed her hands with his own hands until they were hot


There was no sound in Xiaonian.

Mu qianchu turned his eyes and looked at Shi Di. "Shi Di, push your sister in. Don't come out without my command."

"Qianchu, will it be ok?" When the flute held mu qianchu's arm in fear.


Mu qianchu pushed away her hand and went out.

When Xiaonian looked at his back, the tall and thin figure walked on the road, farther and farther away from her.

"Sister, let's go in."

When the flute pushed, Xiaonian walked in, and several servants helped to move her wheelchair up the steps.

When Xiaonian turned to look at the bright sky, the helicopter has been hovering in the sky, who is it?

It's not hard to guess.

Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled slightly. Looking at mu qianchu's figure, he should have expected it, but he would not have thought it would come so soon.

When Xiaonian is pushed into the room by Shidi, Shidi pushes her to the window, and she always looks at the sky and the hovering helicopter.

"Sister, what do you say that is?"

When the flute also looked at the sky, the voice was full of timidity.


When Xiaonian sat there in silence.


A more vengeful character than her.

Shi Di looks at her in fear, grabs the skinny Shi Xiaonian, "sister, do you know anything? Tell me now, tell me now! "

With that, there was a gunshot outside.

"Ah --"

when the flute was scared, he immediately crouched on the ground with his head in his arms and shivered, "sister, I'm so afraid. What should we do? As for qianchu, will qianchu be hurt? I have to find qianchu. I will find him! "

Listen to the continuous sound of gunfire, when the flute said in a trembling voice, strong courage to run out.


Xiao Nian frowned and turned to look at Shi Di.

When the flute is afraid to return to fear, but still resolutely rushed out, the mouth screamed repeatedly, but did not retreat.

When the flute is really adored.

If she could have known this earlier, and had not been entangled in Mu qianchu and Shi Di, would there have been no today's event?

As a result, everything was wrong.

"Bang. Bang. Bang. "

There was a barrage of gunfire.

The sound of a bullet through a glass window came from the next door.

When Xiaonian sat there quietly, she didn't step back. She was still in a wheelchair. She waited for the bullet to hit her through the glass.

The screams of the servants outside continued to ring.

Everyone is running away, but they don't know where to run. Xiaonian listens to those voices quietly.

The sky darkened with the sound of gunfire.