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Chapter 560 missing the most important time

"The housekeeper Feng said that after he arrived in Italy, he only met Miss Xi's team of lawyers, not miss Xi, and they had just experienced an attack on the coffee shop. Miss Xi had already been released, but they went back. They didn't know what happened later." The servant said incoherently, without end, only saying what he heard.

Attack the cafe.

Let go.

Go back.

Gong Ou looked at the servant with gloomy eyes. His face was gloomy. He swung the door. "She likes to ask her to die. Don't bother me in the middle of the night!"


The servant was fooled out of the door.

Alas, he really shouldn't listen to the housekeeper. He came to knock on the door of the young master in the middle of the night.

Although the young master is not like before, the consequence of anger is still very serious.

The servant turned away in silence.

The door of the room was suddenly opened. Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes staring at him coldly. He said word by word, "wake up the pilot immediately, let someone check the private plane, fly to Italy!"

"Yes, sir."

The servant nodded in a hurry, a little confused.

The young master just isn't dissatisfied with someone disturbing him? How can I fly to Italy again. Young master's idea is changing three times a day.


Italy, a quiet town.

There were no pedestrians on the road. The sun slowly fell on a gray bridge. The sun gradually became warm and the wind came cold.

When Xiaonian helped mu qianchu to walk on the bridge slowly, the water under the bridge was clear and clean without any impurities.

Last night, Shi Xiaonian rushed into the cafe after they left. He called for a long time before he stumbled out.

His embarrassment was something she had never seen before.

He became so down and down all these years.

When small read to support mu qianchu carefully all the way to come over, from night to dawn, finally arrived at mu qianchu mouth said place.

"Here you are. Where are you going now?"

When small read to support mu qianchu asked.

"Have you seen a relatively retro villa? It's on the Bank of the river. Shidi and I have lived here recently. It's calm here. "

Mu qianchu stood there, a pair of eyes looking out, but there was no look.

He can see nothing.

When Xiaonian looked around as he said, she could easily see a villa on the Bank of the river. The villa was also a Renaissance style, which was her favorite architectural style.

"I see. Let's go." When small read light tunnel, holding mu qianchu to go to the bridge.

Mu qianchu follows her forward, and a touch of self abasement flits over her soft face. Her hands are not strong, and she does not hold her. She is only allowed to carry her forward.

They walked very slowly. Xiaonian held him up, kicked the stones on the walking surface, and walked along the river bank.

"Here we are."

When small read to the villa door said.

"Well, I know. I smell the flowers." Mu qianchu said as he took out the key from his pocket and groped for the door to open.

When Xiaonian smelled the faint fragrance of flowers in the air, turning her eyes, she saw a cluster of flowers growing on the Bank of the river, and the little pink flowers blooming proudly in the cold wind.

"You planted it?" Asked shixiaonian.

"It's time for the flute to grow. She said she wasn't there. I knew I was home when I smelled the flowers." Mu qianchu opens the door to a deep tunnel.

"Is it?"

When I think of Shi Di, Xiao Nian's heart is stuck with a thorn.

"Well." Mu qianchu's jaw and face tried to face her, but they still turned an angle. He said, "I thought she was a big lady, but in recent years, she has become very able to take care of people, which is beyond my expectation."


Because the object is mu qianchu, when the flute is willing to do those.

When Xiaonian looked inside, he saw that it was very empty, with very few furniture and anti-collision corners on the edges. He was also very careful and tidy.

Are they all made by Shidi? Shidi never did this before.

"Where are your identity papers? I'll take it for you. " Shi Xiaonian said that mu qianchu said that his identity documents are all here, and he can go abroad only when he has them.

Shixiaonian knows that he can't stay here now, but who will take care of him when he goes abroad? When the flute has

Muqianchu didn't answer her words, so he continued to walk in. When he got here, muqianchu seemed to adapt. He touched the wall with his fingers and climbed forward little by little.

"Where did you put it? I'll take it for you."

When small read catch up to talk, voice light, no mood.

Mu qianchu continued to walk in, touching the wall with his long hand, his eyes half closed, his face a little ugly because he was sleepy all night, and his lips gently opened? Time flute?


When Xiaonian stands there and looks at him, his body shakes. Is he looking for Shidi?

Murdoch called the name of Shidi in the house. He walked slowly. The empty house almost echoed. Murdoch turned his head. "Didn't you say Shidi left first? Why wasn't she there?"

When Xiaonian looked at mu qianchu's eyes, he thought of Shidi's last words and slowly clenched his side hand into a fist.

"Didn't she come back?" When Xiaonian asked back, pretending to be ignorant.

"Are you sure she's back?"

Mu qianchu came out and asked.

"I don't know. She just said she would go first. I don't know where she went." Shi Xiaonian said, trying to make his voice sound normal, there is no place to pick flaws.

Mu qianchu turned his head and listened to the sound of this place. You can help me to the bedroom to see if she is in. She is in the first room on the right of the door. "


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, he could only follow his words to one side and open the door. It was very clean and tidy inside. There were some entertainment star magazines on the chest of drawers beside the door.

By the way, Shidi has a star dream.

"She doesn't seem to be there." When small read back to say.

In the living room, mu qianchu fumbled to sit on the sofa. Without any light in his eyes, he looked at the front. Hearing the words, he nodded calmly, "Xiaonian, thank you, and would like to send me back. Go away quickly. Go after the formalities. It's very messy here."

"Let me see you off first."

How can he go abroad as a blind man.

"When I waited for Didi, she became very timid and frightened these years. If I left, she would not come back to see me, and I don't know how she would cry." Muqianchu said, with a light voice, "you go quickly."

"Are you only with Shidi now? Is there no one else around? "

Asked shixiaonian.

"I'm used to being blind. I'm fine. Let's go." He urged to leave.

When Xiaonian looks at him, she leaves, what does he do? She knew it was impossible for didi to come back.

Before she died, Shidi asked her to save mu qianchu.

"I'm tired of walking, too. I'll sit for a while." Shi Xiaonian said, decided to stay first, and then wanted to use what excuse to let mu qianchu leave.

He can't wait for the whistle.

When small read to stand at the door, turn to look out of the river.


Mu qianchu sat there with doubts on his face, his eyes slowly drooping down, a hand beside him, and a little tiny scar on his long finger, which was left by blindness. His hand picked the sofa unconsciously, and then again.


He suddenly called her.

When Xiaonian looks to Mu qianchu, mu qianchu picks up the sofa, his lips are white, and he asks, "did Shi Di really go? Why doesn't she stay there and wait for me? "

She didn't know the feelings of Mu qianchu and Shi Di in the past four years, nor the way they usually get along. She was afraid that the more she said, the more flaws she had.

"I don't know. Maybe she's afraid of that kind of battle." Shi Xiaonian said, watching the expression on his face from afar.

"She is quite timid." Murdoch nodded approvingly, and then said, "in fact, when I took her away four years ago, I thought she was a burden. Now, I am a burden to her."

"You get along well."

Shi Xiaonian said, thinking of the blood all over the flute, her eyes were slightly red.

"Yes, that's out of my expectation." Mu qianchu's eyes fixed on a certain place without focus. "I told her that I couldn't fall in love with her. I could give her a sum of money to leave, but she said that she made atonement for everything she had done before."


When Xiaonian turned his head, his eyes were astringent and blurred.

"You may find it funny to say that I have learned a lot from Shidi in the past few years." Muqianchu said, fingers continue to pick the sofa.

"Is it?"

When small read to answer gently.

"A lot has happened to her. She's gone up and down, she's owned everything, she's gone to hell. Now, she's more free and clear than anyone else." Mu qianchu said in a low voice, "do you know what she said to me?"


Shixiaonian asked after him.

"She said that if you do something wrong, you will make atonement, if you are sad, you will cry, if you want to love, you will pay. You should not think too much. The more you think about it, you just miss the most time you should not miss." I admire the way of the beginning.

"Missing time?"

When hearing the words, Xiaonian opened his eyes wide with some consternation and stabbed his heart hard because of the words.

People shouldn't think too much. The more they think, the more they just miss the last time.

"Thinking of that man?"

Moqianchu asked, and a faint smile came from the corner of his lips.

Xiaonian nodded without any concealment

She thought of Gong ou and the relationship between Gong ou and Gong ou, which is not clear and the Tao is not clear.

Gong Ou wants what she wants.

They are intertwined. She wants to get close to each other, but every time she turns the wrong direction like a magnet. When she gets close, she is bounced off. Does she think too much, or does Gong ou think too much?

"What time is it now?"

Mu qianchu suddenly asked again.

When Xiaonian takes out her mobile phone, the screen doesn't light up. She frowns, "my mobile phone is out of power, you have a charging line or..."

"I don't use any N.E system phones."

Mu qianchu interrupted her in a low voice.


When Xiaonian stood at the door and was silent, there was nothing to say.