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Chapter 1046 seamless interpretation

Lancaster family's stumbling block between them is not all bad, how much experience can have how many feelings, how much treasure.


When Xiaonian went upstairs, several bodyguards stood in front of the door. When he saw her, the bodyguard opened the door.

She walked in slowly, only to see the woman sitting alone in the chair by the window.

The woman sat upright. The sun whitened her old cloth robe. She was not too dazzling. She kept looking at the sky outside the window. There were branches stretching out of the window, and there were many small flowers on it.

"Auntie, water?"

He asked politely.

"And so polite to me?" The woman sat there and asked, "I'm afraid I'm going to let you down if I can get something out of my mouth. There are not so many secrets and truths for you to explore and use."

When Xiaonian didn't answer, he went to the table, took the kettle and poured a glass of water into it, put a piece of lemon in it, and then handed it to her. "Actually, when I came in, I wanted to thank you. When Lancaster attacked and came in, I opened the dark door to let me have a place for surgery and survived."


The woman turned slightly sideways.

"But if you didn't kidnap me, it wouldn't have happened so much later, so I don't need to thank you." When small read light smile.

Smell speech, the woman took the cup on her hand, looked down at the thin lemon on it, "you are a good child, should not be involved in the storm of two families."

Shi Xiaonian sat down in a chair beside him, looked at the flowers reflected in the window, and asked, "you've been praising me. In fact, I have a question. We've only seen one or two sides before, and haven't said a few words. How can you think that I'm tolerant and can change bits?"

She is curious about this question. Is there a special aura around her?

Hearing this, the woman smiled faintly, turned her eyes and looked at her, "nothing is more convincing than that you live with a paranoid and enjoy yourself."

“……” When I was reading the black line, I didn't expect that it would be because of this reason. I couldn't help saying, "it's just paranoid personality disorder, not as terrible as you think."

"It's always flawed. I think he calls on others, but he dotes on you, and your appearance is not to marry for money, or you'll leave early because it's so dangerous here." The woman said, "it's enough to prove your charm and ability."

Xiaonian frowned. "He's my husband. You should understand that I don't like to hear that."


Women are humane.

When Xiaonian sat there silent and didn't ask questions, the woman held the cup and went on, "I also reminded you that it's dangerous here. You shouldn't stay, but you didn't mean to leave at all. It's better to help me."

"When small read cannot help but way," your such practice is very accord with Lancaster's style, never pay attention to other people's feeling

"Do you believe in fate, madam?"

Asked the woman.

"Who and whom do you mean?" When Xiaonian was puzzled, the woman took the cup and took a sip of water, saying softly, "I have a story. I don't know whether my wife wants to hear it or not, but it may disappoint the second young master Gong. There is nothing he wants to know."

"I listen."

When small read softly said, a pair of eyes look at her, to the woman's line of sight, the scar on her face is really unbearable, but the eyes are calm and cool, there is a kind of trance beauty.

The woman put the cup aside and said slowly, "that was many years ago. She was a servant in a big family. Her family has been like this for generations. She was also used to being inferior and humble. Later one night, she was bullied by her master after drinking, but was found by others, and then she lived more and more humble."

The woman used "she" as the subject, as if she wished this person had nothing to do with herself.

When Xiaonian sat and listened, she didn't interrupt. At the beginning of the story, she also heard from Fengde. It was only a few words. In fact, it was not a strange thing in the big family, but it became laughing capital after the birth of a son.

"For the sake of her family's effectiveness, she was not driven out of the house, but was forced to stay thankfully. She was scolded unprecedentedly. Everyone could step on her and touch her." The woman narrated the past calmly.

When Xiaonian was stunned and looked at her in amazement, she could almost imagine how a girl with a humble identity would survive in a big family. No one would preside over the right and wrong. She could only be looked down upon for nothing.

"Later, she gave birth to a son, which caused a great deal of noise. Her son was taken away from her and kept. She could only take care of him as a nanny." The woman said, "but anyway, it was a time when she had only a little bit of fun."


"She watched her children grow up day by day, talking with them, playing games and making food and drink for them. As long as no one came to bully and ridicule them, a house is the happiest place for them." The woman recalled that her voice was tender at the beginning. Suddenly, she said, "you know, she makes a cake for her child, and adds jam in a special way. The cake baked is sweet and full of fruit fragrance. The child likes it best."

When Xiaonian thought of the cake he had baked for the woman, he thought that bith liked his cake for the first time, and suddenly understood, "this is one of the reasons you sent me to bith."

Because, she also does this cake, it's a method that has been developed by accident, unexpectedly bumped into the mountain with bit's mother.

"This is our destiny." The woman said that she didn't have the slightest sense of defense for her, and even had a gratitude between the words. "Later, with the growing of the child, more and more people said right and wrong, and even one by one would bully her in front of the child. The child's ignorant and simple eyes let her know that she can't stay in this family, and she will only become the shame and laughingstock of her son if she stays any longer. ”

"so you Escape? "

Shixiaonian asked that a woman never wanted to run away when she was humiliated, but she had to run away from such a large family for the sake of her son's future.

"Yes, she escaped, and her master declared her dead." Said the woman.

"The wound on your face..."

"When I was in the family." The woman put out her hand to cover half of her face.

When small read some can't listen to go on, "those people how can be so excessive."

How much pain did she have in those days.

"The class level is like this, when you are the most humble, anyone can vent their bad mood by beating you." The woman's cloud is light and the wind is light.

“……” When Xiaonian didn't want to ask that paragraph again, she seemed to tear the woman's wound forcefully, which was bloody. She jumped over and asked, "and then you settled in area 13?"

"Yes, all these years have been peaceful and stable." "Until you show up," she said

"In fact, you should try to hide from us. Why would you give us a map of the underground waterways to live in?" Shi Xiaonian asked, what is the purpose of her move.

"I meant to hide." The woman chuckled, "but I overheard bit's name, and I knew that bit also came here. Through you, I can know what you do and whether you will hurt my son."

A mother's behavior can't be picked out.

"So you offer the underground waterways, but keep some hidden doors." Said Shi Xiaonian.

The woman nodded her head and didn't want to hide it from her. She explained clearly. "In those days, I used to go to all places through the underground water channel to find bit. It was so coincidental that when I found him, bit beat his maid badly. I couldn't see the child's pure eyes before."

Bit installed a lot of monitoring, but that time, he was not monitoring, but beating people.


When Xiaonian heard this, he understood the whole truth. As a mother, he loved his son so much that he could not get close to what he could not do.

At this time, she foolishly put on the cake, let the woman notice her, and then set up such a bureau, let her to transform bit.

"You'll know everything else." The woman looked at her and said, "madam, I didn't see the wrong person. You did a good job. He's more like a child now."

"How much did you cost us? How many people are missing from our palace to fulfill your mother's love for her son. " Shi Xiaonian said that he was not unhappy.

She acknowledged the woman's motherhood, but she was distressed at the thought of the great costs.

"I didn't expect them to find out how quickly you found out. I was going to pick you up." The woman said, "I didn't mean to cause you to give birth prematurely."

Now it doesn't make sense to say that.

When Xiaonian sipped his lips, he asked Gong ou the most important question he wanted to know, "what about George? Why did he sneak in to find you? "

"I don't know." The woman shook her head and said quietly, "my humble status never entered his eyes. Maybe he found me here and wanted to take all the maps of the underground waterways I had in my hand."


"All the maps of the underground waterways cover the whole No. 13 area. Once you get them, as long as you are still here, they can use the least force to eradicate you." Women's humanity.


When Xiaonian looked at her, he always felt that there were some problems, but he couldn't say anything more. He could only be silent.

When he came out of the room, Xiao Nian saw Gong Ou at the first sight. He was sitting not far away, holding a tablet computer in his hand. His black eyes were staring at her deeply, and his thin lips raised a sarcastic arc. "It's seamless."

"Do you think she's lying?" Shixiaonian asked, "but she said it really, and George could find out her identity, as long as he saw all the surveillance there several times."