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Chapter 44

Chapter 44 - Disconnection


Gong Ou's gaze turned cold. Did this woman have to be so anxious? Those who didn't know this would think that the missing person was not her brother-in-law, but her lover.

With a cold expression, he stepped forward and grabbed her hand.

In the southern corner, there was a dense forest. There was no light.

"Mu Qianchu... Mu Qianchu... "

Shi Xiaonian shouted as she walked towards the forest. With one hand, she switched on the flashlight on her phone and looked at the road. Her legs twisted and she almost fell down, but Gong Ou caught him in time.

"Can you do it? "If it doesn't work, then let's go."

Gong Ou said in displeasure.

She was still looking for people without any common sense of survival in the wild.

"I'm fine, I can do it." Shi Xiaonian said, and continued walking.

"What are you so anxious for? If something really happens, he's already been dismembered." Gong Ou's venomous tongue was extremely sharp.


Shi Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, ignored him and continued to walk.

The forest was too dark, and she couldn't help but grab Gong Ou's hands tightly.

Gong Ou still wanted to say something, but was stunned by her simple action, and his heart skipped a beat.

He stared hard at their interlocked hands. Like a puppet, he couldn't help but be led forward by her hand. Every step he took caused his heart to involuntarily tremble.

"Mu Qianchu — Mu Qianchu —"

Shi Xiaonian did not notice anything wrong with him and continued to raise her voice to search for someone.

Mu Family was on high alert on the island, she believed that no one would be brave enough to kidnap someone on the day of the wedding … The only thing she was afraid of was that Mu Qianchu would faint due to an illness.

The road in the forest was hard to walk on. She almost fell down a few times but she was always supported by Gong Ou.

When she fell to the side, a long time later, she suddenly realized that Gong Ou was not by her side.

She rubbed her legs and stood up, using the light from her phone to shine everywhere, she was too focused on looking for someone, to the point that she did not even notice Gong Ou's arrival.

Where did he go?

Was it to search separately? He seemed to have just said something to her, and she didn't hear it.

Shi Xiaonian stood in her original spot and waited for a while. When she didn't see Gong Ou coming back, he continued to walk in by herself and continued to search for Mu Qianchu. "Mu Qianchu, are you there?"

After an unknown period of time, she stopped in her tracks and looked off into the distance.

Under a tree, a man in a gray suit sat on the ground with his back against the tree. If it weren't for the light on his mobile phone, he would have been hidden in the night.

"Mu Qianchu?" Shi Xiaonian shouted in confusion, "Is that you? Mu Qianchu? "

The man jerked his head back and looked deeply in her direction, his eyes filled with disbelief.

It was Mu Qianchu.

"It's really you." Shi Xiaonian was relieved, she supported herself with the tree and walked towards him step by step, "Are you alright? Why is she here alone? "

Suddenly, she realized something was wrong.

Mu Qianchu sat on the messy ground. There were a few stains on his suit and pants, and on his feminine face, there were a few scratches.

"You're injured? What happened? Why did you come here?" Shi Xiaonian had a lot of questions for him, she took out a wet tissue from her pocket and handed it to him, "Wipe it first."


Mu Qianchu did not say a word, nor did he take his tissue. He only stared at her in shock, his pupils contracting as if he had just seen an ugly monster for the first time.

Shi Xiaonian looked at him, stunned.

"When..." Small... "Read it."

Mu Qianchu sat on the ground, chanting her name word by word. He bit his words hard, like a child learning to speak.

Hearing him call his name, Shi Xiaonian had a strange feeling, but he couldn't pinpoint exactly where it was.

"You …"

Just as Shi Xiaonian was about to speak, a strong light suddenly shot towards them.

She and Mu Qianchu simultaneously used their hands to block the light.

In the next second, Shi Xiaonian heard a series of hurried footsteps. She lowered her hand and looked over, only to be ruthlessly slapped on the face.

The slap was fierce and heavy.

She was hit so hard that she turned her head to the side. There was a trace of blood on the corner of her mouth and her ears were ringing.

Behind Shi Di was his close friends and relatives, all of them were looking at Shi Xiaonian with contempt.

As he spoke of his excitement, Shi Di was about to hit her again.

This time, Shi Xiaonian was prepared. She reached out her hand to block her, and her voice turned cold, "Shi Di, I can forgive your nonsense and nonsense, but this does not mean that you can beat your own sister again and again!"

She had some attachment to this family, but that did not mean that she could be easily bullied.

"So what if I hit you?"

The current Shi Di did not have her usual ladylike appearance, the skirt on her body had also been cut in several places by walking through the forest, she was in an extremely sorry state, with a face full of resentment, "Is there anyone like you to ruin my little sister's wedding? You have always been jealous of me, coveting Qian Chu. We have always tolerated you, but you actually did such a shameless thing today! "

Shi Di hated that he couldn't go and tear her apart.


A weak voice was heard.

Mu Qianchu sat on the ground and interrupted their argument.

Hearing that, Shi Di immediately rushed over to Mu Qianchu, her tears streaming down, "Qian Chu, are you alright? How did you get so many wounds? Was it Shi Xiaonian's doing? Was it made by this slut? "

Shi Xiaonian stood at the side, waiting for Mu Qianchu to clarify for her.

Mu Qianchu lowered his head, one hand pressing down on his head, his dirty face was in unbearable pain, as he endured the extreme pain, clenching his teeth.

Shi Di worriedly asked what happened as she held his head.

"Stop arguing." Mu Qianchu pressed on his head, and painfully forced out a sound from his lips. "No … "It's not …"

"What did you say, Qianshu?"

Shi Di asked anxiously.

Mu Qianchu was unable to finish his sentence, when his head suddenly tilted, and he fell into Shi Di's embrace, unconscious.

The people of the Mu Family quickly stepped forward and supported the unconscious Mu Qianchu to leave.

Shi Di got up from the ground and looked at Shi Xiaonian hatefully. "Shi Xiaonian, if anything happens to Qian Chu, I won't let you off!"

Shi Xiaonian knew that no matter how she explained, it was useless and could only say, "I didn't kidnap Mu Qianchu away, I only found him."

Maybe she was wrong.

She should not have come to find Mu Qianchu.

"Is that so?" Shi Di glared at her. "Alright, then tell me, where were you when we last met? Where is it? "

Hearing that, Shi Xiaonian hesitated for a second before responding, "I was just walking around the ocean."

"Is there a witness?"


"No one has testified, right? Shi Xiaonian! Do you know how ridiculous your lies are? " Shi Di determined that she was lying and was so angry that she wanted to call her again.

Shi Xiaonian subconsciously took a step back.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of her without her seeing clearly. She only felt a deep light flash in her eyes.

In that second, she thought that Gong Ou had suddenly blocked in front of her, just like how he did in porcelain gallery.

"Pa ~ ~"

When an even more ruthless slap landed on her face, Shi Xiaonian woke up from his stupor.

The foster father, Shi Zhong, stood in front of her and stared at her with anger. Veins popped out on his face as he roared loudly, "Look at what you've done! How long are you going to embarrass me? "


His face instantly turned numb from the pain.

Shi Xiaonian covered her face with her hands and looked at her adoptive father.

What was this, to convict her without knowing anything?

Not far away, everyone was looking at them. One by one, scornful and accusing gazes landed on her.

"Today, since my close friends and relatives are here, I declare that I will break off all relations between father and daughter with this unfilial son! I will personally call the police and prove that she kidnapped Qian Chu! "

The foster father poked her on the forehead and screamed hoarsely, then turned around and pulled Shi Di away, "Go, let's go! Let the law judge her! "

"minuscule thought …"

Hearing these words, the adoptive mother stood in front of the crowd and looked at Shi Xiaonian in shock. Her eyes were all red, and she wanted to walk towards, but was forcefully pulled away by the adoptive father.


Shi Xiaonian stood there alone, her hands covering her unconscious face in pain.

Break off the father-daughter relationship.

Let the law rule her.


This was what her father had said, and now, in a legal sense, she was going to turn her back on him.

However, it didn't seem like much of a deal. She was an orphan in the first place, and now she was merely reinstating herself as an orphan.

It was all just a return to the beginning.

she thought indifferently, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Suddenly, a light lit up in the dark forest. She looked to the side and saw Feng De and a group of bodyguards walking towards her.

Apparently, he had seen the whole process.

"…" Shi Xiaonian reached out to wipe her tears.

"Miss Shi, are you alright?" Feng De walked up, and said with concern, "Forgive me for not coming forward to testify for you, because I believe that this will only bring you more trouble."

That's right.

If she was said to be Gong Ou's woman, tonight, she would be together with Gong Ou, and the trouble she would cause would only be more.

Shi Xiaonian nodded, "Thank you."

Feng De was a good person, thinking for her.

"Something happened at Mr. Gong's main company. He left to settle it and told us to stay here." Feng De said as he took out a piece of ointment and passed it to her, "This is what the Mr. Gong told me to give you. There are insects and ants in the forest."


Shi Xiaonian was startled, then extended her hand to take the ointment.

So it turns out that Gong Ou had already left.

Now that I think about it, he seemed to have taken the phone, told her to stay put, told his bodyguards to come over, and so on. It was just that at that time, she was in too much of a hurry to find Mu Qianchu, so she had completely forgotten about it.

Gong Ou.

She actually thought that the person who blocked her way was Gong Ou, but in the end, it was her foster father's slap.

Since when did she become so dependent on Gong Ou?

Shi Xiaonian took the ointment in her hand and walked with Feng De.