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Chapter 700 conclusion one

"Hee hee, you change it."

Gong Kui pushes her inside.

When Xiaonian put the dress on her body, the design of the dress was a big V-neck, half exposing her shoulder blades, showing a large white skin. She pushed her long hair to one side, then carefully put on high heels, stood in front of the landing mirror, some of them couldn't believe looking at themselves.

It's beautiful.

She is like wearing a silver star on her body. It's so dazzling. Gong Ou has a good taste.

Suddenly, a telephone rang in the changing room.


Where is the call from.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw a mobile phone on the chair beside him, on which was a picture of someone's head.

When Xiaonian passed by, the shape of the mobile phone was very novel and unique. Looking at the head portrait of Gong ou, she smiled. Suddenly, she found that the buttons of the mobile phone were different from those of ordinary mobile phones.

When she clicked on the phone, she found that there were more choices on the interface, something.


When Xiaonian didn't put his mobile phone to his ear, he just held it in his hand and talked. His eyes fell on the interface of the mobile phone and looked at the options above.

"Have you changed it? Why is it so slow?"

Gong Ou urged impatiently at that end.

"Just after changing your phone, I called in. What's the matter with this mobile phone? A lot of new keys. "

Asked shixiaonian.

"You are the first to try out the new call system launched by N.E. I haven't let any tests." Gong Ou's tone was rather complacent and arrogant.

New call system? Do you mean

When Xiaonian immediately looked at the past one by one, there were options to remove noise, background sound, 3D call, projection call, and so on.

When Xiaonian pressed the 3D call, Gong Ou over there accepted it quickly. In the next second, there was a 3D image of Gong Ou in front of her eyes. She was dressed in a suit and had a realistic and handsome face. It was between real people and 3D animation images. The eyebrows, corners and corners of the eyes were extremely perfect.


When Xiaonian looked at the 3D gong'ou in front of him in astonishment, he couldn't believe it. "You really made the hologram call."

It's only a long time since he did it.

"You raise your cell phone. I'm so tall. Don't make a dwarf come out." Gong Ou said discontentedly over there.

When Xiaonian carried her mobile phone, she found that with the action of carrying her mobile phone, the 3D characters in front of her were also getting taller and shorter, one was Gao gong'ou, the other was Gao gong'ou.

One high, one short.

One high, one short.

When Xiaonian was having a good time, he couldn't help laughing. Gong Ou was upset and said, "have you put me into a dwarf?"

"No, I can't."

When Xiaonian put the mobile phone down flat, people squatted down, 3D version of Gong oudun was as small as a snow white dwarf, "poof."

"Then why are you laughing so strangely?" Gong Ou is suspicious, but Bai Ming doesn't believe her.

"Really, in my eyes, you are 1.8 meters tall and 2.8 meters tall, which is a hundred million!" When Xiaonian squats on the ground and pats the 3D version of Gong Ou's small head, it's so cute.


Why doesn't he believe that?

"Really, really."

How can Gong Ou be so cute.

"3D off, I want to see the projection!"

Gong Ou dominates the tunnel.

"What is projection?" At that time, Xiaonian had to reluctantly tell other xiaoaiyu ou that he had received Gong Ou's projection call. Gong Ou said over there, "put your mobile phone in a position that can shine on your whole body or your body, and rest assured that its radio effect is very good."


When Xiaonian put his mobile phone on the chair beside him and pointed the camera at himself. Soon, Gong Ou appeared in the dressing room.

Including the beautiful fireworks all over the sky behind him, all reflected on the light color wall.

He turned on the noise removal setting. When Xiaonian couldn't hear the noise over there, he could see the fireworks in the night. It was as beautiful as a dream.

It turns out that this is equivalent to changing the video call into a larger projector call.

Thanks to him.

Over there, Miyamoto stood on the deck, leaning against the guardrail, staring at her up and down with black eyes. "This skirt is OK."

"Thank you. I like it very much."

When Xiaonian looked down at his silver dress with a happy smile on his face, he raised his eyes and looked at Gong OU on the wall beside him affectionately, "I'll go to find you on the deck."

"You come."

The head of the jaw.

When Xiaonian came forward and turned off the phone, she went out with her skirt in her hand. The two children didn't know where they had gone. She went out slowly alone.

Push open a vertical grain wooden door, only listen to the explosion of fireworks. She looks up and spreads the night sky.

She walked down the corridor to the deck. There was nothing but the sound of fireworks. The quiet in the noise was uncomfortable.

Are you all gone?

This cruise ship is still at sea, no one is seen?

When Xiaonian walked forward doubtfully, she suddenly heard a deafening scream. She was stunned, looked up, and saw that the huge deck was full of dense people.

There are guests.

There are waiters.

Everyone stood there and looked at her with a smile. Some people played ribbons. Countless ribbons were flying in the air. They only heard the sound of "bang" and fireworks were flying in the sky.

"It's the goddess of the moon."

Standing at the front is Ling Feng, a silver haired old man. When he stands there, he looks at Xiao Nian. He has countless feelings in his eyes, and then backs away.

"I heard that you finally thought of registering. Congratulations."

Gong Yu stood at Xiaonian's left hand and smiled at her, saying a word, then retreated to one side to make way for her.

Fireworks are blooming in the sky.

The cruise ship stopped at sea.

"Mrs. Gong, you are really happy."

"Mrs. Gong, you are so beautiful today. No wonder Mr. Gong is willing to give anything for the beauty."

"Mrs. Gong, there are always all kinds of right and wrong in the world. You are not sure that everyone can understand your past. It is better to ignore them and live your happiness."

"Mrs. Gong, let's go on with such a dignified happiness."

"Those who will scold you and look down on you will always be there, but they can't affect your life. I wish you happiness."

"If Mr. Gong loves you so much, it doesn't matter who you are."

Everyone praises or blesses, and then quietly retreats to one side, watching everyone automatically make a way, Xiaonian also goes forward with a little surprise and smiles to them, "thank you, thank you, I will, wish you happiness."

What are you talking about.

When small read some confused, but vaguely understand what, she continued to move forward, in the fireworks bloom to move forward.

All of us make way.

The eyes widened. Gong Ou was standing at the bow of the boat. People leaned against him, posing in a posture that they thought was actually handsome. He put one hand in his pocket, and the moment when the fireworks bloomed showed his handsome deep face.

A face with clear edges and corners and incomparable facial features. Under the dark brow of the sword, a pair of dark eyes are watching her deeply. The thin lips are curling, like a smile rather than a smile, which is extremely evil.

Gong Ou stands there at this time, and the whole body is full of a sense of pretentiousness.

But when he saw Gong Ou in the newspaper for the first time, as long as the place where Gong Ou appeared, those eyes would like to devour the soul, so that people can no longer shift their eyes.

When Xiaonian slowly walked to Gong Ou's side and asked with a smile, "did you open our marriage to the public?"

Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows. "I guess it's so smart."

"It's not hard to guess. At that time, I said to keep a low profile. Don't be open to the public. I'm afraid that people who read the news can think more about it and comment on it." "Shi Xiaonian said," but as soon as I saw everyone saying those words to me, I guessed it. "

"I don't like hidden marriage!"

Gong Ou dominates the tunnel.

"It's not a secret marriage. Everyone in the family knows that, right?" Shi Xiaonian said that she just didn't want everyone to comment on her marriage, which would also affect Gong ou.

"But I will attend all kinds of activities in the future. Won't you accompany me? I'm going to launch a new product launch. Won't you come with me? I want to publicize who inspired me to talk with holograms, and you won't come with me? "

Asked Gong Ou in succession.

When Xiaonian was asked dumbly, he could only smile, "well, you've already sent news. What else can I say? Just be happy. "

"You're not happy?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked, glancing at the danger.

Xiaonian said with a smile, "happy. Really, if you're happy, I'll be happy. "

Gong Ou put her in her arms and looked at her with low eyes. "Shi Xiaonian, from today on, everyone knows that you are my wife."


I nodded.

"Everyone knows you're mine!"

Gong Ou said again.


"You will always be mine! You are destined to be mine! "

Gong Ou added another sentence, when Xiaonian couldn't help looking at him, "what's the matter with you? Keep saying this."

"I create such a big show. Please put so many fireworks. Do you know how much it costs? It's more expensive than me to do a project. How can I do without any love words! How can I make a deep impression on you! "


When Xiaonian looked at him, he could not refute.


Another fireworks exploded above, brightening the night sky.

When Xiaonian nestles in Gong Ou's arms, she looks up at the fireworks and smiles from the bottom of her heart, "it's really beautiful."

All the people on the deck are enjoying the fireworks, which are not beautiful.

When Xiaonian heard the exclamation of the crowd, he couldn't help asking, "the guests on this ship are both rich and expensive. They all have their own world. How can they be summoned by you so easily to play a time reversal with you? It can't be done for much. "

It's a little weird.

Gong Ou's idea is temporary, not good morning. Who will be so free?