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Chapter 596 how President Gong misses people

"It's only half a month before your wedding. You remember to put your business aside and come back when you're ready. Try your clothes. I'm ready for your wedding. I'll wait for you to try." Luo Qidao.

Clothes for the wedding.

Well, you can insert the point.

"Don't gird her up." Gong Ou confesses to opening up naturally.

"What?" Luo Qi was stunned and thought she had heard it wrong.

"Dress without waistband at the wedding." Gong Ou said indifferently, adding in a cold voice, "I don't like women without waist."

Luo Qi finally understood here that Gong Ou didn't deliberately call herself, but just wanted to speak for a while. She couldn't help looking up at the direction of the stairs.

At that time, Xiaonian was really going to marry into the palace. He also learned to complain in front of his son.

Luo Qi's voice also suddenly cooled down, "I'm also for her to be different on the wedding day, I'm worried about your wedding, but your fiancee ran out to play."

No one can complain.

"Run out of the door?"

Gong Ou's voice is low. He didn't hear it when Xiao Nian went out.

"Yes, I can't get rid of my temper. On the way, I deliberately threw Charles away, saying that I was going to see Fengde, but who knows." LUOQI cold tunnel.


Gong Ou is silent there.

Luo Qi saw Gong Ou stop talking, and her beautiful face flashed a little low, saying, "OK, I'll talk about it casually. I allowed her to go out."

She can't really do such a petty complaint.

"Well. I'm dead. " Gong Ou said, in a tone that didn't sound a bit happy or angry.

Luo Qi was about to hang up the phone when Gong Ou said, "don't tie her waist."

Then the phone was hung up.


Luo Qi sits on the sofa in the hall and listens to the voice disappearing from the phone. Suddenly she is a little depressed. Doesn't she say that Gong Ou won't be like before? How can she still hold it like this.

I'm afraid she was so nervous when she abused me.

Luo Qi looked at the maid on the other side. "Go upstairs, reduce Miss Xi's waist skirt to one, and prepare more dresses."

"Yes, ma'am."

The maid nodded and turned away.


Time goes by, and the wedding day is getting closer and closer.

When Xiaonian stayed in the palace, she would meet with Luo Qi every two days to learn how to walk. Gong oming was not there, but she went through the wedding process again and again.

With the help of Mr. y, Mona was kept very secret without any trace.

Mona also began to call Gong OU on time. For Mona's call, Gong Ou was also very casual. Sometimes she answered, sometimes she didn't answer, sometimes she even talked about half of it and hung up directly.

Unconsciously, Gong Ou changed a lot.

He calls her more and more times, which is what shixiaonian would like to see most. She thinks that in a short time, Gong ou can completely let go of the suffering and pain of more than four years.


n. In the reception room of e building, Gong Ou's suit is sitting on a single leather sofa to talk with people about the purchase, and several bosses are sitting there praising him.

Suddenly, Gong Ou's mobile phone vibrated.

He took out his mobile phone and glanced at the information on a certain communication tool. Yes, he downloaded the communication tool to the mobile phone and checked it at any time, instead of going to the computer.

It's a picture from Xiaonian.

It's also a self portrait. She stands under a flower tree, hands behind her back, body leaning forward slightly, showing a bright and sweet smile to the camera. In the photo, her face is round, making people have the desire to pinch.

"Mr. Gong is a talented man. It's our honor to cooperate with him."

The bosses are still praising Gong ou.

Gong Ou is about to turn off his cell phone when Xiao Nian sends another message.

A month is coming. Are you going to marry me?

I hate marriage.

Gong Ou looks at it with low eyes and thin lips with a light radian.

"Mr. Gong? Mr. Gong

The voice of one side called Gong ou back, and Gong Ou turned to look at them, his face cold as frost. "The plan has been given to you, can you accept it? I only listen to the result."

Smell speech, a few bosses sit there awkwardly, even the secretary is standing by some silly eyes, haven't heard the president speak like this for a long time.

A little across.

"Mr. Gong, of course we can see your sincerity, but we don't know if we can..."

"I don't accept bargaining." Gong Ou interrupts them coldly, and his black eyes sweep towards them indifferently.


Several bosses are more embarrassed.

"I'll have a meeting later. You can help yourself." Gong Ou stands up from the sofa and takes a look at the secretary

"Yes, president."

The Secretary nodded.

Gong Ou went out alone. With his mobile phone in his hand, he turned several messages back and forth several times.

Some staff passed by and looked at Gong Ou in surprise.

When did even the president become a stooge? That's interesting.

Gong Ou strides into the floor of the holographic era. Here is a whole floor set up for the holographic era, which is divided into several departments.


Seeing Gong Ou come in, people quickly get up from their desks, and leaders also come out of their own independent offices, looking at Gong Ou cautiously, "is there anything important for the president?"

"How far is the holographic call going?"

Gong Ou now more and more thinks that shixiaonian's suggestion is very promising. Long distance love really needs a holographic image of the other side.

Well, he just appreciates shixiaonian's proposal and wants to speed up the process.


The staff hesitated.

"Can't do it?" Gong Ou glanced coldly at a group of them. "What are you doing every day sitting here? Baked sweet potato? "

"We are studying."

The staff silently bowed their heads. The president thought of an idea that they would change from zero to have. They would have time.

"But you didn't work it out." Gong Ou said coldly, his black eyes were full of intense displeasure, and his thin lips were slightly open. "Forget it, I'll give you three more days. If you don't have any idea, I'll cut the number of new employees."

With that, Gong Ou turns to go out.

A group of idiots, it seems that he has to do it himself.

Gong Ou looks down at the time on his watch as he walks. It's still British time. He hasn't adjusted it back after returning home.

He went into the office and sat down at his desk.

While doing this, he moved his finger over the mouse and adjusted the photos in the communication tool.

In the photo, Xiaonian smiles in the sunshine, which is beautiful and moving.

I'm so happy to know that I'm going to marry him.

Gong Ou watched as his long fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard, sketched out the characters of Shi Xiaonian from the photos, and then put them into another program to make a 3D model.

His speed is very fast. The 3D character model of shixiaonian is a little lifelike on the computer.

Next second, Gong Ou operates the computer and presses a key with his index finger.

There was a little reading in front of the desk.

She stooped to stand at the desk, her hands behind her, her body leaning forward, a pair of black and white eyes curved in the shape of the moon arc, with a charming smile.


Looking at it, Gong Ou suddenly feels that his chest is very comfortable. After he came back from England, his chest has always been very uncomfortable.

The original problem is here.

Gong Ou's body tilts back, and his black eyes are staring at the small thoughts at the desk. The curve of thin lips is deeper and deeper.

The secretary was startled when he knocked on the door and came in.

I saw a space in front of Gong Ou's desk full of holograms of shixiaonian.

When I stand there, I read when I sit there drinking water, when I play cute with my mouth bulging, when I read on the ground, when I carry my skirt.

The scene is simply frightening.

"President, president."

The Secretary admitted that he had seen the world. He stuttered and walked slowly to Gong Ou's face. He glanced at the holograms and said, "President Miss Xi."

Their president who specializes in high technology is so creative that she even misses her lover. If she doesn't come in again, will she have to read when she sees an office?

If I see it all night, I don't think it's a ghost.


Gong Ou presses a key, takes back the hologram completely and stops. Black eyes look coldly at the Secretary, "what's the matter?"

"Well, the blood diamond ring you told me last time has been made. I just got the finished product."

The secretary put a dark blue box on the desk with white gloves on his hands.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's black eyes flashed a faint light. After a few seconds, he took the ring box with a deep face and opened it. There was a diamond ring lying quietly inside. The blood diamond was cut into the shape of a heart, shining with light. It was so beautiful.

only one eye. Gong Ou knew that it was exactly the same as before.

When small read want, he did.

He never can do what she wants.


The Secretary stood aside and exclaimed.

Gong Ou looks up at her coldly. The Secretary immediately stops and lowers his head. "Excuse me, President, I'm talkative."

"Really nice?"

Gong Ou asked in a cold voice. His face could not see his anger.

"It's beautiful. Which woman can't be moved by diamonds, especially such beautiful diamonds. It's romantic." "I believe Miss Xi will be moved to tears when she sees it."


It's possible that she loves crying so much.

"Come on, go down." Gongou cold tunnel.

"Yes, president."

The Secretary bowed his head and stepped out a few steps to listen to Gong Ou's voice ringing behind her. "Go to inform the finance department. You will start to raise your salary by 20% this month."

"Thank you president!"

The secretary was pleasantly surprised to say thanks. People went out and walked away. It was so easy to get a raise.

The door of the office is closed. Next second, several hours of holographic images of Xiaonian appear at the desk. Under the production of Gong ou, these images are vivid and lifelike, just like real people.