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Chapter 91 Gong Ou flies to England

He is ill again.


Mu qianchu shook his head and said, but his face was pale. Cold sweat came out of his forehead, even his lips changed.

"Come and sit here." When Xiaonian laboriously helped him to the sofa to sit down and asked anxiously, "what about your medicine? Don't you take medicine all the time? "

Mu qianchu clenched his teeth, reached into his shirt pocket, took out a small box with his finger quivering. He wanted to open his hand, but he was shaking so much that he could not see clearly. Everything in front of him was shaking.

A splitting headache.

He tried not to make a sound.

"I will." When Xiaonian saw this, he snatched the box from his hand, opened it, poured out two pills, and a breath of choking air brushed her nose. She was stunned, "have you changed your medicine?"

Last time on the island of clouds, she didn't smell anything special on the medicine.

Wen Yan, mu qianchu's eyes are deep. He doesn't say anything. He presses his hand on his forehead and his fingernails into his temple to relieve some pain.

When Xiaonian didn't pay attention to the medicine, he rushed to his desk, picked up the mineral water bottle presented by the hotel, unscrewed the bottle cap, and then came back and handed it to Mu qianchu.

"Thank you."

Mu qianchu said it was difficult. He put two pills into his mouth and looked up to pour the water down.

"Are you ok?" When Xiaonian stood in front of him and looked at him anxiously, "do you have such a bad headache every time?"

“……” Mu qianchu holds his head and doesn't speak.

"That operation was not very successful. Why did it leave such a big sequela?"

Asked shixiaonian.

At that time, mu qianchu completely recovered his vision after a major operation and a few minor operations, which can be called the perfect case in the medical field.

As a result, he suffered from the hangover of headache.

“……” Mu qianchu looked at her in silence, a drop of cold sweat slipped down from his forehead, and he smiled pale, "these, I will tell you later."

When he said that, Xiaonian stopped asking.

One station for two.

The air was flowing in silence, and each of them thought.

Time flows quietly, mu qianchu's face gradually recovers the color of blood, and the pain between the eyebrows slowly disappears.

"I'm all right. I'll go first. If I meet the flute, it's hard to explain." Mu qianchu stood up on the edge of the sofa, slightly shaking his figure.

When Xiaonian hurriedly reaches out to him.

Her original intention is to help him, mu qianchu suddenly grabs her hand, the body is straight, low eyes look at her, a pair of narrow eyes are all complex.

When Xiaonian froze and looked at him, the light in his eyes made her trance.

When he was young, mu qianchu liked to hold her hand tightly and let her take him to every place.


He is not a young admirer, he is the husband of Shidi, a person she has given up.

“……” When small read eye light to flash flash, quickly draw back own hand.

“……” Mu qianchu's eyes are dim, and his face is more pale than before. "Your hand..."

She had a band aid on the palm of her hand.

"It's OK, just wipe out a little wound."

"Is it?" Mu qianchu moved his lips and said nothing. After a while, he said, "let me go first."


When small read immediately nods, already had no intention to ask him why to help her again, just want him to leave quickly.

Mu qianchu now reminds her that when he just lost his memory, she did not know him again.

"By the way, if you like, I want to hear what they are talking about." When he got to the door, Mu suddenly looked back at her and said, "I really want to know what kind of woman Shi Di is."

When he said this, there was no tenderness in his voice but indifference.


When small read Zheng ground to look at him, don't know should agree or should not agree.

See her don't answer, mu qianchu also don't say anything, say goodbye again, "then I go first, I will call you again."

"Good." When small read nods, "mobile phone I can help you to take back."

To help her, his cell phone is still next door.

He took the first step. She was the only one to take it back.


Mu qianchu nods and turns away.

Looking at his back disappearing in the doorway, Xiaonian blinked. There was a little doubt in his eyes. It was strange why mu qianchu talked about the tone of flute so coldly.

I'd like to know what kind of woman Shi Di is

The voice was so indifferent, as if he didn't love the flute at all.

When small read don't understand, a person sat in the room for a long time.

Until dusk, she went out of the room, found the waiter mu qianchu had been looking for, and took back her mobile phone.

At this time, Shidi and Tangyi had already left.

The plan of listening and stealing was completed flawlessly.

Now just wait for her to go back and listen to what she has.

Shi Xiaonian deliberately inks time and goes back late. Today is a rare day. Once she goes back, she will be tied by Gong ou for 24 hours. When she thinks about this, her head will be big.

She felt that she and Gong Ou were becoming conjoined babies and could not be separated from each other.

It wasn't until evening that Xiao Nian drove back to tianzhigang.

Carrying her backpack, she went back to the luxury duplex apartment of block a, reached out and pushed the door open. The air was fresh and quiet.

"I'm back."

When small read to raise a voice to shout a, change oneself slipper in porch place.

Gong Ou must not be very happy when she comes back so late.

Her voice disappeared in the quiet air, no one answered her.

The man didn't come out the first time to scold her? It's still in the company.

When small read stupefied next, immediately walk inside, all the way no one, the living room is a mess, the furniture is upside down, the tea set has broken a ground, as was robbed, she can't help frowning.

Gong Ou has been angry again.

Every time I get angry, the furniture suffers.

"Jingling bell..."

The landline phone rang suddenly.

When Xiaonian put down his backpack, went to the wall and picked up the microphone. "Hello?"

"Miss Shi, you're home safe at last." Feng de breathed at the other end of the phone, "where have you been? Young master is sending us to look for you everywhere. "

"Look for me? I said I was going for a ride today

Shi Xiaonian said, "what's easy to find? She's an adult. Can she still lose it?".

"Then how do you turn off your mobile phone? I can't get through to you when I call you. I'm in a hurry." Asked Fengde.

Cell phone off?

When Xiaonian holds the microphone in one hand and takes out the mobile phone in the other hand, it has no power.

Well, it's like when I pick up mu qianchu's phone in the hotel, there's only one left.

"I didn't notice the phone was dead." When small read light tunnel.

"Forget it, you can get home safely. In about three hours, the young master will get off the plane. You remember to call the young master." Feng de told her.

When Xiaonian stood against the wall, holding the microphone, "get off the plane? Where did he go? "

Gong Ou is not in s city?

"I'll go back to England if you want. I'll go back to the castle to take care of something." Feng de explained the whole story clearly and concisely.

Has gong Ou gone to England?

"How many days does he go?"

"At least one week."


At least one week

When small read slightly open lips, suddenly in front of a bright, heart began to beat violently.

A week, that is, she's free this week? Not tied to him for 24 hours?

The God of good luck is taking care of her!

When Xiaonian was overjoyed, she coughed softly, and pretended to be in a more normal tone on her mouth

"Well, then I'll get the people back. Miss Shi, remember that you must take the initiative to call the young master. Remember Feng de told her again and again for fear that she might be wrong.

"Yes, yes, I remember."

When small read repeatedly answer, then hang up the phone, people jump up happily at once, heavily sit on the sofa.


She was finally free, even if only for a week.

When Xiaonian lay back, his hands honked to the quiet living room and shouted, "freedom! I'm coming! "

One week, Gong Ou leaves for one week.


When Xiaonian happily rolled around on the sofa, excited for a while, charged his cell phone, and began to clean up the mess in the living room.

As soon as people are happy, even doing housework becomes easier. When I read a song in my mouth, I would sweep up the broken tea set and throw it into the garbage can.

Suddenly, her eyes fell on the tea table.

A piece of A4 paper was placed in the corner of the tea table, with black handwriting of dragons and phoenixes flying.

When Xiaonian is stunned, he goes to pick up the paper. It's a letter that Gong Ou wrote to her before she left -

shixiaonian, you have a kind, dare not answer my phone! Let me also use handwritten, see if I come back to kill you!

Remember that when I go abroad for a week, you stay at home for me. The rules are as follows:

first, no water before hand injury is recovered. I will send some maids to Fengde;

Second, I'm not here. You're not allowed to have sight, speech and limb communication with any man. Fengde is not good either. He was sent back to the palace by me;

Third, no water before hand injury is recovered Go out frequently and paint at home well;

Fourth, turn on the mobile phone! Answer the phone! Answer the phone! Just answer my phone!

If you can't do the above four points, wait for me to clean you up!


When Xiaonian looked at the letter with the most powerful handwriting, he was speechless for a long time.

He should not be so autocratic. If she is not allowed to go out frequently, he should not put a dog chain around her neck and stay at home.

He's not interested in her. It's clearly the way of keeping a pet dog.

When small read some depressed to curl mouth, will A4 paper put back, happy mood suddenly cool a lot.

She stood up and continued to collect the mess in the living room.

It's already an hour after finishing.

When Xiaonian was a little tired and panting, she reached out to wipe off her sweat, and her eyes fell on the bag beside her. That's the secret of Shidi before she went to listen to it.

When Xiaonian picked up his backpack and mobile phone, he went to the study.

Turn on all three screens, and Xiaonian is about to fiddle with them. Suddenly, she finds that she wants to steal now. All the content she listens to is on muqianchu's mobile phone.

She doesn't know how to connect that cell phone to the computer in front of her.

Gong Ou used to make it for her. Her fingers are popping on the keyboard. She can't understand one key, let alone do it by herself