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Chapter 910 Gong Ou's lameness

"This little radiation is fine." Shixiaonian takes the apple and looks at him. "Will you go back tomorrow?"

Gong Ou picked up the notebook and put it aside on the cabinet. In a cold voice, he said, "why do you want to go back? I've only been playing for a few days. I was doing something else before, and I didn't come with you. "

"And with me?" When Xiaonian opened his eyes in amazement, the apple put it to his mouth but couldn't bite it down.

"Moved? Allow you to be moved! "

Gong Ou looks gracious, and his eyes are high.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, he didn't seem to be on the same channel with her on purpose. She bit an apple hard and thought about it and said, "in fact, we don't have much to hang around here. We have taken you there."

"I want to go to another place."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, very serious.


Shixiaonian is surprised. Why doesn't she know where else he wants to go?

"Tomorrow you will know. Eat the apple and go to sleep." Gong Ou went forward and rubbed her head. Xiaonian couldn't help but say, "I really think my adoptive father is in a hurry. You can't play with me anymore. Is there still time in the future?"

Don't worry for a while.

Unless in his heart these sweets may only become a moment.

"That old man in Fengde is too old to worry about anything. His words are not worth considering." Gong Ou said scornfully, "why should I give up company for Lancaster? When small read, can you not think so much! "

Once again, he reassured her.


When small read to answer cleverly, no longer say anything.

"I'll take a shower and come with you later." Gong Ou turns to the bathroom.

"Well, good."

When small read nods, tomorrow, he even plans tomorrow's trip?

She bowed her head, and her eyes were tinged with a light smile, but it soon disappeared. It was strange that she liked the feeling that Gong Ou planned the future day by day, but there was always a kind of hidden worry in her heart, as if such sweetness would not last.

Every time she says she wants to go back, Gong Ou interrupts her.

Sometimes she really wants to give her IQ enough balance, because she really can't hear anything wrong from his tone, she has only intuition.

Suddenly, her stomach moved.

When Xiaonian reached out to touch his round stomach, he said with a smile, "baby, do you think I'm too nuts?"

The baby in the stomach suddenly calmed down.


She works hard not to think, to play and to be together. She is a pregnant woman, and the most important thing is to keep happy.

Well, that's it.

When Xiaonian tried to persuade himself again, he began to nibble at the apple in his hand, took a cartoon magazine beside him and flipped it casually, which made him sleepy.

When Gong Ou came out of the bathroom, he saw Xiaonian leaning against the bed and sleeping. There was a magazine on the quilt. One hand was hanging under the bed and half an apple was still in his hand, but he was asleep.


She's getting sleepy more and more recently.

Gong Ou wipes her hair and throws the towel aside. She goes forward and takes the apple from Shi Xiaonian's hand, then holds her and lies down.


When small read exhort, self-care in his arms to turn a body, find the most comfortable position to lie down, stretch out his arm against the pillow.

Gong Ou stood there half bent, so she froze her body, unable to move.

When Xiaonian rubbed his arm twice, his eyelashes flickered gently, and his soft lips pursed slightly.

Why is his woman so lovely.

Gong oding looked at her, with nothing in his eyes but Xiao Nian's face. After a long time, he released a hand to cover the quilt for her.

The hand under her head grew numb.

Gong Ou carefully pulls it out, and Xiaonian rubs it on his arm with discontent, which makes him a bit distracted.

"Well, I won't move. Don't rub."

Gong Ou's tone, with a hint of indulgence, did not take back his hand.

As if hearing his words, Xiaonian calms down and sleeps quietly on his arm. Gong ou can only stand there with his back bent, his hands numb and his shoulders ache.

He reached out his hand and rubbed his shoulder. His whole arm was paralyzed.

The light is bright.

Gong Ou turns his head and looks at the position of the switch, then slowly raises his leg back, steps on the switch on the wall with the toe of his shoe, turns off the light, leaving only a small desk lamp.

The light in the room suddenly dimmed a lot.

Gong Ou sat down next to her as he rubbed his shoulders. When Xiao Nian gave her only 20 centimeters of bed, he lay down, half of his body still hanging outside.

He just found a good place to lie down, when Xiaonian suddenly began to be dissatisfied with his position, and began to drill into his arms again, forcing him to almost fall out of bed, long legs to a chair to stabilize.

When I was young, I wished that all the people would fall into his arms.

This woman doesn't usually do that.

"I thought you were a real torment tonight!"

Gong Ou stares at the woman in her arms with her teeth clenched, but she still lets her lean on half of her body in the air. A paralyzed arm firmly hugs her and pulls up the quilt to cover her.

He knows that pregnant women should have enough sleep to ensure their quality.

But soon, even if the fitness has become a palace Europe also began to all kinds of pain.

The hands hurt.

Leg pain.

Low back pain.

Back pain.

There was no pain all over his body, and the woman in his arms was sleeping soundly, which made him lose his heart to adjust his sleeping posture a little.


Gong Ou tries to bear all kinds of pain and looks down at the small thoughts in his arms. A pair of black eyes gradually grow deeper and float many unknown.

For a long time, Gong Ou lowered his head and kissed her hair with thin lips. When he touched the hair, his lips trembled for a second.

"Shixiaonian, I really want to go with you, really."

In the quiet room, his voice quickly dissipated in the air and no one could hear him.


The curtains were pulled open, and the sun was slowly pouring in from the outside, crawling towards the bed like a naughty child, illuminating the patterns on the quilt.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in a daze.

Well, there are many stars in the sun. They are beautiful.

She smiled on her sleepy face, reached out and rubbed her eyes, eyes and places. The sun was shining brightly, and the stars swayed in the wind one by one, shaking some colorful lights, so beautiful.

Gong ou, look, there are stars in the daytime.

In the confusion, when Xiaonian suddenly realized what he saw, he sat up from the bed with eyes open in amazement, and saw a transparent line pulled from the balcony door to the end of her bed. Countless paper cranes were shaking gently in the wind, as if they were flying high.

Those paper cranes are all made of cellophane. When the sun shines, they are like stars shining in the daytime, which is amazing.


When Xiaonian looked at this scene in astonishment, some of them couldn't believe their eyes, covered their faces with their hands, and almost cried.

The thousand paper cranes of cellophane were so beautiful that she never knew after playing for so many years.

It's really beautiful.

When Xiaonian was completely fascinated by the scene in front of him, he couldn't walk out and shouted, "Gong Ou! Gong Ou! "

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou comes out of the bathroom, and after washing, the whole person is refreshed. Of course, if you ignore the dark and uncomfortable walking posture of his eyes.

When Xiaonian pointed to the countless paper cranes in front of him and looked at Gong ou, his eyes were almost touched, "what did you do? Did you do it? "

"Nonsense." Gong Ou looks up at the thousand paper cranes lazily. "I didn't make it or who did it?"

Is she looking forward to it?


"Ah!" When Xiaonian screamed excitedly, he got up from the bed and walked to the bedside and watched him with emotion. "Why do you do this? Why and why? "

That's her favorite cellophane before. She likes to look at the light outside with cellophane, but she doesn't know that cellophane can also become a star in the sun.

It turns out that she can see the stars all day and night. How did he come up with it?

"It's strange to burn those sugar papers and return them to you naturally?"

Seeing that she was so excited, Gong ou could not help raising her posture, even raising her chin slightly when she spoke, and writing the words "fool, allow you to be moved" on her face.

When Xiaonian was really shocked, she could not bear to receive such a surprise in the early morning. No matter how hard Gong Ou's attitude was, she could not be moved. Her eyes were covered with tears. She fell down from the bed and threw it into Gong Ou's arms. Her nose was very sour. "Did you just fold a thousand paper cranes for me last night without sleeping?"

How could he be so clever.

How could he be so kind to her.

Gong Ou takes a step back when she holds him, and his back begins to ache. He reaches out and holds his hand on his waist, and says in a low voice, "how can Gong Ou fold a thousand paper cranes? It's the bodyguards who fold them."

So small a piece of sugar paper needs to be folded into a thousand paper cranes. His hands will not be wasted, and his eyes will be wasted.

"Well, you didn't fold it yourself?"

When Xiaonian immediately broke free from his arms, the tears in her eyes were forced to go back. She reached for her hand, circled herself, turned around and lifted the quilt. "Ah, it's so cold. I'll lie down for a while."

“……” Gong Ou stands still and stares at her. "What's your attitude?"

When Xiaonian blinked, "no, I like your gift very much. Let me see the stars in the sun."

Well, like is really like.

"Do you dare to take back the tears you shed for me?"

Gong Ou stares at her and roars out, when he is blind? As soon as he knew that it wasn't he who broke it, he let go of him decisively. He didn't even have any water in his eyes.

She can really do it.

"Ha ha." "I thought you spent the whole night folding so many paper cranes. I guess it's wrong."

So she couldn't cry?

Aren't those bodyguards paid to be paper cranes? The money that he gives also reckons him to fold is OK!