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Chapter 354 Xiaonian, you have changed

She thought that no one would remember her for such a long time. She underestimated Gong Ou's influence in people's hearts.

When Xiaonian angrily buckled the tablet and asked coldly, "what do you want?"

"I don't want to. I'm just curious about who took you away and how can you return to China without any defect?" Luo Qi said, in a moderate tone.

But Xiaonian had no respect for her. "It's none of your business."

"Miss Shi, you should know what I want." "I miss my granddaughter very much. I will send someone to pick it up in China as soon as possible," said Luo Qi gracefully

When Xiaonian disappeared in England, Gong family and Gong Ou searched everywhere.

She didn't know if she found anything in Gong Ou's side, but she only found that Xiao Nian had gone to Italy, and there was nothing else.

Hearing this, Xiaonian's resentment and hatred almost engulfed him, "you delusion!"

Pick up your granddaughter?

It's ridiculous. It's her daughter.


Luo Qi is silent over there. It seems that Xiao Nian's tone is suddenly so heavy.

"You give me my son back!" "When small read excitedly say," you have no right to occupy any of my children! "

Why did the palace rob her son? What did they pay for his son? A fine Zi?

What they were doing when she was suffering from pregnancy was to imprison her and to marry the father of the child.

"That's the palace child, Miss Shi."

Luo Qi reminds her on the phone, "it's our palace child, so we won't let her fall out. I just want to tell you in advance this time, not discuss."

That's what it should be.

"Madame, power in the world does not represent three views." Xiao Nian stood at the meeting table and said sarcastically.

"But three outlooks can never defeat power."


When I was young, I couldn't refute it. It was the people who were above me who could say such shameless words.

Xia Yu stood aside, staring anxiously at Xiao Nian, unable to understand what had happened.

"It seems that our conversation is not pleasant."

Luo Qi doesn't want to communicate more about it. In fact, she has saved a little face for shixiaonian.

Otherwise, she could send someone to pick up her granddaughter directly, but she was afraid of a mother's mood, so she reminded her in advance.

But it's obvious that shixiaonian has only hatred for her.

Said, Luo Qi is about to hang up the phone, when Xiaonian holds the cell phone tightly, said coldly, "madam, I'm not the only ant you can trample on at will, and you can't expect to take my daughter away."

"Is it?"

Luo Qi is a little surprised. Unexpectedly, Xiao Nian would say such a thing.

It's a little beyond our capacity.

For the palace family, what is she not an ant?

When he hung up the unpleasant call, Xiaonian sat down heavily in the chair, held the mobile phone in his hands and put it on his forehead, slowly closed his eyes, and suppressed his inner pain.

It's too much.

As soon as she appeared in China, Luo Qi's phone came after her.

It's not enough to take one of her sons. It's also necessary to rob her daughter. Does the palace family have to force her into a desperate situation to give up?

Too hard.

When she thought of her son, who she had never met before, Xiaonian was very upset. Her fingers were even tighter and her lips were slightly trembling.

She has been asking about what the Xi family is running. She just wants to know how powerful and capable the Xi family is, and whether she can take her son back.

The night before returning home, Xi Jitao, her father, called her into the room. He was a serious and old-fashioned middle-aged man who valued men over women.

Xi Jitao is not good to her, but not bad, at least much better than Shizhong.

"I agree with you to go back to China. Xi Yu likes painting. You stick to this interest for him. Girls don't need to do anything important." The father said with a serious face, "I know that you have never been willing to take back your son, but you should remember that in the face of the palace family, we can only protect ourselves. And this is still on non British land. "


"In China, it's hard to say that you should be careful. But you also remember that the Xi family will be your strongest support. If you have something to do, you can find qianchu. "

That sentence shattered all her hopes.

Self insurance only.

Her father told her that it was not easy for her to have a daughter around her now.

The Xi family can save this daughter for her at most, so that she can no longer expect to have both children.

"Xiaonian, are you ok?"

Xia Yu pulled out a chair and sat down beside her, looking at her anxiously.

When Xiaonian put down his cell phone, came out of the memory, opened a pair of slightly red eyes and looked at his friend, pretending to say easily, "it's OK, the palace family has an inch to go, and I have to rob my daughter."

She spoke in a light voice.

She has seen too much of the mean means of the palace family.

"It's too much." When Xia Yu listened to Xiaonian, he mentioned something on the phone. He couldn't help being angry for her. For a while, he couldn't help saying, "Xiaonian, do you want to talk to Gong Ou?"

The sun outside the landing window is just warm.

"Look for him?" When small read like to hear what joke to smile like, "I look for him to come out to humiliate me?"

"I don't think Mr. Gong is like that. There may be a misunderstanding between you."

Xia Yu speaks for Gong ou.

"Misunderstanding? I used to think so, huh. "

When she thought of Gong ou, Xiaonian could think of her life in prison for half a year in the tower. With a low smile, she put her mobile phone aside, picked up a spoon and scooped out a mouthful of congee with preserved eggs and lean meat and put it into her lips.

Waxy soft taste.

You can't eat such good porridge in England and Italy.

"It's true, Xiaonian. I once thought Mr. Gong was scum. But when you disappeared from the hospital, Mr. Gong was very nervous and flustered. His hands were shaking. I felt that he cared about you very much." Summer rain says again.

When I heard it on the phone, Xiao Nian hated Gong's family and Gong ou. Xia Yu always wanted to find a chance to make it clear to her.


When Xiaonian's hand holding the spoon froze, the porridge fell back to the bowl little by little, and her eyes were somewhat dull.

Very nervous.

Very flustered.

Really? It sounds so false. It's not true at all.

"When small read is to sneer again ground smile," really be flattered

At that time, he dumped her again and again, she put down her self-esteem and personality to save, only for a greater humiliation, she was afraid of humiliation, did not believe it.

No more.

"I'm telling the truth."

"Take it as true." When Xiaonian ladled a spoon of porridge into his mouth and slowly swallowed it into his throat, he looked up at Xiayu. "But it's true that he dumped me. It's true that he didn't come to see me for half a year. It's true that he swore an oath with Mona on the night I gave birth to twins."

None of this is fake.

They all said that she didn't break up with each other, but her hatred for Gong Ou had already been implanted in her own blood.


Hearing these words, Xia Yu was speechless.

Of course, she also saw the news that Gong Ou was going to be engaged.

But since seeing Gong ou, Xiaonian is so anxious that she doesn't believe that Gong Ou doesn't love Xiaonian.

When small read to drink porridge, convergence under ironic smile, staring at the bowl of porridge slowly said, "summer rain."


"Do you know how I got here during my half year at the tower? Do you know what it's like to be imprisoned? "


"If it wasn't for twins, I would have died."


Xia Yu looks at her stupidly, and then never mentions Gong Ou again.

The reception room was so quiet that a needle could be heard.

When Xiaonian sat there, with a spoon gently stirring porridge.

"Well, I won't mention it later."

"Thank you."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

"You've just returned home. You'd better go back to have a rest earlier. I'll talk to you about business later." Xia Yu said, "is the accommodation fixed? Or stay in a hotel first? I'll fix it for you? "

"At the beginning of the thousand years, someone has bought my house for me. It's in the port of heaven."

In S City, there are few security jobs better than tianzhigang community.

"Port of heaven?" Xia Yu looked at her in amazement. "Do you want to return to the harbor of heaven?"

Xia Yu knows a lot of things between Xiao Nian and Gong ou, and feels strange about her decision.

Back to the old place?

When Xiaonian looked at her like this, she smiled, put down the spoon in her hand, and said, "summer rain, after such a long time, I have learned a truth that nothing can be solved by escape."


"I didn't plan to live in hiding this time. I didn't do anything wrong. Why am I always submissive and secretive?" When small read a word to say.


Xia Yu looks at her like a stranger.

When small read once because when the flute splashed the black water and dare not go out of the thing, she still remember now.

When Xiaonian sat there, he continued, "how about the harbor of returning to heaven? I'm sorry that it's not me who has that feeling. I've done my best to protect it, but I can't defend it until the end."

She's right.

She chose to face everything.


"Port of heaven doesn't mean anything to me now. It's just a place with better security measures." It's just a community.

Xia Yu looked at her stupidly, for a long time, and then said, "Xiaonian, you have changed."

At this moment, Xia Yu felt that Xiaonian had changed, not because of her dress, not because of her temperament, but because something in her bones had changed, not because of her sad tears.

Like a flower swaying in the wind and rain, it seems to be weak. When approaching, I found that its stem is tough, folding constantly and standing proudly.

"Is it?"

In the eyes of Xiaonian, there is a flash of astringency.

"I think it's a good change." Xia Yu said heartily, "I'm very happy. My friend is stronger and stronger."

"I think I'm strong enough to survive by the means of the palace."

When Xiaonian laughed at himself.

Think about that half year's life, she has nothing to do with it.