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Chapter 726 I'sm here to save you


She was saved.

She's still saved. She'll come back to life.

"Adoptive father."

When Xiaonian ran to the other side recklessly, Gong Gu continued to shoot at the sky with the gun and shouted, "take Bogler and mention the reward!"

"Thank you, young master!"

Hearing this, the bodyguards rushed into the execution forest.

The guards immediately pushed the huge crystal to the side, and then they took Bergler and scattered. When Xiaonian ran to Fengde's side, he reached out to help him, "father, get up quickly."

"Tree, tree."

Feng de lies on the ground. There is no perfect place on his body. He is bloodstained. He raises his muddy and bruised face and looks at the crystal pushed aside.

The crystal fell to the ground, and Angelina fell with her. She could not feel anything, but slept in silence.

"Step up first, father."

Shi Xiaonian said, trying to pull him up.

"Give it back to me, give it back to me." Feng de opened his chapped lips and murmured that he could only see the crystal and climb to it step by step.

He always cut clean fingers to pick out traces on the ground. Every step he took seemed to have exhausted his whole life's efforts. It was shocking to see that there were traces of blood on his body.

He's crawling towards the crystal.

When Xiaonian stood there and saw Feng de like this, he felt sad immediately and shouted, "Mr palace, help me."

The R palace has been keeping by her side. Hearing the words, Xiao Nian immediately follows her and holds up the fallen crystal.

Feng de climbs hard to the crystal step by step, and finally climbs to the side of the crystal. He climbs the crystal with his muddy blood hand, and sits up from the ground laboriously. He looks at the beautiful woman in the crystal. His mouth is torn. It's like laughing or crying.

"It's OK. I'll save you. I'll save you."


When hearing the hoarse voice, Xiaonian's eyes could not help being a little sour. The adoptive father is usually so cultured and clean, but since he came to the island, he has become unlike himself.

All the memories, debts, anger, self blame and feelings came together. She had never seen her adoptive father like this.

She is very distressed, very distressed.

Execution forest shot four times, when small read squat next to the crystal, hand touch on the crystal, a pair of eyes also carefully observed, finally she touched a switch.

She went up to turn on the switch and split the crystal into two parts. Angelina just sat inside, motionless, with a pale and beautiful face, pale eyebrows, closed eyes, drooping eyelashes and no color on her lips.

Seeing Xiaonian, he opened the crystal, and Feng de immediately stood up to hold Angelina out, but he couldn't even stand at the moment, and the whole person trembled, shaking his hands towards Angelina.

Before the fingertip touched Angelina's face, the Fengde man suddenly fell to the ground and passed out.

"Adoptive father!"

Xiaonian's eyes widened in shock.


It didn't take too much effort. With the cooperation of commander ekla, the palace family took Borg island in just one night, and the police also stepped in.

Bogler was arrested.

The old traditions of Borg island will be gone forever.

Gong ou and Feng de are both severely injured, so they are not suitable for immediate turbulence. So they stay on the island temporarily. Xiao Nian takes care of Gong ou and Feng de all night.

The next day, Gong Ou recovered some of his spirit and began to manage things on the island with Gong Yu.

In the room, Fengde lies in bed and sleeps. Xiaonian looks at the infusion in the infusion pipe, wipes his face with a hot towel, and she quietly stares at Fengde in bed.

My adoptive father is so old, I'm afraid that even if he survives this stage, his body will never be the same as before.

"Trouble the doctor."

When Xiaonian nodded to the doctor on the other side, then walked out of the room and went upstairs. In the upstairs room, Angelina was also receiving infusion treatment. Su Yaoyao was beside the bed, sleepy with her face on her hands.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at the woman on the bed, her eyebrows were slightly frowning. The doctor said that Angelina had too many old injuries, her legs were completely paralyzed, her calves were atrophied, and she should have been trampled under the horse.

The doctor said she didn't know how Angelina survived. Maybe she has become a vegetable and has no consciousness.

When small read involuntarily sighed, the voice woke up Su Yaoyao, Su Yaoyao opened his eyes to her, eyes red stripe.

"Are you ok?"

Asked shixiaonian with concern.

Su Yaoyao nods bitterly, holding what information in one hand, which should be written by the doctor. When Xiaonian walks over and asks, "is it the final diagnosis written by the doctor? How can I say it? Can I wake up?"

Wen Yan, Su Yaoyao's eyes are red again, and then hands the information to Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian received the data and saw the final diagnosis result above, the whole person was stunned. Su Yaoyao reached out to wipe away the tears on her face. "The doctor said that after the final observation, she found that her mother's body had been overdrawn to the end, and she may not even have a month's time."

"Why?" When Xiaonian stopped, his face became paler and he said, "don't worry. The medicine is very developed now. There must be a way to cure it. Maybe these doctors can't do it."

"No matter how powerful a doctor is, he can't revive his dead organs." Su said, choking heavily.


Shi Xiaonian can't speak. Su Yaoyao knows better than she thinks.

"If we had not come at this time, would we not have seen her last?" Su Yaoyao looked at the woman on the bed and said, covering her lips with her hands and sobbing.

"No, No." When Xiaonian crumpled the paper in his hand, he threw it aside and said, "there must be a way to cure it. Your mother is such a strong person, and the blow of that year can not defeat her. Now you and your adoptive father are waiting for her, and she will not collapse."

Hearing this, Su Yaoyao cried even more.

"Don't cry, listen to me." Shi Xiaonian said, "don't tell my adoptive father about this for the moment."


Su Yaoyao looks at her with wet eyes.

"My adoptive father's injury is too serious and his mood is too volatile. If you know your mother's condition at this time, I'm afraid he can't make it through." When Xiaonian holds Su Yaoyao's arm and looks at her and says, "I know you hate the behavior of your adoptive father."

"Shouldn't it be annoying?" Su Yaoyao asked, "if it wasn't for him, how could his mother lie here and take the initiative to be the heavenly daughter?"

She suffered too much because of a man who abandoned her and never returned.

"The adoptive father is not such a cold-blooded man. I have never believed that he would treat your mother so decisively." When Xiaonian stood in front of her and said, "so I went to ask ekla. Your mother told him that the adoptive father wanted to take her with him, and even wanted to stay with her later."

"Did he want to stay?"

Some of Su Yaoyao can't believe the tunnel.

Feng De is just using Angelina. How can he be emotional.

"Yes." When Xiaonian nodded, "I asked, in those days, the reason why the adoptive father left was because his mother was ill, and her mother didn't want to die in the place where her husband was tortured to death, so she insisted on going out, so the adoptive father would be filial."


"If there is only one adoptive father, I can assure you that he will not leave your mother alone." Shi Xiaonian said, "the adoptive father is really a good man. Over the years, he has been protecting me and helping me like his own daughter."


Su Yaoyao stands there, his eyes are a bit clear, as if he is thinking something.

When Xiaonian couldn't understand why she had such an expression. It wasn't doubt or resistance, but suddenly, "Miss Su?"

Su Yaoyao is stunned. Then she comes to see her. She is silent.

"Miss Su, please promise me not to stimulate my adoptive father because of this." Shi Xiaonian said, looking down at the daughter on the bed, "she is your biological mother, and your adoptive father is also your father, isn't she?"

She was afraid that Su Yaoyao would be angry with her adoptive father because of Angelina.

The adoptive father really can't bear more blows.

Su Yaoyao stood there for a long time, and she nodded stiffly, "don't worry, I won't deliberately stimulate him, he also saved me."

Today, by the sea, if Feng de had not jumped into the sea recklessly to save her, she would have been submerged in the sea with the waves.

"It's very kind of you to think so. I'll go down and have a look with your mother. Don't worry, I will try my best to save your mother. " Said Shi Xiaonian, then turned around and walked out.

When I got to the door, something flashed into my mind.

She turned her head to look at Su Yaoyao, who was once again at Angelina's bedside. When Xiao Nian's soft lips moved, she asked what she wanted to ask, but she didn't ask.

When Xiaonian left and went downstairs, he was in a heavy mood.

It's not easy to have a sunny day after a rainy day. I didn't expect Angelina has come to the end of her life. How can the adoptive father accept this.

When Xiaonian went to his room, before he went in, he heard Gong Ou's low voice saying, "dig out the material under the execution forest. It should be a lot of wealth."


Gong Yu's voice followed.

"Of course, I'm alone. I've suffered so many injuries. There's little compensation for that!" Gong Ou said in a wild tone.

"You are really good. You can make a fortune by running to find robots. No one can make money like you. Teach me when."

"You can't learn that."




They are already talking about the disposal of Borg island.

When Xiaonian pursed her lips and walked forward, Gong ou and Gong Yu were having a heated discussion. Gong Ou sat on the bed, dressed in a coat, and when he saw it, Xiaonian was dissatisfied with the tunnel, "where have you been? Are you so busy? "