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Chapter 417 you'sre mine now

I don't know if my mother wakes up. If not, she has to prepare for surgery. She is really worried about Xu Bingxin's body.

In this way, when Xiaonian opened the drawer in front of her, she searched in a pile of jewelry. Where did Gong Ou put her mobile phone.

When small read carrying a long skirt to rummage to find, the cabinet drawers one by one opened, did not find, the door was knocked twice, she stood up straight, Yang voice way, "please come in."

Feng de came in from the outside with a mobile phone in his hand. "Miss Xi, your mobile phone, now return it to you."

"Great." When small read hurriedly took over the mobile phone, "thank you for sealing housekeeper."

She can hear from her mother.

"Miss Xi doesn't blame me." Feng de still looked at her with a guilty face.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian looked up at him and smiled bitterly. "I don't know why. I can't blame the housekeeper."

Maybe he is still loyal to Gong ou and only obeys him. She can't blame her for that.

"Miss Xi is tolerant. You stay. I'll invite you again when the dinner begins."

Said Fengde.


When Xiaonian remembered Xu Bingxin and didn't chat with Fengde, she went to the vanity mirror and sat down, while turning on her mobile phone. When she saw the power on picture, she immediately pressed the latest call, pressed mu qianchu's name and dialed it.

It's all a subconscious move.

She has been used to contacting mu qianchu recently.

"You can't wait to explain to Mu qianchu before the wedding is over?" A cold, sinister voice sounded behind her.

When Xiaonian sat on the chair, he lifted his eyes and looked at the makeup mirror in front of him. He saw Gong Ou standing behind her, wearing a dark dress suit and a blue twill tie of the same color as her dress. He looked handsome and energetic, but his face was cold, like being sealed by ice and snow, and a pair of black eyes looked at her in the mirror coldly.

Then, Xiaonian's mobile phone was robbed by Gong ou.

He hung up and smashed her cell phone to one side.

There was silence in the room.

Xiaonian's eyes were dazzled by his mobile phone throwing. After a few seconds, he said, "I want to ask about my mother's health."

"You don't call your father, you don't call your servant?" Gong Ou asked coldly. His eyes stared at her suspiciously. He ran one foot to the mobile phone, pressed his hands over the back of the chair onto her shoulder, and leaned down to her face. His black eyes became more gloomy.

Suddenly, he held her chin in one hand and looked at her in the mirror coldly. "Remember, we are engaged. This road is your choice. You are mine now. Every hair is mine!"

Arrogance and despotism.

When Xiaonian's chin was pinched and hurt by him, she looked at the make-up mirror, her eyes were dim, "I'm not that kind of feeling for qianchu, I haven't loved..."

At this stage, she no longer has to hide from Gong Ou or mislead him.

"I don't care what your feelings are." Gong Ou interrupts her words, turns her eyes and stares at her near face, at her long eyelashes. The words are cold. "In short, from now on, forget him, don't make me angry!"


"I don't want to hear his name from you again!" Gong Ou stares at her surly, "otherwise, I don't know what I will do!"


"Don't mention it!"

"I want to know about my mother's health." When small read helplessly looking at his cold face, said the mouth.

Gong Ou glared at her with a cold voice. "She's awake, you don't have to think about it!"

"Wake up, really?" When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, pushed his hand away and stood up from the chair, "when did she wake up? How is she now? Is she OK? Gong ou, let me make a phone call. "

Gong Ou stood up straight and put his hand on the back of the chair. His face was livid. "Do you think I'm lying to you?"

She knew, of course, that he would not deceive her with such a thing.

"I'm just worried about my mother." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Worried about your mother, or worried about Mu qianchu in sad, anxious to comfort?" Gong Ou stared at her and sneered, "I tell you, Shi Xiaonian, today's choice is made by yourself, not forced by me!"

Isn't he forced?

They scared her with their own death.

When Xiaonian looked at him like this, he suddenly realized that she had done another wrong thing. She misled him into thinking that she had been in love with mu qianchu. He was paranoid, and it was difficult to change what he thought, even to tell him clearly.

This time, she did not know how long it would take for Gong ou to understand that she had never fallen in love with mu qianchu.

"What do you mean to be silent and scold me in your heart?" Gong Ou's eyes were filled with anger.

"I didn't."

"I heard it!" Gong Ou stares at her. "Come out and toast with me!"

He ordered her to turn and go.

When Xiaonian had to keep up with him, Gong Ou suddenly turned his head, and when Xiaonian hit him on the chest, and his head was dizzy. She looked at him suspiciously, "what's the matter?"

What does it mean to turn around suddenly.

Gong Ou glances down at her, then walks to the front, raises his leg and steps on the poor mobile phone.


When Xiaonian felt his head and looked at him speechlessly.

"All right, let's go."

Enough venting, Gong Ou said coldly, leaving with a stinking face.

Gong Ou's face stinks to the outside of the dining room. Xiaonian can't keep up with his steps in high-heeled shoes.

The front door of the dining room was slowly opened from the inside. Gong Ou put on his clothes, put Shi Xiaonian in his arms, hugged her elegant and human like, and walked out. His thin lips held a radian, and his black eyes looked straight ahead.

This face changing speed makes shixiaonian exclaim.

When Xiaonian was hugged inside, the whole dining room was romantic like a forest palace. The light was a light green. The stairs, lights and walls were decorated with vines and flowers. The freshness of luxury made people feel dreamy.

The guests sat there chatting idly, taking photos of themselves and the beautiful scenery.

When I was young, I went to propose a toast with Gong ou. Apart from the people in Gewei cartoon, the rest of the guests who stayed were either rich or expensive. They were all some amazing characters.

Without the people related to Gong family and Lancaster family, it seems less lively and even awkward, but what remains is the people she and Gong Ou deserve to cherish.

After a round of toast, Xiao Nian sat down at their table in the summer rain.

As soon as she sat down, Xiayu hugged her excitedly and rubbed her with a big belly. "My God, you are engaged without saying a word. I am scared. You hide deep enough. It turns out that you sealed your pen for the sake of meeting your husband and teaching your son! Hate! Keep it a secret! "

"Oh, ha ha."

When the small read only smile.

Just before today, she didn't know she was going to be engaged.

"Xiaonian, what's the matter? Why did the bride suddenly change into you? Talk to us. " A table of female colleagues asked gossip.

When Xiaonian didn't speak up, Xiayu directly clapped his face back. "What's the change? You just read the news and talk about it. Here, you write" O "and" n "everywhere. It's Gong ou and Xiaonian. Xiaonian is to give us a surprise, isn't it, Xiaonian. "

Summer rain helped her out.

When small read near summer rain, low voice way, "thank you."

"Haha." Xia Yu smiled and whispered in her ear, "in fact, I was scared, but I can see that you are not forced. Your eyes are touched and happy. I don't need to know so much, as long as you are happy. You must be happy, Xiaonian. "

When she heard Xia Yu's words, Xiao Nian was very moved. She reached out to embrace Xia Yu.

A true friend doesn't care about anything. She can understand with one look at you. She only blesses you and defends you in front of outsiders.

"You're going to have such a big stomach. Pay attention, you know?"

When Xiaonian and Xiayu sat at the table chatting, the quiet dining room suddenly sounded a piano music.

The lights of the whole scene dimmed.

Everyone looked up and saw a bright light on the rest platform above the stairs, where there was a piano, and Gong Ou was sitting in front of the piano, sitting elegantly, playing on the piano with both hands.

Is always read, that only belongs to her piano music.

He plays, sexy and charming.

Gradually, the voice of Violin and flute came in. I saw that the light took Gong Ou as the center and slowly spread to the stairs. The light went down like a person's footsteps.

The light expands on the arc landing below the stair.

The light is on.

I saw a group of robots with silver bodies standing or sitting on the stage. Each robot had an instrument attached to its hand and was playing the romantic music with Gong ou.

Robot band.

Even the guests who are used to seeing the world have never seen the robot band play music, and the intonation is flawless. With Gong Ou's pop-up music, everyone is stunned.

Xia Yu, a group of girls, got up one after another and took out their cell phones to shoot.

In fact, the robots are almost the same, but when Xiaonian recognized that Mr palace played the violin in the middle.

It's amazing. Mr palace can play the violin.

When small read is thinking, suddenly see the light turn, the stairs unexpectedly appear holographic image, is the high-tech palace Ou skilled.

But this time, it's not the robot's hologram, it's her and Gong ou.

I saw "shixiaonian" in white wedding dress and "Gong Ou" in white suit dancing on the stairs. The steps were beautiful with the music.


The picture in front of us is breathtaking.

When Xiaonian sat there, he couldn't believe it. He subconsciously covered his face with his hands and his eyes were moist. He didn't expect Gong ou to prepare such a surprise for her.