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Chapter 1025 the coming of God

"We need both of us to deal with a child?" One of the bodyguards laughed and pulled out his pistol. "You go first. I'll deal with the problem and chase you later."

"What are you going to do?" he opened his eyes in amazement

What did they say solved the problem, and they wanted to commit the following crimes?

The head of the bodyguard ignored Xiaonian, took a pistol from his body and handed it to his subordinates. He said with a grimace, "the whole set of the play should be performed. This is the pistol stolen from the palace family last time. If the body is found, it has nothing to do with us."

In this way, they can go back to get the credit without worry.

"He is your young master!"

When small read excitedly yells, the complexion is a miserable white.

"It's just a young man who doesn't get favor. He won't care too much when he's dead." The head disdains to say, "on the contrary, it's a trouble for us to live. He's injured all over the body. At that time, if the gentleman doesn't recognize our merit, it's even if he doesn't recognize our merit. If we punish him again, we won't lose."

They thought so. Bit was hurt by them. It's hard to judge whether George would be angry with them. He killed people without doing anything, so no one told them.

To the point of insanity

"Explain to her what they're doing."

"What is it, that she should be afraid to pass on her words to the gentleman? Sir will believe her? " The leader sneered, and then said to his subordinates, "go ahead and solve the problem of the maid. Can you really be alone? "

"Just a little child and a maid. It's a small idea. Let's go first and leave a car. I'll catch up with you soon." The bodyguard checked the pistol and pushed the door down.

The moment the door was pushed open, Xiaonian shouted with all his strength, "bit! Run! They're going to kill you! Bit! Bit! "

Ignoring the danger, Xiaonian shouts and pounces at the door.

"What are you doing, bitch!" The remaining two bodyguards rushed up and held down at once.

When Xiaonian almost fell down, her hands struggled desperately with the lock on her wrist, and when she was pressed on the door, she cried out heartbreaking, "run! Run! "

The farther you run, the better.


The head bodyguard turned her body and slapped her in the face.

When Xiaonian immediately tasted a bloody red and was hit dizzy. If she was not escorted by two bodyguards, she would have fallen down.

"I'll kill myself at once!" When Xiaonian's mood was almost out of control, the two figures in front of her were constantly shaking, and she cried forcefully, "call your people back, or take my body to see your master! Hurry up! "

Said, she recklessly hit the car door, at this moment, her mind is blank, nothing can be imagined, just want to be alive, he must be alive.

The bodyguard stopped her. "Are you fucking dead? Shit! "

As soon as the voice fell, there was a "bang" outside, like thunder.

When Xiaonian was trapped in the car, blood seeped down from the corner of his lips, and his face was paper colored.

No, no way!

No, it's impossible. Bit won't die. He will not die. He's just a child. He's not an adult

The head of the bodyguard stood in front of her with his body down. He smiled and spread his hands. "It seems too late, Mrs. Gong. I advise you to cooperate a little. Don't look for death for a dead man."

Outside came the screams of the maids, then the shrieks.

When Xiaonian listened, the whole human figure was pressed into the sea, and the boundless sea water flooded her. She couldn't struggle, and the sense of suffocation crazily attacked her. She couldn't breathe at one time.

"Be smart for me!"

The door is closed.

When Xiaonian was leaning on the car with difficulty in breathing, the whole person became trance from the initial difficult to accept.


He's only 16, he's only 16, he's only gone a little, he hasn't waited for the day when he can boast, he hasn't waited for anything

The car suddenly started and drove forward. Xiaonian fell and sat on the seat. He was cold and shivering.

"Another drink."

The two bodyguards opened the wine bottle again and celebrated with each other.

Those two devil like faces were shaking in her eyes. Xiaonian bit her teeth and said, "I won't let you go. I want you to pay for biting!"

"Shut up!" The head of the bodyguard threw a glass of red wine on her face and sneered, "do you want us to pay for this? You'd better pray that you won't die too badly. "

Red wine flowed down Xiaonian's pale face. She sat there and whispered, "I must pay you for your life."


The two bodyguards were so angry that they couldn't drink any more. They smashed the red wine cup against her, and the liquor wet her skirt.

The car drove all the way forward, throwing the previous shots further and further.

The night was quiet as if nothing had happened.

When Xiaonian sat there, her head was still dizzy. She looked down at her locked hands and thought about her time with bith.

It's too short. It's too short for her to recall.

From the beginning, the young man liked her cake, to the end, he protected her with death, just like a meteor in her life, which could not be erased.

That star is so bright, so dazzling.

She didn't protect him, her elder sister's younger brother

The car is driving on the road of zone 13. The flowers beside the window are blooming towards the cool of the night. It's silent and silent.

A long time later.

"Head, are we almost out of block 13?"

Asked a bodyguard on the opposite side.

The head of the bodyguard opened the window and looked out. The fragrance of flowers came in with the night wind. He smiled and said, "well, soon, it seems that God is blessing us. It's so smooth."

As soon as he finished speaking, the head of the bodyguard caught a glimpse of some people standing in front of a 24-hour convenience store. It was Gong's, and he immediately closed the window.

When Xiaonian saw this, he was about to shout. A black pistol was aimed at her bulging stomach. "Don't shout, I haven't killed the child who still lives in the mother's stomach."

He was insane.

When small read purses upper lip, no longer make a sound, lip horn hangs a long bloodstain.

"It's just like that. You'd better give me some safety if you want to keep your mother and son alive." The head of the bodyguard said, in a very proud tone. The dawn of victory was near, and his whole body began to be excited.

"I'm sure you'll be promoted this time, sir. Maybe you are the chief protector of the whole family." The people next to me are flattering.

"Don't worry, I have a good place to go. I won't forget you." The head of the bodyguard patted him on the shoulder and said, "why hasn't that kid come back?"

"So many bodies will be buried for a while."

"I'm still a little uneasy. You can call him and ask him what's going on. Let him be quick and don't delay his time." Said the head bodyguard.

"OK, I'll fight now."

The bodyguard took out his mobile phone to make a phone call, and pressed several keys to get out. Before he could press the call key, the car hit hard and suddenly stopped.

When Xiaonian fell down on the seat, her stomach hurt a little, she clenched her teeth and sat up.

The two people on the opposite side didn't hold on to the sudden brake either. They both hit each other, and the head of the bodyguard shouted angrily, "what's the matter? All of a sudden, what's the brake! "

"The front is blocked." The driver's voice came.

When hearing this, Xiaonian saw that the two bodyguards were obviously nervous. He rushed to the front, and he sat there hoping to hear his panic.

Unfortunately, she did not hope to come, only to listen to the head of the eye a sigh of relief, said, "what else should I do? Which idiot parked the car horizontally on the road, press the horn!"

"Tick tick tick."

A long voice sounded at night.

The old gray car was still standing on the road, motionless. It was the one standing in the dark.

"Damn it!" The head of the bodyguard cursed, picked up his cell phone and dialed out the phone. He ordered, "an idiot stopped the road. You guys get out of the car and have a look. If you don't, you'll let the car go."

When Xiaonian sat on the seat, there was a running sound outside the window.

She turned to look out of the car window, only to see a few bodyguards on the back of the car running all the way to the front, the bodyguard opened the window and looked out, "be quick, we need to hurry."


The bodyguards rushed to the gray old car and smashed at the door of the car. One of them went around the front of the car and shouted, "head, the driver is sleeping on the car. I think he is a drunk. It's hard to push the car. He pulled the handbrake! "

"Damn it!"

Once again, the bodyguard scolded, leaned his head out of the window, and said in a loud voice, "beat me the door and the driver, go in and drive away."

At this time, it's better to kill the drunk driver directly.

Smell speech, when small read's face again ugly several minutes, can't move is to kill stab, is really a group of madmen.


The bodyguards answered in unison. They stood by the door. They picked up a pistol and aimed it at the window. Before they could open the insurance, they heard the car start.

A few people were stunned and watched the lights suddenly come on at night. Suddenly, the old car suddenly turned around and the body of the car tilted over completely. Before they could understand what was going on, they were knocked aside heavily.

The head of the bodyguard peeped out and looked at the scene in shock. He saw that the car suddenly came towards them, and the light suddenly turned into a high beam light, which made him unable to open his eyes.

The car on the opposite side rushed at them at an unhelpful speed.

"Damn it! Kill him! "

The head of the bodyguard quickly drew back and took out his pistol.

When Xiaonian sat there with a gunshot, he only heard a scream of "ah". Then he saw another bodyguard sticking out of the window hanging his head. The strong smell of blood rushed into the car, and all the blood splashed on the window.