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Chapter 728 love at dusk


Feng de smiled and nodded, as if he had been many years younger. He looked down at the woman in the wheelchair and said, "we have dinner. We have your favorite fish. I was going to go to the sea myself, but Xiao Nian refused, so I had to let others go fishing."

When Xiaonian looks at Angelina.

She sat in a wheelchair, gray blankets covered her atrophied legs. She didn't hear them talking, and she didn't make a sound. A pair of clear eyes just looked at the sea in the distance which was golden by the setting sun. When she was

looking at the past, Xiaonian looked at the sea in a flash. The sea was a little unreal.

"She likes the sea very much. Although she used to live on the island, she seldom had the chance to see the sea." Feng de stood behind Angelina and said with a smile that made her a little spoiled. "I didn't expect she didn't know anyone, but she still liked the sea so much."

Feng De's voice was hoarse and gentle, but Xiao Nian was very sad.

"Get ready for dinner."

Xiaonian said with a smile, carrying the plate to the table and putting it on it.

Su Yaoyao and the landlord's wife are standing there to make dishes, just like when she came to the island on the first day. Today is their last day on the island.

"It was them."

The landlady suddenly stood there and said, looking in the direction of Feng de and Angelina, "I recognize them."

"Well." He smiled and nodded, put his knife and fork on, and said, "if there were no feudal system on the island, they would be able to go through these years together."

The landlady sighed with emotion and said, "at that time, I thought they were so good. I didn't expect that the girl became the heavenly daughter, which good person would voluntarily become the heavenly daughter."


When Xiaonian stabbed her in the heart.

"I don't know what she was thinking when she accepted all the torture without hesitation?" Said the landlady with emotion.

When Xiaonian looks at Su Yaoyao, she hears the sadness on her face, and her heart is also very upset. She also wants to know what Angelina was thinking.

How can someone be willing to be a heavenly daughter, tortured, trampled, trampled, and still have to work hard to live and not let himself die.

How many people can do this courage?

"The food tonight is very rich. I haven't seen it before." Gong Yu and Gong Ou come from the side, and Gong Yu looks at a table full of vegetables and says.

Gong Ou steps forward and conventionally holds Shi Xiaonian in her arms.

"We'll leave tomorrow, so we asked the landlady to pick some special dishes on the island." When small read light smile said, turn Mou to see to Gong ou, "sit down to eat."


Gong Ou sits down with his head in his arms.

Over there, Feng De also pushes Angelina over. He picks up a bowl of soup and feeds it to Angelina bit by bit. Angelina seems to have forgotten her instinct of eating and swallowing.

She sat there, her expression numb, letting Feng de feed herself, forgetting to swallow, and the soup flowed down the corner of her mouth.

Feng De quickly took up the tissue and wiped it off for her, then continued to feed her like coaxing children, and said, "come on, swallow it, swallow it and then drink it, darling."

Angelina looked at the sea with clear eyes. She didn't know if she had heard it. Occasionally she would swallow it. Occasionally she would forget that she let the soup in her mouth flow down again and wet her chin.

Feng de went to wipe it again. He didn't take a bite of his dinner.

The picture is sad, and it also makes people unable to have appetite. However, few people on the table didn't speak, Gong Ou didn't look at it, just ate with concentration.

This table of food was prepared in a hurry. He can't waste it.

When Xiaonian handed over a bowl of soup to Feng De, Feng de looked at her gratefully, and then looked at Gong ou. Gong Ou didn't forbid him to drink the soup Xiaonian boiled this time. Feng de then took the soup and continued to feed Angelina.

"She looks much better than yesterday."

Gong Yu looked at Angelina and said, the voice in the broadcast cavity is very comforting.

"Yes, I look much better and eat more than yesterday." Feng de said with a smile, in a very happy and proud tone, as if it was really something to be proud of.

"My adoptive mother seems to like my soup. I cook it for her every day after I go back."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"That's not good."

"Why not? Isn't it normal for a daughter to take care of her adoptive mother?" "Then Xiaonian said with a smile," after all, the adoptive mother must be very beautiful when she was young. Her eyes are really bright, like jewels

Hearing this, everyone looked into Angelina's eyes. Although the face was beautiful, it was still stained with rings. But those eyes were like jewels. No matter how many years they were shining, they were extremely beautiful.

It's beautiful.

Looking at her eyes alone, I can't see that she is old, and she looks like a young girl.

"Not as good as you!"

Gong Ou looks up at Xiaonian and says.


A table is silent.

In the light of the sun, Angelina sat there, swallowing the soup. When she looked with clear eyes, she read carefully. Suddenly, the corner of her mouth drew, as if laughing.

Everyone was stunned and stared at her.

"She smiled."

I don't know who said that. Feng de looked at Angelina stupidly, and all the bowls in his hands fell down.

When Xiaonian immediately showed Angelina a gentle smile, Angelina looked at her, and the smile on the corner of her mouth deepened.

Angelina is really beautiful.

With that pair of eyes, shixiaonian can be sure that she was really the most beautiful girl on the island when she was young.

This woman is so great that she has paid too much for Fengde and her family. I'm afraid that even Gong Ou has some respect for her. Otherwise, she won't tolerate such people to have dinner with them.

Su Yaoyao walked over, took a handkerchief and carefully wiped the juice from Angelina's lips. She said to Feng De, "Hello, I'll wipe it."

Wen Yan, Feng De's eyes stagnated, staring at Su Yaoyao stupidly, and then smiled.

When Xiaonian sits opposite them and quietly looks at this scene and smiles, it's really good.

It would be better if Angelina's life could be extended indefinitely.

The adoptive father's family will live happily ever after, and any lack of shaking and guilt will become indestructible feelings.

The evening of the day seemed to be extraordinarily long.

After supper, the whole island was still full of sunshine. Before leaving, Xiao Nian was led by Gong Oula to go for a walk on the island.

The islanders gathered in the small hotel to watch TV.

Bodyguards guard the island dutifully.

Feng de pushes Angelina to the sea. The closer she gets to the sea, the louder the sound of the waves is. Waves hit the shore, and the setting sun is on the other side of the sea.

The road is getting softer and softer, so it's not suitable for wheelchair to go on.

Feng de lowered her head and saw Angelina looking at the sea, her lips slightly raised, as if smiling. "Are you very happy? Want to be closer to the sea, right? "


Angelina didn't answer, she just looked at the sea.

Seeing this, Feng de reached for the wound on his chest, bit his teeth, and then reached out to lift Angelina from the wheelchair.

Angelina was thin and almost weightless, but Feng de was hurt. She still had some difficulty in holding her, and her body was shaking.

Su Yaoyao, who was not far behind them, said, "hello."

She was worried.

Feng de stood in the glow of the beach, turned his eyes to Su Yaoyao, smiled and said, "it doesn't matter. I can hold you. Your mother wants to see the sea."


Su Yaoyao closed her mouth and watched Feng de walk to the seaside with Angelina in his arms. He walked so firmly that he did not hesitate for a minute. He always held the man in his arms tightly.

Su Yaoyao followed.

The more he took over the beach, the more up she found Angelina's lips. She really liked the sea.

When she arrived at the seaside, Feng De's physical strength was more and more exhausted, and she could no longer support her. Su Yaoyao hurried forward to help. Feng de sat down at the seaside, held Angelina in her arms, and covered her legs with a blanket.

Su Yaoyao stood back, his eyes a little red.

After sitting down, Feng de gasped hard for a long time, then came to him, looked up at the calm sea in front of him, and said with a smile, "for decades, I didn't expect that we could come to this seaside together."


Angelina leaned in his arms, very meek, no resistance, no feelings, just looking at the sea, occasionally looking at the birds flying low.

"At that time, you just went straight to the sea and scared me to death. I thought I couldn't find you several times." Feng de muttered to himself, whether Angelina had listened or not, and looked at the sea with one eye, "well, I've got you back."


Angelina's lips are up and smiling.


Su Yaoyao stood aside quietly, listening to the voice of Fengde, her eyes were even redder.

"You always liked to say that you wanted to be a tree by the sea. Did you like the sea so much?" Asked Fengde.


No one responded to him.

"You see, I still have the pocket watch you sent me. I haven't let it go bad for decades." Feng de said, "I can't hear it now. I can't sleep."

Feng De takes the pocket watch off his body, opens the cover, puts the pocket watch in Angelina's ear and lets her listen.


Ticking ticking.

Ticking ticking.

The second hand moves little by little, just like the rhythm of the waves, just like his heartbeat at this time.

Angelina listened to the sound of the watch quietly, with one eye still looking at the sea. Feng de looked down at her peaceful smiling face, and looked at him and smiled.

"You can't recognize me. I'm too old to recognize myself."

Feng de said with a smile.


Angelina smiles.

"After I escaped from the island, I went around to see my mother for treatment, but she left." "Then I worked alone outside, and then I became a housekeeper," said Fengde