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Chapter 580 getting under the desk

She is now sure that the password set by Gong Ou must have something to do with her.

After he took the medicine last night, he became like that. With those words, she understood that she was the only one in his world. She believed that in his heart, there would be only one password.

But what's wrong with engagement?

Only once more chance, the third time will automatically alarm.

What else is the password related to her?

"When Xiaonian, I feel hurt when you lose your hair, but I pushed you that day, and I hurt you. I'm a madman. I dare to hurt you. How can I have the face to see you if I can't cure my illness? I can't see you. "

When Xiaonian crouches there, he remembers what Gong Ou said last night.

That day.

Four years ago, the N.E. staff left the nest, and there was a lot of rumors. Gong Ou chose to leave on that day, which was a very special day for Gong ou.

In this way, Xiaonian reaches out and slowly presses down the day.

Four letters appear on the display of the password lock: open.

It's a success.

It was really that day.

When the heart of small read faint pain, that day is to change her and Gong Ou life trajectory of a day, she should have thought of.

She reached for the medical record and heard the door open.

She quickly closed the drawer.

No, she can't stand up abruptly now. Once she stands up, Gong ou will surely guess what she is doing here. She can't easily guess the password and let Gong Ou change it again.

When Xiaonian squatted there anxiously, only to hear the footsteps getting closer and closer to this side. Her heart crossed and she simply crawled under the desk. The whole person curled up and sat inside, leaning carefully on the back board and sticking it in the corner.

"President, the signing date with Hengsheng is set to be ten days later, OK? In addition, you have two interviews tomorrow morning. "

Secretary walked in after Gong ou.

"Yes, the itinerary after the signing has been arranged as liquid. Don't arrange it for me." Gong Ou's indifferent voice came into Xiao Nian's ear.

When Xiaonian shrinks under the desk, watching Gong Ou's long legs enter her sight, he sits down at the desk.

Isn't he going to have a lot of meetings?

Go ahead, go ahead.

"Well, about a few days?" Asked the secretary.

"Two months."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"The two-month itinerary is all arranged to be liquid?" Asked the Secretary in dismay, for a second he lost his due attitude.

"Any questions?"

Gong Ou looks at the Secretary coldly.

"No, no problem." The Secretary dare not say that there is a problem. "Is there anything important for the president to do?"


Gong Ou vetoed and turned on the computer at his desk.

Not now. Maybe there will be then. He just takes all the possibilities into consideration.


"You're just a secretary." Gong ouleng reminds his secretary.

The Secretary swallowed his saliva, nodded and said, "yes, President, now I will invite the leaders of all departments in the holographic era to report their work, about an hour and a half."


Gong Ou's voice came down from above the desk.


When I huddled under my desk, I thought it would be like a thunderbolt, an hour and a half? Don't say if she will hide from backache, it will be found.

Don't you go to the conference room to listen to the report.

When small read shrinks in there despairingly thinks, she just wants to study next palace Europe's medical record, why so difficult.

Then, a sound of neat steps came, and she heard someone begin to report the contents of the holographic era, all kinds of macro market research and all kinds of data that she could not understand.

Gong Ou suddenly changed her sitting posture and raised her leg. The toe of her shoe flitted past her arm, which scared her to jump out.


When Xiaonian didn't even dare to breathe loudly, no, she would be found if she went on like this. She had to think of a good excuse for Gong ou not to guess her intention of hiding here.

What you want, you must want.

When Xiaonian was thinking hard, Gong Ou suddenly adjusted his sitting posture, crossed his legs, and came straight to her with his toes, almost kicking her.

There are also people on it who are reporting a lot of content.

No matter what, she can't let Gong Ou suspect that she stole the medical records. She needs to uncover his secret of restraint and tolerance as soon as possible.

In this way, Xiaonian reached out his hand and carefully loosened his coat, took off his boots slowly and silently, and shrank barefoot there, almost touching Gong Ou's feet.

She jerked the collar of her sweater aside, revealing her white shoulders, which made her shiver with cold.

After that, Xiaonian stared at the foot in front of him and began to attack. He reached out and touched his foot. His soft fingers were like a water snake, and vaguely scratched into his trouser legs.


Gong Ou shrinks back and quickly takes back his feet. His black eyes look down coldly, and he sees a scene full of color and fragrance.

When Xiaonian was huddled under his desk with his clothes untidy, he gave him a wink and said quietly, "sure!"


A surprise.

What is she doing?

"President, what's the matter?"

The subordinates stood opposite to Gong ou and asked incomprehensibly. Some of them were eager to come forward and help them to check.

"Nothing." Gong Ou stares at his subordinates coldly and sits forward with a cold voice, "OK, continue to report."

"Yes, president."

My subordinates began to report it.

Gong Ou sits there, looking down at the contents of the document in his hand, but seeing the white flower's shoulder. Thinking of last night's madness, there is a fire in his body.

What is she doing?

When Xiaonian sat at the desk and relaxed, he pulled the sweater back, stared at the feet in front of him, and a smile appeared on his lips. As long as Gong Ou thought she was seducing him, she could find another chance to take away the medical record.

God doesn't know ghosts.

When Xiaonian thought happily, the toe of Gong Ou's shoe kicked her with the meaning of punishment.


When Xiaonian bit her lips, after a few years of quiet life, she was in such a situation, and suddenly wanted to rebel, she reached out and took off Gong Ou's shoes and socks.

Gong Ou's face changed a lot when he sat there, his legs receded, and his ankles were tightly grasped by Xiao Nian.

He can't have a big move. He kicks and hurts her. He can only keep his feet tight. His body is shaking. His subordinates stand there and look at each other.

Is this the vice president?

Aware of the misunderstanding of his actions, Gong Ou did not move any more, and restrained himself from letting her play.

Of course, he was not going to pull her out and be seen dressed like that.


When Gong Ou found that Gong Ou was still, Xiao Nian almost sniggered. She held his ankle in one hand and his fingertips in the bottom of his feet. She watched his five toes curl up.

It turns out that he is ticklish.

So many years, she didn't find out.

When Xiaonian straightened her toes one by one, tut, this man even has such a long toe, and the shape of the toe is better than him.

"Your statistics department, the latest report to me."

Gong Ou's shoes and socks have been stripped, but the face is still a vice president big boss, voice cold and mature.

Flirting with workaholics is also a good experience. When Xiaonian gently scrapes his foot, Gong Ou's toes curl up and curl up.

In that way, he kept Xiaonian from laughing.

The subordinates continue to report that Gong Ou stretches his foot and steps on her stomach. This is a warning. When Xiaonian is ready, he will take it away. He doesn't make trouble again. Let him work hard and prepare to shrink here by one and a half young ladies.

She stopped, but Gong Ou's bare feet were still swinging in front of her, trampling on her stomach from time to time.

Too much.

Stop shaking.

She was afraid that she couldn't help it. Xiaonian thought to herself that the foot was still shaking in front of her. Xiaonian bit her teeth and pricked Gong Ou's foot with her index finger.

Gong Ou's feet suddenly step on her stomach. When Xiao Nian grabs his feet, his hands slide into his trousers.


Gong Ou clenched his fist.

A group of subordinates looked at Gong Ou inexplicably, and the people who were reporting stopped. They were sweating hard on their forehead. How was that? Were they wrong? Is the president dissatisfied?

Gong Ou sat there, looked back behind him, and said coldly, "I'm not very comfortable. Go down first, and report tomorrow."

Everyone looked at each other and nodded, "yes, President, I'll go down first."

Gong Ou put out his hand and pressed his brow, slightly lowered his eyes, and saw a burning bath in his eyes.

A subordinate asked enthusiastically, "president, are you a headache? I have headache medicine. I'll take it for you now... "

"No, go down!"

Gong Ou almost gnashed his teeth and interrupted him.

"Oh, yes, president." The crowd left busily.


The door of the office was closed.

Gong Ou immediately moved back a step, low eyes stare at the woman under the table, repressing the fire in the chest, and asked in a cold voice, "what are you hiding here for?"

When small read to him a shallow smile, will have thought of the speech out, "office hook lead."


Gong Ou's body is more full of fire, which is beyond his control. He suspects that Feng De's effect lasts too long, or that he is on his way back to paranoia.

"Let me out. I'm exhausted."

It's really uncomfortable to sit curled up.

When Xiaonian climbed out from below barefoot.

"I deserve it."

Gong Ou mocks the tunnel.

's long and identical posture made her legs become numb.

Gong Ou looks at her in a mess. She hides her hair in disorder, but it's sexy. He scolds her coldly, "who let you play office hook? Interesting? I told you not to discuss personal matters in my company... "

Before she finished speaking, Xiaonian stood up from the ground, her feet were numb and she shook twice. The whole person rushed to him, and his men consciously grabbed the support, but directly grabbed under someone's abdomen.