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Chapter 260. He deliberately stimulates her

After thinking, Shi Xiaonian got down from C, put on his slippers and left, "thank you, Mr. Gong. I'll go to Gong ou and have a quiet chat. The palace stands there with piano music playing in its silver body.

When Xiaonian walked out of the bedroom, she saw two maids muttering while walking. She walked forward, "do you see Gong Ou? In the studio or in the study? "

"When, when miss?"

When the two maids saw it, Xiao Nian was all in a daze, standing there with her eyes flashing.

"What's the matter? Ask you something."

He looked at them puzzled.

"No, we don't know. We don't know anything." The two maids stammered, then turned and ran, as if on the run.


When small read to look at them to run away in astonishment figure, these two maids how?

She frowned, then walked to the elevator and took out her mobile phone to dial Gong Ou's number.

She was so angry that she didn't cook for a day. Feng de sent her to eat.

Gong Ou's Qi is so strong. She must have not eaten all day. She will make some food for him now.

A quarrel won't solve anything.

We still need to talk about it.

When Xiaonian enters the elevator and presses the number on the first floor, the phone is connected. When Xiaonian clears his throat and is about to speak, he hears a sound of music coming from the mobile phone.

Similar to the electronic music in the ballroom, it's dynamic.

It was so harsh that it came into her ear. When I was frowning, where did Gong Ou go.

"Hello, who is it?"

A girl's voice is playing in the noisy music, so it can't touch the ground.

When Xiaonian stayed in the elevator.

She even recognized the voice, sheileen, one of the women before Gong ou.


When Xiaonian takes down his mobile phone and looks at the above contact, Gong Ou is right.

"Ding --"

the elevator door makes a sound and opens slowly in front of her.

then a noisy electronic music came from far away, exactly the same as the music on her cell phone.

When small read of long eyelash light quiver next, the body involuntarily stiffens, coolness crawls over her back.

No way

Gong Ou won't make such a fuss.

She walked out of the elevator, on a pair of slippers, through the splendid corridor, through a white column, and went to a large living room.

The music is getting louder and louder.

When Xiaonian walked forward, he pushed hard to the white gate in front of her eyes. A loud music came from her, which made her very uncomfortable.

Looking forward, she could see that the retro European style hall was dazzled and dazzling by an extraordinary light.

In the middle stood a row of silver steel pipes.

Young girls wear very little cloth and dance on steel pipes.

Not far away from Changsha, Gong Ou was sitting there lazily, wearing a light colored bathrobe. Several women sat around him, all around him, scrambling to drill into his arms.

No one noticed the emergence of Xiaonian.

"Mr. Gong, who is this? I don't speak when I call you." With a mobile phone in one hand and a half hand to the chest of Gong Ou's mule, Xie Linlin's fingertips circled vaguely on his chest with a delicate voice.

"Leave her alone!"

Gong ouleng snorted, not paying attention to it, and drank a glass of red wine from the woman beside.

"Well then." Xie Linlin put away her mobile phone, went to Gong Ou's arms and said, "Mr. Gong, I want to drink it, and I want to drink it."

"Good, reward you!"

Gong Ou cradles his lips and feeds her drink to her mouth.

After taking a sip, she pretended to be too drunk to pour herself on him, and her hand went deeper into his bathrobe.

A few women wearing hot surnames are learning from each other. They feed Gong ou with fruit.

Gong and ou are all in touch with each other and embrace them in their arms.

What a vivid scene.


Xiao Nian stood far away and stared at the scene.

All of a sudden, she could not hear the deafening music in her ears, nor could she see the colorful lights. She could only see the scene on the sofa.

She just looked at Gong ou, and at the hands of Xie Linlin and others on him.

Gong Ou did not see her at all and enjoyed his happiness.

At that moment, Xiaonian couldn't feel her heart beating and was numb. Suddenly, she felt that if she was also paranoid, it would be good.

She can make a mess out of it as she likes.

But she's not.

When Xiaonian didn't make any noise, he left so quietly.

She knows that Gong Ou doesn't need her food.

When Xiaonian left slowly, she didn't feel at all. She didn't know how she went out. She even politely closed the door for them again.

At the moment when the door closed, Gong ou, sitting on the sofa, had a sharp look.

On the way, a servant said hello to her. She didn't answer, so she walked straight out of the imperial castle.

The moonlight fell obliquely through the forest, on a pale face of shixiaonian.

She went on down the road, straight ahead, afraid to stop.

What is this?

If you have a quarrel, you can go to the left and hug the right.

He is so fierce that he can hurt her twice a day, more and more.

If a person has a past life and a present life, Gong Ou's former life must be a jiazishou, so he can use his knife so cleanly.

When Xiaonian was walking forward, he pressed his hand to his heart, which was suffering from severe colic.

Her lips trembled and hurt uncontrollably.

She felt that she couldn't breathe quickly, like staying in a hypoxia environment, she had to go out, she had to be free.

The street lamp beside the road hit her and cast a long shadow.

When Xiaonian was not far away, a car came far away and stopped in front of her, as if it had already been ambushed.

She stood there, looking so silently ahead.

The door was pushed open, and Fengde and some bodyguards got off the car. When Fengde came to Xiaonian, he bowed his head respectfully. "Go back, Miss Shi. Have a rest early in the night."

"I'm going."

Shi Xiaonian said, the voice came out with a little uncontrollable tremor, her hands on the position of the heart.

She's going out of this place. She's going to breathe.

She's choking.

"Miss Shi, young master won't let you go. Go back." Said Fengde politely.

"What if I have to go?"

When small read lightly ask a way, facial expression is a little cold.

Feng de sighed and looked at her kindly. "Miss Shi, you should know what the young master wants."

Gong Ou wants it.

"Not so good! I don't allow you to give birth to others! Can't touch you can't move you, can't you? I will let you make your own choice! "

She thought of what Gong Ou said.

If he can't touch her, he can't move her. He'll go to the world and hug her.

He wanted to let her choose to kill the child in this way, to kill the child belonging to him and her.

If she doesn't follow him, he's going to make trouble.


There is no greater irony.

She was pregnant with his children, and he forced her to take them away by this boring means.

"Let him die, I will not take the child." When the voice of small read down cold, "he likes how boring how boring."

As he spoke, Xiaonian crossed Fengde to leave.

Feng de makes an eye corner. Several bodyguards immediately hold down shixiaonian and drag her to the car. Shixiaonian instinctively wants to struggle, but he can only give up at the thought that there is a baby in his stomach.

The first three months of pregnancy are the most important.

She can't mess around.

When Xiaonian is pushed into the car by the bodyguard, Fengde takes him back again.

When driving to the front of the imperial castle, Xiao Nian got off the car and looked at the towering imperial castle in front of him. It stood in the moonlight, huge and magnificent.

She had never for a moment felt that the castle was a cage, a cage that could not breathe.

"Miss Shi, let me say something I shouldn't have said." Feng de stood beside her and said earnestly, "no matter what the fact is, you and the young master are still young, and there will be children in the future."

This is to make her obey Gong ou and kill the child.

"This child is in my stomach, he is a life, I will not give up." When small read stands there, light tunnel.

"Why do you persist, Miss Shi?"

"There are some things I can comply with, but I will not give in to."

Shi Xiaonian said, then raised his feet and walked inside. He passed by the hall and listened to the harsh music. There was a woman's laughter in the music --

"Mr. Gong, would you like to dance with me

"This is the bread I just baked. Mr. Gong, please try it."

"Mr. Gong, how about my glass of wine? Why, how did it spill on my chest? What can I do? I hate it, Mr. Gong Um... "

Listening to those voices, Xiaonian didn't dare to think about what a disorderly picture it was inside.

She wanted to go, but her legs seemed to be fixed on the ground, unable to move a step.

Gong Ou is trying to stimulate her.

But no matter how intentional he is, he is also fooling around with her woman. He is really cruel enough to force her to take off the child in such a way.


The door was suddenly pulled open.

The music is louder.

"Are you OK, Mr. Gong?" There's a voice from sheilinlin.

When Xiaonian stood like a statue, she looked over and saw that she was walking out of the room with Gong Ou's support. Gong Ou's steps were not stable and his whole body was full of alcohol. She was obviously too drunk to wake up.

Gong Ou puts her hand on Xie Linlin's shoulder. She is wearing a leopard print skirt with off shoulder. Her makeup is enchanting.

Head on.

She looked at Shi Xiaonian, with obvious jealousy in her eyes, and then she said with a smile, "it's Miss Shi. Is Miss Shi still staying up so late? I'm afraid Mr. Gong won't be with you tonight. "

Later, the woman became Gong's open girlfriend. The more she thought about it, the more she couldn't swallow it.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, without an answer, his eyes fixed on Gong ou.