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Chapter 797 is an end

Hearing this, Gong Yu was relieved, though he didn't know what he was worried about.

Luo Lei raised his hand to him, clenched his fist, Gong Yu raised his hand with a smile, and the clenched fist touched his fist gently.

Later, he was still a friend and a brother.

The birds in the woods began to sing again, forming a piece of music.

The two laughed at each other.

All the gratitude and resentment have passed.


In the hospital, Shi Xiaonian picked up a new newspaper and read it. On it, he used a large area to report the gratitude and resentment between the palace family and the Lancaster family.

It turns out that there are not only two leaders fighting, but also some members of the two clans in private.

As the second young lady of the palace, she knew that these things were still in the newspaper.

When Xiaonian frowned, the two families from big to small, from small to large entangled countless, these are rolling into a growing snowball, I don't know when it will be an end.

When Xiaonian sighed softly and was about to continue to look down, Yu Guangzhong saw Gong Ou pass by her again.


After Lori left, Gong Ou went back and forth around her like this, walking a square and a circle. The whole person was very upset and almost didn't drop the furniture.

He didn't pay any attention to asking him, so he walked around.

When Xiaonian simply ignored him and continued to read the newspaper, but Gong ou could not help it. He went behind her, put his hands on the back of the sofa, bent down, and put his face close to her ears. His voice was deep. "When Xiaonian, my cell phone broke, you lend me your cell phone."

Why is he so anxious to borrow a cell phone? How could she not believe it.

No loan.

"You can repair the broken cell phone." If he doesn't have the ability to repair his cell phone, he doesn't need to be the president.

"I'm too lazy to repair. I'll borrow my cell phone."

Gong Ou said domineering.

"My cell phone is dead."

When small read lightly said, want to see what Gong Ou really wants to do.

"Then I'll charge you!" Gong Ou immediately said, spreading his hand towards her, and Xiaonian turned to look at him, and said softly, "no, I'll fill it up myself."

"I'll fill it."

"I charge myself."

"I'll fill it."

"I charge myself."

"When I read it!" Gong Ou growls out displeased, a pair of black eyes stare at her, "I'll help you! Bring it! "

This tone It's like eating people.

When small read all muddled, Leng Leng ground looks at him, "what's the matter with you, usually don't see you so care about my cell phone."

He really has a problem.

"Here! Hurry up! " Gong Ou stares at her and says, "don't rob me again!"

With that, Gong Ou bends down and begins to touch her pocket. When Xiaonian dodges and dodges his claws, "Gong ou, don't do this. What's the matter with you? Is the message Dr. Luo is sending me related to you? "

Apart from this possibility, shixiaonian couldn't think of anything else.

As soon as she said what she said, Gong Ou's hand froze, but he quickly responded and began to touch the existence of the mobile phone. When Xiaonian said, "OK, I'm surrender, President Gong da. I put it in the room where we were just basking in the sun to recharge."

The next second, Gong Ou disappeared in front of her.

Lori may have already sent a text message. It's not enough to stop the root by other means, so he can only delete it.


When small read speechless to open wide eyes, original palace Europe can run so fast, good exaggeration.

It really seems to have something to do with that message.

All day long, she said that she had a secret. It seems that there was a secret between him and Dr. Luo. When Xiaonian blinked, he opened a cushion beside him and took out his mobile phone from inside.

The battery is full.

Ask Dr. Luo what he wants to say directly. As soon as Xiaonian wants to dial the phone, he sends a text message. It's from Dr. Luo's mobile phone.

Mrs. Gong, everyone has their own concerns and thoughts. There are not so many desperate people in the world, but Mr. Gong is one of them. When he promised to kneel down to Lancaster and apologize without hesitation, I thought that you must be the happiest couple in the world. I wish you all the best.


When Xiaonian sat there and looked at the message in astonishment.

Kneel down to apologize to Lancaster.

At the beginning, what Lori opened was this condition. For her illness, Gong Ou agreed to kneel down to Lancaster. How could he bear the shame.

She thought that Gong Ou was willing to talk to Lancaster about reconciliation for Gong Yu, which was his limit. Unexpectedly

When Xiaonian reaches out to cover her mouth, she can't imagine. If Lori didn't give up the request at the beginning, Gong Ou kneels down, she can't imagine the scene.

And she slapped him.

When Xiaonian looked down at her hand, her nose was sour, so she had to look at her mobile phone. He guessed that Lori was going to send this.

With his pride, naturally, he didn't want her to see it.

But he didn't want her to see it, but he agreed to kneel and apologize without thinking.


How stupid.

What a stupid Gong ou.

It's estimated that in order to intimidate Dr. Luo, don't say it. When Xiaonian thought that Gong Ou was just like an ant on a hot pot, he couldn't help laughing and his eyes turned red.

A running sound came, when Xiaonian quickly rubbed his eyes, put his cell phone back, turned around and knelt on the sofa to see Gong Ou running in.

"I didn't find your cell phone! Where did you put your cell phone? "

Gong Ou rushes in and stares at her, then starts to touch her again.

"That's where I put it." When small read solemnly to say a lie, one face does not understand ground to look at Gong ou, "you did not find?"


Gong Ou frowned.

When small read as surprised, "no, my cell phone will not be stolen, right, I also bound the bank card, how to do?"

I stole it.

Gong Ou's eyebrows were suddenly loosened, his black eyes were deep, and he said, "stolen? It's OK. The bank card can't be stolen. I'll ask Feng De to stop it. "

"Oh, well, then you go."

I nodded.


No more.

No more.

Gong Ou turns around, looks back suddenly, and stares at her doubtfully. "Was it really stolen?"

"I don't know. Didn't you say I didn't find the mobile phone? I really put it there. I won't lose it for no reason." When small read a face to say earnestly frankly.

The reaction was normal.

There are no flaws.

"I'll ask Feng De to find out who stole it." If you dare to steal it from Gong ou, it will be a disaster.

When he said this, Gong ou still looked at it and read it with inquiry in his eyes.

He is still testing her.


When Xiaonian nods hard, Fengde is her adoptive father. She says it's OK. Gong Ou doesn't want her to see the text message. She should not see it and complete his little self-esteem.

"Then I went."

Sagacious as Gong ou can't find a flaw in shixiaonian's expression. He is convinced that shixiaonian doesn't see anything. He turns around and walks out.

"Gong ou."

When Xiaonian suddenly stopped him.

Gong Ou immediately turned around sensitively. "Are you lying?"

As soon as he looked back, Xiao Nian knelt on the sofa, opened his hands on the back of the sofa, smiled beautifully, his eyes bent like the moon, with attractive light.


When Xiaonian asked for a hug with a smile.

"Why do you want to hold it all of a sudden?"

Gong Ou is very sensitive.

Did she see anything?

"Why do you want to hold it? I just want to hold you. " Xiaonian smiled and said, "hug."

She's calling him.

"No, you don't want to hold it for no reason."

Gong Ou's eyebrows twisted again.

"I don't want to hold it. I'm tired. I don't want to hold it." When Xiaonian put down his hand, was passing his body, picked up the newspaper and pretended to continue browsing.

Gong Ou rushes forward with two lunges, kneels directly on the floor in front of her, and reaches out to hold her strongly.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in astonishment and looked down at his low position.

For the convenience of hugging, he knelt down to her.

The man clearly valued his dignity and pride more than anything else, but in front of her, how could they all disappear in an instant.

What a fool.

When Xiaonian smiled and thought, his eyes were wet again. Gong Ou was about to let go of her when he finished holding. When Xiaonian held his shoulder tightly and refused to let go.

Gong Ou kneels there and stops, embracing her.

Long, long.


Gong said they are going to the most beautiful place for their honeymoon.

Gong said they were going to a place where no one would disturb them for their honeymoon.

Gong said that they should enjoy each other's life.

So when Gong Yu's body recovered well, Gong Ou didn't even make arrangements for the registered itinerary, so he took shixiaonian and left by boat.

Because he didn't want to go back to the previous two times. Once he registered, he had an accident. When he was ready for his honeymoon, he went to see a doctor first.

The scenery of Borg island and little Chinatown is good, but they are also accompanied by a lot of problems, so they can't enjoy the world of two.

Therefore, Gong Ou didn't even have a plan, so he took shixiaonian and went out without saying goodbye to anyone. That's just capricious.

On the sea, there are only shixiaonian, gongou, Mr Palace on such a large cruise ship, and some crew members who will only stay in the cockpit forever, and they can't touch them.

The sun is warm.

When Xiaonian fixed the paper on the easel, then he started painting with a paint tray in one hand and a pen in the other, drawing the distant scenery.

Gong Ou is lying on the sofa beside her in sunglasses, basking in the sun, with her hands resting behind her head, and wearing light colored household clothes. She is elegant, handsome and comfortable.

"Comfortable! No one bothers me, it's comfortable! "

Gong Ou is in a very happy mood.

"Mr. Gong, master."

R palace came out from the inside, holding a tray with two cups of freshly squeezed juice on it. It was very beautiful, and it also contained small flowers.

"Thank you Mr. Gong. Your skill is getting better and better." When Xiaonian put down his painting tool, took the cup and said.