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Chapter 802 are you really that busy

"You know." Shi Xiaonian said, reaching for her little face. "Look, how can it get so dirty?"

The two children stayed on the ship for so many days, afraid of being found and always trembling. Here, they were punished to kneel and trained. Their emotions and physical strength were already overwhelmed.

When Xiaonian touched the warmth of her palm, Gong Kui collapsed and threw it into her arms. "Ah Wu" burst into tears, "Mom Mom... "

When Xiaonian let Gong Kui cry and let out her emotions, she put her arms around her daughter, raised her eyes and looked at Gong Yao's dirty face. With a faint smile, "how about you, it's very tired to protect Xiao Kui on the way?"

Hearing this, Gong Yao looks at Shi Xiaonian unexpectedly, and the tense mood on his face is broken. He doesn't expect that Shi Xiaonian doesn't scold him like Gong ou, but asks if he is tired.

"I know you love your sister, but if she asks too much, you shouldn't be satisfied. You can consult with me." Shi Xiaonian said, reaching out a hand and holding Gong Yao's small hand, "we are a family. If there is any problem, we can share it together, right? Are you right when you are so young that you can't bear all the responsibilities alone? "

Gong Yao looked at her with a little flash of water in his eyes. He quickly took out his hand, turned around, turned his back to shixiaonian, and drew his little shoulder.

When the heart of small read like being run over like pain.

It's too small.

The four days floating on the sea had already reached the limit of pressure for him, and he was scolded by Gong ou for a while, especially when he found that the success rate of his plan was only 30.

She didn't go back to Gong Yao, but said, "OK, Xiao Kui, holy, you are all so dirty. Can I help you take a bath?"


Gong Kui nodded in tears.

In the bathroom, Gong Yao hides in the shower alone and silently washes. Gong Kui is in the big bathtub. She is a optimist. She has just cried so loudly that she can have fun playing with bubbles. She smiles with a simple face.

When Xiaonian rolled up her sleeves, she showed her slender white arm and sat on the edge of the bathtub. She managed to straighten out Gong Kui's messy hair.

"Your hair is knotted. Haven't you combed it these days?" Xiao Xiao asked, "the white foam of Gong Kui sitting in the bathtub and blowing his hands." the voice replied sweetly, "no, I will not comb. Those crew members will not have their hair cut."

So the hair becomes a nest.

When Xiaonian frowned, "is bathing even worse?"

"Yes, we have no clothes to change." Gong Kui shrugged his nose and said, "what should I do to sleep?"

"The crew uncles are very nice. They only have one room to take turns. They give us their beds and sleep on the ground." Gong Kui said.

They are warm-hearted good people.

I'll talk to Gong Ou later, and I have to thank you.

When Xiaonian washed Gong Kui's hair, he asked, "how did you persuade those sailors? I didn't even tell us. "

"Haha, holy said it's my credit."

the sunflower pointed to its nose, and a little foam fell on the tip of the nose.


When small read stunned.

"Yes." Gong Kui said vividly, "I told them that dad and mom are busy. They are always outside. I haven't seen them for a long time. I miss them very much, but I'm afraid that they will be delayed in doing business. So we have to follow them secretly."


When small read to listen to heart a tight.

Gong Kui didn't notice her difference. She put her hands together and blinked her eyes. "Please, uncles, let's have a look at Dad and mom. Don't let them drive us away so fast. Please, we haven't seen them for a long time."

With that, Gong Kui smiled, "that's what I said. There are two uncles with red eyes."

When Xiaonian sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched the God performance of Gong Kui, his eyes were red and his voice was choked, "you really think mom and dad spend too little time with you, don't you?"

Pure knitting can't produce so much.

said, "the smile of Gong Kui slowly disappeared. She lowered her head and pretended to be playing with bubbles." her sister said to me, "her sister and I said that she had been living with her father and mother so young that she had taken pictures with her parents, so small and so small."

Gong Kui compared a baby size gesture.

When Xiaonian's eyes turned red, Gong Kui made a higher gesture and whispered, "I've also looked for photos, but I only found such a high one, which is not so small."

She and Gong Ou didn't grow up with their two children like other parents. There were some photos with Gong Kui in her infancy, and Gong Yao didn't have any at all.

When Xiaonian sat there and didn't know what to say, Gong Kui raised her face to look at her and asked in doubt, "Mom, are you really so busy?"

This tender voice is like a heavy hammer hitting Xiao Nian's heart.

"Mom, are you really that busy?"

"Mom, are you really that busy?"

Busy until they came out, the two children tried their best to sneak out, when Xiaonian suddenly felt that his mother had done a special dereliction of duty.

Even if the palace family has more people to look after, children of this age are still eager for their parents' company and love.

Xiaonian blinked his sour eyes and said with a smile, "since you're here, you'll stay for two days to play, then go back to have a good class, and then take you out to play, OK?"

"Good! Good! " Smell speech, palace Kui is so excited that she almost jumped out of the bathtub and clapped her hands happily! I can be with mom! "

After bathing the two children, Gong Kui and Gong Yao finally recover their delicate and beautiful faces.

There was no clothes for twins, so Xiao Nian had to give them sweaters of her own and Gong Ou's just to wear them first. Both children wore the same clothes as they wore skirts.

"Hahaha, it's fun." Gong Kui sat on the big bed, swinging her long sleeves excitedly.

Gong Yao put on a blue sweater of Gong ou. Standing there, he saw that the edge of the sweater was almost over his feet, like an adult squatting there. He was also not used to it.

Gong Ou came out of the bathroom, looked at the two children and snorted, "it's still like this."

Just like two little beggars.

When small read to Gong Kui roll sleeves, said, "Gong ou, we have to buy them two clothes, where do you sell children's clothes on spray island?"

"A little bit far."

Gong Ou said.

"Let's go now." Shi Xiaonian said, smelling the words, Gong Kui jumped up and said, "I'm going and I'm going!"

"No, you just bathed and dressed like this. Take a good rest at home. Mr palace will take care of you." When Xiaonian didn't let them out.

Two children need to rest now.

"You said you'd have fun with us."

Gong Kui is wronged.

"Then tomorrow, too. It's so late today. You should go to bed early and keep your spirits and play tomorrow." When Xiaonian was afraid that she was not happy, she turned her eyes and looked at Gong ou and said, "Dad also said that there is a very beautiful place to take you."

Gong Yao didn't respond, and Gong Kui was excited again. "Really? Is it beautiful? Is it beautiful? Like the kingdom of fairy tales? "


Gong Ou is standing aside, wiping his wet hair, smelling the words, and his eyes that have not jumped suddenly jump down again.


He finally knew why his eyelids jumped. There were two small disasters during the honeymoon. Ha ha, the right eye was a disaster, not a fortune.

Persuading the next two children to go to bed, Xiaonian and Gong oumei have a rest and rush out to buy clothes for the children.

As soon as I went out, Xiaonian found that it was completely dark, and the small yard was full of golden lamps, which made it beautiful.

When Xiaonian stayed, it turned out that this villa could be so beautiful at night.

"You can have a Christmas party." When Xiaonian said with a smile, just about to praise Gong Ou's intentions, Gong Ou had already walked towards his sports car with a cold face.

"What's the matter?" When Xiaonian walked over, "are you in a bad mood?"

Gong Ou glances at her coldly, reaches out to open the door for her to get on. Xiaonian sits in, Gong Ou sits in the cab and starts the car.

When the car drove out of the yard, Gong Ou said coldly, "what's honeymoon

When I was shocked, I felt that the atmosphere was too serious. I couldn't help but pick up my mobile phone, check it, and seriously reply, "honeymoon is often used to refer to the sweet life of newlyweds. The first month of marriage is generally called honeymoon. "

Gong Ou drives the car and snorts, "you also know that it refers to the newly married couple. Is there a child here?"

She was going to take the romantic places he had chosen with her.


Where is his honeymoon?

"Er..." When small read stupefied next, then the first reaction is, "but others honeymoon when there are no children, we honeymoon when the children have two."

Or twins.

Gong Ou glared at her fiercely. "Do you want me to stuff them back into your stomach?"

So they can spend their honeymoon.

When Xiaonian helplessly looks at him, then sits and looks at the lights all the way ahead. The street here is narrow. Maybe two cars will cross carefully when they meet.

The lights shook their faces and made them light and dim.

Gong Ou's low air pressure is very heavy. When I saw him, Xiao Nian didn't speak. He said coldly, "they will have another day off tomorrow and let their family send a plane to pick him up."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's eyes darkened and said, "Gong ou, when I took a bath today, Xiao Kui said a word to me, which made me start to reflect."

"What did she say?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.