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Chapter 691 Theme 2 at the end

"Mr. Gong, how could such a small child find someone?"

"My son is better than you! Go away! Don't make me angry! " Gong Ou shouted displeased, and Gong Yao's figure standing beside his leg shocked.


The police took a step back.

Gong Ou squatted down behind Gong Yao, put his long hand on his little shoulder, and said in a voice heard only by two people, "listen to Gong Yao, now it's all up to you. You have to find Xiao Kui as soon as possible. Your mother is waiting for me!"

Gong Yao looks at him as if he is looking at a puzzle that cannot be solved.

Gong Ouzhi is a more and more strange image to Gong Yao. He is neither like a father nor a mother. His hypocrisy is terrible, but now it seems It's not that annoying.

"I see."

Gong Yao looks at Gong ou, then nods, looks around, takes off his coat and pounces into a pile of sea balls.

The bodyguard opened his eyes in shock. "Yes, right. Later on, when I watched the surveillance, I saw Bob holding Miss Kui and jumping into the sea ball like this. Master holy is so smart."

Children's sight range is not understandable to adults.

The policeman on one side whispered, "Mr. Gong, it's not interesting to study this now. It's better to go to the fifth floor."

"Shut up! Don't affect my son! "

Gong Ou points to the police and looks at Gong Yao with a cold face. He drills around the game area, climbs through small caves and comes out from behind. Then he runs all the way to the nearest elevator.

Gong Ou follows, and the police follow when they are playing with rich people.

Gong Yao rushed into the elevator and jumped up and pressed 5 floors.

"To the fifth floor!"

Gong Ou immediately went to another elevator. When he came out of the elevator, Gong Yao had quickly run to the back of a potted plant and squatted down. The bodyguard asked incomprehensibly, "what is master holy doing?"

Of course, it's simulating Bob's route.

Gong Ou asked coldly, "where are the two children disappearing?"

"Here it is!" The bodyguard pointed to a corner and looked at Gong Yao behind the potted plant. He clapped his brain. "I see. They just dodged a monitoring dead corner and hid behind the potted plant."

No wonder the magic is gone.


Gong Yao stood up and ran against the wall. If he could hide, he would hide for a while, observe for a while, and then run. Gong Ou followed him all the way.

The police followed.

Gongou's black eyes are deeply looking at Gongyao, and his thin lips are tightly closed. The two children can't support how far they have gone physically. In addition, Xiaokui will be more afraid and resistant to seeing Bob bite.

Seeing Gong Ou looking at the fifth floor, the policeman immediately said, "Mr. Gong, I have already said that it must be on the fifth floor. We are vigorously searching the whole fifth floor, even a corner will not be missed."

Words fall, see Gong Yao suddenly run to the stairwell, or run to hide behind the potted plants.

"Why keep running along the potted plants?"

The bodyguard on one side asked puzzledly.

"If you do something bad, you will feel guilty, especially for children. When you see adults, you will be afraid. There were so many customers here, of course, they would hide." Gong Ou goes up the stairs.

"It makes sense. But master Holly didn't think of that, did he? "

Is the IQ of the young master a little too high.

"Keep up."

Gong Ou cold tunnel, followed by a few policemen are a face of Pan acid, but finally found Gong Kui, the police can not come out of the acid.

Bob took Xiaokui all the way to hide from the potted plants, but they all thought it was children's prank and didn't even watch carefully, otherwise they would see something.

Gong Yao led them all the way to the Tiantai. The door on the Tiantai was open and the wind was very strong.

Not far away, I saw Gong Kui sitting on the ground alone, like a fool, sitting there, with dust all over his body, a beautifully braided braid also loose, holding something on his small hand.

"Little anemone!"

Seeing Gong Kui, Gong Yao rushed to her at once, holding her sister from behind and standing up.

“holy。” Gong Kui sees Gong Yao's silly voice. Her big eyes are red, like crying. She reaches out her hand to hold Gong Yao.

"Are you ok?"

Gong Ou goes over, black eyes stare at Gong Kui deeply.

A false alarm.

“dad!” When Gong Kui saw Gong ou and didn't know where she came from, she suddenly swallowed her up. She rushed forward to Gong ou and cried, "what can I do? Alisha is bitten. She's so upset."

"She's all right."

Gong Ou squats down in front of her, wrists his eyebrows and wipes her face, saying, "OK, you're OK. I'm going to see your mother."

It's almost dark.

He has to catch up.

Gong Ou took off his coat and wrapped it around his daughter.

"Whoops." Gong Kui leaned on Gong Ou's leg and choked. Gong Ou looked down at the paper on her little hand and asked, "what is that?"

"Brother Bob gave it to me."

Gong Kui choked.

"What about others?"

Gong Ou thinks that the child is crazy. He doesn't know what he will do to Gong Kui, but Gong Kui is safe.

"My brother said he was gone." Gong Kui looked dull, and Gong Ou looked at Gong Yao again. "Brother Bob is ill again. He has bitten Alisha. I said I was afraid that I would go. He said he would not let me go."

Gong Yao stood beside her and asked, "why not?"

"I don't know." Gong Kui shook his head and suddenly said, "brother Bob said that no one wanted him. He also said that he didn't want dad and mom to want me. He also said that he would throw me away from here."

Gong Ou's eyes are very sharp. "What do you say?"

"Brother Bob played with me. He was reluctant to throw me down." Gong Kui said, "it's just that he's so sick that he bites people all his life. He just sat here for a long time. I said he can't go together. Maybe he's not comfortable."

Gong Yao reaches out and unfolds the paper ball in her sister's hand. It's half a picture. It's torn into strips and then pasted with transparent tape.

The picture shows the torn family.

"This is my painting. I gave it to brother Bob. I asked him why it was broken. He didn't speak and said he was leaving." Gong Kui pointed to the distance. "Now, my brother is going there. He is fierce towards me and won't let me follow him."

Brother Bob is so fierce.

All the people looked in the direction she pointed out, and a policeman said in surprise, "there is only one entrance to the roof, which is the second one to go?"

Hearing this, Gong Ou's black eyes went to the other side recklessly. He jumped to the side of the concrete guardrail and looked down. He saw a prominent platform below. Bob was sitting there, dressed in thin clothes, his legs dangling in the air, and looked down as if he was standing on a cliff.


Gong Ou shouts out.

Bob sat there, smelling the words and turning his head slowly. There was no vitality of the child on his white and clean face. His eyes were lifeless despair and depression.

Seeing him, Bob's eyes are full of disappointment, resentment and hatred.

Bob really wanted to push Gong Kui downstairs for a moment to make his aunt's husband suffer, but in the end, he still didn't start.

He can't do it.

"You come up to me!"

Shouted Gong ou.

Bob didn't want to talk to him. He asked stiffly, "what about Auntie?"

He thought his aunt would come.

So he's waiting here, he's waiting, he thinks he can wait for her, he wants to see his aunt again.

"She's on her way. You come up to me!"

Gong Ou said, gesturing back as he spoke. The police didn't delay any more this time, so they hurriedly prepared the air cushion.


When he heard this, Xiao Nian would come. Bob really had to wait there for a while. He wanted to see his aunt again. He wanted to see the way she taught him and cleaned up his things and laughed at him.

It's really beautiful.

Bob sat there, shaking his legs and looking at the sky in the distance. There was light falling on the opposite building. It was beautiful, just like the smile of my aunt.

Gong Kui and Gong Yao were picked up by bodyguards. Seeing the height below, Gong Kui almost cried, "brother Bob, what are you doing sitting there? It's so high. It's terrible. "

Bob sat unmoved.

Waiting for a long time, Bob turned his eyes to Gong ou and the police, "ah, Yi, still, no, come."

"She'll be there in a minute." Gong Ou reaches out to him, "come up first, I'll pull you."

Bad people.

"You, lie, me."

Aunt will not come.

I really want to see it again.

Bob sat there with his little hands on both sides, shaking his legs more and more casually, looking at the light in the distance. When he hummed, Xiao Nian hugged the tune he hummed when making handicrafts, and gently hummed. Suddenly, he felt that the whole person was very relaxed.

No one will want him in the future.

No one will lock him in the future.

No one will scold him for hitting him again.

After that, he will be very happy all the time, but there is no aunt.


Gong Ou stood there and watched Bob's face get more and more wrong. The child suddenly laughed, didn't understand what he saw, and stretched out his hands to hug him.

Damn it.

If the child is dead, I have to fight with him!

Gong Ou immediately put his hand on the guardrail, got up and jumped to the platform, but Bob had already jumped down with a smile. Gong Ou jumped to the ground recklessly, rolled up the dust smoke, stretched out his arm and held Bob's small hand tightly.

Bob is hanging in the air.


Gong Kui screamed out, and there were people screaming underneath.

"Come up to me!"

Gong Ou bites his teeth and shouts loudly. He pulls bob up forcefully. After Bob is pulled up, he looks at him in amazement. Gong Ou picks him up, stands up on the platform without guardrail in the air, and hands the child to the police.

Bob was carried away, immediately excited to struggle, legs to push down hard, just stepped on Gong Ou's chest.

Gong Ou jumps down to save him. In order to send him up, he chose to go on the edge of the platform. He didn't stand firm. He was kicked back directly, and people directly fell out of the platform.


Gong Kui screamed louder than before.

Gong Yao is held by the bodyguard. He just watches Gong Ou fall down. His black eyes are gaping. His small hands grasp the air reflexively and shout out, "Dad! Dad! "

If it wasn't for bodyguards to hold it, Gong Yao would have almost followed him out.

His voice failed to save Gong ou. Gong Ou fell down and fell heavily on the air cushion.