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Chapter 836 scars on children

The little boy in Xiaoqi's mouth is Gong Yao.

Xiaoqi let her son go, so that a child with an awkward character was willing to let Gong Yao go.

When Xiaonian stood behind her, LAN Xiaoqi said fiercely, "I hate this, I hate this, I think of my mother, I think of my mother, I hate this."

"What do you hate?"

When I was young, I couldn't understand LAN Xiaoqi's character.

"I hate being scolded by my father, and I hate him catching that boy. I hate them all. I hate them so much!" LAN Xiaoqi said and suddenly got angry. She raised her feet and kicked the bed desperately, hoping to break it.

Such a temper is not flattering.

When Xiaonian looked at her, he thought of Gong Ou again. At that time, Gong Ou was angry. Now he can control more.

When Xiaonian didn't know how to deal with the young child, she seemed to say these honest words to her for the first time instead of harsh words.

Little Qi trusts her very much.

As soon as she started, the trust would be destroyed, but she really had no way. Gong Ou refused to cooperate with her. She had to take LAN Xiaoqi as a hostage.

This is the only way she can think of now.

When Xiaonian continues to lean toward lanxiaoqi's neck, lanxiaoqi suddenly turns around and looks at her. Her eyes are swollen with tears. When Xiaonian takes back her hand and asks, "did you just say again, did dad scold you before?"

She was chatting with LAN Xiaoqi, her hands hanging on her side.

Wen Yan, LAN Xiaoqi sits on the ground, blinks her eyes, tears keep falling down, when Xiaonian never knew that the little girl with bad character could cry like this.

At this moment, her arrogance disappeared completely, leaving only pity.

When small read again to her hand, as long as all of a sudden, as long as all of a sudden to stop it.

"Auntie, do you know my mother?"

LAN Xiaoqi suddenly raised her head and looked at Xiaonian. Her face was red with tears under the light, which made her feel sorry.

When Xiaonian shook her head, lanxiaoqi reached out to wipe her tears, and then said, "my mother was killed by someone."

When she said this, LAN Xiaoqi's expression was very calm.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, "what do you say?"

What is the child talking about? How can she know the word.

"My father always said that my mother would meet the bad guys just because she took me out to buy Dolls, and my mother would be strong." LAN Xiaoqi said calmly, like saying a theorem that everyone agrees with.

It turned out to be so.

When Xiaonian looked at her incredulously, "Xiaoqi, do you remember these things?"

She remembered that she glanced at Lanting's information. His wife died five years ago. At that time, Xiaoqi was only about two years old, and she knew that.

"I don't remember." LAN Xiaoqi said, playing with the doll, "Dad said."


When Xiaonian frowned, how can Lanting talk to the child about this.

He has always been crazy about Xiaoqi.

"Auntie, do you think I'm a bad boy? My mother was killed by me, and that brother didn't like me. My father didn't scold me for a long time. Today, he scolded me again." Lanxiaoqi held the doll with her head down. Her voice was as calm as a child, but her hand was holding the doll all the time. "But I really don't want to close that brother. He doesn't like me, and I don't want to close him."

Hearing this, Xiaonian finds that she can't really get off her hands.

She slowly sat down beside LAN Xiaoqi and said softly, "Xiaoqi, you are a kind-hearted good child."

Good children, save her son's children, bear the children can't remember, how can she live up to the most innocent trust.

LAN Xiaoqi sat there and turned to look at her face. Her face was red and her eyes were swollen. She said, "am I really a good child?"

"Yes." When Xiaonian reached out and rubbed her head, "you know that boy is innocent, so no matter how much you like to say the opposite or let him go, it's kindness."

Lanxiaoqi shook her head. "I just want to let him go because I like him."

Rare honesty.

"Is it?"

When small read light answer.

"He looks good. I like him very much. I don't want him to die." LAN Xiaoqi said, when Xiaonian looked at her doubtfully, "death?"

In the face of her questions, LAN Xiaoqi didn't answer, "your adults always think that children know everything, in fact, I know everything, I know what Dad wants to do."

"What does your father want to do?"

Xiaonian didn't pay attention to this problem, but now she can't help but want to know.

"Dad always said he would see mom soon." LAN Xiaoqi said seriously, "but isn't mom dead, and dad wants me to die, right? He also said that he would let that brother accompany me, that is, he also wanted to let his brother die, I didn't want to. "

Lanxiaoqi said this in a childish voice, which surprised Xiaonian so much that she didn't wake up for a long time sitting there.

A chill that did not know where passed through her whole body.

"Xiaoqi, does Dad always say that? He just wanted to take you to his mother's grave. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

Lanting should not be that kind of person. She can't see the extent of his doting on Xiaoqi. How could he harm his daughter.

LAN Xiaoqi sees her disbelief, stands up from the ground, a pair of swollen eyes stare at her, the person approaches her slowly.

"What do you do, little Qi?"

When Xiaonian looked at her puzzled.

"Oh." LAN Xiaoqi suddenly smiled at her, and the smile was very strange and ferocious on a child's face.

When Xiaonian felt that his psychological quality was really poor, he was scared by a child.

When LAN Xiaoqi approaches, Xiaonian raises her little hand to touch her face and continues to smile strangely. "Xiaoqi, soon, soon we will be able to meet your mother. She has been waiting for us for a long time, and she must miss us very much."


I took a breath of air-conditioning.

Seeing this, LAN Xiaoqi put up her ferocious smile and looked at her seriously. "Auntie, that's what my father said to me."

"Your father?"

At that time, Xiaonian couldn't believe that such a polite person would show such a ferocious face, but lanxiaoqi had any reason to lie.

I'm afraid the seven-year-old can't make up these words.

"Yes." LAN Xiaoqi nodded and sat down next to her. "My father said that when the flowers bloom, we will see my mother. But the flowers on the langhuayu island have been blooming all the time. My father said that we can see my mother in a week at most."



When the eyes of small read suddenly, the brain flashed a spirit, is it the flower of the flower sea tunnel? Lanting is waiting for those flowers to cover the tunnel?

"Auntie." LAN Xiaoqi called her name again, and the whole person seemed very calm. "Do you think it will hurt to die?"


When Xiaonian can't answer.

"I'm a little afraid, but my father said that I could see my mother, and I also wanted to ask my mother if I hated her." LAN Xiaoqi said, slowly growing fear in her eyes, "but I'm afraid of pain. I haven't died. I don't know how painful it is to die..."

When Xiaonian heard a colic in her heart, she reached out and held lanxiaoqi in her arms. Two cold bodies snuggled together to keep warm. She patted lanxiaoqi's arm gently and whispered, "Xiaoqi, Auntie won't let you die. Don't believe those words. If you die, you will have nothing. You won't see your mother."

"Dad said he would."

LAN Xiaoqi whispers.

"Dad's bullshit. Don't believe it." When small read to hold her to say, reached out to pluck for her disorderly hair, saw her neck to have a few bruises suddenly, "what is this?"

When Xiaonian's fingers touched, lanxiaoqi contracted with pain, "don't touch, don't touch."

"How did you get hurt here?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"My father beat me and scolded me for letting my brother go. He was very unhappy." LAN Xiaoqi said honestly, "he said that I will destroy the matter of meeting my mother. My mother will hate me. Auntie, does my mother really hate me?"

When Xiaonian heard that her eyebrows were tightly wrinkled, she pulled lanxiaoqi up from her arms, pulled off her dress and skirt, and saw that there were deep bruises on her back and chest, as well as several old wounds that looked like what sharp tools had scratched her back and back.


When small read can not believe to cover their lips, stunned to see.

"I'm cold."

LAN Xiaoqi put on her skirt again.

"It's all from dad?" When Xiaonian asked what kind of person this Lanting was, his voice was hoarse and his strength was exhausted in every word.

Crazy? I beat my daughter like this.

"Well. It's not that painful now. " LAN Xiaoqi looked at her and asked curiously, "are you sorry for me?"

Never before.

When Xiaonian turned around, some of them could not control their emotions, and their noses were sour.

Until tonight, Lanting still behaved like a good man in front of her. To kill Gong Ou is also a reason to say that it is revenge for her. But now, she has heard what she saw.


LAN Xiaoqi reached out her little hand and rowed in front of her. When Xiaonian asked, "why didn't you tell me before?"

"Dad won't let me say. He broke my leg when he said it." LAN Xiaoqi put down all the disguised masks completely when Xiaonian was at that time, leaving only honesty, "but auntie, you won't let me talk against you, or you will ignore me."

She still remembers that sentence.

When Xiaonian reached out to hug her, and thought about the bruises on her body. She dared not reach out to touch her. For a long time, she raised her hand to touch her face. "Xiaoqi, do you believe Auntie? Tell the truth. "

LAN Xiaoqi looks at her and nods.

"You can't die. You won't see your mother when you die. She just wants you to live happily." Shi Xiaonian said, "how about Auntie take you out?"

"Like a brother?"

Asked LAN Xiaoqi.

"Yes, escape like a brother."

When small read to say forcefully, depend on this body scar, she says what also want to take LAN Xiaoqi to escape.