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Chapter 557 muqianchu after blindness

"I'm fine." When Di smiled and stood there looking at her, "qianchu said that his sister would accept the property he returned, even if it was not to forgive him, it would make him feel better. Sister, you have always been kind. "


These two words are too heavy for her to bear.

"I'm not as good as you said. Those properties belong to Xi family. He is willing to return them. I have no reason not to."

When small read coldly said, hands in his pocket turned away, do not look at the eyes of Dixin.

"Elder sister, it's all here. Go in and see him."

Said Shidi.

"I have nothing to talk to him about." In fact, Shi Xiaonian said, she didn't know what to talk about with mu qianchu. It was about her parents' death or his blind eyes.

"Don't talk, he didn't know I brought him out today to let you see him." When the flute stood aside and said.

"I don't understand what you want to do."

Mu qianchu didn't know that she had arrived at the cafe?

When the flute lowered his head, his eyes dimmed. "Elder sister, actually he doesn't want you to see what he looks like now. He feels that he has no qualification to stand in front of you."


When small read silently drooping eyes.

"But I know that I've been thinking about you for the past four years, so I'd like to invite you to meet him, at a glance." When the flute looked at her and said, "OK, elder sister, you go to have a look. One glance is enough."

"Does it make sense?"

When Xiaonian asked, she had too much to do with them.

"Yes." When the flute forced to nod, "for me, I helped qianchu, didn't I?"? I'd love to help him, sister. "

When Xiaonian looked at Shidi and stood there in silence without making a sound.

"Come, sister, you come with me."

When didi saw it, Xiaonian didn't strongly refuse, and took her inside.

When Xiaonian looked down at Shidi's feet, it was not easy for Shidi to walk with that gun until now, with a slight limp.

As soon as he entered the cafe, Xiaonian was pulled in by Shidi and walked to a box door.

When the flute gave her a sign, he went into the box and opened the door there.

When Xiaonian stood in place, eyes slightly drooping, a few seconds later, her hands in her pocket a little bit forward, silent footsteps, she looked up.

It's like a reunion after a century.

In the clean and tidy box, mu qianchu sat on the single sofa beside the table, dressed well, without any dust. He sat there, with a pair of narrow eyes half closed, soft outline, straight nose, lips pursed, one hand slowly touching the coffee cup on the table, shaking his hand in the air for a few times, grasping the handle of the cup, almost throwing the cup down.


When small read involuntarily stretched out a hand to cover the lip, the eye circle is crimson.

He is blind again.

She remembered that when he was young, he was always depressed and could stay in one place for half a day.

"I come, Chiu." When the flute rushed over, handed him the coffee cup and put it in his hand.

Mu qianchu sits there, his face is lonely from his bones. He holds the coffee cup with his long fingers and asks in a low voice, "where have you been? It's a mess outside now. Don't run around. "

"This side of the cafe is still safe. The police station is next door." When Di sat down beside him and looked at him with his head askew, "thank you for caring about me, qianchu."

Mu qianchu took a sip of coffee, which was carefully performed. He held the cup and slowly lifted it up to his lips.

"I said that I could have a better life without you." After a sip of coffee, mu qianchu lowered his voice and said that his voice had no ups and downs, but it was also full of loneliness.

When Di sits beside him, raises his eyes and looks at Xiaonian standing at the door. He smiles bitterly, "I don't want to leave. I know you don't like me. You let me be your friend or maid, I will."


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at them silently, as if looking at their four years.

"You know, these four years have been a very fulfilling and satisfying life for me." When the flute words is said to Mu qianchu, but the eyes are looking at the direction of Shi Xiaonian, "I used to be jealous of my sister, always thinking of possession, so long as I can possess you, I don't care to use some means."


Muqianchu sat in silence without a word.

"Now I think I was really disgusted at that time. I almost made you seriously ill." When Di said, her voice was choked, but she still smiled, "I can accompany you now and take care of you like my older sister before. I feel very stable in my heart."

Mu qianchu is still silent.

Just like Xiaonian, the answer that can't be given will never know how to give, give, or be afraid of injury; neither give, nor be afraid of injury.

The one who loves deeply is always doomed to be hurt.

When Xiao Nian looked at them quietly, mu qianchu was also thin. She still remembered what mu qianchu wanted four years ago. She was so spirited.

In fact, it's not easy for him to take the property and power of the Xi family.

That game was set for her, but they all lost.

"By the way." "My sister has come here to go through the formalities. It seems that she is in a nearby law firm. Do you want to have a look? What if there's a procedure for you to show up? "

"The lawyer will contact me."

Mu qianchu holds the coffee cup and carefully fumbles it back on the table.

"Don't you want to see your sister? We are about to leave here. "

"Why do you say so much today?" Mu qianchu realized something was wrong and frowned slightly. "You don't do anything behind my back, do you?"

"No." When the flute hurriedly denied, "I didn't do anything."

"Go and have a meal."

Said Mu qianchu.

"OK." Shidi nods obediently, stands up and leaves. When shixiaonian passes by, Shidi takes a deep look at her.

When Xiaonian wanted to leave, but he couldn't move his feet.

She looked at the dream of qianchu in the box, which she had not seen for four years.

Moqianchu was sitting there alone. For a long time, he stood up from the sofa and walked forward with his fingers touching the edge of the sofa. His eyes were half closed, with long eyelashes and no luster in them.

On several occasions, he almost got upset.


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him, there was no movement.

Mu qianchu felt the wall, the cupboard and the door of the bathroom. He pushed it open and went in.

After a while.

The bathroom door was opened.

When Xiaonian watched mu qianchu come out from the inside, his hand still touched the wall a little bit.

Even walking is difficult for him.

Suddenly, mu qianchu stood there, his soft face facing the direction of the door, and began doubtfully, "Shidi, you are back?"


When small read stupefied, immediately even breath all hold.


Mu qianchu stood, listened carefully for a while, and found that it was his mistake. He continued to walk back to the sofa along the wall. He walked a little bit, and his legs would be mixed on the ornaments.

When small read too late to think, hurriedly walked up to help him, so that he would not fall.

Muqianchu fell forward, his eyes facing her, took a shallow breath, seemed to recognize that she was not a flute. Muqianchu bowed his head and said politely, "thank you."

Elegant, elegant gentleman, gentle voice like spring breeze.

He looks like the murderer who will kill the Xi family.


When Xiaonian silently takes back her hand, mu qianchu also pushes her hand when she stands firmly. As soon as her finger touches her hand, she holds it firmly in her hand.

When Xiaonian's body is stiff.

Mu qianchu's eyes were staring at her direction, her eyelashes were shaking fiercely, her face changed greatly, and her hands were grasping her harder and harder.

He was in a bad mood.

When Xiaonian knew, he recognized her.

"It's me, muqianchu."

When I read, my voice was a little dry.

Hearing this, Mu immediately let go of her hand, as if shocked by something. He backed away and almost fell again. When Xiao Nian subconsciously reached out his hand and stopped him.

"Don't touch me!"

Mu qianchu's mood is a little fierce. He doesn't look as refined as before.

She looked at him. There was no voice.

Mu qianchu turned his face away from her eyes without any expression at the moment, but he was not sure if she could not see him, and his head kept leaning back and forth, which seemed extremely flustered.

When small read did not expect to see moqian will be like this again, she lowered her eyes, "then I go first."

He doesn't want her to see it. Then she goes.

There is no need for them to meet again.

When Xiaonian went to the door, mu qianchu was still standing there, trying to turn his face to the side, and heard her footsteps go away. Mu qianchu opened his eyes and moved his lips, "are all the procedures finished?"

When Xiaonian stopped and stood there with a low voice, "it's almost done."

There is a small aquarium in the box, in which the sound of water is constantly gurgling.

"That's good." Mu qianchu's jaw, trying to calm down, a face to her, "you Nothing more. "

He wanted to ask her if she had a good four years, but suddenly he found that he was no longer qualified to ask.

When Xiaonian turned to look at him, mu qianchu seemed very uncomfortable. He tried to find a place to stand, but he couldn't find it.

That was the chaos that Xiaonian seldom saw in him.

When Xiaonian lowered his eyes, he couldn't say what he wanted to say. When the flute came in from the outside, he was lame. "I ordered a good meal."

As soon as he came in, Xiaonian stood there stunned when the flute saw him. He understood that the two had already met and smiled astringently, "sister, sit down and eat something together."

"No, my team of lawyers is still outside. Goodbye."

Xiaonian said to Shidi and turned to go out.

Three people who used to live under one roof don't even know how to talk to each other.