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Chapter 980 cold corridors in hospitals


When Xiaonian ignored him, he continued to search inside.

"shixiaonian, this doctor is from Lancaster. He was going to kill you just now. You still touch these. It may be poisonous! Get up! " Gong Ou pulls her up by force.

"Leave me alone!" When Xiaonian cried hysterically and pushed Gong Ou away like crazy, "I want to save people! I want to save people! "

She didn't know where the strength came from. Gong Ou was pushed back two steps.

He stood there, stunned in the dark eyes, as if he didn't know the woman at all.

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, the hair on her forehead was wet, like sweating. Her hair was messy. Her face was small and pale, and there was an obvious scratch on her right cheek. The blood mark was deep and deep. She stared at him. Her always gentle eyes were like the eyes of a wild animal at the moment, full of precaution and alienation. She breathed breathlessly, her lips were white, and her eyes were both alert and alienated The hands were covered with blood.

She doesn't look like a little girl, but she clearly is.

Gong Ou looks at her, the position of her chest seems to be suddenly kicked by someone. It hurts so much that he pulls her into his arms and hugs her with one hand. His voice suddenly sinks, "are you scared? Don't be afraid. I'm here. It's OK. It's OK. "

In exchange for another violent revolt, she pushed him away.

Gong Ou is pushed back again. She looks at her like a crazy little lion. She stoops down to grab some bottles from the medicine box regardless of pregnancy and runs away.

She ran to the fountain.

Then all of a sudden, she stopped. The bottles and cans in her hand fell to the ground. Gong Ou slightly leaned over her body and found mu qianchu.

Mu qianchu leaned against the wall of the fountain, half of his face was full of blood, his eyes were closed, his hands were hanging on the ground, motionless, unable to see whether he was comatose or dead.

"Be careful. Be careful. We're safe."

Luo lie leads Gong Yao and Gong Kui, who are crying wildly, into the crowd. When he sees it, Xiao Nian rushes to Mu qianchu, embraces him and wipes the blood on his face again and again.

There are so many people in front of the castle that there is almost no fresh air.

In full view of the public, Gong Ou stood there, his body as straight as a wall, and his gun fell to the ground.

In the hot sun, when he looked at it, he read it as if he had lost his soul, without any action.


This is a very serious incident. S city used police cars to patrol the streets all night. People were frightened by the gunfire and dare not go out easily. The relevant departments constantly pacified the masses on TV news.

The lights of the police station were always on, and a batch of witnesses and parties were called in to take notes, and many people involved were arrested.

In the palace's huge network of relationships, shixiaonian did not go to the police station, but went to the hospital.

The corridor of the hospital is very long and empty. The lights are cold. The operating room lights at the end are always red.

When Xiaonian stood alone against the wall, the long corridor turned her figure into a lonely shadow.

The doctors are in and out, in and out.

They passed in front of her, but no one told her how it was.

When Xiaonian looked up at the red light, when the doctor confirmed that mu qianchu had been shot in the head, she had expected that the light in the operating room would always be on and not be extinguished.

Don't let anyone come out and tell her what happened.

It's three o'clock in the morning. After he was sent to the hospital at noon, mu qianchu never came out of the operating room again.

She stood there alone, one hand still left traces of blood that could not be washed out.

A low footstep sounded in the cold corridor, gradually approaching.

When Xiaonian lowered his head and didn't go to see it.

A dining car was pushed into her sight. There were all kinds of dishes on the dining car, which were dazzling and steaming. Each color was seducing others' appetite.

But Xiaonian couldn't eat at all.

"Eat or I'll carry you back to sleep!"

Gong Ou's domineering voice rang above her head.

When Xiaonian saw a pair of black leather shoes, black trousers and trousers on his feet pressed straightly, she slowly raised her head, Gong Ou stood in front of her, wearing a silver high-end shirt and dark vest, new and straight, serious and formal.

Obviously, this dress should have just come out of the police station.

He dressed cleanly, his short hair was not disordered at all, his handsome face had no expression, under the fierce eyebrows of the sword, his dark eyes stared at her deeply, and his thin lips pressed into a line.

When Gong Ou was going to England, she thought that she could not let Gong Ou worry about her even if she took tranquilizers. She should be obedient and be a woman that he didn't worry about.

But when watching this man slowly come down from the helicopter like a God and clean up the mess, she suddenly realized that it was in vain for her to do more in front of Gong ou.

Because he doesn't need her to worry and worry about him all the time. Everything she does is in vain. She was needed by him a long time ago. He needs her to stick to him 24 hours, her cooking skills, her attention and her company.

But now, she doesn't know what happened to them, maybe he still needs her, but she doesn't know how to give.

"What are you doing looking at me like this? Choose! " Gong Ou stared at her deeply, with a kind of aggressive taste.

He has sent people to deliver rice to her four times, but she doesn't eat it. He is in a hurry to deal with affairs in the police station just to deliver rice to her.

"I have no appetite."

The tone of Shi Xiaonian is light.

Words fall, her chin is suddenly pinched, Gong Ou forces her to raise her head to face herself, she looks at him, and Gong Ou's dark eyes are full of envy, and her voice grows deeper and deeper. "I know you are worried about him, but you are not a miracle stick, you can pray for him without eating or drinking; you are not a doctor, and staying here will not help him."

In fact, this is the theory of Gong ou. What you can't and don't have to do doesn't work for you, and you don't have to intervene.

This theory may be right.

But she really can't accept it.

When Xiaonian looked at the handsome man in front of him, his soft lips moved, and his voice was very pressing. "I know I don't have any use here, but I would like to stay here."

"When I read it!"

"Because it's no use going anywhere else."

Shi Xiaonian said, looking at his eyes, there is a sense of recognition. Is there any difference between her here and elsewhere? She can't help anyone. It's no use. In that case, why do you demand where she should be?

Qianchu asked her to face positively, to cheer up, to do whatever she wanted

Gong Ou holds her chin, and his eyes are full of anger. He bites his teeth. "Shixiaonian, you seem to be angry with me. You seem to resent me!"


When Xiaonian wanted to answer No. but she couldn't say it. She couldn't deny the moment when Gong Ou appeared on the helicopter. She had anger, hatred, sadness and dependence

This complex feeling is not understood by Gong Ou or herself.

She slowly lowered her eyes, Gong Ou suddenly lowered her head, and her warm thin lips kissed her cheek fiercely, pressing hard on the wound where she was slightly scratched by the bullet.

When the wound was pressed and hurt, I frowned.

The next second, her eyes spin. Gong Ou picks her up and takes her to the opposite direction of the operating room.

There was no one in front of the operating room.

So cold, so lonely.

When Xiaonian revolted to come down, Gong Ou held her forcibly and walked out for a long time. When Xiaonian realized that his physical strength was not enough to fight with him, he struggled even more excitedly.

Gong Ou's eyebrows are more and more locked. Suddenly, he puts her down and stares at her with black eyes, "Shi Xiaonian, I know you are angry with me! But you have to understand that even if I don't kill that doctor, he won't save the blind, because he is an internal traitor, do you understand? "


Of course she knows.

When Xiaonian bypasses him to go back, his arm is bent and is held by Gong ou. He doesn't look back at her, but bites his teeth and says, "let you stay together for a while and then the old love will revive? It hurts to see him hurt? When small read, you don't forget, I Gong Ou is your man! The man lying in it is the culprit of killing your parents. How dare you try to be emotional with him... "


Before he finished, Xiaonian slapped him in the face and stared at him with hate. His face turned white with anger. "I'm not as dirty as you think."

Who does she love and why does she become like this? He thinks so.

Gong Ou turned his face and was completely stunned. His black eyes stared at her.

When Xiaonian forcibly shook off her hand, turned around and left. Gong Ou immediately caught up with her and looked at her carefully. "Are you really angry?"

When she left, she was still a bird.


When Xiaonian went back to the nearest place to the operating room, he bowed his head and ignored him.

Gong Ou seems to be overwhelmed by this slap. He is no longer rude. He stands beside her and looks at her all the time. He reaches out to pull her hand and is shaken off by Xiaonian.

"I know you don't love blind people." Gong Ou turns around again.

Hearing this, shixiaonian was amused. She looked at Gong ou. "Yes, if you don't know, you won't let qianchu protect me. You know you have to say that. In fact, you still don't trust me subconsciously. Qianchu is lying in it now because of me, but you still can't help but doubt that we have a problem."

Gong Ou stood there like a trained child, reaching out and touching his ears. "I don't doubt it. I'm paranoid, you know."

He hated to be defined by this disease, but in order to let her down, he mentioned it again.

For a while, shixiaonian looked at him, in a complicated mood.

In fact, she asked him a lot of questions and even wanted to fight fiercely. You can see Gong ou like this, her anger could not rise at all.