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Chapter 877 trust from Shi Xiaonian

"In both sexes, men's loyalty is inherently untrusted, which is the thinking of women. Especially for a man whose senior is still such an excellent man, as your wife, you should often feel insecure." Li Qingyan said as he walked towards him, he would spray the liquid medicine in the needle tube along the air.

The taste of the liquid medicine has a peculiar smell.

"What do you want to do?"

Gong Ou's eyes are cold.

"If Xiaonian sees us sleeping together, he doesn't know whether the marriage of the seniors will be red all year round? After all, she is such a jealous woman that even if I kiss you, I will be fired. " Li Qingyan said with a smile, "more likely, she will go straight after seeing it. I'm the only one who's a student. "


Gong Ou's dark pupils contracted sharply, which was probably the first word that Li Qingyan could threaten him after being trapped.

If Xiaonian really wants to see them lying together, he Not sure.

I'm not sure.

He's not sure about the timing, really not.

Li Qingyan put the syringe aside and heard Gong Ou's low and weak voice, "I will let you go and not touch half of your hair."

As long as you don't want to play this game.

Li Qingyan looked at him in some unexpected way. "The old master was afraid of this."

"Make a deal. I can give you whatever you want." Gong Ou has compromised. He can't let Li Qingyan do these things. He can't let Shi Xiaonian see this.

He didn't know what Xiaonian would become or what their marriage would become.

Absolutely not.

"All I want is a senior, but he doesn't give it to me, does he?" Li Qingyan said, picking up a wooden craft on the bedside table and standing beside the bed.

Gong Ou is ready to hide, trying to delay, "yes, these can be discussed."

When Xiao Nian thought that they were going to break in.

Li Qingyan is not a stupid person. Of course, he understands that Gong Ou is procrastinating and says with a smile, "I'm sorry, senior, I don't believe you now."

With that, Li Qingyan smashes Gong Ou's neck, but she doesn't faint. She smashes Gong Ou twice, and Gong Ou faints in bed.

Seeing that he fainted, Li Qingyan pushed him several times. After confirming that he was really dizzy, she quickly put the handicraft back to its original position, and then began to pick Gong Ou's clothes.




Several bodyguards smashed at the door, and Xiaonian stood nervously watching. An aunt next to her pulled her and said, "Xiaonian, you said it's been abandoned for several years. How could there be a flash of light last night? My relative thought it was a ghost fire. He was too scared to run. I thought it was wrong. I was afraid you would laugh at me."

This time, thanks to the help of aunts, they mobilized almost all the resources available to find someone for her and bring her here.

"I'd like to thank my aunt even if it's not here."

Xiaonian tried to squeeze out a smile and said to her aunt.

"Don't laugh if you can't laugh. I know you're not feeling well now. Don't worry too much. Mr. Gong is very tall and powerful. What can others do for him?" Aunt comforted her.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, Gong Ou was still hurt. It has been so long. I don't know how he is now.


With a heavy noise, the gate of the old building was smashed open, and Xiaonian hurriedly walked inside.

Feng de and her bodyguard immediately stopped in front of her. "Xiao Nian, follow me. In case of a trap, be careful."

Finish saying, Feng de and a few bodyguards rate go in first.

When Xiaonian came up, he saw the deserted old building which looked uninhabited outside, but there were all kinds of furniture in it, and there were several barrels of instant noodles on the dining table. It looked like someone really lived in it.

She looked up at Feng de and thought that Gong ou should be here.

The bodyguards were scattered, looking room by room. When Xiaonian saw that they shook their heads, her heart sank. When she went upstairs, she saw that Fengde and the two bodyguards stood still, their faces were complicated.

"Have you found it?"

Xiaonian asked.

Feng de looks at Xiaonian with complicated eyes. His lips are open, but he doesn't know how to open his mouth. Xiaonian is confused.

I suddenly smell a smell coming from a room.

She was stunned and walked towards the room. Her arm was caught by someone from behind. When Xiaonian turned around, Fengde looked at her in a mixed way. "Xiaonian, or you'd better go back to the bus and wait."

"What's the matter? Is Gong Ou hurt? "

When Xiaonian asked nervously, the aunt on one side had already walked towards the door, and suddenly covered her face and shouted, "Ouch! Do evil! "


When Xiaonian looked at her in amazement, he shook off his hand. Fengde still wanted to hold her. When Xiaonian had run past, a pungent smell came to his face.

She raised her eyes and looked in. It was a simple bedroom. There were two bumps on the huge bed. Gong Ou was sleeping in the bed. The quilt only covered his chest. He was undressed and in excellent shape.

And he held a sleeping woman in his arms, also without the inch.

It's Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan relies on Gong Ou's arms, and his slender fingers are closely placed on his chest. He can imagine the boundless spring under the quilt.

When Xiaonian stood there, he suddenly felt that the whole person was blank and had nothing.

She didn't know how she stood.

Why is that.

Gong ou, why is it like this? Is that what she is desperate to find?


Feng de looked anxiously at Shi Xiaonian, who did not expect such a scene.

This room full of peculiar smell has explained everything. He doesn't know what's going on. How can young master contact with Li Qingyan?

"My God, Xiaonian, you have come to him hard. His eyes have been red for many times. He is very comfortable in the shabby house." The aunt fanned the air a little excitedly. "How many times has this been a Hu Lai? It's so strong. I haven't seen it. It's true that men get worse when they have money."


When Xiaonian stood there motionless, his face pale and bloodless, his eyes staring at the two people on the bed.

Are they still awake?

How tired it is not to wake up after quarreling like this.

"Xiaonian, let's go. My aunt will take you away. Let's stop watching. This kind of man makes him sick and let him die!" When aunt looked at Xiaonian, she was very distressed for her rigid appearance. She was pulling her to leave.

When Xiaonian's leg was soft, the whole person fell down, and Feng de saw it and helped her to keep her from falling.

She stood at the door like a fool.

"Xiaonian, why don't you go back first?"

Feng De also agrees to go back first. The picture is too explicit and direct. Xiao Nian is still pregnant. In case there is a good or bad He didn't dare to think about it.

When Xiaonian stood there, like a puppet, he was led by his aunt and Fengde. A tear fell from his eyes and slipped across his face.

"Let's go, Xiaonian. You can see how carefree he is. Such a cheap man is not worth your sorrow. Let's go to aunt's house." The aunt still has to pull her to go, "you shouldn't marry such a man."


Did she marry Gong Ou? I don't think so. She's going to get married, because Gong ou She is the best person in the world. No one can be better than him.

If Gong Ou doesn't treat her well, who else can she trust?


When Xiaonian's eyes suddenly moved, many pictures came to mind, including the fragments of the porcelain Gallery, the stage of Mr series robot conference, the engagement ceremony in Beibu Gulf, and the rose petals in the countryside wheat field.

He is Gong ou.

He is Gong ou. Everyone will betray her and he will always be nice to her.

When small read to reach out to wipe the tears on the face, say, "separate them."

She tried to calm her voice, but her voice was still shaking.

"Xiaonian, go down first. I will do it."

Feng De is very distressed when reading, this time to open the quilt is not more exciting, is that everyone knows what kind of scene will be under the quilt.

"You don't go to me."

As Shi Xiaonian said, he walked forward. Feng de pressed her and said, "OK, I'll go."

With that, Feng de walked towards the bed, hesitated for a few seconds, then reached out to lift the quilt, and the heavy smell of blood immediately came to his face.

Gong Ou's trousers are still on his body, his upper body is naked. The waist and half of his arms that were covered by the quilt are covered with blood, and the bedspread is covered with blood.

This picture is not a beautiful one.


Feng De is stunned.

"Gong Ou!" When small read is shocked to look at, hurriedly run past, the half naked Li Qingyan fiercely move away.

Li Qingyan fell softly on the ground, with scars all over his body. Feng de couldn't understand what was going on, so he turned to the bodyguard and said, "take this woman away first."


Bodyguards come in.

When Xiaonian leaned over and helped Gong Ou up, reached out and patted his face, making a worried voice, "Gong ou, wake up, I'm shixiaonian."

Gong Ou falls into her arms, her eyes are closed and her lips are thin and slightly open.

When Xiaonian found that there was a wound on his lips, how could it become like this? She reached out and held his bleeding arm. "Gong ou, wake up, don't scare me, wake up."


Gong Ou fell into her arms without any sign of waking up.

"My adoptive father, Gong Ou has passed out. Hurry, send him to the hospital!"

When Xiaonian said eagerly, Fengde had come to him, took off his coat and put it on Gong ou, and two bodyguards moved Gong Ou out of bed.

"Gong ou, Gong ou, wake up, wake up, don't scare me, OK?"

When Xiaonian followed him all the way out, he desperately pressed the wound on his arm, and the blood seeped out of her fingers, which made her frightened and frightened.

How could it be like this.

It's OK. It's going to be OK.

Gong ou, you must be OK. Shixiaonian won't let you be OK.

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