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Chapter 869. Not twins

"Yes. ".

Gong Ou's answer was straightforward.


When Xiaonian took down a document again, he angrily threw it into his arms, the button on his chest stretched open again, Gong Ou stared at her, his throat tightened and his voice became dumb. "If you were not pregnant, I would like to do it on the spot!"


When Xiaonian wants to button up, he glares at him angrily and has no words to him.

"Stop it!" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows. "I can't eat it. I can't have a look!"

The rogue is well deserved.

When Xiaonian didn't care about him, he continued to button up, and Gong Ou didn't stop her. He put back the documents she had just taken down, and his voice was dumb. "Buckle up, take the documents you just took back."

“……” When Xiaonian wanted to cry without tears, "Gong ou, you are trying to straighten me."

Gong Ou only left a document to read in his hand. Hearing the words, he looked at her. His black eyes were deep and spoiled. "I'm just glad you're working with me again."

For her sake, he no longer forces her to stay with him in a cold office 24 hours a day, watching him busy alone but having nothing to do with her.

'it's not good for pregnant women.'.

Pregnant women need a better environment, a better rest and a relaxed view of the scenery to keep their mood happy, rather than staying in the office with them all day long.

I didn't expect that this time, she took the initiative to help him in the base.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and asked after two seconds, "Gong ou, in fact, you want me to accompany you, don't you?"

Gong Ou's eyes wandered for a while, and finally his jaw head made a "hum" from the deep throat.

When Xiaonian's heart moved, he didn't know what he thought, so he untied two buttons and dressed serious secretary as sexy.


Gong Ou's eyes burned in a flash. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her in the dark.

She satisfied Gong Ou's evil idea, but within an hour, Gong Ou took the initiative to let her button up.

The reason is not him. She dressed like this and swayed in front of him. Let alone work. Gong ou can't even put his eyes on the computer.

When small read had no choice but to button back.

Finally, the work is in the right process.

After working with Gong ou for two days, Shi Xiaonian found that the staff of the base were really living under heavy pressure, sleeping very little and opening their eyes was just a bunch of procedures.

I don't know why. After two days, our optimization still can't satisfy Gong ou. Gong Ou himself is working day and night, finishing a set of optimization and being overthrown by himself.

Even when Xiaonian stayed in the base as a secretary, we obviously felt that Gong Ou was getting more and more upset.


When Xiaonian came into the office with the freshly brewed coffee, he saw Gong Ou wring his eyebrows and dropping a pile of documents on the ground, shouting angrily, "it's all rubbish! Nothing can be done! "

When Xiaonian walked over, put the coffee in front of him, then walked behind him, reached out and rubbed his shoulder for him, and said gently, "in fact, I've tried your latest optimization with my mobile phone, the effect is very fast, and the speed is very good. It's better to push this optimization out first. "

The longer it takes, the worse, isn't it?

"Not safe!" Gong Ou said coldly, "launch optimization, and then be broken, stir up some news, and N.E's reputation will drop."

When Xiaonian didn't understand this, he gently rubbed his shoulder and said, "in fact, it's OK. The N.E brand has already been implanted in the hearts of the public. When it comes to security performance, who doesn't mention N.E first? Like some brand security holes are almost updated once, they can't continue to stand on the market."

Maybe it's Gong Ou who makes everything perfect. If there is a little flaw, it will be sprayed.

To enjoy as much honor is to bear as much slander.

"How can I compete with N.E.?"

Gong Ou snorts scornfully.

"Those odds and ends are products that come out quickly to make money." When Xiaonian stood behind him and said, "but N.E is not, so you should not force yourself."

"I didn't press myself."

Miyo denies.

"Half a day off." When small read a way, Gong Ou immediately turn the MOU, with a kind of look at the madman's eyes to her, "this time off?"

How many pairs of eyes are staring at the outside now? How can they explain to the public that they can't do flawless optimization?

When Xiaonian came to him, he held his face in his white hand and stared at him with black and white eyes, "Gong ou, listen to me, you and everyone are too tense, just like drawing comics. Before I thought that the new comics could not come out, the tighter I forced myself, the more I couldn't come out. Later, I simply didn't force myself, but I had inspiration."

"It's not like you draw a cartoon."


"Even if I rest, I will not be relaxed."

Gong Ou frowned, and he had to admit that he was less upset than this time, because of a small optimization problem.

"I'll make it easy for you." Xiaonian smiled and said, "believe me, OK?"

"You want to do it with me?"

Asked Gong Ou solemnly.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed for a few seconds, "if this is what you want."

"I don't want to."

Gong Ou vetoed his proposal again, reached out and pulled her to her side, sat on the chair and hugged her waist, put his face on her body, felt the delicate warmth across the white shirt, "where are you going to take me?"

When Xiaonian stood in front of him and smiled, "so, do you agree with my proposal?"

"Let's go."

Gong Ou said.

When Xiaonian took Gong ou to a hospital in his hometown, the hospital was clean and tidy, with all kinds of medical machines, but it was not as frequent as the people in the city.

When Xiaonian lies on the bed of B-ultrasound, Gong Ou stands beside her, stoops down, hands on her side, a pair of black eyes tightly staring at the computer screen.

"You see, this is the baby, very healthy, growing up happily in the mother's stomach."

The woman doctor pointed to the baby on the computer which was not very formed.

When Xiaonian takes a look, then looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou stares at her expressionless. When Xiaonian doesn't know whether he's not interested in the baby's B ultrasound or whether he's still thinking about the optimization of the holographic era.

She turned her eyes and wanted to say something to make Gong Ou happy. She listened to Gong ou and asked seriously, "really, they are not twins?"

"Yes, Mr. Gong, it's a baby."

Said the woman doctor with a smile.

Gong Ou twisted her eyebrows. "My wife has twin genes. How could she not have twins!"

Shi Xiaonian wanted to laugh when he heard the words. He was complaining that there were no twins.

How could it be that he happens to be twins again and again? He's too demanding.

"Mr. Gong, having such a gene only means that the probability of having twins is higher than that of ordinary people, not 100 percent." In the face of the cold Gong ou, the female doctor said something of a smile.

Gong Ou stares at her coldly, "I doubt that the instruments in your hospital are not allowed at all! Time small read, we do not check! Go! "

Gong Ou takes Shi Xiaonian out of bed and kneels down to put on shoes for her.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's move with low eyes, she said softly, "I'll just step in this kind of shoes myself. I don't need you to help me wear them."

"Don't move!"

Gong Ou holds her foot and puts on her shoes.

When small read in the eyes of a warm flowing, asked, "Gong ou, do you want twins?"


Gong Ou twisted her eyebrows. Last time she was pregnant with twins, but he didn't accompany her all the way. This time, he was finally able to accompany her, but it was different from last time, not twins.

There must be something wrong with this machine. I can't see another baby after a long time.

The female doctor stood up from the computer and looked at the two of them. She was surprised at Gong Ou's low posture of kneeling down and wearing shoes. The original TV newspaper said that Gong Ou's love for his wife was either groundless or bad tempered. She simply hated that their small hospital in the countryside was inferior to that in the city.

"Mr. Gong."

The woman doctor in the white coat made a noise.

"I don't want to listen to you quack!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

The woman doctor didn't stop and said to herself, "it's a pity that she didn't have twins, but the mother who has twins usually bears more hardship. Mr. Gong should be happy if he loves his wife."

Words fall, when Gong Ou gives small read the action that puts on a shoe stiff, glared at a doctor mercilessly, "you shut up for me!"

What does she mean by saying that he doesn't care about his women's hard work in order to have twins?


The woman doctor was so frightened that she dared not speak again.

After wearing shoes for shixiaonian, Gong Ou asked the doctor to eliminate all the files and then left with her in his arms.

Naturally, the medical records of the palace family cannot be left in too many places.

When Xiaonian walked out of the hospital with his arms around him, he looked down at his feet and wondered where to take Gong ou to have a rest, which would make him happy.

"You're not happy?"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

"Ah, what?"

When small read surprised to look at him, on his deep black eyes.

Gong Ou stops, turns her around and faces herself, stares at her, and says, "I don't mean that. I don't mean that I'm not happy with just having one. If you like, you can have none!"

He never wanted her to work hard.

When small read stupefied next, immediately understand what he is saying, "poof Chi" laugh out, "of course I know you don't mean that, what do you think."

She's not stupid enough to know why he wants twins.

"What are you doing with your head down?"

He thought she had another episode of pregnancy syndrome.

"I was thinking..." When small read a meal, take his hand to walk outside, smile to say, "I am thinking, is the baby a boy or a girl?"

"All right."

Gong Ou said.

"You don't have a preference?" When Xiaonian asked, Gong Ou followed her to the car and said without hesitation, "as long as it's from you, it's a pumpkin I like!"