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Chapter 634 the deepest secret of the palace

Gong Yu smiled, gentle and helpless. "You, I will inform you tomorrow. Don't take anyone with you. We will have a good fight. .

"can't I bring a woman?"

Gong Ou looks at him displeased.

"I'm afraid you're distracted."

"Distract and abuse you!" Gong Ou looked at him scornfully and said defiantly, "do you know how to take a gun now?"

"You look down on your brother too much." Gong Yu beat him and said, "believe it or not, I can win more than half of your game as a kid!"

In the night, Gong Ou looked down at his hand and said coldly, "that's just the result of my first gun study. You remember now. It seems that you won me that time."

Gong Yu is so blocked that he can't speak. He can't help but get up from the engine cover and move his body. It seems that he has to win once tomorrow.

Otherwise, his brother looks down on him.

Gong Ou doesn't care about him. He just looks at him not far away.

When Xiaonian didn't disturb them, he stood by the lake and walked back and forth, throwing leaves into the lake one by one, and then began to tear them.

"She wants to know about her brother."

Gong Ou looks at Gong Yu in an almost commanding tone.

Gong Yu is standing there, moving his body. Hearing this, he slows down. When looking at the lake, Xiao Nian is slim and soft. Wearing a white sweater, she walks around the lake and becomes a special scenery in the night.

About her brother.

With a low sigh, Gong Yu looked at Xiao Nian's figure and said, "I almost told her when I was in the hospital, but I can't say it again."

"Why don't you say it?" Asked Gong ou.

There is nothing to be seen.

"Say it, your wife will never think of me again in her life." Gong Yu laughs at himself. His smile is bitter.

"She won't talk to you if you don't say it."


"Because I won't let her deal with other men." Gong Ou is cold, holding his arms in his hands, turning his eyes around and then turning to Xiao Nian.

“……” Gong Yu wryly smiled, "you, Xiaonian's patience is so good that you can bear it."

"Don't be so intimate. Does she know you well?" Gong Ou jumps down from the engine hood, stands in front of Gong Yu and stares at him gloomily. "I remember that you gave her a lot of gifts, which are very feminine. What do you mean?"

The more Gong Ou says, the more sour his tone is.

Gong Yu could not look at his eyes directly, looked up at the sky, cleared his throat and said, "when is it dark? It's too late. I'm not comfortable with the injury. I'll go back to have a rest first."

"It was dark when you came."

Gong Ou grabs Gong Yu, who is about to leave, and stares at him with black eyes, "make it clear! I know she's my woman. What do you mean by the gifts? "

Gong Yu was so caught that he had to say, "well, I was trying to prove something."

"What is it?"

"It's about her brother." Gong Yu looks in the direction of Shi Xiaonian, who is standing there alone bored. His eyes sink. "Maybe I should tell her about her brother before I leave, but I'm afraid she would rather not know if she knew."

"What's the matter with her brother? Are you

And he took hold of his collar, and gazed at him, and asked, but he asked not.

"What is it, gay?" With a low smile, Gong Yu looked at Gong Ou's dark eyes and said, "if I say, I don't know, do you believe it?"

It is saddest for a person not even to know his sexual orientation.

“……” Gong Ou's black eyes stared at him deeply. After a long time, he pushed him away with his hand. "Are you all irrelevant to me? Just remember to explain to shixiaonian clearly."

Gong Yu nodded, "OK, listen to you."


Gong Ou swung around and walked towards shixiaonian. After a while, those people of Charles would find out and Gong Yu would be exposed.

When Xiaonian stood by the lake, she turned her eyes and looked at Gong ou, who came by. She smiled and said, "OK?"

"Talk about it. Go back."


When Xiaonian stood there and smiled at Gong Yu from afar, waved and followed Gong Ou away. Gong Ou hugged her body and stared at her with a pair of black eyes. "Is it cold or not?"

"All right."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou unfolded her overcoat and wrapped her tightly. She said in a low voice, "tomorrow I will go hunting with my brother. What do you do at home alone?"

Finally called Gong Yu brother?

Good news.

"It's good to go hunting. What can I do at home? I'll accompany Xiaokui and holy, and then I'll see how my mother's body is." When small read also dare not disturb Luo Qi more.

She knew that Luo Qi didn't hate her very much, but she became the fuse between Luo Qi and Gong ou, which was an indisputable fact, so she could only do better.

"What do you mean when I read it?" Gong Ou glared at her displeased, "I'll be away all day tomorrow. Your program is well arranged!"


When small read innocently blinked an eye, this program where good, isn't accompany family? Is it necessary for him to be so angry?

"I'll be away for more than ten hours tomorrow. Can't you see that my whole day is so serious, and your tone is so understated?"

Is she too heartless.

"It's just a day away." When Xiao Yan whispered, she wanted to go to Tucao. She waited for him for four years. What was this day?


Gong Ou's eyes immediately aroused a lot of anger. He stretched out his hand and pulled his sleeve. It happened that Mona's problem had been solved. The paranoid thing had passed. Gong Yu's problem had passed. He could spare time to teach her.

"Very serious, very serious."

Seeing the fire burning in Gong Ou's eyes, Xiao Nian said quickly and wisely, holding out his hand and throwing it into his arms, in an exaggerated tone, "for more than ten hours, think about how I'll live tomorrow, and I will surely die of lovesickness."


The performance is not only fake, but also pompous.

Gong Ou looks down at her, "is it really so hard?"

"Yes." When Xiaonian put his head to work and said seriously, "I don't think about you for a second when you're not around. Well, I'll watch the video of our engagement all day tomorrow. Only in this way can I feel better."

Is this enough lovesickness? Is it serious enough?

It's just a day apart. It's like a life and death separation.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's thin lips draw a curve, and her eyes look at her in an evil way. "What's the point of watching that video all the time? I'll shoot you something new tonight for tomorrow's aftertaste."

"What's new?"

When small read a face at a loss.

"Of course, 25-year-old banned content!" As he said this, Gong Ou picked her up and walked in. As he walked, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

25 No?

Gong Ou is really you've got such a nerve.


The next day, it was sunny. It was a good day for hunting.

Gong Ou leaves as promised. Before leaving, he hugs Xiaonian and kisses him reluctantly. Xiaonian once again regrets Gong Ou's restraint. How could he bear it before.

Does it mean that when I don't touch her, I scratch the wall silently?

When Xiaonian saw Gong Ou off, he touched his swollen lips and turned to look for the twins. Before he left, a maid came to her and said, "little madam, madam, I want to see you."

"Oh, yes."

Xiaonian nodded and followed her away.

Xiaonian has forgotten that this is the first time to see Luo Qi's face haggard, so a woman who attaches importance to her image has been sitting in bed for several days, always wearing pajamas, pale face, and more and more fine lines on the corner of her eyes.


When Xiaonian bowed her head and went to her bedside.

Luo Qi sat on the bed and looked at her with a complicated look. "Come on, sit down."

When Xiaonian sat down in the chair obediently, her eyes looked at her calmly.

"Have you been to my husband's study?"

Luo Qi looked at her inquisitively as she asked.


When the small read nods, Luo Qi's face skims over a pale, "then you have any words to say."

What can I say?

Should she have anything to say?

When Xiaonian looked at her puzzledly, it was gong Jue who kicked himself. Their nobility was superior. It could be said that it was education to kick the younger generation. What can I say specifically.

"I have nothing to say." Xiaonian sat there and said.

"No words?" Luo Qi asked in surprise. Her eyes looked at her unexpectedly and coughed twice.

The room was so quiet and sunny.

When Xiaonian sat on the chair and whispered, "if you mean the thing that my father kicked me, I admit that I'm not comfortable, but I'm not prepared to take it to heart."


Luo Qi looked at her with deep eyes, as if to see something from her face. After a while, Luo Qi's eyes turned slightly and said peacefully, "that's his temper. Gong Ou's ears were torn by his beating. You'd better not go to his study later."

Yes, she remembered that Xiao Nian had never really met her husband.

"I see, mother."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Then go down." Luo Qi gently raised her hand and signaled her to leave.

"Well, I'm going down. Have a good rest. What can I do for you?" Shi Xiaonian said, getting up from the chair and leaving.

She went out and walked on the stairs, her eyes suspicious.

Luo Qi's attitude today is not very right, especially her surprised eyes, as if she said nothing wrong.

When Xiaonian looked up at the huge ancient castle, his eyes crossed the study above, and two bodyguards were there like door gods.

Gong Jue's study.

When Xiaonian raised his hand, he thought about the touch when he touched the broken watch on Gong Jue's wrist yesterday. It was cold. It was really too cold, just like it was just taken out of the refrigerator.

How can a normal person wear such a watch.

And incense. It's too strong. It's too strong. It's too strong. I just want to escape. Gong Ou's father is really different. He would like that kind of fragrance.