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Chapter 190 saving her hero


Gong Ou nodded coldly.

The hypnotist played the melodious piano music, then looked down at shixiaonian, smiled and said, "Miss Shi, let's start, just relax, close your eyes, it's a dream."


When Xiaonian obediently closed his eyes and lay on the massage chair.

This massage chair is different from the ordinary one. It is so soft that people want to sleep. Her body is gradually relaxed under the instruction of the hypnotist

It's not too hard. In the quiet voice, Xiaonian slowly enters the hypnotic state.

It's all true.

She came to that big shopping mall, the surroundings were familiar and strange.

She looked around, a lot of people, that pair of eyes are looking at her, staring at her, there are accusations, there is contempt

It's like she made a big mistake.

She suddenly wanted to retreat, but there was a voice that made her go straight to the hat selling counter, in front of which stood a fat middle-aged woman, a salesman.

She was afraid and resisted, but she kept going.

The saleswoman took her hand at once, and began to criticize her constantly. "When you were raised to such a large size, you didn't have to hurt people, so how could you rob your sister's husband?"


It's not like that.

She struggled hard. The saleswoman threw her cell phone in front of her, and then she saw the press conference that Shidi and her parents held together.

She went back to the press conference.

There are too many spotlights on the scene, the flute is crying, the adoptive father is scolding, and even the adoptive mother who has always loved her is crying about how she is not good and how she is jealous of her sister.

"Xiaonian envied Xiaodi everywhere since she was a child. She has some Xiaodi, but she doesn't have some. We always think that she is adopted. Maybe she has a little deviation in mind, so we never blame her. Unexpectedly I didn't expect to encourage the jealousy of the children. "

"Today, I'm not afraid to expose the domestic clown a little more. I'll catch the traitor. When I catch them, Xiao Nian and mu qianchu are in bed three times! When the flute was pregnant, she was so excited that she even lost her child! "



She didn't.

Why do they say that? Aren't they her parents?

It was her parents who raised her for many years.

Even if there is no blood relationship, can we slander her like this? Can I throw her dirty water for my daughter?

Isn't she their daughter?

How can they do that.

She stood at the scene of the press conference, watching her adoptive father and mother, watching their words and sentences trample her under the mud

In the treatment room.

The hypnotist is hinting to Shi Xiaonian, "what are they talking about? They are slandering you. They pour all the dirty water on you. Your parents don't want you, they just want their own daughter... "


When Xiaonian was lying on the massage chair, her bound hands were struggling and struggling desperately. Her face became pale, her forehead was sweating and her lips were shaking.

She was in a great mood.

Gong Ou sits on the sofa beside, a pair of black pupils stare at Xiao Nian, eyes full of a touch of red.

Looking at Xiaonian trying to struggle, he would like to rush to interrupt the hypnotist.

But no, if you interrupt, it will hurt you too.

When Xiaonian's lips were shaking, under the closed eyelids, the eyes were moving all the time, and his face was sweating more and more.

Gong Ou's body is leaning forward involuntarily. His fingers are crossed on his jaw. His fingers are white with force, revealing his tension at the moment

She was repeating the pain she had suffered at the time.

When Xiaonian was guided to listen to his adoptive parents at a press conference, a heart seemed to be put into a meat grinder and it hurt so much that he didn't feel it.

Suddenly, the picture turned, she went to the huge shopping mall.

The light of the shopping mall is very bright, and the colorful balloons for activities are floating in the air, which is very beautiful.

But more and more people came to her, surrounded her one by one, and stopped her from going out.

She wants to go.

They all opened their mouths to scold her with unwarranted accusations.

Their fingers would have poked her in the face.

What did she do wrong?

She didn't know what she had done wrong. She was wrong that her adoptive mother and Shidi should be investigated by the police, but they drugged her. Can't she do that?

Her mistake is not to know mu qianchu, but from the beginning, she was taking care of Mu qianchu. They were not taking care of her. Why did she become a third party.

Why is everyone now standing on the high ground of morality to blame her.

Is she really wrong?

What's wrong with her?

Why no one is willing to listen to her well, why no one is willing to let her explain, why she is recognized after hearing one side of the words.


someone poured milk on her, and the cold milk ran down her hair.


She raised her head and saw that all the people, like wild animals, were coming towards her with fierce eyes, and each one was struggling. Her ears were full of insults and curses.


Don't listen.

She covered her ears with her hands and retreated painfully, but there were also people around her. She could only hold her head and squat down slowly.

It's hard.




Why doesn't anyone want to believe her?

Help her, who can help her

Gradually, there seemed to be a very vague voice telling her that everyone had stopped, everyone would not attack her, someone came to save her.

Save her?

Will someone really come to save her?

She squatted there, huddled tightly, and looked forward slowly for a long time, only to see the dense crowd separated by a road, and a tall figure came slowly towards her.

She wanted to see him, but she couldn't.

The light was so strong that his whole face was in the light, blurring his features.

But her walking steps and straight legs are familiar to her

"Gong ou. Gong ou... "

She mumbled out his name.

The man suddenly walked out of the light, a handsome face with a high and pretentious, black eyes looking at her deeply, went to her, and reached out to her, "shixiaonian."

It's his voice.

It's Gong Ou's voice.

He came to save her.

"Gong ou..."

She squatted on the ground and stared at him, many grievances surged out, tears flowed down, crying, "no one believed me, no one helped me..."

She became the enemy of the whole people.

She didn't know how to do it. She didn't know why even her adoptive mother would lie in front of the media. She didn't know what she had done wrong and what such retribution would happen. She really didn't know

"I believe you!"

Gong Ou's determined voice sounded in her ear. He looked at her with low eyes, and his tone was so domineering that he said, "shixiaonian, listen, I will help you! Help you with everything! If someone touches you, I want him to die! If someone hurts you, I want his family to bury him! "

So wild.

He was so awesome, but somehow he calmed her down.

There is a voice telling her that as long as Gong Ou is there, she can be safe, she can be safe, no one can hurt her, no one can hurt her

"Go, shixiaonian. I'll take you home!"

Gong Ou's voice is very close. It's as close to her as it is to her ear.

In full view of the public, Gong Ou picked her up, and she looked around. No one around dared to speak again. The faces were all blurred and distorted, as if they were fading.

Gong Ou has such ability that his appearance will make the people around him surrender automatically; unlike her, she is a weak person, and she can only watch others accuse her and can't fight back.

No matter how weak she is, she will no longer be weak with him.

A voice tempts her home, home

had a long, long dream. When she opened her eyes, she saw the smiling face of the hypnotist, just as she had slept before.

When Xiaonian looked at him a little confused.

"How do you feel, Miss Shi?"

A psychiatrist came up and asked.


When Xiaonian turns his head and subconsciously looks for Gong Ou's direction, he sees Gong Ou standing on her left.

She was suddenly at ease at the sight of him.

Gong Ou's black eyes are staring at her deeply. Her thin lips are tight, revealing tension. When she looks at his hand, she sees that he has a piece of white paper with a sentence written on it --

go, I will take you home!

Familiar words.

She seems to have just heard from Gong ou.

When Xiaonian gradually realized that she was only hypnotized, she was brought out of the hypnotic dream by this sentence.

She slowly sat up from the massage, reached out and touched her face. It was wet. She cried and her hair was wet. She was like steaming once, sweating all over.

But people seem to be relieved for no reason.

It's strange that my heart is no longer repressed. The feeling that I can't speak and breathe is gone.

"When reading! How are you doing? "

Gong Ou stood in front of her and bent down to stare at her.


When Xiaonian looked at his nervous face, he was worried about her.

"Speak! You just called me when you were hypnotized! " Gong Ou says, black Mou is fixed ground stare at her, one hand presses her shoulder.


When Xiaonian moved his lips and was about to speak, the hypnotist beside him said, "Mr. Gong, please don't worry. Miss Shi may not be fully awake from the hypnotic dream for a while, just wait for her to adapt for a while."

Gong Ou stood up straight, threw his hand on her shoulder and asked coldly, "did the treatment work?"

"At least we have done everything we can, and just in hypnosis, I deliberately guided Miss Shi. Before you make a sound, Mr. Gong, she subconsciously called out your name, which shows that we did the right thing." Said the psychiatrist.

"Then why is she still like this? How long will it take? "

Asked Gong Ou discontentedly.

Let her experience again by the human containment wound, the result is still like this.