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Chapter 538: the relationship between palace and Europe

Gong Yao sat beside her, his face expressionless, his hands moving on her legs, as if hesitating about something. For a long time, he began to say, "what disease has he got?"

When Xiaonian was slightly stunned, he realized that Gong Yao had just seen the medical records she had just seen, so he said, "it's a mental illness."

Gong Yao and Gong Kui can read very early under the education of Gong family.

Gong Yao sat next to her and did not know what he was thinking. His eyes blinked. Suddenly, he asked again, "is he a good man?"

When Xiaonian looked at his son in amazement, did Gong Yao take the initiative to talk with her?

"What do you think?" When Xiaonian wants to know Gong Yao's idea, her son is so big that she has never entered his heart.

"He is not a good man." Gong Yao is serious.


When Xiaonian put the coffee aside and looked at Gong Yao seriously.

"He cheated Xiaokui and said that he picked up the flowers. I've checked that there are no flowers." Gong Yao said his eyes were serious as if he were discussing with her about state affairs.


Is it a flower from Xiaokui?

"The flowers could not have been kept for a long time. They might have withered and been lost." Shi Xiaonian said, trying to build the image of Gong Ou in front of the twins.

Gong Yao sat beside her like a little gentleman. Listening to her, Gong Yao didn't talk for a long time.

When Xiaonian was about to say something, Gong Yao suddenly looked up at her and said, "why do you keep all the candy I gave you? That's overdue. "


"I saw it in your closet." There is a sugar in the box, which says the first gift from holly.

"So you saw it."

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, Gong Yao was not close to her all the time. Like Gong ou, he was cold and light, and alienation gave people a feeling of being hard to get close to, and he never gave her anything.

At that time, when they were two years old, she gave them gifts. Gong Kui was very lively. She was just a kind of learning age. She took the flowers and gave them to her, and Gong Yao also gave them.

Gong Yao is annoyed by her sister's noise, so she takes a candy and hands it to Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian received his son's gift for the first time, he immediately treasured it. He deluded himself that his son also liked her, so he gave her a gift.

Gong Yao comes down from the sofa and stands in front of her. His beautiful face is full of seriousness. His eyes are very similar to those of Gong Ou now.

When Xiaonian found that he was with this kind of character, he really didn't know how to get along.

"According to the current situation, you are the right choice to marry him, otherwise you will get nothing. But you shouldn't be sad for him. You have been waiting at the palace for more than ten years. When I grow up, I will take care of you and Xiaokui. Then you won't have to look at any face. "

Gong Yao said one word at a time, but his immature voice was full of mature words.


When Xiao Nian was confused directly.

"Think about it."

Gong Yao then bowed his head towards her, turned around and left, and walked towards Gong Kui, asking his sister not to sweat.


When Xiaonian sat there, a pair of eyes looked at the small figures of the two children, and it took a long time to reflect what Gong Yao said.

He said he would let her wait for more than ten years, and he would take care of her.

The son said to take care of her.

When Xiaonian bit her lips and smiled slowly, it turned out that her son liked her, not as indifferent and alienated as he seemed.

What about Gong Ou?

His character is the same as that of his son. Will he not be alienated?


At night, the stars and the moon are in the sky. The N.E building is bright and magnificent.

Bodyguards in front of the road, twins walking in the back, Gong Kui is a happy school of no leisure, Gong Yao calm like adults.

Gong Ou walked behind them, stretched out his hand and pulled his sleeve. His eyes fell on the cufflinks.

And sewed the buttons back.

A boring and stingy woman.

"Young master, do you drive by yourself or by car today?" Feng de walked respectfully behind Gong ou.

"By car."

He was tired from two meetings in a row.

"Yes." Feng de led, walked to a car in front of him, reached out to open the front passenger's door, and said to the bodyguard, "take master holy and Miss Xiao Kui to the car."

Gong Ou walked to the car, stooped to sit on the copilot, and said in a low voice, "go home."

The driver started the car and drove off.

Gong Kui sang cheerfully all the way in the car. Gong Ou called and heard their father and daughter's voice in the car. The atmosphere was strange but harmonious.

"Pass me a copy of the information over there, and I'll tell you what to do later."

Gong Ou orders his subordinates to do things, and stares at his cufflinks. Suddenly, he feels that when Xiaonian leans over to sew buttons for him, the smell of his hair flies in front of his nose.

This woman used to upset him, but now she still does.

He grew up like this, but she didn't like him.


She is as she likes.

The car slowly drove into the road between the forests and drove all the way in the light. The dim yellow light sprinkled on the car and shook the face of the people in the car.


Gong Kui began to sing and sing a song of her own, changing the tune and singing mom all the time.

Gong Ou sits in the front passenger seat and stares at the cufflinks. As soon as he gets to his mouth, he changes his mind. "I'll see mom in the morning after all the minutes of today's meeting are sorted out in the evening."

His low voice involuntarily brought the tone of Gong Kui's singing.

Words fall, palace Kui is silent.

Gong Ou is silent.

There was silence in the car.


Gong Kui chuckles with her mouth covered.

"Can you stop singing?" Gong Ou turns his head and looks at Xiang sunflower displeased. His eyes are cold.

Gong Kui was scared by his look. His small mouth was tight, but he couldn't hold it. His mouth was making a wheezing sound all the time.


Gong Ouna's daughter has no idea. She looks back and a small clean face falls into his afterglow.

He turned his head sharply and stared at the woman.

"Xi Xiaonian, why are you here?"

Gong Ou's usual calm and instant collapse.

When Xiaonian was sitting in the driver's seat, wearing a neutral suit and a cap, he lowered the brim of the cap. The face under the cap was clean and white, and his eyes were clear.

Gong Ou recovers from the shock and stares at her coldly. "You'd better give me a reasonable explanation."

"I saw mom a long time ago."

Gong Kui was so stupid that he didn't find it.

When Xiaonian stopped the car and smiled at Gong ou, "do I need soup to take you home?"

Gong Ou's face was a little ugly. "Xi Xiaonian, I said that I don't need your behavior. If you want to marry me, you should be a wealthy wife. It seems that we need to sign a marriage contract."

The twins looked at them with different faces at the back.


That's how you hate her behavior?

When Xiaonian didn't argue with him, he said lightly, "since you don't want to drink soup, you get off, I'll go back."

"This car is mine."

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. What time should I arrive?" When Xiaonian is still smiling, it seems that he can't see the indifference and dissatisfaction in his eyes.

"It seems that you must marry me now. OK, you are waiting for my lawyer to send you a marriage contract." Gong Ou's voice has no feelings.

When small read Shan a smile, "before the conference is not all my consideration period, now before marriage, I don't need to be bound by you, get out of the car."

Gong Ou gave her a sullen look, reached out and pushed open the door. "You don't have to come tomorrow."

"I will come."

He insisted.

"I won't take this car again." What do you do when you get up so early? She still has a cold. There are so many things.

"Then I'll drive after you."

"It doesn't make any sense for me to do so. Xi Xiaonian, you can't change me. I can't change into the former Gong ou. You should die." Gong Ou didn't get out of the car in a hurry.

When Xiaonian glanced back and waited for the maid to hold the twins, then he looked at Gong ou and said, "Gong ou, don't you think our relationship is weird now?"

Gong Ou looks at her.

"You are going to marry me. Now that I do, why are you not happy?" When small read to ask a way, eyes gaze at him quietly, "how should I do to make you satisfied?"

Gong Ou sat in the passenger seat and looked up at the water fountain in front of him. "It's still that sentence, and I'm finished, and I'm bound."

Be bound by him.

"Can't we get along as before?" When small read to ask, the heart flew a little pain.

"Unless I go back."

Gong Ou turns around and gets out of the car with long legs, landing on his feet. Xiaonian's low voice rings behind him, "Gong ou, I'm really confused now."


Gong Ou stands beside the car.

When Xiaonian sat in the driver's seat, reached out to take off his hat, looked down at the hat in his hand and said, "I don't know how to deal with our relationship, can't we? After we get married, you follow your way, I follow my way."


"You can ignore me, ignore me, but don't deprive me of the right to take care of you, OK?" When Xiaonian looks up at Gong Ou's suit, with a touch of expectation in his eyes.

It was the only way she could think of.

As soon as she closes her eyes, she can think of how much he has suffered in these four years, how he has become what he is today. She really loves her. She wants to take care of him, even if he is so indifferent now.

Gong Ou stood outside the car and backed away step by step. For a long time, he said coldly, "no way. I don't need your stickiness. "

With that, Gong Ou turns around and walks away without turning back.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, he slowly leaned on the steering wheel and closed his eyes disappointed.


When Xiaonian drove back to the gallery, a brand-new business car stopped in front of the gallery at night, and a tall and slender figure leaned against the car.