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Chapter 872 it's all about you

Users themselves can solve it directly, so there will be no small problem like this, which will be magnified countless times by those who are interested in it.

Hang up, Gong Ou pulls aside the student, "get out of the way!"

He sat down himself, his fingers were like playing the piano, and he began to make antivirus software himself. Instead of letting other miscellaneous software infringe on N.E's program, he might as well design one himself.


The student he drove away was innocent. Someone raised his hand to ask questions. He didn't spit out a word, and Gong Ou didn't return his finger. "Shut up!"

"Little Palace..."

"No talking!"

"But Xiaogong, my son wants to ask questions..."

"I don't answer! Be quiet! " Gong Ou said in a cold voice, his fingers continued to crackle on the computer and he was absorbed, but there was always a sound from his body to interrupt him.


I'm really upset.

Gong Ou holds back, stares at the computer screen intently, clenches his teeth and tightens his own strings, but all this is still the voice of an aunt moving the chair.

The string snapped.


Gong Ou claps his hands on the keyboard, stands up, turns his eyes and stares at a group of people in front of him, "I said quiet and quiet! Can't you understand? Do you think you can keep arguing if I don't speak? "

"Xiaogong, don't lose your temper." The aunts rushed to appease him.

"My name is Gong Ou!" Gong Ou glared at them and shouted, "my parents never called me that!"

Still small palace.

"Does Mr. Gong look down on us?" A college student asked, his face embarrassed and angry, red.

"Why should I look up to you?" Gong Ou roars angrily, "keep talking, who can hear what you are talking about! Basic literacy is not available, take noisy as noisy! Look at yourself. What are you wearing? This kind of red with green is still on? I'll be blind if I take one more look! "


A group of people were puffed or ashamed, or stunned, or furious.

Mr. Gong's mouth Good poison.

"When I see you dressed like this, I know that you all have the same decoration! Poverty is not terrible, but you are poor and have no taste! The color of the wall is not even, the sofa is placed in that place, the chair can appear five or six colors! You call it home. It's called a dump! " Gong Ou continued to shout.

There was no sound in the hall.

When Xiaonian stayed in the kitchen, he heard Gong Ou scolding. The willow eyebrows could not help wrinkling, and he could not control his emotions? She put down the cake and hurriedly ran out, "Gong..."

Before she called the name of the whole Gong ou, she saw that the people in the living room were busy. Gong Ou stood there, like commanding the third army, and ordered them to move the sofa to any place, spread a blanket on the split leather, move the computer to any place, exchange the lamps in the living room and bedroom, and decorate the walls with different colors.

A group of people dare to move the furniture according to Gong Ou's order. Gong Ou stands in the center, fan the wind in front of his nose and doesn't want to inhale the dust.

In a short time, after a simple cleaning, the decoration of the living room has been a lot more comfortable, like a model, a lot of space.

The aunts couldn't help exclaiming, "Wow, it's so beautiful. No, I'm going to do it at home. It's beautiful. The light used to look so good in the living room. "

"Then go home quickly! In a moment you forget how to arrange it! "

Gong Ou immediately drives people.

"Good." The aunts moved their computers excitedly to leave, then stopped again and asked doubtfully, "but our children..."

"I will run a local class, and then my housekeeper will invite your sons and daughters to come to study." Finally, Gong Ou bit his teeth and added, "no tuition."

"Well, how can I do that? The tuition fees still need to be charged. It's so good. N.E runs classes. Son, maybe you can enter N.E work later! Let's go. Don't disturb the palace here. He'll be busy. "

The aunts were expelled by Gong Ou smoothly. Gong Ou stood there and watched the people leave. His shoulder muscles relaxed and he breathed a long sigh of relief.

Actually see such a scene, small read can't help laughing, smiling to stare at that tall and straight man.

Gong ou, you are more and more lovely.

As if feeling something, Gong Ou turned his eyes and looked at her, his eyebrows locked. "What do you look at?"

"It's rare to see such a circuitous Gong ou. I want to see more." Xiaonian said with a smile.

In his old temper, Gong Ou either blew up the house or the people directly. Today, he is so circuitous.

"Go away!"

Don't look away, Gong Ou said without a good face.


When Xiaonian cried out in pain, Gong Ou immediately looked back nervously and rushed to her in front of her step by step, "what's the matter with you? where are you not feeling well? Go, I'll take you to the hospital now! "

"You let me go, my heart hurts." When small read to look up at him, bear a smile said.

"When - small - read!"

Gong Ou shouts out.

When Xiaonian hurriedly brought a plate of cake on one side of the table to him. "The cake I just made has a little paste. Do you want to eat it?"


Gong Ou snorts and grabs the plate.

To deal with Gong ou with food is a hundred times uncomfortable. When Xiaonian saw him go to the computer and sit down, he asked doubtfully, "people don't go, do you still work with computers?"


Gong Ou bit a piece of cake.


"Didn't it mean to have a rest this afternoon?" How can he still worry about business.

"The optimization problem has been solved."

Gong Ou finished the cake with a low voice.

"Solved?" When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, "you didn't go back to the base, how can you solve it?"

How can it be solved all of a sudden?

It's Li Qingyan's plan. No, Gong Ou didn't look at it.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's eyes moved away from the computer screen, looked up at her, black eyes deep, said word by word, "because of you."

After knowing her, all his inspiration is because of her.

"Because of me? I can't understand that. "

When Xiaonian looked at him in an unknown way.

"You don't have to understand. Just know."

Gong Ou finished the pancakes one by one, wiped his hands with a finger towel, pressed his hands on the keyboard and began to make anti-virus software.


When small read dull blink eyes, think for a long time did not think.


With the idea, the security performance optimization in the holographic era is sooner or later, and the base is relieved.

For them, it's hard to come up with a perfect scheme to persuade the public. It's hard to make an anti-virus software, let alone Gong ou.

Sure enough, once the idea of bringing Xiaobai anti-virus software was launched, the previous negative comments were suddenly suppressed, and everyone was looking forward to it.

Although the staff in the base are still busy, they are much easier than before.

When Xiaonian sat in gong'ou's office, although she became gong'ou's temporary secretary, he didn't allow her to go out of the room. She sat at a separate desk by the side, without any electronic equipment on it.

Her scope of work: first, divide documents; second, suppress Gong Ou's bad temper.

Just relying on these two points, she has won many hearts and minds in the base. Many staff members report that they are not looking for Gong Ou first, but go straight to Xiaonian's desk.

"Secretary Shi, this is the complete version of anti-virus software. We have tried to make it white." A staff member walked in front of Xiaonian.

In the base, we are still doing business, and the title is no longer the president's wife.

"Is it? Then show it to Gong ou. "

At that time, Xiaonian was also divided into other materials. Anti virus software is the top priority. It must be given to Gong Ou first.

"No way." The clerk grabbed his hair, and then he got a little tangled and said, "well, I'm afraid of being sprayed."

Smell speech, when small read wrinkly frown, "what you are not sure of is brought to Gong ou to see?"

This anti-virus software is based on the production of Gong ou. Everyone has made some contributions. If they are not sure, it will be sprayed.

"No, we all know the president's temper and have checked it over and over again." The staff weakly glanced at Gong Ou in the distance. Looking at Gong Ou's face, he couldn't help sweating with nervousness. "But I'm used to being scolded. I'm really afraid."

In this way, shixiaonian sympathizes with them a little bit, because Gong Ou's bad temper, in order to win recognition, N.E will work hundreds of times harder than the staff of other companies, but it is still possible to be sprayed.

"I'll do it."

When small read light smile, took the U disk and program.

Seeing this, the staff nodded gratefully at her. When Xiaonian came to Gong ou, he put the plan in front of him and said, "this is the complete version of antivirus software. Take a look."

Hearing this, Gong Ou put down the work at hand, picked up the U disk and plugged in the computer, installed the software and operated it. His black eyes became more and more profound and his face was expressionless.

The staff on one side were so nervous that they kept wiping their hands. Their faces and palms were all sweaty.

I've worked so hard for so long. It depends on today.

After all, she has been experiencing the high-intensity working atmosphere every day, and she hopes to pass.

Gong Ou presses on the computer a few times, raises his hand, puts his index finger on his lips, opens his thin lips slightly, while Xiaonian holds his breath and stares at his lips.

Next second, Gong Ou purses her upper lip again.

When Xiaonian heard that the staff behind her were shaking. Gong Ou kept staring at the computer. She knew that she shouldn't bother him, but she couldn't help but ask, "how are you, Gong Ou?"

Gong Ou turns to look at her coldly, pulls out the U-disk, and says coldly, "give the software to younger and older users, and launch it in an all-round way if there is no problem."

When Xiaonian stood there for a few seconds, then turned his eyes to look at the clerk. The clerk stood there stupidly, and suddenly screamed, "ah!"