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Chapter 920 don'st hit mom

"Say... What? "

When small read a face to get lost net.

"Do you want me to be the first to feel the existence of children? You will be the first to share with me any state of your child, won't you? " Asked Gong ou.


Hearing this, Xiaonian suddenly understood what was the matter that angered Gong ou, and he was a little guilty.

Seeing this, Gong ou can't help sneering, reaching out to hold her chin, and murmuring, "you are more and more fond of deceiving me now, even if you make desserts for others! But you dare not even tell me the first time about the baby's movement, and even instigate your daughter to hide me! "

"Gong ou, I......"

She was just afraid that he would be sad. At that time, Gong Kui didn't decide to hear the fetal movement.

"Stop it!" Gong Ou severely interrupts her words, kneels straight on the bed and begins to roll his sleeves. His voice is almost out of tune. "Don't you tell me? I'll let you see the end of deceiving Gong Ou today! "

With that, Gong Ou's tall body pressed down on Xiao Nian.

"Don't hit mom!" Gong Kui screamed in terror, his face turned pale, raised his little hand and rushed to the bed, shouting, "don't fight! Don't fight! "

Gong Yao hurriedly followed up, turned his head to one side, picked up a stack of music scores and rolled them up to grasp them in the gesture of fencing.

The two children scrambled to the bed, and Gong Kui braked bravely all the way "ah ah", and the gong'ou people froze just as the little fist was about to hit them.

Gong Ou didn't read when he was fighting.

Gong Ou is leaning over shixiaonian's stomach and listening to something. He holds his hand tightly with shixiaonian. At the moment, there is an embarrassment in his eyes. He is standing up slowly and looking at them coldly.

When Xiaonian was lying there looking at the two children in amazement, "how did you get in?"

She couldn't hear a sound.

Gong Yao sits on the bed, takes the music score in his hand down, reaches out and grabs Gong Kui. Gong Kui doesn't want to take her away. After thinking for a long time, Gong Kui points angrily at Gong ou and says, "Mom, did he hit you?"

Hands are still shrinking fast.

They don't fight when they come to Gong ou. Hum, even if it's dad, she won't be afraid. She's a Kung Fu person now!


Hearing this, Gong Ou holds his forehead with a headache.

Shi Xiaonian sat up from the bed and laughed, "no, how can dad beat his mother and put down his little fist?"

The two children came to fight for her. She felt warm in her heart. Then she felt sorry for Gong ou. He was a domestic violence father in the eyes of her children.

"Don't let it go." Gong Kui is just and awe inspiring. He waves his fist at Gong ou and says, "did you hit mom? Where did you fight? You can't bully people. I have martial arts class! "

This energy is quite like Gong ou. I can't help thinking.

Looking at the indignant daughter, Xiaonian suddenly didn't want to speak for Gong Ou's explanation. She sat back and began to watch the opera.

Gong Yao sits next to Gong Kui. When he sees this, Xiao Nian understands a lot. He reaches out to pull his sister away, and listens to Gong Ou sneer, "how many days is martial arts class great?"

"The teacher said I'm very good. I can protect people!"

Gong Kui was a little flustered by Gong Ou's sneering voice, but he got up from the bed, stepped out of the small horse stance, put on a fight posture, and squeezed his two small fists tightly.

Shixiaonian looks at Gong ou to see what he can do.

"Is it?" Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows and casually began to roll up his sleeves. His voice was cold and thin. "I haven't beaten children for a long time."


When I was young, I was speechless. That's how he responded.

Hearing this, Gong Kui was so scared that he didn't even put the pose. He hurriedly hid behind Gong Yao. His cheeks were bulging. He held out a finger from behind Gong Yao and said, "how can you still beat children? I'll call the police and get you! "

Gong Yao stands in front of Gong Kui.

"Type a paragraph before calling the police." Gong Ou continues to roll up his sleeves. "Some people shoot videos, take other people's mobile phones, hide things, and finally break into other people's rooms. It's just the time for such a bad child to call the police. We go to jail together."

"Don't scare her."

Gong Yao and Shi Xiaonian blurted out at the same time.

But Gong Kui was scared. He sat down behind Gong Yao and looked at Gong Ou stupidly like a soft lamb. "I, I, I don't call the police."

She doesn't want to go to jail.

"That's a fight, too!"

Gong Ou glances at her coolly.


Gong Yao immediately looks at him on guard and makes a good posture. When Xiaonian sees this, he can't help trying to reconcile it. Gong ou can do this to his daughter. It seems that he is very angry today.

In fact, she also guessed that Gong Ou had been waiting to hear the fetal movement. As a result, Gong Kui listened to the baby's first fetal movement. Everyone kept it from her. He was angry.

Gong Ou looks at Gong Yao's appearance and sneers scornfully, "you are not enough for me to fight."

"Then you can hit me. Don't hit Xiaokui."

Said Gong Yao without expression.

"I don't want to hit you when you say that." Gong Ou's eyes moved to Gong Kui again.

The atmosphere is so tense that it will break at any time.

Gong Kui shakes a few times. Seeing Gong Ou slowly raise her hand, she quickly hugs her head and cries out, "Dad, you are so handsome, you don't want to hit me!"


Gong Ou's hand is frozen in the air.

The tense atmosphere suddenly broke. When Xiaonian sat there, he covered his lips with his hands. He couldn't help laughing, "puff."

This little sunflower really wants everything.

When I saw him, Xiaonian smiled. Gong Kui, the villain, immediately realized that things were not so bad, and Gong Ou didn't beat her, so he had the courage to lean on Gong ou.

Gong Yao wants to pull her anxiously. Gong Kui has rushed to Gong Ou directly. "Wow" cries out, "Dad, Xiao Kui loves you so much. How can you beat me? You are so handsome and beautiful and can't beat children."

"Let go."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"It's all bad people who hit children, so bad people are not handsome." Gong Kui held him in his arms and cried, "Dad, don't hit me. I'm your own daughter. How can you do this to me? No way..."

This kind of words all turned out.

When Xiaonian can't help but look at Gong Ou's face, his face is pretty, green and white.

Gong Kui continued to hold him and howl recklessly, "Dad, you are the handsome dad, you are the most handsome dad in the world. Xiao Kui will never do anything bad again, and you will not hit me. Xiao Kui will love you very much."

Gong Kui howls and drills into Gong Ou's arms. He hugs him like a little barbarian and makes him hide. "Shuai dad, Shuai dad, OK, OK, OK, Xiaokui loves you."

When Xiaonian sat there, reached out and pulled Gong Yao to his side, hugged him and said to Gong Kui, "Xiaokui, dad is angry that you heard the baby's first move. He wants to be the first one to hear."

Gong Kui is a smart kid. He howls at Gong Ou's arms again. "Dad, don't be angry. I'll call you when the baby moves, OK? Or I'll show you. I'm your baby, too. "

Said, Gong Kui and a lively lobster to his arms, move around, Gong Ou such a big man was almost knocked down by him.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao with a smile, he saw Gong Yao sitting in his arms, and his mouth pursed a little radian, which seemed to be a smile.

After a long fight, Gong Ou finally had the heart to give her a hand, and took Gong Kui out of his arms and said coldly, "how can I have such a rogue daughter as you?"

The bigger, the more rogue.

I can't manage it.

There was a trace of helplessness and love in his tone.

It seems that it's sunny after the rain. I didn't expect that my daughter could subdue Gong Ou in this way.

Gong Kui blinked, pointed to him and pointed to himself, "I'm not a rascal, you're Shuai dad, I'm a beautiful daughter, I have a beautiful mom, Shuai holy, ah, by the way, the baby in mom's belly must be very cute!"

"All right, get out of here."

Gong ou can't stand her. She can't bear to beat her. She can only let her go.

"I'm not leaving. I want to be with my handsome dad." Gong Kui is a man who climbs along the stick. Seeing that his father doesn't hit people, he sticks to him again. "I want our family to be together every day."

An unintentional sentence made the smile on Shi Xiaonian's face coagulate. These days in her hometown, she was thinking about it every day. She wanted to be with Gong ou and the whole family happily.

Gong Ou said she would not let her go, but she was worried about whether he could deal with the Lancaster family.

Gong Kui's words touched a point in her heart, sour.

Gong Ou's eyes are calm, and he looks down at the daughter who is as sticky as a koala. He asks, "how do you want to be together?"

"That's how we get together every day." Gong Kui said naively, "how about the four of us sleep together every day?"


Gong Ou refused her outright.

He may be able to meet other requirements, but don't think about it.

He needs more space for two.

Gong Kui puffed up her cheeks disappointedly, turned her eyes and looked at Xiaonian. Her eyes fell on her bulging stomach, blinked and said, "Dad, shall we go shopping for the baby in mom's stomach? I have lucky money. I want to buy clothes and toys for my baby. "

The family went shopping for the unborn child.

Gong Ou's eyes are deep. He looks up at Xiao Nian. His eyes are facing each other. He says in a low voice, "OK, let's go together."

"Wow! That is great! I haven't been out for a long time! " Gong Kui hugs Gong Ou excitedly.

Gong Ou's mobile phone rings at this time. When Xiaonian and other three people look at him, Gong Ou picks up the phone. There is the voice of the company's secretary on the phone. "President, after you leave, the meeting is still going on. President Li, they have come up with a good plan to ask if you want to come back to listen."

Still meeting? This time, I'm more active than before and have a sense of crisis.