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Chapter 851 the way of afterlife

After that, LAN Xiaoqi takes the remote control from his hand. Lanting has no power but to look at her daughter with fear in her eyes. "Xiaoqi, don't play, return me, return me..."

He stretched out his hand to grab it. He shook his hand in the air and then fell down again. He lived in pain with a strong breath.

LAN Xiaoqi squatted there, looked at the remote control in her hand, blinked, "Dad, can I see my mother with one click?"

"No, pay me back..."

Lanting goes to grab the remote control, falls heavily on lanxiaoqi, a mouthful of blood gushes out, dirty lanxiaoqi's beautiful skirt.

LAN Xiaoqi was bumped to sit on the ground and didn't care about her clothes at all. She just looked at Lanting with a smile and smiled innocently, "Dad, Xiao Qi, don't be a child without a father and a mother. It's pathetic."

Lanting looked at her stupidly.

Sometimes adults think that children don't know anything at their innocent age, but in fact, they know everything.

LAN Xiaoqi smiled and said, "when I'm with my father, I won't feel pain."

She smiled, then pressed the remote control in her hand. Lanting hugged her with the last strength and spoke in despair, "it doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all with dad."

"Bang -"

with a loud bang, the huge LAN family suddenly exploded into black scorched earth.

The flowers turn grey in a flash.

The whole island is shaking.

The returning cruise ship just stopped at the cherry blossom wharf, and a loud explosion came. Several bodyguards who got off the cruise ship first were shaken twice and almost fell down.

When Xiaonian stood on the cruise ship and was about to disembark with Gong Yao's little hand, she suddenly heard this sound. She looked at the distance in astonishment. There was a cloud of black smoke rolling up in the sky, as if to darken the whole sky.

That's the direction of the LAN family.

All of a sudden, Shi Xiaonian understood something. His face was pale. He covered his face with his hands and looked at that direction in horror. "No..."

No, No.

Don't be like that.

Xiaoqi, Xiaoqi

When Xiaonian's body was shaking involuntarily, he was about to get off the boat in a hurry. When his legs were soft, the whole man fell to the ground. A long arm caught her waist in time and pulled her back.

When Xiaonian falls into a broad and warm embrace.

The sea wind blows over the deck of the cruise ship, bringing an unpleasant smell. The sun shines on a ship's people, and Xiaonian's face is white and transparent.

Gong Ou tightly hugs Xiaonian's emaciated body, looks up at the direction of black smoke, holds her head and leans it against her, with a low and sexy voice. "When Xiaonian is young, she has her own choice, and children often choose the one that makes them happy more directly."

At that time, Xiaonian didn't find Xiaoqi after looking for the cruise ship. Gong Yao remembered that Xiaoqi had told him to go to his mother before boarding the ship.

Gong Yao knew that her mother had passed away. When she was talking nonsense, she didn't care.

And all the rest of them were in a hurry because he had to repack the wound. No one cared where a child was.

When Xiaonian can't describe her mood at the moment, she has panic, heart wringing, and more guilt, which makes her heart ache crazy.

"Xiaoqi asked me if it would hurt to die. She asked if it would hurt to die."

Shi Xiaonian is forced to lean on Gong ou, her voice is shaking so much that she reaches out and grabs Gong Ou's clothes. "It hurts, Gong Ou? It must be very painful. "

How could she not even live with a child? How could she

Gong Ou hugs her and continues to press her head strongly on her chest. Black eyes look at the rolling black smoke in the distance, and say word by word, "don't be afraid, I'm here."

When Xiaonian tightens his clothes, her body trembles uncontrollably, and the smell in the air suffocates her.

"I will take revenge on the LAN family."

Gong Ou said again, as if he was making a vow. He didn't know whether it was for Xiaonian or for the black smoke.

On one side, Gong Yao stood there, looking at his parents, and looking toward the direction of black smoke. He was as smart as him. He suddenly understood what was going on. The doll in his hand suddenly fell down and his face was white.


Three days later, it was sunny, sunny and warm on the ocean.

There are still flowers in the blooming place on the island, as if nothing has happened. Apart from the black scorched earth, there is no breath of life on it.

The flower sea tunnel not too far away from LAN's home is still blooming. As Lanting wishes, the flower has completely covered the tunnel. The tunnel paved with green leaves and flowers is very beautiful.

In front of the tunnel, there was a black tombstone with the names of the three members of the LAN family printed on it.

When Xiaonian was standing in front of the tombstone in black windbreaker pants, he bent down and put a beautifully decorated flower basket on the ground.

Under the sun, her face was white, but she was too tired. Her eyes were red. She was wearing several bloodshot threads. When Xiaonian looked at the name on the tombstone, she smiled and said, "Xiaoqi, my aunt decorated a flower basket for you. Do you like it?"

Answer her, is a warm wind, gently stroked her face.

When Xiaonian looked at the name above and looked at it more, her eyes were more red. She turned her eyes and saw Gong Ou stepping on the flowers, sitting in front of the tunnel, stepping on his long legs, and the sun fell on him gracefully, lazily and calmly.

He also wore a white shirt and a black windbreaker. The long tunnel behind him seemed to lead to a happy place.

Gong Yao stands beside Gong ou, and his little hand is peeling off the candy paper of a lollipop, and then slowly putting it into his mouth.

When Xiaonian walked towards them, he sat down beside Gong ou and leaned silently on his shoulder, with a long black divergence on his shoulder.

Gong Ou sat still, holding a doll in his left hand and turning a knife in his right hand, and drew the joint between the dolls.

This is lanxiaoqi's doll that never leaves her every day. Finally, she gives it to Gong Yao.

After the doll was cut open, some soft wadding inside was taken away, and a rolled data file was exposed inside. Gong Ou took it out and opened it. The handwriting on it was very small, recording all kinds of dense data.

This is the secret that Lanting holds.

When Xiaonian snuggled up to Gong ou and stared at the data silently. She couldn't understand the numbers. "Mrs. Lanting's death completely distorted him, but in fact, he also loved his daughter very much. He put the secret of saving her life in Xiaoqi's doll, and his doting on her daughter was never hypocritical."

Unfortunately, Lanting woke up too late, otherwise the tragedy will not expand so much.


Gong Ou answered with a low voice and put the rolled up information into his pocket.

Lanting finally chose to give this information to him, that is, to beg him for revenge. The LAN family is gone, but the hatred is still there.

Gong Yao, who is eating lollipops, has been watching Gong Ou's disembowelment of the doll in silence. He goes over and says, "can I have the doll back?"

LAN Xiaoqi said, this is the baby, take good care of the baby.

Gong Ou looks up at him and says nothing. He hands the broken doll to him. Gong Yao squats down with a lollipop and tucks the cotton wool that Gong Ou threw on the ground back into the doll's stomach.

When Xiaonian looked at his son and said, "holy, go back and I'll sew it for you."

Hearing this, Gong Yao, who was squatting there, looked up at her and nodded solemnly.

Gong Yao left with the broken doll and ate lollipop silently. LAN Xiaoqi said that it was her favorite taste of the bough, but he could not taste it, only suffered.

He stood against the tombstone, fiddling with the doll's hands, and felt a little sad.

He should accompany Xiaoqi to have fun. He should be more serious.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou sat in front of the tunnel for three days, they still couldn't get rid of the burning smell in the air. Here, the burning smell is mixed with the fragrance of flowers, lingering on the tip of the nose.

When Xiaonian leaned against Gong ou, held his arm, looked at the distance, and said in a low voice, "when I first came to langhuayu, I saw the Huahai tunnel. I was thinking that such a beautiful tunnel can be added to the cartoon to write a beautiful and romantic story."


Gong Ou sits in silence.

"Unexpectedly, the story has a story, but it is such a sad one."

Shi Xiaonian said that Lanting's hysterical love for his wife reappeared in front of her, and Xiaoqi asked her whether she was in a loss of pain or death.

This is how a happy and beautiful family was destroyed.

There are too many accidents, too many accidents, too many sorrows in the world. How many people can go from sunrise to sunset.

"All the bombs on the island have been cleared, and the residents are willing to stay." Gong Ou said in a low voice, "it will not become a dead Island here, and there will be people here all the year round to make sure that the flowers will not fail."

Smell speech, when small read blinked sour eyes, "Lan family will certainly appreciate you."

"I did it for fear of your suffering. It doesn't matter whether the family thanks me or not."

Gong Ou said coldly.

Lanxiaoqi's death has a great impact on Xiaonian. He stayed with her for three days day and night before she slowed down a little.

When Xiaonian understood that Gong Ou was nervous. She blinked her eyes hard. She stood up from the tunnel and said, "OK, let's go. Go back. Xiaokui has been calling to urge us to go back."


Gong ouqishou, then stand up, reach for Xiaonian's hand and walk to the side of the road.

Fengde and the bodyguards stood on the side of the road and saw them coming. Fengde greeted them and said to Gong ou, "young master, I've allocated a sum of money to build the traffic on the island, and I've also asked people to manage the economy on the island. The residents here are very grateful. They want to ask young master to give a name to all the traffic arteries here, or to take the name of young master."

This is the way that residents can think of to be grateful.